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Ellen's Men Next Door: MMF - Jed, Jack, Ellen pt 1

Jed has furiously fucked Ellen's virgin ass, now Jack will show her how tender anal can be.
Jack lay exhausted on top of Ellen, his cheek resting on herwet mound of pubic hair. The two lovers breathing slowed. The air in the room felt cool on his sweat covered skin. Jack heard the shower in front of him turn off; he lifted his head up in time to see his brother’s tight tanned ass exit the shower room. Jack was disappointed that his big brother was leaving; he still wanted to fuck that ass today.

Jack grabs the sides of the chaise lounge and pushed himself up off Ellen. Jack and Ellen’s sweat and cum covered torsos peeled away from each other as Jack rose. As he stood next to Ellen, Jack offered her a hand to help her up and helped her up onto her unsteady feet. Jack escorted his lover to the showers where they stood with the soothing water cascading over their exhausted bodies.

The lovers moved their hands across each other’s bodies exploring each other again. Ellen looked up at Jack and saw his bright blue eyes and white smile looking down at her. Tingles ran through her body making her shiver; she gave him a wide smile back. With that smile Jack brought his mouth to her lips and gave Ellen a passionate kiss. As they stood under the water kissing Ellen could feel Jack’s beautiful penis hardening again, her body instinctively responded she could feel the folds of her pussy and her nipples begin to harden.

Jack broke their embraces and reached behind him to retrieve a large exfoliating cloth and a bar of soap. He precisely folded the cloth against his chest and ran the bar of soap against the slightly coarse material. He refolded the towel and repeated the process two more times until he was satisfied that the cloth had sufficient soap to build a good lather. Jack placed the soap back in its place and then proceeded to rub the large towel between his hands to build a good lather.

Jack then unfolded the towel and began to wash his lover. He started carefully with her face, then neck, slowly moving down her body. As Jack scrubbed her body Ellen thought it felt delightful, she could not remember the last time she was bathed by someone else; as far as she could remember no one ever had. Jack opens the cloth larger and scrubbed her back; she moaned slightly. He moved the cloth to the top of her shoulders and pushed it over the top to her front. Jack moved in close behind Ellen and pressed himself against her soapy back as he continued to wash her. Jack reached around her to wash her clavicle and then moved down to carefully wash each of her large breasts. As he washed her, she could feel his erect manhood press firmly against her back; “Oh, I love that cock” Ellen thought to herself.

As Jack washed her breasts he nibbled at Ellen’s right ear, she turned her head that way and found his delicious lips with hers. Ellen reveled in the moment, passionately kissing her lover behind her. She felt his cock acting as her personal back scrubber, and his strong hands slowly moving his soapy cloth lower and lower down her front; she was in heaven. Jack thoroughly washed her abdomen, stopping just before the top of her pubic hair; Ellen was disappointed, and aroused, as soapy lather ran down through her pubic hair and across her pussy.

Jack broke their kiss, removed the wash cloth, and stepped back. He returned to scrubbing her back, shoulders and arms. Jack lifted her right arm and carefully washed her from her underarms to each individual finger. He repeated the procedure on her left arm. Jack returned to her back, and as he worked his way down her back he kneeled behind her and paid considerable attention to Ellen’s round tight muscular ass. Under his breath Jack commented the she had a beautiful body. Ellen took great care to stay fit and Jack was able to appreciate her hard work as he bathed her.

Jack continued to use the exfoliating cloth to cleanse his lover. He opened cloth, brought it once again to a thick lather. Jack spread the cloth across Ellen’s slender thighs and proceeded to wash her left leg from her crotch to her toes and then backup to the crack of her ass. Jack moved the cloth to her right leg and continued his work. As her finished her legs Jack stood up and tuned Ellen around to face him and pulling her tight to him as he passionately kissed her. Ellen returned his passionate kiss, pushing herself into him, enjoying in the feeling of his hard cock rubbing against her; its huge head push up against the underside of her breast.

Jack dropped to one knee in front of her and returned to washing her legs; first the left leg and then her right leg. When he had finished bathing her legs moved his soapy cloth to where she wanted it he most. Jack carefully started to wash her now tender and well fucked pussy. Her pubic hair had been matted with sweat, vaginal lubricant, and the semen of two men. Her labia and clitoris were red and swollen from the hours of intercourse with men that were hung with cocks magnitudes larger than her husband’s penis was. Jack washed the dry cum way from her pubic hair. He carefully ran the wash cloth across her pussy. He worked his way back underneath her legs and thoroughly washed her ass. Ellen head was swirling with the sheer pleasure of his pampering.

Just when Ellen thought that Jack was done bathing her he started to shampoo her long hair. He massaged her scalp and worked the shampoo through the entire length of her hair. Jack filled a pan that sat on the floor with water and poured it over her body and head; he continued this until she was free of lather. It seemed to Ellen that her spa pampering would never end, she found herself in a continuous state of arousal.

After she was clear of lather, Ellen stood under the huge sunflower shower head and delight in the sensual feeling of the water running over her. Jack stood back from her and proceeded to wash himself in front Ellen. He soaped up the towel again to a thick lather and proceeded to wash himself. Ellen’s hands wandered across her body lightly touching her sensitive erogenous zones as she watched her lover attentively. Jack started with his head and face, brought the towel around the back of his neck and used the ends to scrub the front of his neck and chin.

He scrubbed at his powerful pectoral muscles and worked the cloth around his shoulders. He raised his right arm to the ceiling and proceeded to wash his clean shaven underarms; Ellen moaned softly, she loved the fact that this man was hairless. It surprised her how sexy she found this, and how much Jack and his brother being completely smooth turned her on. After he washed his right arm he switches hands and washed his left arm again exposing his sexy smooth underarm to her. As Ellen watched Jack wash, she fantasied about seeing these brothers wash each other beautifully bodies.

Jack then returned to washing his torso; working the towel across his chiseled abs to his massive erect manhood. Jack washed around his smooth shaved cock, worked down to his large low hanging balls and started to wash his legs; first the left and then the right. As he finished his right foot Jack stood back up and unfolds the cloth to its full length stretches the cloth behind his back. Starting at his broad shoulders and working his was down his back, Jack pulled the ends of the towel side to side as he scrubbed himself. When he finished pulling the scrubbing towel across his perfect ass he brought the towel back to his cock.

Jack proceeded to carefully and expertly wash his huge erection. As he covered his cock in thick soapy lather, Ellen was sure is was getting even bigger and harder than before. She found herself fingering her pussy as she watched her lover wash himself. Jack finally pulled one end of the cloth between his legs from behind and pulling back and forth on both ends he pulled the cloth across his cock and balls and through his ass crack cleansing the final fleshy real estate that had yet to be cleaned.

Covered from head to toe in think soapy lather Jack folded up the towel and squeezed the last of the soap out of the cloth and on to his hard cock. Acting like is shooting for a 3 point basket Jack tossing the towel across the room to a hamper. He turns back toward Ellen and looks deep into her eyes and he strokes his large soapy cock in front of her.

Jack steps under the shower head with Ellen and pushes his erection firmly against her torso. Their hands explore each other’s bodies as the cascading water rinses the soap from Jack and Ellen. As they stand in the shower their lips meet again for a passionate kiss. Ellen has her legs to each side of Jack’s right thigh, slowly rubbing her engorged labia and clitoris against his muscular leg. Jack slowly humps Ellen and they kiss, loving the feeling of his large thick cockhead pushing up against her beautiful full breasts. Finally when neither of them can stand it any longer, both nearly at the point of orgasm, they break their passionate embrace.

Jack stepped away from Ellen to get a towel to dry her wet body; Ellen stopped him and asked him to come to her. They grasped each other in an embrace and kissed passionately. Ellen broke the kiss and said “I don’t need a towel my love, I just need to relax.” They kissed again. “Let’s go in there for a bit.” Ellen said as she pointed to the door labeled STEAMROOM.

Ellen was led by Jack to the steam room, he opened the door and a cloud of warm wet steam rolled out the door past them. Inside the room was thick with fog, the visibility was limited. With the door open more and more fog rolled out of the room clearing their view. As they entered and closed the door behind them the soft pssst of the steam generator started. Along the right side of the room were two tiled stepped benches giving users a low and high position to enjoy the steam. The deepness of the benches allowed users to comfortably recline upon the benches.

Jack moved to the back of the steam room climbing to the top bench to lie down. Ellen took a spot below him on the lower bench. They lay next to each other silently letting the warm and humidity soak into their bodies. As Jack lay on his side above Ellen she admired her lover’s body. This man was built, both he and his brother were the most muscular bodies she had ever touched, let alone had sex with. Ellen had never been especially attracted to smooth muscular men, now the sheer beauty of this man’s body made her wet.

Ellen propped herself up on her elbows to get a better view. Jack was lying on his side, his right arm stretched out in front of him, bent at the elbow making a cradle for his head. Ellen ran her finger tips along his smooth body, starting at his shaved underarms, along his smooth chest and abs to his huge cock. Jack’s member was no longer erect; it lay across his muscular thigh, the head of his long penis touching on the tiled bench.

“Oh, Jack,” Ellen said, “I love how you are completely hairless.”

As she spoke Jack traced circles lightly around her breasts and nipples with his fingers from his left hand.

“I had heard that competitive swimmers shaved their body hair, but I never realized that they also shaved their pubic hair also.” As Ellen chatted she traced the length of his cock with her fingers; causing a delightful reaction.

“Some guys do, most don’t,” replied Jack, “Jed and I both just prefer shaved pussies and cocks, I think you do too.” With that Jack gave Ellen a wink. He moved his tracing finger tips down her torso to her pubic mound and dragged his fingers through her pubic hair. “Your pussy would be gorgeous shaved.”

“Oh Jack, I couldn’t,” Ellen said with a girlish giggle, “I don’t think I would even know where to begin.”

“I’ll do it for you, I’d love to shave your pussy, I can teach you.” Jack responded, his cock now growing hard again from the thought of shaving her.

“I couldn’t, what would my husband say, how I would explain that to him?” Ellen’s face felt flush, she was blushing and she was sure her face was beet red.

“Just tell him you were watching porn on cable today, and that all the men and woman were shaved smooth. Tell him it really turned you on; I know that it does. Tell him that after you watched the video you shaved your puss and masturbated, and that you hope he enjoys it as much as you do.” With that comment Jack pushed two of his fingers deep into Ellen’s puss. “You might even get lucky and he might shave for you.”

The idea of being shaved, of having Jack shave her was very erotic. It was really turning her on, could she actually do it? Jack’s thick fingers pushing into her and stroking her g-spot was not helping her be objective about this. Finally Ellen decided, “Ok, where should we do this? Out in the showers?”

“No,” Jack replied, “I will go get what I need and we can do it right here, come sit up on the top bench and I will be right back.” Jack jumped down from the top bench and moved to the door, turned back to Ellen and said with a big smile, “I’ll turn down the steam some so we won’t melt.” And with that he was out the door.

Ellen moved to the top bench and waited for Jack to return. Sitting higher than it was before it was much warmer. As she contemplated the heat she heard the pssst of the steam slowed and then stopped. Jack and turned down the temperature of the steam room. She sat there waiting, giddy like a school girl. As she waited she ran her hands across her slick body, rubbing her breast, moving along her flat belly, down her thighs, and finally back to her pussy. She spread her legs and she sat on the bench waiting for her lover, slowly she played with herself, masturbating as she waited for Jack.

Back in the shower room Jack ran into his brother. Jed had been wondering where the two of them had gone. Jack explained what he was up to. The thought of shaving Ellen also turned on Jed. Jack stepped close to his brother and the embraced in a passionate kiss, there large erections rubbing against each other. “Don’t go far brother, I am going to need to feel your cock in me soon,” with that comment Jack returned to his task.

In less than two minutes Jack returned to the steam room. As he walked in Ellen observed that he was no longer sporting a nice semi, but was now his cock was raging hard. He brought a several towels, a wet/dry Norelco trimmer, shaving gel, a razor, and a basin of water. He set up his work station below Ellen and prepared for his task.

When he was ready he spread Ellen’s legs wider. Jack smoothed her pubic hair out in the natural direction her hair grew. As he started his work he explained what he was doing; training Ellen on the process. He then took the trimmer and began to carefully trim her thick bush, frequently wiping the trimmer clear of her pubic hair. After he had trimmed Ellen’s full bush to a nice short trimmed lawn Jack soaked a wash cloth in the basin of water. He squeezed out the excess water and laid the warm washcloth over her pussy.

Ellen thought the warm cloth felt wonderful on her well fucked cunt; she found it added to her already aroused state. She watched as Jack sprayed out a small palm full of shaving cream into his hand. Jack worked the gel into a foamy lather with his fingers from his other hand. He then told Ellen to lean back a bit and spread her legs wider for him. Ellen lie back on her elbows and pulled her feet to rest on the top bench, she then spread her knees wide apart exposing her entire underside to her lover, her barber.

Jack began to gently cover Ellen’s trimmed pubic hair with lather. Carefully working in the shaving cream to cover her with a good covering of cream, not too thick and not too thin just the right amount. Working on his lover was making Jack super aroused. He had always dreamed about shaving a lover, man or woman, and now he was fulfilling that fantasy. His huge cock pulsated as he worked, pre-cum once again leaking from his large piss hole.

When Jack had Ellen covered with shaving cream from thigh to thigh, and from above her clit to her asshole he was ready to begin. He took a firm grip on the razor. Felt the area that he was to shave, determined the direction the pubic hair grew. He carefully placed the razor and proceeded to shave with the grain. After each pass Jack rinsed the razor in the basin of water clearing the razor of any stubble. He repeated this process, slowly and methodically until Ellen was void of any pubic hair.

The process aroused both of the lovers. Jack was fully erect the entire time, his cock periodically pulsing, pumping generous amounts of precum from his cock. Ellen too was extremely aroused, her labia were completely engorged, clit and minor lips were taunt, stiff and hard. The aroma of her cum filled pussy creating more vaginal lubricant added an intoxicating odor to the room increasing the sexual tension in the air.

As Jack finished his task he gave his razor a final rinse. Took a fresh, warm, moist towel and wiped the remaining shaving cream from her nude flower. Jack smiled at his handy work, another fantasy fulfilled for the day. He poured the basin of water down the floor drain. He turned on a water tap in the steam room opposite of the benches. He filled it with lukewarm water, Jack brought the basin of fresh water back to where Ellen. He started to slowly pour the water over Ellen’s aroused pussy. The feeling was electric, Ellen thought she would orgasm just from the water pouring over her naked puss, she rubbed her hands up and down her crotch enjoying the feel of being hairless; Wow, she thought he did a great job, she loved it.

After Jack finish rinsing his handy work he wasted no time. With Ellen still sitting in front of him spread wide he moved right in. Jack began to feast on her incredible pussy; running his talented tongue from Ellen’s clit to her asshole. Ellen was in heaven. The heat and humidity were once again starting to rise in the steam room. Ellen could hardly take anymore; the heat, the steam, and the talented tongue.

Ellen interrupted Jack, “Darling, we need to get out of here, I’m about to melt.”

“Come with me.” Jack responded as he held out his hand to assist Ellen off the top bench.

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Another hot chapter in this adventure.
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What anencounter... Very hot, over and over
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Great hot stories

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