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Elena,My Love Part 3

Elena,My Love Part 3

“Don’t be teasing me baby...please...aaah...Just take it inside your mouth!” I pleaded
I decided to be patient and see what she was about to do. Elena made a right turn and entered a motel named Paradise motel.

“I'll be right back." She said, getting out of the car.

She went into the office where there was an older guy, probably in his early forties, standing at the reception desk. I don't know what happened, but the guy winked at Elena as he handed the keys to her. Elena came running out and got into the car. Instead of putting the car in reverse, she drove forward into the parking lot. As we entered the place, I saw a two-story building ahead of us.

“Shhh, you will know soon enough."

She silenced me by placing her finger against my lips before I could say something. Getting out, she grabbed my hand as we walked towards the building. As we passed several of the rooms, I heard a few strange sounds and some screams. I was feeling a little scared because this place was far away from the city center and I didn’t want anything to happen to Elena. Yes, I would do anything to save her from any trouble, but I didn’t want her to be putting herself in a dangerous situation.

Reaching our room, I turned and looked around at the surrounding buildings. Elena used the key, and then before I could move, she slipped inside and quickly locked the door.

“Hey! I am still outside.” I shouted.

“Just wait for few minutes dear.”

I heard the sound of her heels on the hard floor slowly fading away. I was literally sneezing because of a cool wind that was blowing, and I had no jacket to protect myself. I guess I wasn’t standing outside the door for that long, but it seemed like forever that I stood there shivering, and trying my best to figure out what that sister of mine was doing.

Usually she was very open about her actions, but suddenly now everything was a big secret. Trying as hard as I could, I couldn’t think of one reason for her to be acting this way, and especially to lock me out of the room. That didn’t make any sense at all. I was about ready to call out to her and ask her what she was doing that took so long; when I heard the words that I had been waiting for.

“You can come in now.” I heard a voice call out from the other side of the door.

To my amazement, the door was unlocked.

“She must have unlocked it while I was fighting with the wind and distracted by my thoughts.” I thought to myself as I quickly went inside and locked the door.

I was unable to look around the room because it was very dark.

“Elena?” I called out with concern in my voice.

“Just turn on the lights and you will find me right in front of you.” I heard the mysterious voice from out of the dark say.

I was sure it was Elena’s, but at this moment, I wasn’t able to spot her. Reaching behind me, I fumbled along the wall until my fingers found the light switch. My jaw dropped the moment I turned on the lights.

There, lying before me was a sight that I won’t forget for as long as I live. I know my eyes got big because I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Elena, my beautiful, sexy sister, lay on her right side facing me; fully stretched out on the bed. Her right elbow rested on a big fluffy pillow, and her pretty face rested in the palm of her hand, which was cupping her rosy cheek. The sweet smile of her full luscious lips and the look of total love in those big brown eyes was enough to melt my heart. Her eyes stared into mine, as if she was reading my innermost thoughts and feelings. I stood there, completely frozen, a captive to her gaze, unable to move or take my eyes off her. Her long dark, gently wavy hair flowed down over her left cheek, and across her throat, forming a perfect picture frame to her smooth delicate face. The ends gently caressed the upper reaches of her large round breasts as if trying to hide them from my view.

“Elena, What are you? I mean...You are…” I was literally stuttering, unable to finish my thought or sentence.

Finally managing to tear my bulging eyes away from her lovely face, I was met with another captivating sight .I felt my heart jump for joy when I saw that she was wearing my favorite of all her bras; the white embroidered lace bra. It was a push-up bra, which left the entire top of her breasts in plain view, except for the nipple. A narrow band of delicate lace ran along the top of the cups. Was it my imagination, or could I see the faint outline of her protruding nipples through the lace?

Starting from underneath her two massive feminine charms, there was a flower embroidered into each cup. The heart of the flower centered over the slight bulge caused by her sharp pointed nipples that was struggling to poke through. The bra seemed to be attempting to protect her feminine treasures from my wondering eyes, yet at the same time daring me to come and lay claim to them.

Every time she took a breath, it appeared to my hopeful eyes, as if they were going to pop out from behind their protective covering; then much to my disappointment, as she exhaled, they would settle back in, and once again dare me to come and uncover whatever lay behind that protective lace barrier.

I noticed that she was staring at my face with great interest, and with the faintest of smiles, as if she knew exactly the thoughts I was having. With great difficulty, I forced my eyes to leave this heavenly view, and continue down over her slim firm tummy. She had worked hard to keep her hourglass figure and she certainly had succeeded. I was now the beneficiary of her effort.

Still lying on her side, she had her right leg bent as if she were sitting on a chair. Her straightened left leg was on top. This tended to roll her hip back a little, forcing her love mound to push hard against her panties, the second part of that matching bra and panty combination that I love to see her wear.

These tiny matching panties struggled hard to keep her gateway to exquisite pleasure hidden from my view. Like her bra, a narrow strip of lace ran along the top, encircling her hips, forming the first line of defense against any fingers that may try to invade the hidden treasure below.

Similar to her bra, a small pink flower was embroidered on the crotch, with the open petals being just above the entrance to unlimited pleasures; pleasures that my manhood which was now standing at attention like a good soldier, longed to experience once again. Each of her long slender graceful legs, which I loved to have wrapped around me, came into view from behind a lace trim.

Fond memories of all the time I had spent while lying on that sandy beach, caressing and kissing them came rushing back into my mind. I allowed my eyes to follow the graceful curve of her calves down to her dainty feet, which reached almost to the foot of what had to be a king sized bed.

It had been only a few hours since I told her how much I loved to see her in that matching bra – panty combination. How, along with her long dark hair, they highlighted her fantastic figure. Now before my eyes lay the most beautiful woman in the whole universe and she is wearing exactly those same undergarments. Everything that she had done this whole evening had been for my pleasure. I knew that I had to be the luckiest guy in the world, and part of me wanted to go to her, wrap her up in my arms and make tender love to her, but another part of me wanted to stand here and continue to admire the unbelievably beautiful sight before my eyes.

She allowed me to stand there for several more seconds, then without saying a word, she reached out with her left hand, beckoning me to come to her. I just stood there, unable to move, my knees were stiff and my feet felt like they were made of concrete. My mind seemed frozen, unable to think clearly, unable to command my body to move. Her eyes never left mine, and she seemed to sense that she had me under her spell.

As I stood at the corner of the bed, I saw Elena lift herself up and slowly move towards me. Her movements were as sensual and graceful as a cat. In a few seconds, she was standing right in front of me, her beautiful face with just a hint of a smile, inches away from mine. Before I could speak or move, I felt the touch of her fingers on mine as she took hold of my hand.

“Baby...I want to tell you something.” She softly whispered as she leaned forward and lightly kissed my neck.

“Yes...?” I gulped.

Holding my right hand in hers, she placed my palm against the warm skin of her tummy, and then ever so slowly inched my hand down until my fingers were barely touching that lace barrier that was guarding her feminine treasures that I knew lay hidden below. I closed my eyes because I didn’t want anything to break the mood. The sexual tension in the room was so high you could have cut it with a knife. I felt her briefly tense her stomach muscles, allowing room for her to continue gradually moving my hand down, but now inside the waistband of her panties. Her whole body tensed for a moment as my probing fingers suddenly made contact with her young beautiful pussy.

“Do you feel that baby?” She whispered in my ear.

Maintaining a firm pressure against the back of my hand, she began to rub her pussy, allowing my fingers to caress her soft tender lips. She kissed my ear lobe making it wet with her tongue, as my fingers continued to play with and explore her pussy. I felt her wet, young pussy lips open up more in response to my gentle fondling. A huge tent began to form inside my jeans.

“Mmmmmm” She moaned.

When I opened my eyes, I found her looking at my bulge and licking her lips. Keeping a firm pressure on my hand, she used her left hand and slowly pulled down the zipper of my bulging jeans. This released the pressure somewhat, giving my cock more space to expand, however, my boxer shorts still held it captive. A wet spot of pre-cum had already formed on my underwear. This brought a little smile to her face as she saw how this spot was slowly getting bigger.

I have never came so close to exploding, as I did when she boldly reached inside my jeans and fumbled with my shorts, trying to find the opening. She was pushing my willpower to the limit, as I felt her hand bump against my inflamed love handle several times, until she finally found the opening. Instantly, my cock popped out of my jeans through the open zipper. Before I could stop it, a loud sigh of relief escaped my lips, bringing a bright smile to her lips.

“Tonight will be a special night for you, Sir. This girl will make sure that you remember it for a very long time.” She said, biting her lower lip.

I was little surprised when she called me Sir. Then I thought she must have said it to sound naughty.

Slowly she leaned forward and brought her lips closer to mine. The moment our lips met, there was an explosion of total peace and serenity that overwhelmed us both. The true meaning of life, the love, and the utter wonder on our faces was beyond expression. I hoped it would never end. Slowly I parted my lips from hers, the lingering taste of her strawberry flavored lips still fresh in my mind.

“Woah!” I murmured, but I think that judging from the surprised look on her face, the feelings that flowed during our kiss overwhelmed the both of us.

Slowly, she removed my hand from her panty and brought it to her lips. She licked every drop of cum off my fingers as you would an ice cream cone, enjoying every bit.

After licking my palm clean, she looked down at my manhood that was sticking straight out so hard and stiff that I think you could have hung your coat on it. I couldn’t help but notice the devilish gleam that suddenly came into her eyes, obviously she had just thought of something and I was about to find out what it was.

Reaching down with her right hand, she firmly took hold of my love handle, gave me a knowing smile and a light squeeze, and then led me over to the bed, allowing me to stop long enough to remove my shoes before I got on the bed. She pushed me down and then lay down beside me without removing her eyes from my wet spot, and then she slowly moved down until her face was right in front of where my bulge had been before she freed me.

Swinging her legs over mine, she got on top of me so that her face was right on top of my crotch. She slowly began to lean forward and stuck out her tongue when she was inches away from my cock. I thought I knew what she was going to do, but true to her nature, she surprised me by doing something I never expected. Continuing to lower her head, she started to lick the tasty pre-cum that had been absorbed by my boxers and to suck it like a lollipop. After licking all the hot cum from my underwear, she lifted herself up.

I thought I knew what she was going to do next, so I tried to unbutton my jeans, but she stopped me by placing her hand over mine.

“Let me do it for you, dear.” She said in a soft voice as she winked at me.

She unbuttoned my jeans and I rose up as she pulled them down and then she threw them aside. I sat up as she grabbed the bottom of my shirt, slowly pulled it over my head and threw it to the floor.

“I am very thirsty. Let me have the tasty juice coming out of this beautiful cock.” She grabbed the waistband of my boxers using her teeth and began to pull them down over my legs.

She had a bit of a struggle getting them over my hard standing cock, but finally by using her hands she managed to get them off.

“Mmmm, my favorite scent in the whole world." She said, as she smelled the underwear, which was still wet with cum, for a few minutes before tossing it away. Looking at me for a long moment, she smiled, then suddenly and with no warning, she took her right hand and wrapped it over the top part of my shaft, just below the head.

“Oh fuck!” I shouted the moment her hand touched my cock.

It had taken all my will power to keep myself under control up to this point, but her grabbing me this way was too much. I couldn’t control myself; my hips came up off the bed as I shot a long stream of pearly white straight up into the air. This didn’t stop her; she began stroking and teasing me with her fingernails. She leaned over and put her lips over the head and stuck out her tongue to tease the underside, then lapped up any remaining cum coming out of my cock using just the tip of her tongue.

“Don’t be teasing me baby...please...aaah...Just take it inside your mouth!” I pleaded.

She opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around my dick head and slowly started moving her mouth up and down. She increased her pace just a little with each movement. I could feel her tongue caressing my dick as she moved up and down. Even though I had just unloaded a huge load of my seed a few minutes ago, I could feel another load building fast. With a combination of her lips and tongue caressing me, and the feel of her teeth lightly scraping my tender underside, it was humanly impossible to withstand her for very long.

“Yes, oh yes...suck it Sis, suck it like you mean it...suck it Sis...Oh yes!” I moaned.

She took my hard, wet cock all the way back into her mouth like it was her favorite ice cream.

“I can't take it anymore, I'm going to explode!” I warned.

She quickly increased her pace and started pumping fast with her hand as well as with her mouth. I felt her increase the pressure of her lips as they gripped me so she wouldn’t lose a drop of her dessert. This only served to increase the stimulation I was feeling which pushed me towards my breaking point that much faster

“Here it comes!” I shot gush after powerful gush.

I kept shooting cum into her mouth but she just kept sucking until she had milked every drop out of me. She swallowed and licked her lips, then scooted up my body until she was able to lean over me and give me a kiss.

“My cum tastes good, doesn’t it?” I smiled.

“It’s just like an old wine.”

Wrapping my arms around her, I held her close. Our bodies pressed into each other, our lips connecting our very souls. I reached around to unclasp her bra as we kissed. Our lips parted as she lifted herself up to remove her bra, that same bra that had been shielding her two amazing boobs from my gaze. It seemed like forever since I had last seen them. My fingers longed to explore all the hidden treasures that her pretty, white embroidered bra had kept from me. She had placed her legs on either side of me so she was sitting on my thighs. The thought of finally getting a chance to once again hold and caress her soft breasts in my hands, caused my semi-hard prick to tense and jerk. I know she felt the sudden added pressure against her pussy lips that were almost directly over my prick.

Her eyes got big as she squirmed down harder on me.

“What do we have here? It seems as if another part of you is still alive and well. We’ll have to do something about that before long.” She said, giving me a devilish grin. “But first, let’s get rid of this bra, since I know that you want to see what I have been hiding underneath it, now don’t you?” She started to reach up to remove the garment, but I had other ideas.

“No, please let me do it.” I begged.

“Okay, honey. Of course you can.” She said, dropping her hands back down to my chest.

Even though I had unhooked her bra strap, it still clung to her tits, unwilling to give up its job of supporting her breasts and protecting them from my invading hands. For a few glorious moments, I lay there looking up at her. She quietly sat there presenting her beautiful breasts to me as if on a silver platter. All I had to do was to remove the cover.

Reaching up, I placed the palms of my hands over each trembling breast, and then very slowly, I carefully slid them down over her soft delicate skin, skin so soft it felt like I was caressing fine silk. I couldn’t help but notice the moment I touched her, her breathing became more rapid and for a moment, she closed her eyes as she took in a deep breath. Then opening her lovely brown eyes, she watched every move I made. Reaching the very tip, I carefully pulled the strip of lace that had been hiding her pink nipples from my sight, down and tucked it in underneath her breasts. This left her full breast fully supported the way I liked to see them but also left her pointed nipple on full display.

“Now that is the way a bra should be.” I said, giving her a smile and a wink.

She didn’t say anything, just gave me a warm smile. Moving my palms under these two beautiful mountains of female flesh, I helped support them while my thumbs slowly moved in circles around her areolas, gradually getting closer and closer to my ultimate goal. The moment I made contact with the summit, she tensed up and I heard her take in a deep breath.

“Oh…Alan! She exclaimed.

I reached up and slid the straps down off her shoulders. To my amazement, her boobs hung on to the now almost useless bra, as if for some reason they didn’t want to let go of the very item that had been holding them captive. Then sliding my hands down her sides, I once again cupped her heaving mounds. Her breathing was keeping pace with my wildly beating heart, but she never once took her eyes off my roving hands. With my thumbs, I gave her hard as stone nipples a final caress, then slowly pulled her bra away from her body.

Pulling her arms out of the shoulder straps, she took the bra from my hands and casually tossed it over her shoulder, with a silly grin on her face.

“I guess we won’t need that any more tonight, will we?” She winked

I didn’t answer, but there was no need to, she already knew what my answer would be. There was no prettier sight than to see her naked, and while she wasn’t completely naked now, I knew that if I had my way, she soon would be. The only garment she wore was those skimpy white. It was a nice feeling; when I glanced down at her crotch to see a dark spot appearing around that flower, to know that I was able to give her pleasure same as she did for me.

I looked up just in time to see her leaning towards me. A moment later, she was far enough ahead so that she had my face buried between her large boobs. Taking advantage of the situation, I reached up with both hands, clasped the sides of her hanging mountains of flesh and firmly pressed them against my cheeks. I heard, or maybe felt, a moan of pleasure from her lungs as my face and nose pressed tight against her chest. Kissing and licking the inside of each breast, I gradually pushed her back until I not only could breathe again, but was now within easy reach of those lovely nipples that I loved so dearly. With my right hand, I held her breast while I latched on to her left nipple, sucking it into my mouth. I thought she would complain but she didn’t.

“Tonight you can play it rough.” She smiled. “You can suck them, bite them; do whatever you want.” She said, as I kept sucking her delicious boobs.

She kept her hands around the back of my head holding me motionless, while I licked and sucked on it like a little baby looking for milk. A few minutes later, I moved across to her other boob, but now I was sucking them hard. Elena grabbed my other hand and squeezed her right boob with it, while I sucked and bit her nipple.

“These are the most perfect tits I've ever seen.” I said as I massaged her big boobs with both my hands. I played with them and sucked them until I had thoroughly enjoyed her breasts, satisfying my deepest desire to play with them as I had always wanted to.

“You really love my tits, don’t you, baby? I love the way you treat them too, but I want you to know that I have other parts of my body waiting for you, you sexy boy...don’t make them wait too long! They get lonesome too and need constant love and attention.” She pleaded, while I took a hard nipple into my mouth and sucked on it.

I used the tip of my tongue to flick it back and forth, which brought a sigh of enjoyment from her lips. At the same time, I played with the other one between my fingers.

After enjoying her boobs it was time to kiss those beautiful lips down there. As she sat on my lap , I let my eyes and hands trail down over her magnificent body. Reaching out my hands to her hips, I tucked my fingers into the waistband of her sexy white panties. She got up and I slowly pulled them down over her legs. As her womanhood gradually was exposed to my eyes, I hesitated a moment, taking in the beautiful sight. For a moment, my mind carried me into another world, a world of fantastic pleasure, as I remembered the enjoyment I had the first time I had the chance to explore all the hidden treasures behind those pink lips.As I pulled her moist panties down to her feet, she stepped out of them with her left foot. Then catching them on her other foot, she flung her leg out and tossed it clear across the room.

“The way my clothes are scattered all over this room, I’ll probably never find all of them again.” She said with a little giggle.

“That’s okay. I wouldn’t care if you never found any of them.” I replied, giving her a knowing look as I glanced up at her.

“Oh, I know you wouldn’t. I don’t imagine you will help me look for them either, will you?”

“You got that right, Sis. I sure won’t.”

Reaching out my arms, I tried to pull her down on the bed beside me. Instead of kneeling down, she pushed hard against me. All of a sudden, I fell backwards, so I was now lying on my back. She then carefully walked towards the head of the bed, never once taking her eyes off me. When she reached my waist, she paused a moment, then carefully stepped across my body with her right foot. There she stood, straddling me with her moist pussy straight in front of my eyes. My tongue was dying to get hold of that pussy. I knew what she was about to do, and I sure didn’t mind what was going to happen next, because I had seen many girls doing it in porn videos. What she was about to do, if I remember it correctly, is called face sitting.

Slowly and carefully, she knelt down on my chest, with each of her long graceful legs gripping my sides. Her eyes bore into mine, as if asking me for permission to do what she was thinking. She was nibbling on her bottom lip in that sexy way she has. As she had done in the past, she once again surprised me by what she did next. She leaned forward so she was resting on her hands beside my head, which also placed her chest directly above my face.

“Since you love them so much, here is a special treat for you.” She giggled, as she shook her shoulders a couple times, causing her large, now free-swinging breasts to slap against my cheek, and her hard pointed nipples to scrape across my face.

Sitting up, she slowly inched forward on her knees, with a wicked smile on her face, until her delicate pussy lips pressed hard against my face. She jerked the moment my lips came in contact with her pussy.

“Aaaah!” She moaned.

Her legs still gripping my sides, she looked down at me with a look of love and anticipation in those lovely brown eyes of hers.

I placed both my hands on her thighs to hold her in that position. Since spending that first day on our island, I had learned to love the scent of wet pussy. I began to lick the outer lips of her pussy starting at the bottom of her crack and working my way up. In between licks and gently chewing on them with my teeth, I used my lips to nibble along the edges, varying the routine so she didn’t have a chance to be bored.

“Yes! Oh, yes! Just like that! Oh fuck!” She suddenly moaned, as my sharp probing tongue touched an extra sensitive spot.

Her moans were loud enough to raise the roof, but it didn’t bother me, instead it motivated me to make her scream louder by pushing my tongue inside her pussy. Her immediate response was to grab the back of my head, and slam my face tighter against her throbbing lips. She was bobbing up and down on her knees so fast; I wouldn’t have been able to maintain contact with her flowing pussy if she hadn’t had a death grip on my head.

Every time she came down, it forced my lips and probing tongue deeper into her quivering pussy, causing even louder groans from between her clenched teeth. The back of my head was bouncing against the bed faster than the point of a jackhammer. Her moans were like an energy drink to me, giving me the strength to keep on going and going and going. I alternated between raking my tongue over the full length of her engorged love bud, and sucking it into my mouth, holding it firmly between my lips and quickly flicking my tongue across its sensitive tip. I was moving my lips on her pussy like a cat drinking milk. Realizing that her time had come when I felt her body jerk, I increased the pace of my tongue as I heard her moans getting louder. Grabbing her thighs, I stayed with her as her body suddenly released a flood of juice.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” She screamed, as I drank her cum that was flowing from her pussy like a mighty river.

It was sweet like honey and the scent was mind blowing. I licked every side of her pussy lips to make sure I didn’t miss even a single drop of precious cream. There was a very beautiful emotion on her face as she opened her eyes, one of undying love and devotion.

“Oh my God! That was quite amazing. I am sure if you keep doing what you did right now, you could make me cum in my panties just with your eyes.” She smiled.

“I would love to do that.” I laughed. I hope you are not tired because I am not done yet.”

She looked at my cock, which had spit out some cum while I was licking up the last drop of her sweet juice that had managed to flow down her firm thighs.

“Nor am I.” She smiled and slowly moved down my body until her ass hit my cock.

She lifted herself up a little bit and reached down between her legs for my cock. The moment her fingers closed around me, I saw stars appear before my eyes. It took an almost super human effort to resist exploding. She took hold of my cock and with a wild gleam in her eyes; she raked the hard point the full length of her pussy several times. Sensing that I wouldn’t be able to withstand much more of this kind of treatment, she leaned forward slightly to get a better angle and then carefully slid it inside her pussy.

“Ah feels so good.....aaah!” She moaned.

She slammed her butt down hard on my penis, causing my orgasm to send shudders of pleasure throughout my entire body. She pulled up and sank back down as we both moaned and breathed in hard. She sat down all the way and squeaked when my cock hit bottom before her butt touched my groin.

Leaning forward she put her face close to mine. A loud groan escaped her ruby lips, since this position brought my manhood in direct contact with her clit. Her breasts hung down, letting her nipples brush lightly against my chest. It felt so good and we both gasped at the feeling. She was looking deep into my eyes while she continued a slow up and down motion over my erect penis. My eyelids fell; I opened my mouth, and moved my lips to touch Elena's. Her mouth was open slightly taking in air and breathing out with the rhythm of our movements. Her lips felt so good, pressed against mine, we let our lips softly mingle together. I felt her tongue touch my lips and I gently sucked on it then I released it and used my tongue to dance around hers.. It was so hot.

As I started to thrust up to deliver more of my large erect penis into her wet, sucking pussy, sweat was pouring off my forehead. I was pounding up into her round butt with such force; I had a hard time keeping my wet mouth and tongue on her nipples. My hands were eagerly exploring her back and smooth butt, and grunting like an animal, I knew that I was reaching the peak of my orgasm. I didn't think it was possible, but I felt my huge penis swell even larger as it was about to spurt cum inside of her. Coming down harder than usual against my heaving hips, and driving my rod further up into her tunnel of love than I’d ever been before, pushed me past my breaking point and I shot my cum inside her like a hand grenade.

“Ooooh Mmmm!” I screamed as I felt my cream leaving me in a torrent.

Filling her cavity, I saw cum flow out over my cock and thighs, and onto the sheets. My whole body was tense and sweating. I was gasping for air and sighing repeatedly as I tightened my arms around her and pulled her tight against me.

For several wonderful glorious minutes, we both lay there, her hot quivering body pressed tight against me. Still deeply impaled on my love rod, I could feel her muscles tighten and then relax as they milked the last drops of my life giving fluid from me. Lying there supporting the full weight of my love, as she lay on top of me, I couldn’t imagine life being any better. It was if somehow, I had magically transported to a fantasy world, where nothing is ever wrong and everything imaginable is perfect. During the past few days since we sailed to our private love island, I had experienced almost every erotic fantasy that had ever been in one of my erotic late night dreams.

“Anything else you would like to do, anything which you never tried before with your girl?” Her soft-spoken voice broke the spell I had been living in for the past few minutes.

It amazed me when she asked me that question because I was feeling so tired, even after having dinner just a few hours ago, but she wasn’t.

“That’s a very attractive offer. “I replied, never being one to turn down a wonderful opportunity like that. “If we are going to do something more, then I think it’s time for us to try anal.” I suggested hopefully. It had always been something I’d wondered about, but I wasn’t sure how she would react to my suggestion.

“Do you really want to?” She asked, looking intently at me.


“Then what are you waiting for?”

I flipped her over on the bed and then waited while she got up on her hands and knees. Then leaning over on top of her, as she spread her legs wide apart, I took the opportunity to reach around her chest and cup her hanging tits in the palms of my hands. It seemed that I couldn’t get enough of holding and mauling them and she seemed to feel the same way. I felt rather than heard, her take in a sudden deep breath as I rolled those two protruding mounds on top of her breasts between my thumb and fingers.

Her long hanging feminine mounds pressed my hands against the sheet as she lowered herself to her elbows. This gave me the perfect excuse to press harder against her tits, bringing a light moan of pleasure from her. It was hard, but I forced myself to release these two treasures, because now I was about to enter another totally unknown part of her worldly charms.

Placing my hands on her shapely butt, I used my fingers to split her ass cheeks wide apart, and there before my eyes lay the tiny puckered entrance, the entrance to that unknown world that I was about to experience for the first time. Using my forefinger, I lightly touched this tightly closed gateway. Each time I did, I saw her tighten her thigh muscles and flinch slightly, not from pain but from anticipation. Taking my prick in my left hand, I pointed it towards this gateway as I moved my hips closer to her. I may not have the largest sex tool in the world, but I couldn’t help but wonder how I’d ever manage to get myself into such a tiny hole, but I also knew that I sure was going to try.

I had barely made contact with her puckered anus; when I heard her take in a deep breath, hold it while she tensed every muscle in her body. She seemed to know that this was the real thing and not my finger and so was preparing herself for the pain of entry. Then I suddenly remembered reading about how very painful anal sex was for the woman without using proper lubrication first, however I had nothing here to use. An idea came to mind almost immediately, and I knew what might work or at least make it easier. She had told me earlier that I could be as rough as I wanted, but I loved her sincerely, so I had no desire to cause her any unnecessary pain.

Lowering my aim, I easily entered her other hole, which I had left only a few minutes before. It was still sopping wet, so I figured maybe if I coated my manhood with some more of her cum, it would help make the entrance to her anal canal easier. Even if it didn’t help, being back inside her here was a very comfortable feeling; almost like being at home.

Looking back at me over her right shoulder, and with a puzzled voice, she said. “Honey, that isn’t the right hole.”

“I know it isn’t, sweetheart. However, I read somewhere that anal penetration without proper lubrication can be very painful for the girl, and I love you too much to want to hurt you. I thought maybe this would help if I got myself wet first.”

“You are always so thoughtful, such a dear.”

After a couple of strokes, I knew that I was as wet as I’d ever be, so pulling out, I manoeuvred myself back into position, preparing to make my grand entrance. Once again, she tensed her whole body when she felt the pointed head of my love handle begin pushing against her. As I started to apply more and more pressure, it was as if her body was doing its best to keep me out by keeping that doorway shut tight.

“Push harder, Alan. Push a lot harder.” She grunted. Lowering her head to the pillow, she grasped the sheet in each hand as if preparing herself for what she knew was to come.

Doing as she asked, I applied a lot more pressure, and suddenly without warning, I burst through, with my whole cock head buried inside her. This made me gasp at the totally new and different feeling. I could see that I was inside her, but she had such a tight grip on me it felt like she was going to squeeze my penis in two. I didn’t think that I’d be able to move.

“Aaaaaaaaah! Fuck!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, wildly throwing her head back.

Hearing her scream of intense pain, scared me, and for a minute, I wasn’t sure what to do. The pain must be excruciating for her, but she didn’t complain except for that initial yell. The thought of “should I keep pushing in or should I immediately pull out,” raced through my mind. I momentary froze as I tried to decide. Mind .Unknown to me, this gave her a chance to adjust to the invader that was sitting just inside her ass.

“Thank you for waiting and giving me a chance to adjust.” She said in a hoarse whisper, once again looking back at me.

It about broke my heart, when I happened to notice that there was a tear in her eye, just before she once again lowered her face to the crumpled up pillow. I promised myself that I’d do my best to make it up to her for hurting her his way.

“Okay, go ahead and push the rest of the way into me.” I heard her whisper in a muffled voice.

Her voice sounded not only slightly muffled from her face being buried in the pillow, but also somewhat shaky. Something deep inside me told me that she was deliberately keeping her face from my sight because she didn’t want me to see her crying. I did feel the intense pressure with which she had been gripping me; begin to ease, so I slowly continued to enter her asshole with my dick.

“Aaaaah!” She groaned, but this time her voice sounded more normal.

I continued to enter deeper into her ass, slowly pushing in until my entire dick was inside her. As I started thrusting in and out of her ass, I was moaning like crazy with pleasure, because the tightness of her ass was sending me over the edge. Even though I had just had a huge release a few minutes ago, this was such a new and exciting experience that I could feel my body beginning to respond once again.

I started thrusting harder by grabbing her hips with my hands, and pulling her back as I thrust forward. This soon became unnecessary, because she was matching every forward thrust of mine by shoving her whole body back hard against me, driving my long steel pole deep into her bowels. Her moans were getting more intense with every thrust. She was intensifying her pleasure by rapidly massaging her once again enlarged woman-hood; that was now poking out from its protective covering, with the fingers of her left hand. Both of us seemed to be of one mind and that was to reach our own personal crest, and to do that we were soon moving as one, in and out faster and faster.

I grabbed her firmly around her waist with my arms just before I felt my orgasm reach its peak. The moment I felt myself break over the crest, I reached forward under her stomach, grabbed a rapidly swinging breast in each hand and squeezed her nipples hard. I shot a load of cum like a hand grenade inside her, filling her ass with hot cum. This was a strange sensation but it felt amazing in a new way. At the same moment, I felt her whole body tremble and shake as wave after wave of pleasure raced along every nerve path from her head to her toes.

“Oh. Oh yes…YES!” She cried out, but this time in a happy voice.

Due to sheer exhaustion, we both collapsed on the bed too weak to move. For several moments, we remained in that position, me above her and still deeply imbedded within her ass. Gradually our bodies returned to normal.

“Did you like it?” I asked as I slowly pulled my cock from her ass and rolled over onto the bed facing her.

“Giving you the ultimate pleasure is my job and I will do anything to please you.” She replied, smiling like a slut.

We kissed for a little while as we lay beside each other. Even though we had fucked each other many times, I must say this was the second best time of all. Of course, the first one will always be my favorite fuck. The wonderful memories of that first time we made love on that sandy beach of our vacation island will remain with me for the rest of my life.

“I am little tired right now baby. Can I close my eyes for five minutes because we have to leave in few minutes and I have to drive?” She asked.

Before I could ask any more questions, she closed her eyes. She looked so beautiful laying there as I watched her sleep; that I decided not to wake her up to ask anything. A few things were bothering me. First, we have our own house, but we came to this cheap motel to fuck. Second, Elena didn’t complain as she had in the past, when I was a little rough while molesting her boobs even though she knew I liked it. I decided to confront her with these questions as soon as she wakes up.

“Baby. Wake up, honey.” I said as I kissed her on the cheek.

Although I hated myself for having to wake her up but she had asked me to. She sat up and stretched her arms. She placed her hand between her hair while resting her hand on thigh and looked at me.

“Put on your clothes honey. We have to leave in few minutes.” She kissed me on the cheek and got off the bed.

“Elena. Can I ask you anything?” I asked politely.

“Yes, my baby, of course you can. Anytime you have a question, I want you to feel free to ask me.” She replied, as she picked up her bra from where she had tossed it on the floor. While waiting to hear my question, she put it on.

“What are we doing in this motel? I mean we could have done all this in our home, so then why here?”

Before answering me, she looked around the room for her panties, finally spotting them lying on the floor across the room where she had kicked them. She went over and picked them up, then turned to face me.

“Do you really want to know?” She asked, as she slipped her legs inside her panty.


After wiggling her hips into her panties, she crossed back to the bed, and sat next to me; then looked at me as if she was going to something naughty.

“I brought you here...because...because.” She looked down as she circled her fingers on my thighs.

“Please tell me.” I begged. It was obvious that something was bothering her, and it seemed as if whatever it was, she wasn’t sure she wanted me to know. I put my arm around her shoulder to try to reassure her that no matter what it was, it was okay to tell me.

Finally, taking a deep breath, she replied. “Because of you.”

“Because of me? What do you mean?”

“When I read your diary I came across a page where you wrote that if you didn’t get to fuck me, you would fuck a call girl.” She replied a bit hesitantly, as if not sure how I would react to hearing her once again admit to having read my personal diary.

Her reply stunned me. Yes, every word she said was right. I was a reserved type of person but sometimes I had dirty thoughts in my mind. It was the time when my sister’s beauty was torturing me; I got so frustrated that I wrote that line.

“But I am getting to fuck you every single day. I still don’t understand why we needed to come here.”

“I wanted to apologize for torturing you all those years. And what better way than giving you what you wished for?” She winked.

“You know I am not mad at you. You didn’t have to do all this. I can never be mad at you. Even if I am, all you have to do is just smile. That will be enough.” I said as I held her hand. “Well, I don’t mind a good fuck after the smile." I laughed.

"That's so sweet of you" She kissed me on the left cheek

“Can I ask you one more thing?”

“Sure honey.”

“Why did that reception guy wink at you? What did you say?”

”I just said that I was here with a client and he would like to book a room.” This made her smile as she replied.

“No, you didn’t!” I couldn’t believe my ears, because I never dreamed my sister would say something like that.

“Yes I did. He said that he had never seen such a beautiful call girl in this area before, and gave me a card to call him after I am done with you.” She laughed.

“I’m going to kill that jerk.” I blurted out, with more than a little anger in my voice.

“Relax Alan.” She rubbed my shoulder. “I think we should thank him.”

“Why should I do that?”

“He gave us this room and is only charging the rent per hour, instead of charging for a whole night.” She explained.

“Will you not get in trouble, if someone finds out all this?”

“Don’t worry. I told him my name is Rosalie.”

“Seriously I can’t believe you did all this for me.” A tear came out of my eyes. I felt so loved at that moment. I never thought that I would get a girl who would do something like this for me. It’s very hard to find a girl who can understand a man’s heart. I always liked to think that I had done all the necessary good deeds in order to get a girl like her.

“You’re the only person I care about. If I can’t keep you happy, then who will? I don’t care about anything or anyone else. Only thing that matters is that smile on your face, and I will do anything to keep that smile there.”

“Oh Elena!” I exclaimed as I hugged her. I became every emotional and tears were forming in my eyes, but I was determined not to cry. I didn’t want to let her see me cry. Elena is the only girl with whom I can be myself. Deep down in my heart, I knew that she loved me for who I was. I didn’t have to act like a tough guy and be that charming guy that every girl desires.

“I think it’s time you put on some clothes.” She said as she gave me a kiss on my lips.

She picked up my clothes that lay scattered on the floor and helped me put them on. When she reached for her dress that was hanging on the wall hook, I stopped her.

“As you are my call girl for tonight, will you walk with me dressed like this until we get inside the car?” I asked a bit sheepishly.

I don’t know why I asked that, but she looked so beautiful in that lingerie and heels, I couldn’t stop myself.

“As you wish Sir,” She put her bag in her purse and we left the room.

As we walked to the motel office, I placed my hand on her butt. We both went to the reception desk and paid the rent. The man’s eyes were wide open as he looked at Elena. In a way, it made me proud the way he looked at her, because I could see the envy he had for me; and the longing he was feeling. I knew that all he could do was to look and wish, but that she was mine, now and forever.

“Watch as long as you want, you jerk.” I thought to myself. “You’re not going to ever see her again.”

After paying our bill and as we left the office, I once again placed my hand on her sexy butt, glanced back over my shoulder at him and smiled. As we turned the corner and headed back to our car, his eyes were still glued to the sexy lady that was walking beside me. She might be playing the part of a call girl for my pleasure, but I still wanted to be a gentleman, so as we reached our car, I opened the door for her.

“Such wonderful manners. It’s no wonder that I love you so much.” She said, giving me a sexy wink.

After getting into the car, I helped Elena put her dress on. I hated to see her get fully dressed, but I knew that she couldn’t drive home dressed in only her bra and panties. As we got to the main road and as I looked back at the motel with its big sign of ‘Paradise Motel’ hanging above the office, in a way I was sad to be leaving. I had only spent a couple of hours there, but in that short period, the place had indeed lived up to its namesake. I had experienced paradise.

I knew there would be many more experiences to come, and I am eagerly waiting for them. Turning the corner and heading down the main road towards home, I looked over at her. I was feeling so happy, knowing that our bond has become stronger than ever. Our love has reached the point where we will do anything to keep the other person happy. I had always dreamed about being with Elena for the rest of my life, and looking at the way our love for each other is getting more intense every day, I don't think the time is far away when we can actually live our life as a couple.

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