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Ellen's Men Next Door: MMF - Jed, Jack, Ellen pt 2

The conclusion of Ellen's afternoon with Jack Jed.
Jack led Ellen from the steam room and out into the showerroom. He continued to lead her by the hand to the front of the pool house. He turned to Ellen and pulled her close, “I want you here. I want to fuck you on the ottoman.” And then he pressed their two bodies together as he kissed her.

Ellen looked around. The loud music that filled the room when she entered the pool house hours ago was no longer playing. The front room was much brighter and sunlit compared to the shower room. Through the open French doors she could see her other lover swimming laps. As Jed approached the near end of the pool he executed a flip turn Ellen watched as his tanned ass surfaced and followed him through his turn. Ellen smiled, beautiful she thought; they are both so beautiful.

Jack led Ellen to the large ottoman in front of the sectional sofa. He laid her down on her back on the large rectangular piece. The micro fiber cloth felt soft on her sweat soaked skin. Jack knelt at the end and spread Ellen’s legs wide. He proceeded to carefully devour her delicious pussy. The taste of her pussy, mixed with his cum was incredible. As he worked her pussy with his mouth and tongue, Jack used a couple of well lubricated fingers on her asshole. Ellen was in heaven, never had she felt so aroused, so sexually stimulated as these boys have made her feel.

Ellen could feel an orgasm building in her. “Jack, I’m going to cum, fuck me please.”

But Jack ignored her request. He withdrew his fingers from her ass and moved to replace them with his tongue. He ran his tongue expertly around the rim of her asshole. Ellen could hardly contain herself, she felt like she was about to explode. Jack took his thumb from his other hand and gently stroked Ellen’s large clit as he tongued her ass. Then when she thought she could take no more stimulation, Jack began to push his talented tongue into her rectum. With the tongue fucking her ass was receiving Ellen began to climax. Her orgasm was as intense as any that she had earlier. She could hardly believe the pleasure she was having. No one had ever eaten her like this before; no one had ever eaten her ass.

Jack was being driven wild by how dirty Ellen and him were. He loved the taste of her ass. He could also taste his brother’s seed inside her. He would drive his tongue as deep as he could to taste more of her, and more of his brother. Ellen was screaming loudly as she came. She begged for his huge cock; Jack also knew it was time to work his cock deep inside her.

Jack straddled the end of the ottoman and pushed Ellen’s legs wider apart. He squeezed a generous amount of lube on his cock and spread it evenly around his cock by jacking it first with his right hand, then his left, teasing Ellen as he prepared his massive rod. He grasped his cock with his right hand and pushed it down onto Ellen’s engorged clit; Ellen moaned at the contact. Jack pushed his cock head hard against his lover as he moved his cock head up and down her moist slit. On his third trip down along her slit he pushed his cock down harder against her. Ellen’s labia opened and Jack’s massive cock head pushed into her slick and velvety puss. Ellen gasped as he pushed into her, her heart pounded with excitement as she knew she was in for an incredible fucking from this gorgeous man.

Ellen grabbed her knees, pulled them towards her, fully exposing herself to Jack. She looked her lover straight in the eye, “Fuck me Jack; make me come. Fuck my shaved pussy, your shaved pussy”.

“Oh, we are both going to enjoy this El.” Jack responded.

He slowly pushed deeper and deeper into his lover’s wet pussy. As Jack watched his cock stretch open her smooth, hairless pussy, his hairless pussy, which he just shaved, he became more and more excited. It took him great control to keep from pounding his cock into her hard and fast. He wanted to take his time, to enjoy her, and to have his lover enjoy him. And it was not this smooth pussy that he wanted; it was her tight beautiful ass that was his goal. Whereas his brother abused her ass with his huge cock, Jack was determined to tenderly love her ass with his big stick.

Ellen moaned softly as Jack fucked her. She loved the feel of his cock stretching her. This time she did not need to block him with her hands, her lover was being slow and careful. The feeling of Jack’s huge cock head pushing up against her G-spot was making wetter and wetter. Ellen let her hands roam free. One hand caressed her breast, and pinched her nipple. With the other she touch her hairless cunt, it felt so good. As she stroked her clit she would reach down occasionally and wrap her hand around that big cock.

“Oh my…” Ellen whispered, “I’m so full of your cock, it’s hard to believe that there is so much of it not in me” Ellen raised herself as best as she could to see the cock that was fucking her. “Damn that’s hot.”

“You like that El?” Jack asked.

“You know I do.” As she responded she reached forward with her other hand and grasped his excess cock that was not in her with both hands. She pulled herself up more for a better view, pulling on his cock.

Jack loved the feel of her grasping his cock as he fucked her. The first five inches of his cock was in the tight grip of her puss, the last five inches in the tight grasp of her fists. As he pulled out of her puss, his wet cock slid through her hands tightly grasping him. Then he slowly pushed back in, his cock stretching the interior of her pussy; driving her to the point of no return. He stroked into her until she her grip was firmly around the base of his cock. As Jack continued his slow stroking in and out of her, Ellen began moaning louder with pleasure.

“You like?” Jack panted.

Ellen responded with a moan, “Oh yes… I’m going to cum again… fuck me Jack… I love your cock...”

With that Jack pulled his cock out, Ellen protested, he pushed her hands away, and moved his cock down south. As his huge cock head aligned with her well lubed ass Jack pushed his cock forward. Ellen once again gave a gasp as the mammoth head penetrated her.

“I want to feel myself all the way inside you,” Jack told Ellen.

“Be gentle, please…” Ellen whispered, and then moaned, as her well fucked ass, accepted her lover’s manhood.

“Slow and easy El, we are going to both cum hard,” Jack told her.

Jack slowly worked his cock in and out of Ellen, slowly pushing deeper and deeper into her. As Jack and Ellen pleasured each other, Jed came in from the pool, drying himself off a with a gym towel. Jed dropped the towel to the floor and lay down on the sectional sofa adjacent to his lovers. As he watched his brother fuck their mother’s best friend in the ass, Jed started to stroke his substantial cock to a full erection.

“Hey babe” Jed said giving Ellen a wink.

Ellen responded breathlessly, “Hi.”

“J. doesn’t that ass feel great?” Jed asked his brother.

“God, ya. I’m nearly balls deep in her.”

“Make me cum Jack,” Ellen moaned.

As Jack continued to slowly stoke his cock in and out of Ellen’s ass, he again started to play with her engorged clit with his thumb. Ellen was being driven to the edge, once again she could hardly believe how much she loved anal sex; anal sex with these hung boys. As Jack pleasured her ass and clit, Ellen squeezed her large breasts and pinched her nipples as hard as she could stand.

Jed got up from his reclined position on the couch and walked around his partners. As he approached Ellen she turned her head towards him. Jed stepped closer and Ellen reached for his cock and brought it to her waiting mouth. Jed enjoyed Ellen’s oral pleasures, but that was not what he had his eye on. After a few minutes he reluctantly pulled his cock from Ellen’s delightful mouth.

Jed walked to the side of his lovers. On the floor next to his brother was a bottle of lube. Jed picked up the bottle and squeezed out a generous amount of lube onto his hard cock. With his large hard cock in hand, Jed slowly jacked himself, spreading the lube across his entire manhood. After standing to the side of his brother and Ellen watching his brother’s huge cock piston in and out of Ellen’s ass, Jed walked behind his brother.

As Jack slowly fucked his lover’s ass, his brother stepped up close behind him. Jed cradled his long hard cock up along the crevasse defined by his brother’s muscular gluts. He pressed his chiseled chest against his brother’s broad back. As Jed pressed his body into his brother’s he nibbled on Jack’s ear and whispered to him.

“Do you want my cock?”

Jack responded nearly inaudibly between pants, “Oh … ye..s!”

With his left hand Jed pushed his brother’s torso down towards Ellen. Jack’s strokes in and out of Ellen slowed, his movements became nearly imperceptible. He reached forward with his face, Ellen bringing her lips to meet her lover’s, and they passionately kissed each other, their tongues flicking in and out of each other’s mouths exploring. With his right hand Jed squeezed more lube on to his hard cock. The lube poured down the length of his cock, around his girth, and down his brother’s butt crack.

With his left hand still holding Jack down, Jed wrapped his right hand around the base of his cock and slowly pushed his enormous cockhead down his brother’s crack, spreading those firm cheeks apart as he moved his cock towards its ultimate destination. Jed paused with his cockhead pressed firmly against Jack’s experienced anus. Jed loved this sight; his brother’s ripped muscular body beneath him, his muscular ass spread wide and waiting, that beautiful hairless anus waiting to be loved. Jed almost changed his mind, he had a strong desire to give his brother a rim job, eat his ass out, tongue fuck him, massaging his prostate with the tip of his talented tongue.

As he paused Jack’s anus gave a quick involuntary pucker, like it was saying, “I’m waiting, push in.” With that Jed pushed his thick velvety head into his brother. Jack’s anus resisted for a moment then spread wide and swallowed that enormous cock head.

Jack broke his kiss and gave a soft gasp.

Jed paused and admired his long, thick cock coming out of Jack’s ass. Jack’s anus stretched wide around his 7 inches of girth as it firmly held his cockhead. Jed began pushing his length into Jack.

A long, low sound emanated from Jack as he exhaled; a cross between a grown and a sigh.

“What baby?” Ellen enquired of her lover.

All Jack could say breathlessly was, “he’s…. fuc…king… me.”

Ellen looked to her right. In the dark reflection on the large flat screen television next to the lovers, she could see herself and her two men. She could make out Jed’s left arm stretched out to Jack’s shoulder. She could see both of her lover’s muscular asses. She was convinced she could even see Jed’s huge member pushing into her lover. As Jed pushed deeper into Jack, Jack pushed deeper into her. Jack was no longer stroking in and out of her, he was slowly trying to push every last fraction of an inch ever deeper into her ass. As Jed pushed his huge cock into his brother’s ass, it seemed to Ellen that Jack’s member was getting thicker and harder inside of her. The suspense of waiting for the fucking to resume was driving Ellen wild, she was about to orgasm from simply lying in this state of suspended animation.

Jed with purpose pushed the entire length of his cock into Jack’s beautiful ass. As he finished his penetration he moved to hands down to his brother’s hips. Jed started to fuck his brother with long slow strokes. Jack resumed fucking Ellen. At first this arrangement was awkward and there was no rhythm shared among the lovers. It took both men considerable restraint not to just start banging the ass they were fucking with complete abandon.

After a few minutes of ungraceful fucking the three lovers became synchronized in a fluid movement of flesh. Jack could hardly contain himself, he was being overstimulated. It took all his concentration to keep from blowing his load before his lover’s came.

As these men developed a beautiful rhythm Ellen quickly approached another orgasm. She watched the dark reflection of the three lovers in the flat screen television; the sight was so erotic. Ellen gripped her hard, dark nipples between her thumb and forefingers, as she pinched herself she went over the edge. A powerful orgasm surged across her body like a tide wave. He let out a loud scream of “FUCK” that trailed off into the distance as she babbled incoherently.

As Ellen climaxed Jack felt her ass tighten around his long shaft. At the same time his brother broke rhythm and push him forward and burying his entire length deep into his ass; pushing his cock deeper into Ellen. With that final push Jack could feel his brother’s cock begin to pulsate deep inside of him, feeling his ass fill with hot cum. Feeling his brother cum in him was the last straw, Jack let loose and flooded Ellen’s ass with his seed.

The three lovers lay atop of each other panting and sweating after their mutually shared climax. Jed pulled his still stiff manhood from his brother, cum drained from Jack’s well fucked hole. Jed fell on to the couch next to his lovers, his hard cum covered cock slapping against his abs as he lay on his back. Jack and Ellen passionately kissed each other before Jack withdrew his dirty cock from Ellen’s ass; cum poured from her and pooled onto the ottoman. Jack bent down and lapped up the pool of cum; a mixture of his ejaculate and his brother’s that had previously been deposited deep in Ellen’s ass. With all of the cum cleaned off the ottoman, Jack leaned forward and shared the mouthful of seed with Ellen. They French kissed, each other’s tongues swishing the remaining cum round the other’s mouth till it was all gone, and the lovers had swallowed it all.

“Fuck man, you two are just nasty dirty!” laughed Jed as he watched Ellen and his brother.

Jack and Ellen broke their embrace and turned to look at Jed, He was obviously enjoying the show they both noticed that he was still rock hard. Hell that is one of the things that Ellen loved about these boys; their staying power. Not only was Jed still hard, so was Jack; Ellen started to think she could take another round of with these boys right now.

Just as she considered the idea Jack raised himself off of her. He looked around the floor and spotted the bottle of lube and picked it up. Jack poured a liberal amount of lube onto his cock, already covered with the slick excess of intercourse. Jack climbed on to the couch below his brother.

“I know what you need brother,” with that comment Jack lifted his brother’s legs. He pushed Jed’s knees to his chiseled chest exposing his brother’s anus to his cock. Jack proceeded to push his huge cock into Jed’s yet to be fucked ass.

“OH FUCK YA!” Jed exclaimed. “Fuck me hard with that big dick, punish me with that bat!”

With those comments Jack started to bang his brother’s ass extremely hard and fast. Ellen could hardly believe how hard these men were fucking. As she watched Jack’s huge cock repeatedly plunge balls deep into Jed she became increasingly turned on. Ellen climbed onto the ottoman, kneeling as she faced her two lovers. As she watched her best friend’s sons fuck, she furiously masturbated. Ellen madly stroked her slick shaved pussy, plunging her fingers deep into her pussy, rubbing her engorged clit. All the visual, audio, and tactile stimulation soon had her repeatedly climaxing. A mixture of her pussy juice and semen streamed down the inside of her slender thighs; staining the ottoman she was kneeling on.

Jed’s cock was engorged and enormous. Ellen could hardly believe how huge he was; she was sure it was larger now than any time since she walked in on these men. Precum was streaming from his cock, pooling in his navel. Jed’s arms were stretched above his head grasping the sides of the cushion he was laying on. All of Jed’s muscles were ripped and defined, flexing as he quickly approached his orgasm.

“Fuck me harder Jack, I’m going to cum for you!” Jed announced.

With that comment Ellen knew what she wanted; she wanted his cum. Ellen leaped from the ottoman and knelt on the floor next to her lovers. She grabbed Jed’s cock and impaled her mouth onto his dirty cock; her lover’s cock tasted of sweat, lube, cum and everything that was sex. Ellen thought she was such a dirty slut; she liked that thought. Ellen barely had her mouth wrapped around this thick shaft of flesh when Jed’s cock exploded in her mouth. The first powerful streams hit the back of her throat hard. She began swallowing, taking all of the cum this young stud could produce. With every in-stroke of Jack’s cock into Jed, more cum was pumped into Ellen’s waiting mouth.

Just as Ellen finished sucking Jed dry, Jack announce he was going to cum. Ellen pulled her mouth from Jed’s cock, turned toward Jack, opened her mouth and presented her tongue to her other lover. Jack pulled his dirty cock from his brother’s stretched ass and laid his huge cock head onto Ellen’s waiting tongue. Ellen gave the frenulum of Jack’s cock a little tickle with the tip of her tongue. With that Jack began to ejaculate, and filled Ellen’s waiting mouth with his load. Ellen wrapped her lips around this large cock and sucked this brother dry also. After this second cock was drained, she proceed to lick both of these large cocks clean; Ellen could hardly believe how much she enjoyed licking these cocks clean of the residue of sex.

As Ellen sat on the floor below her lovers a phone began to ring. Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom” ran through the room; it was her personalized ring for her husband. Ellen looked left and right, trying to figure where her phone was. Jed reached over his head to the far end of the sectional to where he had earlier folded and placed Ellen’s clothes; he grabbed the phone and passed it to Ellen.

Ellen tried to answer the phone, trying not to sound out of breath. “Oh, just had to run to the other room, left my phone in the kitchen, what’s up?” Ellen listened to her husband’s response.

“Ok, darling, thank you for calling; I will talk to you tomorrow.” Ellen disconnected the call and looked to her lovers. “It looks like Mr. C will not be joining us for dinner; I had come over to invite the two of you to dinner with us. He has to make an emergency business trip, looks like it is just the three of us for dinner.”

Jack smiled, “Who’s hungry? But, I think we can find something to do for the rest of the evening, anything you want to try?”

Ellen with a devilish grin and wink, “I’ve been watching too much porn,” she gave a little giggle, “a DP?” 

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Posted 28 Aug 2013 15:17
Hot!!! One of the best series I've read.. Stayed hard the whole time. Thanks for sharing.
Posted 28 Aug 2013 13:38
This was the best part of the whole Ellen series. Absolutely loved it. Everyone was very satisfied.
Posted 15 Jul 2012 10:43
Damn, so many of my favorites ideas here...starting with the ottoman... And the virile andlusty players!
Posted 11 Jul 2012 19:59
That's how you should spent an afternoon! Very satisfying Wil! great job!
Posted 08 Jul 2012 14:55
Very HOT story makes me wish I was there
Posted 08 Jul 2012 04:11
great content and so much fun to read hope to read part three soon

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