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Dreaming in Dubai

Sophie hated her husband but loved his son, but not it the motherly way she should...
To be honest, my life was pretty crap. 

My name is Sophie and I was in my late thirties. I was unhappily married to a man, whom I hated and had been forced to marry, Simon. My parents, you see, didn’t believe in me and thought that I’d need a man with money and true to form, they set me up with a sleazy scumbag, whom I now call my husband. I guess I did it out of reluctance, as he needed a wife and I apparently needed the security. Turns out, that I’m now a successful architect, with over twenty firms worldwide and with celebrity contacts. So technically, I was free from my husband but since we’d been married for so long, it felt pointless to end it.

The only positive in our marriage was my husband’s son, Tyler. At 19, he was a very good looking lad and had girls lining up after him. He wasn’t interested in that sort of thing. Yeah he had a few girlfriends but nothing was as important as his wakeboarding. Having been a dedicated wake boarder, since the age of nine had its benefits and had been blessed with a nice six-pack. I’d stare at it, whenever I had the chance and then snap out of it, because the sheer thought of it was just wrong. So, I let my mind wander whenever it could. it was all in my head so I wasn’t causing any actual trouble. The best thing was that I was only his step mum, so the thoughts weren't too taboo. when I met him, he seemed to be quite distant. I didn’t blame him, as his mum left when he was two. Probably because of my husband, which I don’t blame her for.

As Tyler grew older, he soon got used to the idea of having a ‘new mum’ and our friendship grew strong, but with me it led to something a lot deeper than just friendship.

I'm very attractive for my age, not to sound big headed. I have piercing blue eyes, long blonde hair, a petite size 10 frame and DD size breasts. I turned the heads of most college guys half my age. Most of Tyler’s friends would have a good look, when they came by and when Tyler caught them, he’d get really defensive, which I liked. Why wouldn't I?

I guess when we got closer, was when Simon and I finally decided to part ways and find new people. We only has sex a maximum of five times, in our entire 15 years of marriage, so yeah, my vibrator pretty much ate batteries...

I decided to take a trip to one of my architecture firms, in Dubai, to ‘get away from it all’ but before I left my family home, Tyler was eager to speak to me.

I really don’t want to stay here with Dad. When you're home he doesn’t argue and he keeps to himself, but when you’ve gone, he’s awful. It’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.” moaned Tyler

I didn’t know what the aim of the conversation was, but I went with it.

Well, I can’t live with your dad any more. No offense but he’s a vile human being and I can’t cope. Haven’t you got any friends you could stay with?

I do, but I don’t want to stay with friends. It might sound daft but I’m happy when you’re around and if you left it’d just be like my mum leaving again.

His words hit me and made my heart flutter. He wanted to be around me and this was the first time he had actually showed me any affection. Even if he did consider me as him mum, I didn’t care.

Well Tyler, the only thing I could suggest is that you stay with me, in Dubai. But don’t you think it’d be weird? With your dad and me splitting, it means we have no connection anymore...

I trailed off course and my mind wandered. The fact his dad and I were over meant it wasn’t wrong for me to think of him as attractive. Even then, I tried to retract my offer, as I still thought it was morally wrong.

But it’d mean taking you out of your studies. I could help you out with a flat if you wanted? I know Dubai would be out your comfort zone...

Are you kidding Soph? Dubai is one of the places I’ve always wanted to go! Only if you’re sure I can go. Dad won’t care. He’d probably be happy to see the back of me and I’ve only got a week left at Uni before we’ve finished,” his face was a picture; his emerald green eye’s looking at me, with such happiness and excitement.

I looked at him with a contemplative stare. If only he knew of the fantasies that went through my head. He’d be gone like lightning.

Fine, you win. But if you’re serious about coming, you need to pack now because the taxi will be here soon.

Tyler ran off, telling his dad in the process. My husband didn’t care that he was going. It actually made me glad I had married him, so that I could meet Tyler and get him away from him. Even though Tyler was 19, he hadn’t the money to move out, so he did depend on his dad. Even though Simon made over 40K a year, none of that went on Tyler. His belief was ‘If I worked my arse off and became a success, so can you.’

An hour later, Tyler appeared with a suitcase and wearing a straw hat. I couldn't help but laugh, as it actually suited him. Then the taxi arrived and we were on our way to paradise.

Hey Soph, this is for you...

Tyler handed me an envelope with ‘Sophie’ written on the front.

I was slightly confused and with a perplexed look on my face I asked, “Who’s this from?”

My dad. He said make sure you read it but to make sure that I don’t. It's a bit confusing really...

I neatly ripped open the envelope. In it was a handwritten letter. Simon never took the time for anything like this, so I was quite taken back by it. It read;

‘Dear Sophie,

I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while but never knew the words, so writing a letter seemed the only way. I never loved you, I know that seems blunt. Please let me explain. 

When my first wife left, when Tyler was two years old, I was a broken man. She left me for another man and I felt like everything I loved had been torn away from me, even Tyler. I only managed to get Tyler back because my wife died from cancer but having him back wasn’t the same. 

Tyler reminded me too much of my wife; the things he did, the things he’d say just tore me apart. So, I grew to despise him, awful I know, but then there was me thinking it was best to find a new wife and try and start over. That’s how you came into the picture. You are truly an amazing women, Sophie. You're beautiful and you have a wonderful personality, but you weren't my first wife, that why I was such a vicious, evil dick with you. It wasn’t on purpose, I had this voice in my head saying, ‘be a dick with her she’ll just leave, you like your wife did.’

I am so sorry for the upset I’ve caused you. I guess it was just convenient for us both when we met to get married, with the pressure from your parents and me just wanting to try and forget.

Now Tyler, I do love him. He’s my son, why wouldn't I? But he brings me too many bad memories. When I say I want to start over, I mean from scratch, which means leaving Tyler with you. I understand if you think it’s strange, me asking you this, as he’s nineteen, but you are the best person to get him out in the world and start him off in life. I’m not that person. I only became a success because of knowing the right people and being at the right place at the right time.

In the envelope there is a cheque for Tyler. Give it him when you’re in Dubai, explain this to him and tell him I’m sorry. I think he’d be glad to finally rid of me but I just want to clear the air.

Good luck with the future, Sophie. You truly deserve someone that treats you like the angel you are.


Simon x’

This was the first time during our relationship that I had actually felt an emotion, other than anger, towards him. I felt numb, as if he’d set me free out of guilt. I was even more concerned about would happen with Tyler. Obviously I didn’t mind ‘keeping an eye’ on him but the way I felt towards him made it feel all the more awkward.

We soon arrived in Dubai. The sun and heat were intense. The hotel, where I owned the penthouse, was full of bikini-clad bodies and Tyler was staring at them, like a hungry dog. Of course, I felt a twinge of jealousy but my plan on this trip to Dubai was to meet someone and get laid.

By the time we finished packing, it was late. I'd made arrangements to meet with some contacts from the architecture firm but I need to tell Tyler about his dad, so I contacted them, telling them I’d meet them at the nightclub but to cancel our plans for a meal.

Tyler, I need to talk to you. It’s about your dad.

He nodded in acknowledgement.

It’s probably easier if you just read the letter you gave to me, from him.

He had a perplexed look on his face but read the letter. As he approached the end, where he was mentioned, he was emotionless. The next thing I knew Tyler had grabbed his wallet and was out of the door. He had left his phone behind, so I was unable to contact him. I searched around Dubai for hours. I felt slightly numb, worrying what might have happened to him and the fact that I knew Dubai and Tyler didn’t, made the situation all the more nerve-wracking. I’d never thought to check the nightclub, as he was only 19 and couldn’t get in. Then I remembered that he had a fake ID, so it might even harder to find him.

I was passing a regular nightclub of mine, when I heard a familiar voice. It was Sarah, one of my architecture contacts. I must have looked worried and she was keen to find out why.

What’s happened, Sophie? Is it Tyler?”

Sarah knew all about the letter due to my having texted her. I was trying to find out ways of telling Tyler, but it obviously didn’t work out the way I'd hoped.

Yeah, I really don’t know what to do. He’s never been here before and he’s only 19. He could be in the middle of a nightclub, drunk and I’m not able to do anything.

Sarah took me into her arms.

I was a quivering wreck full of worry, but she reassured me, “Look Soph, you’ve told me all about Tyler. He’s not an idiot. He'll take care of himself. Just come in to the club and we’ll have a drink. He’s a big boy now. I know, not by Dubai’s laws, but he just needs some space.

She was right, but it didn’t mean the worry wasn’t there. I was glad that I had gotten ready to meet them at the club so I already looked the part. I just didn’t feel it.

The club's music was loud and the aroma of sweet cocktails danced in the air, but even that wasn’t enough to take my mind off of Tyler, so I decided to drink as much as I could. I stood there on the dance floor, drink in my hand whilst staring into thin air.

Suddenly I was broken from my daydream as a face approached mine and suddenly kissed me. I felt weak in the knees but not because of the kiss, my head started to spin and I felt as if I was going to collapse.

In a daze, the kiss continued and, when it finally broke apart, I collapsed to the floor, completely unconscious.

I awoke the next day but surprisingly in the right bed. I was home. Confusion kicked in and questions filled my head;

‘How am I home?’

‘Did I bring someone home?’

‘Are they still here?’ The questions repeated in my head, as an outrageous headache formed. Just then, a warm hand touched the lower part of my back and I froze. I turned over, to see who it was. It was Tyler.

TYLER! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED?” I tried to seem angry, for although I wasn’t complaining, I couldn’t let him know that. It had the desired affect though, as Tyler bolted upright and looked at me, his mouth moving but no words escaped.

Tyler, I want answers. NOW!

Tyler took a deep breath and sighed loudly. He threw me a contemplative stare and began to speak, “I... I... Don’t know where to start. When I left, I was walking around the streets, when someone who knew you called me over, Sarah I think. She told me you were in the club and really worried. So I went in to try and find you.... That’s when I saw you. You weren’t the same at all. I’ve never seen you drunk so it was weird but you had this new found confidence that’s when you kissed me.

I hardly drink that’s why I feel so confused n...

Tyler interrupted me, “I thought as much, but when you looked at me, you smiled and kissed me. Nothing else happened but I didn’t want to leave you alone. That’s why I’m here now.

I felt a rush of embarrassment and then upset. Deep down, I was hoping that Tyler would say something had happened but he didn’t.

I took Tyler’s hand in mine, “Tyler, I am so sorry for last night. I didn’t mean to kiss you I thought someone kissed me; I just wish that I was more careful with my drinking.

Tyler removed his hand from mine and placed it at the side of my face. My heart was beating fast and I was still in a state of confusion, from the spiked drink.

Soph, do you honestly think I’m stupid? I didn’t come to Dubai to get away from my Dad. I came because of you. I always walk around the house in boxers just so you'll look at me. It gives me a buzz to know you’re staring. I want you Sophie and I know you’ve wanted me for a long time. Don’t deny it.

I sat there, dumbstruck. For the past three years I’d be sat ogling Tyler from a distance and now he was sitting, cradling my head and holding a deep focus on me, confessing his desires. I wanted to speak but had no words to say. I just sat, with my mouth open wide with shock. As I tried to speak, Tyler put a single finger on my lips, as if to say ‘be quiet’.

The next thing I knew, Tyler’s lips and mine were quickly fusing together as we shared our first ‘proper’ kiss It was deep, passionate and set fireworks off all over my body. I had expected this feeling, had we ever had the chance to kiss, but I never imagined that I’d actually be experiencing it. I was so engrossed with the kiss I failed to realise he was massaging my breast. His touch was electric and sent sparks all over my body. It didn't take us long to be fully naked, nor did it take long for Tyler to discover my wetness.

He gently caressed my swollen pussy lips with his hands and it made my entire body shudder. I wanted his cock so badly, but the sheer determination on his face made it clear he wasn’t finished with foreplay. Soon, he was slowly kissing down my lightly-tanned skin then he was quick touch his lips to my wetness. If I hadn’t been in control of the situation, I’d have had an orgasm there and then, but I held the immense feeling in, so that I could release on his thick, 8 inches of manhood.

Tyler was deep in the moment, when the door to my vacation home opened. Unbeknownst to us, Sarah had entered. I opened my eyes to make sure the situation wasn’t just an intense dream, to discover Sarah standing over me, gob smacked. The feeling Tyler was making me experience was too good to stop and I just couldn't move. It was as if I lost the ability to use my limbs.

Sarah didn’t wait long. She acted on the situation and quickly placed her lips on mine. I never thought of Sarah in that way, although I knew she was bisexual. Her lips were sweet and amazingly soft and soon our hands were exploring each other's bodies. The peachy, soft skin of her breasts soon became tense, due to pleasure. The feeling of my teeth upon her nipple, made her body jerk and she giggled with excitement.

Tyler realised what had happened and couldn’t contain his manhood any longer. Without me realising, he manoeuvred his cock towards the entrance of my pussy and in one swift movement, was fully inside me. I began to moan with pleasure. The situation Sarah and I were in, made it all the more intense, so with one quick pump of his cock within my pussy, I began to have the biggest orgasm of my life.


My whole body began to convulse and Tyler found it difficult not to release as well. As Sarah saw my mouth open wide, she siezed the opportunity to get eaten out, by crouching over my face.

I know you’re not into this sort of thing Soph, but just to try, it won’t hurt a bit.

Her scent was delectable, so much so I was eager to taste it. At first it was difficult for me to conform to what she wanted me to do, I’d only ever experimented with women in my teens, so this was a whole different world for me but it didn’t mean I wouldn’t give it a try.

I pulled her wetness toward my ready mouth to be greeted by the sweetest taste ever. The touch was like lightning and caused Sarah to moan loudly.


The noises that escaped our mouths repeated within Tyler’s head. He was having his first threesome and loving it. He decided to pull Sarah back and grope her breasts, while he pumped me even harder. Soon enough, Tyler was ready and exploded into my tight orifice.


As cum seeped from my swollen lips, Sarah clambered off of my face to clean up.

Tyler’s once hard cock was now limp and lifeless; he collapsed onto the bed, his cock still inside me, as he breathed heavily.

What the actual fuck just happened...” I asked, with a puzzled tone.

Tyler looked into my eyes with an infatuated gaze, smiling suggestively. He leaned closer and we locked lips in a much more passionate kiss than before.

Sophie, you don’t realise how long I’ve wanted to do this. I’m surprised this even happened. I just want to be yours forever, I don’t care that you used to be my step mum. It’s the here and now and right now my cock is in you and I love every minute of it.

Tyler’s comment was so blunt but every word was amazing to hear.

Well if you want to be mine then you have to realise that this will be a frequent thing, Sarah, yourself and I.”

Tyler’s jaw dropped. It meant he had his dream women and had access to threesomes, whenever he pleased.

Deal,” these were the only words that escaped his mouth.

Then Sarah reappeared, fully clothed.

I only came over to see if you were okay, Soph!” She said, with a smirk.

Consider it a thank you then.

Sarah smiled, as she turned to leave the room and Tyler moved, so we could enjoy the moment we had, in each other’s arms.

Of course I was happy; I never actually wanted to leave Dubai. But now with my new found lover and my eagerness to explore my sexuality, my life was far from crap, but pretty amazing.

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Posted 29 Aug 2013 00:46
Good written.
Posted 25 Oct 2012 08:32
I miss you way too much. I'm reading your stories again to be close to you.
Posted 26 Jul 2012 12:02
Another 5! I loved the part where Tyler leaves her speechless and wins her with simple words and the bare truth. The truth will set you free!!! Thanks Louise!
Posted 06 Jun 2012 06:17
Very good!

Posted 04 Jun 2012 08:27
Very good! I could see it all very discriptive
Posted 04 Jun 2012 07:57
Wow; Dubai could house such hot girls, never kneww that. I would have flown to Dubai to be with.....? Hot story and nicely described. 5
Posted 25 May 2012 06:33
I loved the letter. It was a nice touch and shifted the whole mood of the story and re-cast the characters. Nicely done.
Posted 22 May 2012 11:12
Gosh quite erotic and a beautiful story xxxxxxxxxxx

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