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Family Affairs Pt1 - Anna's Story

Anna catches her brother masturbating, with far reaching consequences
Family affairs is a series of short, incestuous stories – originally intended as one offs, I may continue some or all, depending on feedback.

Part 1 - Anna’s story

My parents were away for a couple of weeks so my younger brother, Tom and I were trusted to look after the house. I was nearly 19 and Tom 16 and a half. I had just finished my first year at Uni and was home for the summer break, Tom was at college and usually didn’t get home until around 4.30, so I knew I had the house to myself for a couple of hours.

The weather was hot and I was wearing a little summer dress with spaghetti straps and just a tiny little thong underneath. I had been sitting in the sun and I felt soooo horny, I just had to do something about it.

I entered my bedroom and slipped the dress off my shoulders, running my fingers over my erect nipples, pinching them and enjoying the electrifying feel this sent pulsing to my pussy. I dropped the dress to the floor and pulled my little knickers down, flicking them away with my foot as I reached into the drawer for my vibrator. This had been my best buy while away at Uni, keeping me amused for hours.

Laying on my bed I began to stroke myself with my left hand, running my finger the length of my pussy, hovering briefly at my clit then repeated the process, while the other hand busied itself on my right nipple. I had a reasonable pair of breasts, not overly large, but pert and firm, with large dark nipples. I didn’t shave, but kept my pussy trimmed short.

It wasn’t long before my fingers had me wriggling about and I could feel my pussy becoming moist, so I picked up the vibrator. Switching it on I pressed the tip against my clit and began to rub that most sensitive area, as I continued to tweak my nipples. I wanted to push it into myself so badly, but I also wanted this to last, so I held back, using my buzzing buddy to tease myself. I kept this up for some time before I couldn’t resist any longer and plunged the vibrator into my pussy. I continued to work myself into a frenzy; pushing my plastic toy deep into myself harder, faster.

I was lost in a sexual stupor and lost track of time as I gave myself one orgasm after another. Now and again I would replace the vibrator with my fingers, shoving 2 or 3 into my wet pussy, then back in with the toy as I licked my juices from my sticky digits. Eventually, after I had cum several times, I removed my faithful friend and just lay there slowly stroking my clit, allowing myself to come down. After a while of this I got up, slipped the dress on and headed to the bathroom to clean myself and my toy.

As I passed Tom’s room, I heard a noise, so soft I dismissed it at first, but then again unmistakably a soft moan. His door was open just a crack, I realised this was strange, as it had been open about half way before. I peeped through the crack and there was Tom sat on his bed, almost naked with his cock in his hand, slowly massaging his rather impressive shaft.

I pushed the door open and said ‘What are you doing home.’

He looked up in surprise, grabbed a pillow and covered himself with it.

‘Get out!’ he yelled.

‘Why should I? Just because I caught you wanking. What are you doing home so early anyway?’

‘Our tutor was ill, so we were sent home. Now leave me alone!’

‘What, so you can finish your wank in private? You’ll go blind you know.’ I said.

‘Oh, and you won’t? he responded, pointing at the vibrator in my hand.

I had forgotten that I was carrying it, then suddenly realised that he must have seen me and was masturbating as a result, at which point my wicked side took charge. I grabbed the pillow and pulled it away from him. He tried to grab it back then covered himself with his hands; his cock was beginning to shrink.

‘Fuck off, or I’ll tell Mum and Dad.’ He shouted.

‘Tell them what?’ I asked ‘I can just imagine it, “I saw Anna using a vibrator on herself and it turned me on, so I went to my room to have a wank and she wouldn’t leave me alone.” That’ll go down a treat.’

He realised he was caught so I offered him a way out. ‘Why don’t you just finish off while I watch and we’ll say no more about it? It’s only fair; after all, you’ve seen me.’

He groaned ‘Please, leave me alone.’

I wasn’t prepared to do any such thing.

‘Come on,’ I said ‘how about if I do it for you again, then we can watch each other.’

I moved the chair from his desk closer to the bed and lifted the hem of my dress. Sitting down, I parted my legs, lifted one foot onto the bed and began to stroke my pussy. Tom’s eyes were fixed on my fingers, as I stroked myself.

‘Come on, then let me see you play with that lovely cock of yours.’ I could see that it was beginning to get hard again and he was having trouble containing it under his hands.

I took the vibrator and began playing it over my clit. Finally, Tom could resist no more and he began to massage his stiffening penis. I watched as he moved his hand up and down its length. He was well hung, I had not seen many cocks in the flesh, as it were, but his was certainly the biggest.

‘Ooooh yes Tom, that is lovely. Would you like to see me fuck myself with my toy?’

He nodded his head, never taking his eyes off me as I sunk the vibrator into my pussy. His hand began to move faster on his cock and I told him to slow down, as I wanted this to last. After a couple of minutes I was moaning and felt my juices begin to flow. I replaced the vibrator with my fingers, then lifted them to my mouth and licked my cum off.

‘Mmmm, I do love the taste of my pussy juices. Have you ever tasted a girl’s cum, Tom?’ I asked him.

Tom shook his head. I pushed my fingers back inside myself then leant over and offered them to him. He closed his eyes and sucked on my sticky fingers. As he did, I reached down with my other hand and grasped his cock.

‘Let me do that for you.’ I said as I began to move my hand up and down the thick shaft.

‘This is wrong, Sis.’ Tom said in a soft whisper.

‘I know, but it is so nice, too.’

‘But what if...’ he started to say and I put my fingers to his lips.

‘Shhh, just enjoy it.’ I said as I gripped his cock and continued to wank him.

He began to moan now, so I let go and said ‘Not yet Tom, I don’t want you to cum yet. Have you ever licked a girl’s pussy?’

He moved his head from side to side, his eyes widening with anticipation.

‘Come on, let’s teach each other what boys and girls like. I’ve only had a couple of guys and it was all a bit fumbled and unsatisfactory. What about you?’

Tom admitted that he had never had sex with a girl. I lay back on the bed and guided him. He was unsure of what to do so I pointed out my clit and got him to suck and chew it, then had him suck my labia and back to my clit as I explained about the g-spot. He got a couple of thick fingers into me and was soon stroking the right spot as he sucked my clit. It didn’t take long for him to get comfortable; he was certainly a fast learner and had me moaning within a couple of minutes. I soon came in a gushing torrent. He lifted his hand and examined it, shining with my juices. I pulled it towards me and we both licked it. Then I grabbed him and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. As we kissed, I gripped his cock again and began to wank him.

‘I want to suck you.’ I told him and pushed him back onto the bed.

I moved down and straddled his legs, then lowered my head towards his crotch. I kissed the crown, then parted my lips and took my brother’s cock into my mouth. He bucked his hips upward, pushing more of his cock into my mouth; I nearly gagged on it. I told him to ease up, as I was learning here, too. I soon found the best way to do it and prepared myself for the coming gush as I heard him begin to moan.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and cried out ‘Fuck yeah, Sis, suck it baby.’

I felt the hot cum hit the back of my throat as he began to shoot his load into my mouth and kept right on sucking until he was spent. Lifting my head from his lap I swallowed my first ever mouthful of jizz, enjoying the salty taste. Then ducked my head and licked my brother’s cock clean, before kissing him once again.

We continued our experiments for the next couple of weeks, progressing to much greater things and had to be careful not to show our disappointment when our parents returned from holiday. Even after they returned we still took any opportunity to have sex of some sort.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 20 Aug 2012 23:51
very naughty and it. more details please lol
Posted 24 Sep 2011 20:06
nice little tale,v ery sexy,,,more like this please!
Posted 27 Nov 2010 15:10
I'm with all of them Great story keep it going
Posted 12 Sep 2010 16:24
Nice story
Posted 09 Sep 2010 18:17
Great story. Tell us more please. Very sexy.
Posted 09 Sep 2010 16:18
Great story, can't wait for more.
Posted 09 Sep 2010 14:11
keep it cumming great start
Posted 09 Sep 2010 02:31
very good story
Posted 08 Sep 2010 19:24
Please keep goin great story.
Posted 08 Sep 2010 18:07
Please keep going. And I'll keep cumming
Posted 08 Sep 2010 16:45
Would you care to explain those further experiments? I'm sure I and lots of the other readers would enjoy them. =P
Posted 08 Sep 2010 13:15
great start,i'd like to hear more

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