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Ellen's Men Next Door: Her first big cock

Ellen has just sucked off her best friend's son's huge cock, she is ready to be fucked.
Jed and Jack kissed Ellen as they stood in the shower. Ellen had just sucked off her best friend's son. She could hardly believe what had happened and it quickly became apparent that these men were not done with her.

The men started to strip her of the wet clothing she was wearing. Jack was pulling her shirt over her head; Jed unbuttoned her shorts and started to push them down. She was trying to help by lifting her arms so the t-shirt could come off and wiggling her ass and thighs so her shorts would fall to the floor. Jack pushed her bra up allowing her ample breast to fall free. Jed unclasped her bra from the back, it too was now free to fall to the floor as Ellen slipped her arms out of the straps. Jack was rubbing his hands from her ass to her crotch. He found her wearing a lacy thong underpants, instead of pulling them down Jack just tugged at the lace waist band and torn them away from her wet body. The speed and force at which the men stripped her naked excited Ellen even more.

There Ellen stood naked in the shower with her best friend's sons rubbing their naked bodies against her. She looked up as she was kissed by Jack; and oh could he kiss. It made her melt. Jack had right hand on her left breast slowly kneading it, and as his left hand rubbed her ass. He pressed his enormous cock into her torso; his cock's mushroom head was pushing up against the underside of her breast.

Jed stood tight behind her. He was stooping down to suck and nibble on her ear. He was pinching the nipple of her other breast and his right hand was stroking her very wet pussy. Jed was humping her back with his huge cock. Ellen felt his balls hanging along her butt crack and his cock rubbed the small of her back. Ellen thought, "Oh my, these guys are so fucking hung I need them to fuck me."

As the boys explored Ellen's body under the shower she started to moan. She was so hot she needed cock.

Between her moans Ellen managed to say, "I need your cocks, fuck me please, ahhh..." As her body was rubbed up and down by 4 masculine hands and 2 big cocks, Ellen allowed her hands to explore. With one hand she rubbed Jack's firm and defined pecs as her other hand stroked his cock as it's cock head rubbed against her breast.

Again she pleaded with the men, "Please fuck me. I have to feel you inside of me!"

Jack broke from her, and led her out of the shower. Jed followed close behind them. Jack took Ellen to the edge of the shower area. There were several chaise lounges that were used to rest and cool down on after a sauna or steam bath. Jack laid Ellen down on the nearest chaise lounge.

Jack spread Ellen's legs apart and placed them over his shoulders as he laid across the end of the chaise giving himself great access to her wet pussy. Jack admired her puss, where he was accustomed to girls his age being shaved; Ellen had a full thick bush. He thought she might trim it a bit, but this was his first hairy beaver that he was going to eat. Jack took her thick wet pubic hair and combed it to the side with this hands, exposing Ellen's engorged labia. He looked up towards this woman that he was about to orally devour, but she was all ready busy with his brother.

As Ellen desperately tried to suck off Jed's huge cock she was taken to a whole new level of arousal as Jack began to eat her pussy. Ellen's husband gave her the obligatory 30 seconds of pussy eating foreplay before he would fuck her. This young kid was by far exceeding her wildest dreams on how oral sex could feel. The pleasuring of her cunt was in stark contrast to the face fucking she was receiving from Jed. 

Jed had a firm hold at the back of Ellen's neck and was pushing her further and further down his cock. He had her gagging and did not care, as he ruthlessly continued to thrust his pelvis into her face and pull back on her neck. Ellen could hardly believe how much of his cock had been forced down her throat. As Jed brutally face fucked her he spoke nasty dirty thingsto her. Telling Ellen she was a whore and that he and his brother were going to fuck her like a whore until she passed out from exhaustion.

Ellen was surprised at how turned on she was for Jed. No one had ever talked that way to her before. The pleasure that she was receiving from Jack was also building. She wanted to feel one of these big cocks deep in side of her. She pleaded with Jack to stop eating her cunt and to fuck her.

Jack ignored Ellen's pleas. He was taking great pleasure in licking her labia and sucking on her clitoris. He ran his tongue up and down her wet slit and around her clit, stopping to give her clit and good hard suck, and then continuing his exploration. Ellen's pussy lips were very hard and engorged, the folded out like a blooming flower, Jack thought to himself that she has the most beautiful pussy. As he drove her towards ecstasy with his mouth he used his fingers to fuck her wet hot hole. As he eat Ellen's cunt, his tongue would make regular trips to lap up that sweet honey flowing from her fuck hole. After lapping up her juices and giving her a good tongue fucking, Jack would run his tongue down to her asshole and give it a rimming before working his way back to her clit.

Ellen trembled with excitement as Jack licked her asshole. Ellen could feel herself quickly approaching climax.

She pulled away from Jed's cock and breathlessly gasped, "Fuck me, Fuck me please."

Jack just continued to feast on her. He furiously rubbed her hard exposed clit, as he licked her ass, then he drove his tongue deep into her asshole. With that new experience Ellen was pushed over the edge and started to uncontrollably orgasm. She cried, and screamed, moaned, and howled, she had never cum so hard.

She continued to plead, "Fuck me, I want your cock. I want to feel you in me...".and she let out another scream.

Jed repeatedly slapped her in the face with his huge hard member. "If you want cock, suck on this one bitch!" and she slapped her again. Jed grabbed her face and shoved his cock into her open mouth as she screamed in ecstasy. Ellen continued to try to scream and plead as Jed returned to face fucking his mother's best friend.

Jack removed his drenched face from Ellen's wet cunt, spread her legs wide and pushed her knees to her hefty breasts. Jack slid up underneath Ellen a rubbed her clit with his huge cock head. Ellen moaned and pleaded to be fucked. All that could be be heard from her were moans and groans as Jed continued to furiously face fuck her.

Jed reached behind him and grabbed a bottle of lube and tossed it to his brother. Jack squeezed a generous amount of lube over his cock and Ellen's pussy. Jack continued to rub his cock up and down her slit, then without warning he pushed his cock into Ellen's cunt.

Ellen pulled away from Jed's cock, and let out a loud scream of pleasure. She had never felt her puss stretched so wide. Jack continued to push his large cock deeper into Ellen's tight cunt. As she gasped for air and vocalized her pleasure Jed shoved his large cock head back into her open mouth. Jed held her the back of her head with one hand and furiously stroked his cock with the other.

"I fucking going to cum!" Jed loudly announced, "Suck my cock harder, that’s right bitch!"

And as Jack continued to work his cock into her pussy, Ellen sucked harder and harder on the large cock head filling her mouth. Then with little warning Jed started to ejaculate into her hungry mouth.

"Damn Jack, she can suck cock real good." exclaimed Jed.

Jack responded, "Bro, you are going to love the feeling of having your cock in this pussy. It's completely different than your tight ass. Oh, Ellen I could do this all day long! Fuck, I want to be all the way in you!"

As Ellen had finished swallowing the last of Jed's huge cum load, Jack pushed his cock hard into Ellen's cunt. "FUCK!" Ellen shouted as a sharp pain erupted throughout her body. It was like a raw nerve was cut by a hot knife. Jack's large cock head had banged into her cervix. Ellen had never experienced that intense feeling during intercourse before. All Ellen could think is that this kid has a fucking huge cock if he can reach the end of the road.

Jack was pulling out preparing for another powerful in stroke. As Jack started to slam his cock back into her puss Ellen quickly moved her hands from Jed's cock to Jack's hips in an attempt to prevent him from striking her cervix again. BAM, it was too late. Another wave of pain coursed through her body.

"sta.., STOP" Ellen managed to stutter as she was reeling from the pain.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked sheepishly.

"Baby your cock is too huge. I am just not as deep as you are long. You are not going to be able to go that deep into me," Ellen informed him.

"Oh Ellen, your puss feels amazing on my cock, I have never felt anything like it, I just want to be completely inside of you," pleaded Jack.

Ellen adjusted her position under Jack, her legs had been splayed wide and draped over Jack's thighs. She brought her legs up and placed the bottom her feet firmly on Jack's hard pecs. Ellen shifted her hips and rolled them up and forward as she pushed her feet against Jack's chest. Then Ellen reached down along her sides and grab Jack's hips with her hands. She slowly pulled Jack deeper into her. Now instead of pushing straight into her, Jack's large cock pushed up against the anterior of Ellen's love channel. As his cock head pushed against the end of her puss where her slick walls met her cervix she stopped pulling him into her.

Jack was shaking with anticipation. He just wanted to fuck her hard and fast. The feelings in his cock were so intense and overwhelming. He and his brother enjoyed anal sex with each other, but Ellen was the first woman Jack ever fucked; it felt so different, so good.

Ellen held her hands in place to mark where Jack could thrust his hips to as he fucked her. Using her hands to block his hips, she hoped she would keep this man's monster cock from hurting her again. She looked between her legs at her raised pelvis. She could clearly see Jack's shaved member entering her engorged pussy. Ellen was amazed at how much cock was not inside of her. There was three or four inches of his thick hard cock between his pelvis and her cunt.

"Now, Jack, fuck me, start slowly baby," Ellen instructed her young partner. Jack followed her directions and started to slowly piston in and out of Ellen's drenched pussy. As he moved back into her, his large cock head would push against the topside wall of her puss. His thick cock head pushed up against and past Ellen's g-spot. He finished his stroke into her with her hands against his pelvis.

Jack quickened his pace.

Ellen began to moan loudly as her lover was quickly bringing her to orgasm.

"Yes, Jack fuck me, fuck me, oh my god, fuck me, I am going to cum..." 

With that Ellen let loose with another loud orgasmic scream, "AHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK, FUCK ME." As she screamed Jack could feel her cunt tighten around his cock. As Ellen caught her breath she continued to tell Jack that she was cumming. She then looked deep into his eyes, "Baby, fill me full of cum. cum deep in my pussy. Fuck me, cum in me...."

Jack could feel his orgasm building inside him. Having this sexy MILF tell him to cum in her puss was the last straw. He pushed Ellen's feet from his chest and pushed her legs to his side. He then leaned forward on top of her and kissed her firmly on her lips. As they kissed they forced their tongues into each other’s mouths as they explored each other. Jack slowed his strokes in and out of Ellen's hot wet cunt. Finally he slowly pushed deep inside of her till his cock could penetrate no further. He broke his kiss and move his lips to her right ear and announce that he was going to cum.

Another rush coursed through Ellen's body and she felt Jack push deep into her. Ellen reveled in the feeling of Jack's mammoth cock pushing as deep as possible. Her orgasmic climax continued, and now she could feel Jack's cock start to pulsate as it deposited stream after thick stream of hot man seed deep inside her pussy; his first pussy he had ever unloaded into.

Jack whispered into her ear with a grunt, "Ah, I...I'm cumming."

Ellen responded with breathless, "Me too."

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Posted 27 Aug 2013 02:49
That was fucking hot Wil. Great detail and great action.
Posted 15 Jul 2012 10:34
Back stories of women in such heat that they drop conventions to get what their body and mind needs
Posted 28 Mar 2012 12:27
marvelous restraint shown by the lads....of course, their background assuredly reveals how this first pussy received such expert teasing before being taken!
Posted 26 Feb 2012 17:55
God, how I love this series!
Posted 22 Feb 2012 07:34
Good deal!
Posted 21 Feb 2012 04:59
oh those lucky boys!!!!!!
Posted 20 Feb 2012 23:04
Loved it!

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