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Driving With Daddy, the Second Episode

Daddy and I have to wait, but it's worth it when mom leaves us alone to our shared love
As I was recovering from my concussion, foremost in my mind and heart were the new-found loving sexual encounters with my dear Daddy. While our first virginity-taking episode was painful, I was really proud of the blow job I had given Daddy on our next encounter. My first climax from the grinding stimulation of my clitoris over his erect member was truly life-changing. But, I greedily wanted so much more!

I don’t know if my bitchy mother was suspicious, or if Daddy was afraid to proceed further, or both, but Daddy and I didn’t have any real quality alone time for several days after my first climax. I was recovering from my concussion, so I could easily rationalize the lack of further intimate contact right away. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to get a little anxious, not to mention feeling what most would call horny.

Then the most wonderful unexpected thing happened. My mother’s youngest sister, Aunt June, who was a good 10-12 years younger than my Mom, had a baby. Their mother, my Grandma, had died several years ago, and their other sisters worked full time or couldn’t make it for one reason or another. So, Aunt June asked if Mom could come help out. She accepted, and expected to be gone for 8-10 days. And to top it off, it was the last week of school before summer!

I was fully recovered from my concussion when my mother left for Aunt June’s house. She was her normal snarky, bitchy self when she boarded the taxi to the airport, but I was so happy to have some time with just Daddy I couldn’t care less. I silently vowed that tonight would be the night my loving father and I would properly 'consummate' our sexual relationship.

I went to the store and got my Daddy’s favorite foods to make him a scrumptious dinner. While I wasn't much of a cook, I wanted Daddy as happy as possible tonight, the night of nights! I also bought myself some new bath salts and lotions – I wanted to be relaxed and irresistible.

Things didn’t quite work out as I had planned, however. My afternoon bath was relaxing and the lotions applied made my skin soft and sweet. But from there it went down hill fast. I burned the pork chops, undercooked the potatoes, and cooked the green beans into mush. Instead of a glorious meal, when Daddy arrived home from work he found his little girl in tears, distraught over her culinary failure.

I guess Daddy truly and unequivocally loved me, and a bad dinner would not cause him to do anything but console me. After comforting hugs and soothing words, Daddy insisted that we sit down and eat the dinner. He gallantly tried to swallow the ill prepared food, and said, “It isn’t really that bad.” The involuntary expressions on his face told me he lied to appease my feelings of failure.

Actually, his mannerism changed my mood from tragic to funny. I started laughing, and after trying to keep a stiff upper lip, he started chuckling, and then joined me by bursting into full fledged, eye-watering, laughter as well. We speculated on what the garbage disposal would think of the dinner as we flushed it down. Laughing as the disposal ate the evidence of my failures.

When our minor tragedy-inspired mirth subsided, I went up and hugged Daddy tightly and told him how wonderful he was to try and make the best of the situation. “I love you with all my heart” I told him seriously. Happily, my tight embrace resulted in a joyful rise at his crotch. I looked up at him with loving eyes, kissed him passionately on the lips, and said “Daddy, you need to take me to bed right now. I need you inside me so badly. I won't ever be happy until you are.”

Yes, Daddy is only a man. A wonderful father, but also just a man. He lifted me and my legs surrounded his hips as he carried me up to his bedroom. I felt his erection grow even as he gently sat me on the edge of the mattress. He started to undress me with his hands, not just his eyes that seemed to glimmer as if the stars above shined only for me.

While intermittently kissing me with slow sensual flourishes on the lips, his hands roamed over my upper body as gracefully as a gazelle gliding over the savannah. He removed the right shoulder strap of my dress, the same one I had worn on my birthday. I felt so sexy as he affectionately ran his left hand over my shoulder and arm until the strap was limply hanging at my side. Then he repeated his loving actions with my left shoulder strap, exposing my lace bra, picked especially for this occasion.

With a touch as gentle as a soft summer breeze, he unclasped my bra and pulled it off in front of me, gliding his fingers over my anxious breasts as he did. I was already moaning with anticipation when he leaned and brought his lips into contact with my left nipple. I gasped in awe at the surge of heat that flooded my belly. While lightly stroking that tit with his right hand his left hand cupped my right breast, his thumb and fingers delicately twisting, then releasing, my now rock hard nipple.

After causing my entire upper body to glow and tingle, he released my breasts and pulled me up. I stood up adjacent the bed and watched as he pulled my dress and panties down. He did it deliberately and forcefully, not with the tenderness with which he handled my straps and bra. While holding my naked hips with his hands, kneeling on one knee in front of me, he hungrily inserted his nose, tongue, entire face, into my moist vaginal area. His forehead, then his nose, then his tongue, brushed my clitoris, moved my outer lips away, exposed my glistening center. I was already so wet his face shined in the lamplight of his room.

He stood, lifting me off the ground while still holding my hips, and without removing his tongue from my pussy moved me up to the head of his bed. He laid my head on his pillow. He then, both lovingly and lustfully, invaded me, overwhelming my body, senses, and emotions with his pure oral spectacle of wonders.

He licked my slit from top to bottom many times while simultaneously separating and massaging my pussy lips with expert fingers. He then tongue fucked my hole, licked and sucked on my clitoris while continuing his assault on my labia. He drove me to an ecstasy that not only had I never known, but that I never thought possible. I rewarded him with a flood of my creamy nectar and I experienced not one, not two, but seemingly a continuous flurry of orgasms as I cried out my passions aloud.

When I was certain I couldn’t take it anymore, and would surely lapse into unconsciousness his siege slowly eased letting my body relax for a moment. As he moved his body up even with mine, simply resting his right hand on my mound while stroking my hair and the side of my face with his left hand I wanted him badly, so very intensely in need.

Through my eyes I could not fully open I lovingly stared at him as he returned my gaze with just as much admiration. We started gently moving our lips and tongues into contact with each other, and after a few minutes of loving kisses he asked if I was really ready to receive him.

“I want that more than anything else in the world” I blurted out anxiously.

With that he turned me onto my hands and knees, and while holding me up by my thighs and hips, from behind me moved his steel hard member into my sweet, swollen, expectant sheath. He inserted his member gently, an inch at a time, withdrawing it completely after my vagina adjusted to each deepening push. When he was completely buried I found a wonderfully sated sensuality. I could feel his cock tremble as my muscles learned to grip the hard velvet steel of his manly tool. I knew I would soon be living out my dream.

Then my loving Daddy started fucking me, but not how I had thought. Eight slow, full strokes and then one fast hard thrust; seven slow grueling strokes and then two quick vigorous ones. Not just my cunt, but my entire body was in lustful anticipation, as the slow strokes diminished in number, and the exuberant ones increased.

Soon my womb was bombarded with unsurpassed furor, as Daddy pounded my overwrought sensitized cunt, each stroke filled with desire and causing a new flood of hormones through my body and brain. My mind was at the same time seemingly full of every good memory and dream I ever had in my entire life. I was lost somewhere between fantasy and ecstatic reality.

Then suddenly what I had subconsciously awaited my whole life flooded my mind and body alike. An explosion of love, hunger, desire, and longing in the form of cum, semen, jizm, man juice. It seared my body and reality, doused me, and filled my female cavity all at the same time. It was stupendous beyond any possible expectation, staggering in the way it worked upon my body, mind, and into my very soul.

I laid there in a state of divine semi-consciousness as Daddy continued to fuck me long after spurts of semen stopped streaming to fill my pussy and womb. Finally I felt his penis becoming flaccid. He withdrew with a popping sound, and a final burst of intense feeling of something I had never known, true loss.

I collapsed on the bed, likely the one I had been conceived in, filled with joy and contentment. I never wanted this moment to end, or this feeling to go away!

As my breaths slowed from what had to have been the ultimate climax I finally managed to speak: “Daddy, I love you so much.” I rolled on top of him kissing his mouth hard and deep. He seemed weak, but kissed me back with the same loving passion he had fucked me with. Damn he was so good I couldn't believe I felt such exultation for what we had found. I figured nobody had ever climaxed like he had made me, surely no man could ever make me feel what I felt in those perfect moments.

His eyes fluttered closed after a few minutes, I smiled knowing how hard he had worked to bring us both such pleasure. Just thinking about it made my nerves tingle and pussy ache. He and I were really together in mind and body; our love would never fade. I felt our cum dribbling out of my pussy and smiled, even that reminding me of his pounding cock driving me over the edge and causing so much more intense pleasure than I ever imagined possible. I cuddled against him and shared the warmth of our bodies, together like they would be forever.

After a little while he seemed to get restless, his eyes opened and I smiled down into them. I felt his hand slip up over my back and pull me up, our mouths meeting again, this time gently, faint brush strokes of his lips and mine. I couldn't help it. I moaned softly into his open mouth and slipped my tongue into his; our tongues danced against each other. When we parted he whispered into my ear as he kissed my neck. “Sherry, how about we go take a shower before bed time,” as he smiled so widely I could never refuse. As he rolled me over to get up I couldn't help but feel the slippery wet flesh of his penis. I giggled as it slid over my thigh and then hip, hoping he would be able to make love to me again that night. I didn't have any idea if a man could do that, but a girl can hope.

As he got up from our love bed I smiled, his body looked so sexy with his penis all swollen and soft. For some reason it made me want to suck on it, to touch it and make it hard and strong again – just for me. It didn't seem to grow even when I got up and slipped my arms around his waist, kissing his chest while we made our way to the bathroom as we embraced. We parted long enough for him to turn on the water and put the curtain into the tub. I watched him from behind and giggled at how nice his ass was. I so wanted to spank it or maybe tickle him and make him laugh.

He stepped in and offered a gentlemanly hand. I took it gratefully since my legs were still a little wobbly. He slid the curtain closed and let me stand under the gentle spray. I wanted to change it and reached up to do so. His hands clasped my waist from behind and as the fine spray turned to a hard pulsing stream I heard him chuckle. He guided my body to where the forceful stream of warmth hit my mound just above my still swollen clit. I gasped and felt my knees part to allow the bead of water to hit it directly. The sensation caused me to spontaneously jump back a couple of inches – right into Daddy’s waiting embrace. I felt his arms slide around me, his hands cupping my tits as his lips pressed to the nape of my neck. As we were standing now I could feel his body harden, his cock erect with need.

He may only be a man, but his thoughts were more about me and what I would enjoy however he could make that happen. He reached over with his hand and picked up the apricot bath gel. He knew it was the one I totally loved and somehow had it ready for us. My eyes turned down as he kept his body pressed full length against my back and butt, he poured a dollop of the gel into his palm and set the bottle aside to work up a lather with both hands.

My skin was on fire with anticipation. The suds shocked me as he cupped both breasts with firm gripping hands. I squealed as he kneaded my fleshy tits, my body quivering with renewed arousal. I felt the juices begin to seep from my pussy even before his hands moved. He caressed my tits and neck, moving in slow persuasive circles, his fingers digging in and then releasing as if he were giving a world class massage. I sighed and reached over the top of my shoulder to pull his face close as I turned my head to kiss him. It was a deep kiss, filled with heat. His hands knew exactly where and how to touch me and send me closer to the edge of orgasm. His body pushed me forward; the surprise of the hard stream hitting my now engorged clit was too much - I yelped as my body convulsed in climax. His fingers rubbed the slick soapy suds over it several times before allowing the hard pulsing force to rinse away the residue of soap and cum from my gash.

I slipped around and faced him, his hard cock all but slapping my hip as I did. I looked up into his eyes and smiled; my devious glimmering eyes met his. I think he knew what was about to happen but he still gasped as I wrapped my hand around his dick and started jacking him off in short choppy strokes. His eyes rolled back even before I squatted down in front of him to do what I felt was right after the wonders of his caress and the ensuing orgasm. My hand now worked his penis faster and harder as he groaned with delirium. My lips parted and closed around the head; he gasped as his fingers tangled in my now wet hair. Then an animalistic grunt, “Oh Sherry!”

I slid my lips down over his shaft and felt the head touch the back of my mouth. I didn't dare try to take his full hard cock down my throat, I just didn't know how. Instead I rose and seized what I could handle, using both hands to give him the feeling of being deep inside me again. In perfect sync my mouth sucked him as my hands cupped and surrounded his mighty prong. I could tell he was in heaven as he panted and groaned, and as I feverishly worked, a loud grunt echoed across the shower walls. I felt him tugging at my head as if it turned him on to think he was fucking my face. I made sounds of gurgling pleasure as I sucked and licked him up the very ladder he had sent me.

I felt he wanted more and tried. My initial response was not unexpected. I gagged as the head passed my hard pallet. I tried again on the very next plunge over his thick meaty tool. This time I felt more comfortable and managed to take the head into my throat for a couple of seconds before my body revolted against the invader. I went back to jacking him off and found he fully enjoyed that as well. One last attempt, I thought silently as I forced my neck to open before the thick soft head. I was elated as my lips touched his trimmed bush and I gulped to clench my throat muscles over the might of his manhood. He grunted aloud, the sound music to my ears. I swallowed again and felt his sack get really tight. His hands’ grip loosened; obviously he didn't want to scare me by forcing me to deep throat him.

I couldn't last long and had to back away, gasping for much needed air. As my lips let loose the hard steel of his cock his hands pulled me up, easily raising me to my feet. His eyes radiated lust, commanding my very core without a word. He quickly lifted me and turned me around. His mood seemed darker than even when he doggie style fucked me in bed. He pushed me over and guided my hands to support me as his cock found my entry. A heated bead of water hit me in the crack of my cheeks.

There was no gentleness this time, no taking it slow until my body got used to his girth and length. He slammed deep into me and howled. His sack slapped at my clit and mound as his savage plunges filled me with his cock again and again. He was an animal and I loved every bit of the harsh pounding assault. Within a dozen thrusts my pussy was filled with my juices, the sounds of his cock slamming in and out dizzying, the slap of his wet sack an exclamation point of each filling thrust. I screamed as my body gave in to the savage wet fucking he was driven to provide. Strangely the hot water cooled the friction of his assault and felt so erotic I couldn't stand to either go on or stop!

“Orgasms should forever be just like this one,” I thought as my body convulsed with yet another wave. Had it been ten or a hundred times my body gave the juices of pleasure over his dick? I didn't know, and it didn’t matter. I had been sent over the edge yet again.

And the Wicked Bitch of the West would be gone 9 more days!

[This fantasy was co-written by slipperysherry and imhapless.]

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 22 Oct 2013 09:47
Wow so erotic!
Posted 18 Aug 2012 23:22
Very good story. Things are going well but dad seems to be getting gruff. Writing is superb. Vivid description. High level of emotion.
Posted 15 Mar 2011 12:23
wow very very good...keep them cumming!!
Posted 10 Mar 2011 00:20
Awesome read!!
Posted 10 Jan 2011 04:21
really worhty reading it....good job...egar to read part 3 now...
Posted 18 Dec 2010 16:20
More please.
Posted 18 Dec 2010 04:55
Well, as everyone else seems to have said already, well done, the descriptions are excellent. I can only imagine how you and your friend came up with them....LOL. Another chapter is in order, you know we all want more....grin
Posted 17 Dec 2010 18:08
All I can say is WAITING FOR MORE =)
Posted 17 Dec 2010 11:54
After reading both great stories you must keep it going. You had me excited all the way thru..the scenes were great.
Posted 17 Dec 2010 06:17
WOW what a great story, very hot, very descriptive i love it
Posted 17 Dec 2010 05:57
I Agree. Keep this going for as long as possible. V=5+.
Posted 17 Dec 2010 05:15
Loved both parts, very erotic yet very romantic, keep up the good work.

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