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Family Affairs Pt 2 - Jenny's Story

Jenny comforts her distraught Father with unexpected results.
Family affairs is a series of short, incestuous stories – originally intended as one offs, I may continue some or all, depending on feedback.

Friday night and I lay awake listening to the soft sound of sobbing coming through the wall from my Parent’s room; I thought he had finished this a few days ago, but now it seemed to be starting again. My mother had upped and left Dad a couple of weeks ago and, since she left, Dad had been in a real state of turmoil; but this past few days he had seemed to pick up. He couldn’t understand how, after nearly 20 years of seemingly happy marriage she could do such a thing, what made it worse was that she had left him for a woman. I helped around the house, cooking and cleaning etc. But I was coming to the end of my college course and hoped to go to University in a couple of months. He said that as a young girl I shouldn’t have to take on the role of homemaker, I had my studies to concentrate on. It was true, but I owed it to him, he was a wonderful father and I hated seeing him like this.

I got out of bed, slipped on a little nightie and padded down the landing to his door. I knocked softly and entered, crossed to the bed and slipped in beside him.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked.

‘Oh, Daddy, I just can’t bear to hear you crying like this.’

‘I’m sorry, I just feel so helpless, after all this time...’

I ran my hand over his forehead, stroking his hair and saying placatory things. I moved closer and made to cuddle him but he pulled away a little, saying that he wasn’t wearing anything. I told him not to worry; I just wanted to be with him. It’s not like nudity was out of the ordinary or taboo in our household, my parents had walked around naked ever since I could remember, though in recent years they had covered up a little more.

He relaxed a little and I cradled his head against me, stroking his hair as he sobbed. He started talking then, pouring his heart out.

‘How could she do such a thing? I gave her everything she ever wanted and now this...and with another find it had been going on so long and I never knew.’

To be honest I had had an inkling that my mother was fucking around for a while, even suspecting it was with the woman she left him for, a work colleague, but it still came as a shock.

What probably made things worse tonight, was that Mum had been at the house today to collect her stuff.

‘That smug bitch was probably sat in the car thinking how clever she was to have won her from me...’

I hugged him to me and said that it was all right, I would help him through this bad time. He stopped talking then and we lay together. After a short while I detected a change in his breathing as he dropped off to sleep. I guess I must have dozed too.

I came to in the early hours, aware that something had changed. His head was no longer on my shoulder, but more on my chest. I should say at this point that I have fairly large breasts, something I inherited from my mother. He had also cuddled in to me more. He was murmuring in his sleep, though his breathing remained steady; I kissed his head and began to stroke his hair again. Then I realised what had brought me round, his arm lay across me and his hand cupped my buttock, my nightie had ridden up, so it was the feel of his hand on my naked flesh that felt different.

He stirred at my touch, nuzzling his head further into my cleavage. The shoulder strap of my nightie had slid off, his movement pushed the material down and now I felt the warmth of his breath on my partly exposed nipple. Then I felt something hard poke at my thigh; I thought to myself 'Oh my God, he’s got a hard on.' I couldn’t resist reaching out to touch it; it felt big in my slender hand. I was not a virgin, I had had sex a few times, but this felt pretty big in my limited experience.

He spoke my mother’s name softly, and I shushed him, stroking his hair. In his sleep he had not realised what was happening and must have dreamed that I was Mum, as he nuzzled closer still, totally exposing my nipple now and gently running his hand over the curve of my buttock, into the crease of my arse. He moved his hips forward, pressing his cock against me; my hand was still there and just seemed so natural to grip it. With which he began to lick softly at my nipple.

He spoke my mother’s name again, and this time I said ‘No Daddy, it’s me, Jenny.’

He awoke then and pulled away, switching on the bedside light. ‘Wh...what the hell were we doing, what are you doing holding my co...Jenny, what’s going on.’

I explained that he had just cuddled into me and, in his dreams, must have thought that I was Mum. ‘You had obviously become aroused and when I felt your erection against my leg, out of curiosity I wanted to see what it felt like. But, when I touched it, you moved closer and began to stroke my bottom and I just couldn’t resist taking hold of your cock.’

‘That’s wrong, Jenny, I’m your father.’ he replied and I could see him eyeing my exposed breast.

‘I know Dad, but I love you and I want to make everything alright. You liked it, why can’t I?’

‘Oh, Jen, I thought it was your mother.’

‘But you liked it, though, didn’t you?’

‘Ye..that’s not the point, it’s wrong! Please cover yourself.’

‘You did, didn’t you?’ I persisted, he was still looking at me with desire in his eyes.

He looked down in shame and nodded his head. ‘Yes, I liked it.’

I decided to go for it then and lunged towards him, reaching for his manhood and pressing my lips against his. I gripped his cock and began to stroke it, pulling my mouth from his only long enough to say ‘I love you Daddy and I want to love you like Mum did, please.’

He tried to push me away, but I pressed my lips to his again and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He groaned and tried to protest, but I swung my leg over him and straddled his cock, rubbing my pussy against it. He groaned again, but I knew his protests had died out.

‘Love me like you loved Mum, I want to feel you inside me, Daddy.’ I whispered.

He reached down and gripped his cock, rubbing it against my clit, causing me to breathe in sharply, then moan. ‘Mmmm, yes Daddy, fuck me, please.’

I raised myself up and slipped my nightie over my head and he looked hungrily upon my body. He had his cock against the entrance to my pussy now and I lowered myself onto him slowly, savouring the moment as I felt him enter me. He reached up and grabbed my breasts, kneading them and rubbing his rough thumbs over my now ultra sensitive nipples; I sucked in sharply and moaned again. His cock was stretching me and it hurt a little, but I continued to push down onto him, filing my cunt to bursting, then lowered my body towards him. He raised his head and began to suck on one of my nipples, biting down and gripping the dark flesh between his teeth. I cried out and he apologised, but I said no and that he should continue. He returned his mouth to my breast and sucked again, as I began to rise and fall on his cock.

He soon began to match my movements, thrusting his hips up to meet me, plunging his cock deep into my cunt, his movements becoming faster and more urgent, his breathing more ragged.

Suddenly he stopped. ‘Wait, what about...’ he began to say.

‘It’s OK, I’m protected.’ I replied and plunged myself back onto him, moving my hips quickly now. The two of us were soon moaning and he fucked me faster I could feel my juices flow freely and cried out, ‘Oh yes, Daddy, that’s it I’m cumming.’’

Then suddenly he went rigid under me and with a grunt of ‘Ugh, fuck, yess’ I felt his warm cum jetting into me.’

We lay like that afterwards, not speaking, just giving each other the odd kiss and I felt his cock go soft inside me. After a while his breathing became more steady and I realised he had gone to sleep. I switched off the light and cuddled into my Dad, dropping off to sleep with the feel of his cum trickling out of me.

In the morning, I woke before him and slipped softly out of bed. I went to the kitchen and returned with 2 cups of tea. I placed the tea on the bedside tables and climbed back in, cuddling up to him. He woke shortly afterwards and we cuddled and chatted while we drank the tea.

After a while he said ‘Jen, what we did last night, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t was wrong...we...’

I hushed him and said. ‘I know, Dad, but it felt so right, you are no more guilty than me, but I liked it, it was beautiful and I want to make you happy, so don’t worry.’

He began a response ‘Yes, but...well, I enjoyed it too, but...’

I put a finger on his lips and said ‘Don’t worry, I just want to give you what you need.’ I reached down as I spoke and gripped his flaccid cock. I felt it growing in my hand and pushed back the bed covers to reveal his body. ‘I want to please you as Mum did and let you teach me how to please a man.’

As I spoke the last part I had got onto all fours and moved down the bed. I kissed the tip of his cock and said ‘I love you Daddy.’ Then I lowered my mouth over him, taking his stiffening member between my lips, sucking him into my mouth.

As he moaned softly I knew that the bed in the next room was redundant, at least for the foreseeable future.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 12 Apr 2014 04:25
makes me wish I had a daughter....
Posted 20 Aug 2012 23:56
taboo seduction gets me wet every time!
Posted 24 Sep 2011 20:01
hhmmmm, thanks for a very romantic incest story,,,loved it!

Posted 26 May 2011 07:18
I am enjoying these short stories of yours what a wonderful mind you have
Posted 09 Oct 2010 18:30
Great story! Please keep them coming!
Posted 11 Sep 2010 06:12
great story! I hope you keep them cumming.
Posted 10 Sep 2010 09:41
Very Good story. Very good girl.

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