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Ellen's Men Next Door

As Ellen stood there, in shock, her best friend's sons were jacking off right in front of her.
Ellen was standing in front on two gorgeous men. They were built and beautiful, naked in the shower room in front of her. The water of the showers cascaded down their naked bodies. The water shimmered down their evenly tanned bodies. These men were 100% muscle. Ellen thought they were the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

The men did not notice that she was there. They were turned towards each other, stroking each other’s cocks. And oh what cocks. It was the sight of the hard manhood in front of her that had her in shock. The "men" in front of her were her best friend's boys; Jack and Jed. Jed had just finished his freshman year in college and Jack earlier in the month had just graduated from the Chicago Preparatory Academy and would be going to University in the fall. Ellen never thought of these boys as men, but in front of her they were definitely men, more men than her husband, or any other man she had ever seen.

Ellen remembers being out with her best friend Betty once and the topic of sex and husbands were being batted around by the girls over margaritas. Betty made the comment that her husband was hung. Ellen thought she knew what that meant. She assumed that Walt was a bit bigger than her husband; seeing Walt's sons hard in front of her she realized she had no idea what Betty was talking about.

As Ellen stood in the shadows of entrance to the shower room she was becoming very aroused. She tried to remember how she got there, why did she come, and what was she suppose to do next? The hormones racing through her body were clouding her mind as her nipples became ever more erect. Her pussy pulsated as it became wet with excitement


She remembered being in the kitchen of her house across the street talking with her husband on the phone. He called at his lunch hour to suggest that Ellen go and invite Walt and Betty's boys to dinner. Betty and Walt were her and her husband’s best friends. The women have been best friends since they were pregnant with their first children together; of which Betty's was standing before her. The boy's parents were on summer holiday in Europe and Betty asked Ellen to keep an eye on the boys.

After talking with her husband Ellen walked across the street to her friend’s house. The Jed's F150 SuperCrew and Jack's Volvo C70 were in the driveway; Ellen passed by them and climbed the front steps to ring the door bell. No one answered, but she was sure the boys were home. She looked back at the driveway, the boys never went anywhere without their vehicles, and the top was down on the C70. Ellen was sure that the boys were home, she thought they must be in the back yard swimming. She tried the handle on the front door. It turned freely; she pushed the unlocked door open and walked in. Ellen called out for Jed and Jack as she stepped in, again no answer. She walked through the home to the back family room and pulled open the French doors to the back patio and pool.

Every time Ellen stepped into this back yard she was amazed. Walt had remodeled he backyard into an oasis that was worthy of being featured in Architectural Digest. Across the patio from the French doors was a beautiful Olympic length pool. Ellen looked and around for the boys and again called out their names. She heard music coming from the pool house at the far end of the pool. She walked down the 3 steps to the pool and walk along the left side of the pool to the cabana in the back of the property. She walked past columns lined each side of the pool giving the pool area a Greek Classical feel, not gaudy, restrained and tasteful. Ellen could only image the money involved in a project like this; an expense her cheap husband would never incur.

She stepped into the cabana at the far end of the pool. She had never been in here before; Betty said the pool house was the domain of the men. Betty would joke that there was too much testosterone out in pool house for a respectable woman to be associated with.

For all intents and purposes this was Walt and the boy's man cave; WOW what a cave. To the left was a large weight room area, to the right a kitchenette. In the middle was a sectional sofa facing the opposite wall with a huge LED flat screen TV and entertainment center. The music she had heard from the other end of the pool was now much loader as it was coming from the entertainment center in this man cave. She called out the names of the boys again in search of them.

To each side of the opposite wall there were open doorways going further back into the pool house. Ellen entered the doorway on the left and found herself in a short dark hallway; at the end of the hall she could see that there was a lit room. In the hallway the music was not as load as before. She thought she heard noises or maybe voices coming from the room ahead. We slowly walked to the other end of the hall and stopped just in the dark shadows of the hall before entering the room.

The room was a shower room. In front of her to the left was a glass door labeled STEAMROOM. The glass of the door was all steamed up with rivulets of water running down the inside of the glass. Peering to the right side of the room she could see a doorway made of cedar with an engraved wood sign attached to the door; SAUNA. Between the steam room and sauna was an open shower room with 4 sunflower type shower head in a line extending down from the ceiling. And then there were the boys, no, men standing in front of her under 2 of those shower heads.


As Ellen played back in her head how she got to this point, she told herself to slowly back down the hall, and walk, no run away. But she could not stop looking at the men in front of her. Their fully tanned bodies, the rippling muscles, the incredible erections they had, and the very erotic scene of them touch each other held her feet planted. Ignoring what common cents told her to be true, her body would not let Ellen leave, even as her brain told her to go.

Standing in the center of the shower room under two adjacent shower heads were Jed and Jack. They were oblivious to everything except each other. This was not new to the two men; it was obvious to Ellen that these men had done this before. There was nothing sexually that these two brothers did not do with each other on a regular basis.

Jed was firmly grasping the base of his brother's very large cock with his left hand, as he furiously stroked the full length Jack's erection with his right hand. Jack's strong right hand gripped the back of Jed's neck as he reached between his brother's arms and slowly stroked his brother's equally impressive cock As the boy's stroked each other, Jack neared orgasm, his muscular body tensed and his muscles rippled under the water cascading down his chiseled chest.

As Jed jacked his brother he said, "Jack I want you to cum, shoot your cum all over me. After you cum I am going to fuck your tight ass." As Jed talked dirty to Jack, Jack was pulling at his brother's head, trying to push his head down. Jack was saying, “Suck my cock, I going to cum, I want you to suck my cock off. I want your cock in my ass, but you are going to first suck me off."

Ellen watched and listened as the boys told each other how they enjoyed each other's cocks. How they liked fucking each other a whole lot better than listening to their whiny girl friend's that were afraid to let the boys fuck them.

She could hardly believe what she was watching or hearing. The scene was so hot; she could smell her wet pussy as she became ever more aroused. She had never seen cocks as big as these men had. She wanted these men. She had only been with her husband since she was married, and he was only the third guy she had ever fucked. Now she was wanted to get fucked by both of these men. She wanted to see her best friend’s son cum and shoot his load all over his brother. And the prospect of these men fucking each other in front of her had her really turned on. Ellen realized that her hand was down her shorts and she was fingering her wet puss and rubbing her engorged clit..

Jack was yelling at his brother, "Damn it suck my cock, I want you to suck me off, quit fucking with me as suck me off!"

Without thinking Ellen stepped out of the shadows, and walked into the shower with the two men. "Jack, I will suck you off," Ellen said as she dropped to her knees on the wet floor in front of Jack and his massive erection. She grabbed Jack's cock with her right hand. His cock dwarfed her hands. When Ellen would hold her husband’s cock she could close her fist around her husband's hard cock and just his cock head would be exposed. With Jack she barely could wrap her hand around his cock, and with both hands around his cock she covered just more than half of his long member, and its huge head glistened at the end of it.

Ellen started to stroke and licks his cock. She tried to pull it down, but that cock stood up so hard and straight she could not bend it to her mouth. She could only lick his hairless shaft and balls, but she wanted to try to stretch her mouth around Jack's huge cock head. Ellen looked up at Jack and told him, "I have to suck your huge cock head, please have me suck you off!"

Jack knelt in front of Ellen allowing to her easier access to his huge tool. Ellen now looked down at that huge cock. From here it looked even bigger than before. Jack's cock gave a slow pulsate. Ellen watched in amazement as his huge cock head flared as it pulsated. The piss hole at the top of his cock looked like it was very large; Ellen thought that it was big enough to slide her pinky finger into.

Jack ran his fingers through Ellen’s hair and turned her face to him. "So are you going to suck my cock, I need to cum?" Jack asked.

"Yes," Ellen breathed.

He turned her face back to his cock and pushed her head down. Ellen opened her mouth and Jack pushed her head down on his cock. Ellen moved forward to that cock head, it was huge she could hardly fit her mouth around it. She stretched her mouth open wider and pushed her mouth down around her cock. Ellen could hardly believe that she was sucking on such a huge cock, let alone one belonging to the son of her best friend.

"Ahhh, that's good," murmured Jack, "but watch the teeth." Ellen tried to stretch her mouth even wider. "OMG." thought Ellen; she could not believe how horny she was. She stroked Jack's shaft as she sucked the end of his cock. It turned her on so much that Jack's cock was shaved hairless; she realized that not sucking on pubic hair made it so much more enjoyable. Ellen's husband was a hairy beast and she always hated that hair when she gave him head. Smooth shaved cock, Ellen could get use to this.

Jack moaned as Ellen stroked and sucked his cock. Jed started to give Ellen specific orders. "Stroke that cock, stroke Jack's full length." "Suck on his cock, swallow that cock. Swallow more of that big cock.".

Then Ellen heard Jed moaning, "Ah that feels great suck my cock." Ellen pulled Jack's cock from her mouth; she needed to catch her breath. She was finding it hard sucking this big cock and breathing at the same time. She looked up and she immediately knew why Jed was moaning in enjoyment. As she was sucking Jack's cock, Jack was sucking off his brother. For a moment she watched in awe as she saw Jack swallow most of Jed's equally big cock.

Jed yelled at Ellen, "Did someone say you could stop sucking his cock? Don't stop sucking on that cock until Jack cums and you swallow every drop of cum he shoots down your gullet."

Ellen was a bit taken back. She had never been bossed at during sex. She hardly expected these always polite boys to talk to her like that. She found that Jed putting her in her place really turned her on. Jed continued to give Ellen and Jack specific orders as the two of them sucked cock.

Jack pulled away from his brother's cock and announced, "I'm going to cum now suck my cock, swallow that big cock!" As Jack made his announcement he pushed down on the back of Ellen's head, and forced her farther down on his cock. Just as he pushed his cock deeper into her throat Jack started to ejaculate.

Ellen could hardly keep up. She could not breath, she tried not to gag. It seemed like Jack was never going to stop ejaculating. Ellen had cum coming out of between her cheeks and that massive cock, cum coming from her nose. She pulled away from Jack's cock, she gasped to try to catch her breath. She continued to stroke his cock as more cum pumped from his big wide open piss hole. Ellen went back down on to his cock and sucked the semen coming from his cock. Then she licked the seed from his shaft, balls and her hands.

Jack looked down at her and asked. "Did you enjoy that?"

Ellen was still a bit out of breath, "Yes, that was incredible."

"Did you like swallowing my cum?" Jack asked.

"Oh, yes Jack, I can't believe how much I loved tasting and swallowing you." Ellen replied.

Jack got up off the shower room floor and pulled Ellen to her feet. He pulled her close to his wet naked body and gave her a full open kiss on the mouth, sweeping his tongue in her mouth so he could taste his cum. When they broke their kiss, Jed turned her towards him and also French kissed her so he could also taste his brother's cum.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 02 Sep 2013 13:29
excellent erotic, enjoyed the action
Posted 26 Aug 2013 13:04
Very hot story. Enjoyed it very much.
Posted 11 Jan 2013 14:50
That was really a great story, made me very horny. Loved it a 5 plus
Posted 17 Jul 2012 07:31
i loved it. great story made me hard.
Posted 10 Apr 2012 08:51
Very good read
Posted 28 Mar 2012 12:20 from start to cum.....can't wait for what happened next. well written too.
Posted 20 Feb 2012 23:13
Great story.
Posted 18 Feb 2012 20:44
Please, please, please don't make me wait too long for this story to continue. Great!
Posted 18 Feb 2012 02:48
HOT and arousing!

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