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Ellen's Men Next Door: Her first anal fuck

Ellen has been fucked her best friend's son, now his brother will introduce her to anal sex.
The two lovers lay bonded together after they shared theircommonorgasm. Jack pulled his manhood from Ellen. Jack straddled the lounge chair as his huge semi hard cock was covered with his cum and her juices dripped onto Ellen's torso.

"Bring that here," Ellen requested as she looked at his cock in awe. She pulled Jack towards her until his wet dripping cock was above her mouth. Ellen opened wide and lifted her body till she was able to taste herself on his cock. She felt so dirty, never before had she licked a man clean after being fucked. She loved the taste of her pussy on his cock, and the globs of his cum clinging to his cock weredelightful. Jack was obviously enjoying the cleaning as he moaned in pleasure his cock grew harder under Ellen's tongue.

As Ellen was licking her young lover clean she felt his brother climb between her legs. Jed placed her legs over his shoulders and placed his face deep into her wet sloppy pussy. With his tongue he began to lick his younger brother's cum out of her delicious pussy. Jed loved the taste of his brother's cum, and frequently enjoyed his cum by giving his brother head. But this was a new experience, and licking his favorite cum from the hot wet pussy of his neighbor was making Jed incredibly aroused; his cock felt harder than he ever remembering it being.

Ellen was beside herself, she was licking clean a huge beautiful cock, and another young man was doing wonders to her as he cleaned her pussy clean of her lover's cum. Ellen knew she would be cumming again very soon. Suddenly Ellen felt two well lubed fingers penetrate deep into her ass. She had never participated in any anal play before, but her lovers obviously had; first Jack rimming her ass with his tongue, and now his brother was using two of his thick fingers to finger fuck her ass. She was surprised that she actually enjoyed it.

"It’s my turn now," Jed informed his partners. With that he moved forward and lifted Ellen's knees up and spread them wide. With his cock now clean and hard, Jack stepped away from the 2 lovers and laid down on the other chaise lounge next to them, to watch his brother fuck their mother's best friend. The thought of it excited Jack tremendously; "we are fucking our mother's best friend, and she is so fucking hot!" He could hardly believe it, but there she was legs spread with his brother’s cock about to penetrate her.

Ellen looked to her right and watched Jack lying on the lounger next to her stroking hisgloriouscock. As her knees were raised and spread she shifted her attention to the next man that was to fuck her; stretch her pussy wide. She started to shake with anticipation. Ellen tried to move her legs into her position she used with Jack, but Jed was holding her legs firm in his grasp.

Jed's large cock head was pushing against her folds. Ellen reached down between her legs and laid her fingers over his welllubricatedcock head. She guided his large cock to run up and down her slit, rubbing nice long strokes against her hard exposedclitoris. Ellen was in heaven, she could feel another climax building quickly inside of her. Jed's large hands gripped Ellen's knees hard and she knew that he was not going to be as gentle as his brother. He had forced his cock down her throat, and now she knew he would be just as forceful with her puss; the idea of being taken forcefully added to her excitement.

On his next stroke up her slit Ellen pushed down firmly on his large cockhead and pushed him inside her pussy. She gasped as he pushed into her. Jed let out an audible grown as he pushed his cock deeper into her well fucked cunt. She was ready for him to fuck her, and fuck her hard. She wanted to be abused by Jed's huge cock. She wanted this boy to slam his huge cock deep into her, she did not care at this moment if it hurt; she just wanted him. She wanted him to be as forceful with her as his brother was gentle.

As his cock was sliding into his first woman that he had ever fucked he shuddered. He stopped with just his cockhead and a few inches of his cock inside of her. Jed said with almost a whisper, "Oh my god".

Jack chuckled as he watched his brother face brighten with pure enjoyment. Jack knew his brother was going to enjoy fucking this woman as much as he did.

Ellen was beside herself she wanted a good fucking. She looked up at Jed's face as he held his huge cock still inside of her. She too saw his eyes brighten and a huge grin come across his face as he whispered his enjoyment. Ellen look him straight in the eyes and gave him a command, "Fuck me Jed, Fuck me hard, fuck me fast!"

With that command Jed gave Ellen all the cock he had. He slammed his cock hard and deep into her. His cock head banged hard against her cervix. The pain that Ellen felt was intense, as her senses overloaded with all she could see was stars andbight lights. In the distance she heard screams and a man yellingobscenitiesat someone.

Jack laid back and watched his brother furiously fuck their shared woman. It excited him to watch his brother fuck Ellen so hard. Jack was use to this treatment; both boys enjoyed fucking each other extremely forcefully, like animals in heat. Now his animal was pouncing a new prey, and he loved watching it, stroking his hard cock anxiously waiting to see how the session would unfold.

Jed pushed Ellen's legs wide apart forcing them forward. He stood over her, straddling the lounge chair that Ellen was laying on. He fucked Ellen furiously. She was telling him to fuck her harder and faster. Ellen furiously rubbed her exposed, engorged clit. Every four or five strokes deep into Ellen's puss Jed would bang against her cervix. She would scream loudly in pain. Ellen was as boisterousand loud as she had ever been while having sex, he had made her into his fuck bag and she loved it. His forcefulness, his huge cock, even the pain he was inflicting on her was bringing Ellen closer and closer to orgasm.

Ellen soon began to shake. As she climaxed she began to weep. Ellen did not want to this to end; it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. As these feelings engulfed her entire body, Jed stopped fucking her and withdraw his horse cock. Ellen pleaded with him, "Jed, don't stop, please ram your cock back into me, please continue to fuck me!"

Jed replied, "Oh yes El, I am going to fuck you more, I am going to ram my entire cock deep inside of you."

With that comment Jed took the tube of lube and squeezed out a large glob onto his huge cockhead. He spread it around his already pussy juice soaked cock. Jed grabbed his cock firmly and pressed it hard against Ellen's swollen and sore clit. He pushed down hard against her body and guided his cock down her slit to her previously well fingered andlubricatedass.

Before Ellen knew what was happening, Jed was pushing his huge hard cockhead into her ass. Ellen squealed as she as penetrated. Once again these young men we doing things to her that she had never before experienced.

Ellen tried to speak, tried to say anything, but all that was coming out was a little squeak. Jed continued to push his cock deeper into her ass. She waved her hands, trying to get to his hips to slow him down, she could not. Jed took both his large hands and gripped Ellen's thighs. He pushed them forward, pushing them into her ample breasts. Tilting her ass up gave Jed better access to her asshole as he stood over her. He applied more pressure driving his cock deeper into her tight asshole.

Ellen lay pinnedunderneathJed. Her hands flailed about looking for something to grab on to. Her hands found the sides of the chaise and grabbed them tightly. She finally found her voice and she let out a loud scream, followed by her plead.

“OH DAMN, Jed, slowly,” gasping for air, “please go slowly” followed by a low groan. Ellen took a few more deep heaving breaths, looked Jed square in the eyes and continued.

“Jed, you can fuck my ass, I want you to,” Ellen’s breathing continued to be labored. “But you are so fucking huge! I have never done this before.“ Her breathing now slowed to shallow pants. “I need time to adjust to you inside of me. It hurts, oh god does it hurt, but I want you inside of me, just go slowly till I am use to your cock being in there. Please babe?”

Jed nodded his agreement and held still, not pushing deeper, or pulling out. He could feel Ellen begin to relax ever so slightly. All he wanted to do was continued to force his huge cock deeper and deeper into this woman's tight ass. He liked aggressive sex with his brother, and he wanted it with this woman also. He wanted to make her struggle, scream, and begged him to fuck her harder and faster. But for now he just held still.

As she relaxed more Jeb asked her a single word, “Now?”

Ellen replied with a soft “Yes, slowly.”

With great control he resumed pushing his large cock deeper and deeper into Ellen’s ass. He loved the sight of his thick hard cock sinking deeper into her stretched asshole. The restraint he was exhibiting was driving Jeb crazy, the more time he took, the more aroused and excited Jed became, the harder it became to take it slow.

Finally Jed stopped pushing his cock into Ellen's ass. She laid there stunned. Ellen had never felt so full, her bottomed throbbed. The intense pain she initially felt has subsided, now it was a dull pain, maybe even enjoyable pain. To her amazement Ellen realized that she very aroused; her nipples where hard as rock, and her clit was engorged and extremely sensitive. Ellen reached between her legs to grab at Jed's cock. She was amazed, Ellen looked up at Jed.

Jed smiled back at Ellen, "You like having all 10 inches of my cock in your ass?"he askedwith a devilish grin.

"Oh, yes," Ellen said breathlessly, "Oh, god yes. I have never felt anything like this."

"Then you are ready for a good ass fucking?" Jed questioned her.

As Ellen stroked her clit with one hand and pinch her hard right nipple with the other she looked Jed straight in the eyes and said, "Yes Jed, fuck my ass, fuck me good, make me scream, make me cum."

Jack lay next to the two lovers watching the scene unfold. He was so turned on; his cock was so hard. He gently stroked his cock, watching with anticipation for his brother to start to give this sexy MILF a good ass pounding. His eagerness was based on his experience; he had many times enjoyed being the object of a good ass pounding from his brother. Jack did not know if Ellen would enjoy it, but he knew he always did.

Jed started to slowly slide his entire cock length all the way out, and all the way deep back into Ellen. She encouraged him to fuck her. Jed picked up the pace and was soon fucking hard and fast. Jed liked aggressive sex, but he could not rememberfucking his brother thisaggressively. The harder he fucked Ellen the harder and hornier Jed became, and the louder and more encouraging Ellen was.

As Jack watched this hot scene unfold he decided to join his two lovers. Jack stepped over Ellen and straddled her, facing his brother as Jed quickened his pace. Jack saw what he wanted, he wanted Ellen's soaking wet pussy, and that incredibly engorged clit. He leaned over placing his head between Ellen's thighs. Jack grabbed hold of the back of her knees to steady himself. Without warning he went straight for Ellen's clit and started sucking hard on her.

Ellen's head was swimming, she could hardly comprehend what was happening; every cell of her body was on fire withecstasy. She was so horny, so incredible aroused. She had never had anal sex before, now she was being fucked hard in the ass by a strong sexy 18 year old with a horse cock and incredible staying power. She had another beautifulspecimenof manhood was sucking her clit, sending electric charges all over her body.

Jack had Ellen's legs pinned under his arms and he sucked on her. Jed pounded his huge cock harder and faster, each time fully penetrating her ass with the full length of his long thick cock. Jack's cock was also hard as cock and he was rubbing his shaft against her ample breast as he tried to slowly hump her as he ate her pussy. Ellen grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples hard, and sandwiched Jack's cock between them.

As Jed fucked Ellen’s tight asshole he watched his brother suck her clit. Then he thought he would step it up a bit. With Jack pinning down her legs Jed’s hands were now free. He ran his hands through his brother’s hair, then grab his hair tight and pulled his brothers head up from her clit. As Jed pulled he cock from her ass, he grasped his large cock and brought it to his brother’s mouth. Jack engulfed his brother’s dirty cock with is mouth. Jed pumped his cock in and out of his brother’s skilled mouth and then would plunge his cock back into Ellen’s quivering ass. For several minutes Jed alternated between fucking this hot ass and choking his brother with his cock.

When Jed’s cock was not in his mouth Jack was sucking Ellen’s clit. The over-stimulation by her men, Ellen started to climax. She let out a loud and low scream as she started to orgasm. Her vagina clamped down on a cock that was not there, as her pussy juices flowed like a river from her. As Jack sucked on her clit, the smell and sight of her juices flowing from her set him off and he started to ejaculate between her breasts as he came is a deep growl. As Jack shoot stream after stream of hot cum across Ellen's stomach, Jed pushed his cock as hard and as deep into her ass as he could go and held there for just a moment. Then Jed cock erupted deep inside Ellen; with each pulsation of his cock filling her with more and more cum.

Jack collapsed exhausted onto Ellen, their bodies covered with the mixture of sweat, vaginal drainage, semen and anal froth. Jed pulled his hard slimy cock from her stretched ass. He looked down upon his brother, and the first women the two men had ever fucked, and smile. Jed stepped back under a shower head and turned on the water. The cool water ran over his ripped, sweat covered, body; this was the perfect pause to an afternoon of fucking.

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Posted 27 Aug 2013 04:03
Another exciting adventure Wil. Love reading about Ellen's adventures with these hot studs.
Posted 19 Apr 2012 12:01
Jeez, just wish I could find someone for anal that hard
Posted 28 Mar 2012 12:32
Such a hot first time for the guys....wish I knew more about Ellen's background, and how amazing this must have been for her.

Very hot
Posted 26 Feb 2012 17:54
Please, please, pleeeeeease tell me there is more to this story because it is freaking amazing! You have me so envious of Ellen Definitely a 5!
Posted 23 Feb 2012 05:47
Enjoyed the story of rough hard anal sex. Makes me feel empty & i have my butt plug in
Posted 23 Feb 2012 05:10

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