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My wife's grandmother

by Jena121©

This is only a short story but I hope you enjoy reading it.

She was 58 and I was 28. I had been planning for a couple of years to bring this event to fruition.

Her name was Eleanor and she was my wife's grandmother. She had lived with my wife and I since losing her husband in an industrial accident about 4 years ago.

Earlier in the week my wife had been called out of town on business and would be gone for a few days or even a week. As I had to work I naturally had to stay home, as did Eleanor.

When I came home the first night after my wife left, I headed for the shower to clean myself up and also to relieve some of my tensions while I was there.

I threw on my boxers and a robe and headed for the den where I decided to put on a video and masturbate while watching it. I was just settling in for a good session, watching this young guy banging away at an older woman. I was going at it at a pretty good rate, when suddenly Eleanor walked in and saw what I was doing. She didn't say a word and continued into the bathroom for her nightly ablutions.

I sat there stunned for a moment at what had just happened. I paused the video and walked into the bathroom after her. She was bending over the bath completely naked as she tested the water. It surprised me to find that she was still pretty well put together.

Her ass was broad but not overly fat and it was quite firm. Her breasts were quite large compared to the rest of her body, I would say she took about a 38D bra and they hung down but only slightly. She turned to me, exposing the rest of her body and she was blessed with a mound that was only slightly shaven in the bikini area – the rest was a silver, inch long bush. She had hair the same color on her head and bright blue eyes that seemed to twinkle all the time. She looked at me and smiled shyly.

She didn't say a word as I stood there in awe of what I was seeing. I walked over to her and slid my hands up her thighs and sides as she stood there in front of me. She didn't move and I stood very close to her without actually touching her with anything but my hands. I turned on the lights and proceeded to place myself behind her, only this time I moved my hands up toward her breast. Although her skin was a little wrinkled it felt like silk to touch. My cock began to harden and I was beginning to get excited.

I had at last found out what she looked like naked; it was something I had wondered about for a while. As I stood behind her, I slowly eased my hard rod up against her ass cheeks to check her response.

To my surprise, she reached out and grabbed a handful of my cock from between her legs and began to rub it against her moist mound and ass. Without hesitation I began to ease the head of my rod into her with caution.

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured. Nothing else.

The sounds of sexual activity started to fill the bathroom as I proceeded to push my cock up into her pussy. She moaned and began to move with every push that I made as I finally filled her with my rampaging cock. I couldn't resist fucking her any longer. Stronger and deeper with every thrust, I filled her with my man meat. She met my every thrust with one of her own and we continued with this rhythm for a while.

I decided that this would be better if conducted in the bedroom. More room and much more comfortable. I removed my prick from her hot hole and guided her to the bed and lay her down.

She was so very aroused but I wanted this to last. I gently pushed her down and slowly started to finger her on her wet spot. I applied pressure to the outer lips of her pussy and it didn't take long before she was moaning and jerking and arching her back and pelvis upwards. I continued this for a few more minutes and then she pulled my hands up to her breasts. I couldn't resist her love hole though and immediately went back down to pay it some more intimate attention. My tongue parted her outer lips and I could taste her sweetness. It was as it was the only thing in the world at that moment, I could not drag myself away from that moist centre. My tongue started a tattoo on her clit and she raised her hips to meet my face.

Suddenly, she turned over and pushed her ass into the air. I didn't know which hole she wanted me to fill. So I thought I would go for the pussy and leave the other until later. I guided my rod down into those fiery depths with no resistance from her.

Her hips pushed back against mine and there were muffled moans coming from the pillow. She rocked back and forth on her knees meeting every powerful thrust that I gave her. Within moments, she was cumming, she would convulse and spasm and then relax for a second, then shake her way into another orgasm.

As I was still hard, I turned her over onto her back. I continued to pound her pussy while slapping her butt cheeks, ever so lightly. She lifted her legs and wrapped them round my waist so that every inch of my rod was embedded in her pussy. I could feel my prick hitting the back of her cervix. I felt my balls start to fill and vibrate and knew that I wouldn't last much longer. I knelt over her on one leg for extra pressure and felt myself beginning to shower inside her cunt with my hot, foaming juices,

Eleanor didn't say a word as we lay back on the bed to gather our breath.

Finally, she said that it was wrong what we had done. I agreed but asked her if she would do it again if she had the chance.

"I take my bath at the same time every afternoon," was her response.

Short but hot and sexy eh?






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Posted 02 Jan 2013 16:46
Short & sweet Jena. Well written with lots of experience behind it no doubt. Keep on writing....look forward to your next missive.
Posted 14 Jun 2010 06:12
fantastic Jena,,,,,,I can't stop reading your stories, they are all wonderful.........5 star on this one ya,,,,,thanks
Posted 16 Mar 2010 17:40
Fantastic story. This is the second story of jena's I have read and I have to say you're a very gifted author probably one of the best on here. Congrats.
Posted 31 Dec 2009 05:03
Woooooo, now that my kind of grandma. Would have had her bath drawn everyday.
Posted 18 Dec 2009 13:44
I just needed a good reason to get an erection and you gave it to me, Jena!
Posted 18 Dec 2009 07:54
Great story as always Jena.
Posted 18 Dec 2009 00:14
Excellent as always. Loved it. Thank you.

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