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Family Celebrations

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Family celebrations turn into family threesome
We as a family always organised a day or two a month when we could all meet up and enjoy eachothers company. Our family is rather large so getting everyone together is a hell of a big deal.

I was 23 at the time and as one of the youngsters in the family get older it becomes our responsibilty to organise the family day and all the associated organising. This particular family day was my baby. I had gone all out to have a massive barbeque, with everyone one of the family members present. My job was made easier by the fact that it was in fact my aunts 40th birthday, so people were willing to fly in from almost anywhere to come and celebrate with us.

Of my many aunts, aunty Jane was the youngest, just turning 40. Now Jane was around 5'5, dark hair with blonde streaks, long slender tanned legs and a pretty face. Jane loved to wear skirts and free flowing clothing no matter the weather. She had just recently given birth to her second child, so she was still carrying a little bit of weight, which funnily enough made her more attractive to me. Jane and my mother were sisters, so very often we would spend holidays together at our holiday house in the mountains for weeks on end. 

From the age of 17 or so, I was very attracted to Jane. The way she moved around the house, the way her body swayed beneath her light almost see through clothing drove me insane with lust. Over the years I became more cocky, and I tried to catch glimpses of her in her bikini, or in a towel after a shower. She never really tried to stop me from sneaking a peak, nor did she make an effort to cover up. This little teasing game went on for a couple of years until I went off to Varsity. For a number of years I had been too busy to catch up with all the family members and catch up with Jane so when I had a chance I made the most of it. I spent nights just talking playfully with Jane, joking around and telling her about my girlfriend back home at Varsity. She sat there listening intently staring into my eyes, her knees folded up to her chin. Long nights and longer days spent catching up flew by and before I knew it I was studying again.

When I was told that it was my duty to organise the family gathering I wasn't to pleased about it. As I usually did, I phoned my aunty Jane for advise or ideas. Like usual she was a life saver for me. She said we should just plan it so that her birthday celebrations fell on the same day then we won't have to worry about people not coming and all.
So in knowing that I was going to get most if not all the family around, I aimed high. I had enough food to feed an army, drinks pouring out of all containers and of course some groovy tunes playing in the background just loud enough to get the bodies moving. Subtle but highly effective.

So finally after weeks of planning everything had come together well and it was time to start the party. When I arrived at the family home where we were going to have the gathering, there was already a long line of cars filling the driveway. The perfect start I thought to myself as I struggled to find a parking space.

As I entered the house, I was met with warm greeting from family members I hadn't seen in years. Hugs and kisses, millions of questions as well as congratulations for the job I had done in organising the entire thing so well. Out the corner of my eye I saw a bright red dress in the kitchen. I figured I better go drop off the last of the food I had brought along with me anyway, so I headed towards the kitchen hoping to find Aunty Jane. Instead as I turned the corner I found my uncle's new wife, Marilynn standing there heating up the food in the oven. I hadn't seen her in over 5 years and boy oh boy had I missed out. She had lost weight since the last time we spent time as family. In fact she looked mighty hot, not just hot for a 47 year old.

Her dress fell to just below her knees and didn't have too many layers hiding her body from view. I could clearly make out a skimpy black bra, struggling to contain her ample breasts not to mention the outline of a thong that was nestled comforatbly between her firm bum cheeks. I had to shake myself out of it when she greeted me with a big hug.

“Jake! How great to see you! It has been soooo long wow....just look at you...” she said as she stepped back to admire what I had grown upto be. “You are such a handsome young man Jake, just like your father, and your uncle for that matter!”, she smiled as she touched my arm again.

“Wow Marilynn you right it has been ages! And boy oh boy do you look as beautiful as ever!”

“Oh stop making me blush Jake....”, she turned a little away from me, just enough for me to look her up and down again and admire that wonderful ass of hers.

“Why don't you give me those parcels so you can go and say hi to everyone else that has arrived. You know even your cousins are here.....”. I struggled to focus on her words when all I could think about was how hot she was looking. “Yea thats probably a good idea isn't it? Thanks Marilynn.” I passed her the parcels and turned to go and greet all the other faimly that had arrived already. Just as I left the kitchen, I turned back to see her bending over as she placed the parcels on the floor next to the counter. I had a clear view of her ass through her dress. I almost moaned out loud.

After a couple of minutes of greeting people, we heard a hooter outside. I figured that must be my aunty Jane arriving. Everyone made there way to the front yard to see her come in and wish her a happy birthday. When I saw her climb out of her car I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She too was wearing a red dress, the exact same one as Marilynn. How lucky am I today I thought to myself as I leaned up against the pillar waiting for Jane to make her way through all the hugs and kisses.

When she finally got to me, she gave me a huge hug and a peck on the lips. She leaned in and said, “Jake you are a wonderful young man for doing this! Just look how happy everyone is to be together again! Thank you Jake, this is going to be one of the best birthdays I have ever had!”

I replied, “Its only pleasure Jane! I would do anything for you, you know that?! Wow but you are looking as stunning as ever, I would swear you were only turning 30 today!”

She simply smiled and gave me another kiss on the lips. Then she headed to the kitchen and gave Marilynn a big hug and a kiss hello. They both realised they were wearing the same dress and had a little giggle over it. As I stood there looking at them talking they both turned their heads in my direction and waved. I waved back and then moved away before I got out of control.

Lunch came and went without a hassle at all. Drinks were also flowing, and people had totally relaxed. For dessert, chocolate mousse and almond ice cream was served up. That seemed to wet a lot of appetites and everyone enjoyed it. As soon as everyone had finished their meals, I put the music on in the background just to create a bit of a vibe and party atmosphere. It worked like a treat.

Before I knew it Jane had come around to my seat and grabbed my hand saying, “Lets dance Jakey boy!” All very playfully she wiggled her ass as she pulled me over to the dance floor. I watched her ass like I always did, underneath that tight red dress of hers. It was tough to choose between who had a better body, Marilynn or Jane. All I knew is that if I had the choice, I would take both anyday.

As the playlist wore on, the songs got into deeper house with more of a groovy vibe to it. We got closer and closer until our bodies were touching, our eyes locked in on eachother and our minds seemingly sharing the same thoughts. Or so I wished. She playfully squeezed my ass as we moved around the floor, slowly grinding to the music. I squeezed her back, a little firmer than she had expected but I could see she liked it. She laughed in my ear and whispered, “You better not be too naughty Jake, someone might just see you touching my ass!” I laughed and replied, “Well if they happened to see me touching you thats their problem. Its natural after all isn't it? To want to touch something you admire or like very much?”

She paused for a second and looked at me with a questioning expression. Almost puzzled as to how she was to react to my comment she pressed against me again and carried on dancing to the tune. I could smell her perfume, the smell of alcohol on her breath. She wasn't drunk by any means but she had certainly had a couple of drinks.

After a couple of minutes, she asked me, “So you say you like my bum then do you? Its not too big for you huh?” All the while smiling, she gave me a cheaky look as though she knew she was driving me mad. So I decided to play her game and I said, “Yea I guess its alright. It isn't the best bum I've seen but its nice.” Obviously that was absolute rubbish. I was transfixed by her ass. But I got the desired reaction from her when she took a step back and said, “You can't be serious? You saying this ass isn't the best 40 year old ass you've ever seen? Oh get off it Jake!”

I held her as close as I could without getting too close for another couple of minutes, trying to keep my hard on from poking her. As the song came to an end, I gave her a hug and said, “Thanks for the dance Jane, I enjoyed it! You are a good dancer by the way, I mean, you have lots of rhythm. Though with a body like yours I suppose rhythm comes naturally yes?”

She laughed out loud, “Oh Jake but you are so funny!! Anyone can dance like that I am sure! But thank you anyway, I will take that as a compliment!”

“I am going to get a drink, would you like one?”, I asked as we walked away from the dance floor.

“Um, yes you know what, its my birthday so let me let my hair down and have a drink or 2! Come I will go with you....”

We carried on making small talk as we walked towards the kitchen, laughing and smiling, getting on as well as we ever did. When we got inside, the kitchen was empty and everyone was outside in the yard partying it up. Jane leaned back against the kitchen top counter and rested against it for a second, lifting her hands up to her hair. Her breats sat right up in the tiny bra that stuggled to contain them. I couldn't keep my eyes from admiring her body. She was beautiful.

“Jake? You okay?”

“Uh sorry yea I am great, just great thanks! You?”

“Well apart from being hot and sticky after our little dance, I am loving my birthday so far!”

“Oh yes about what I said earlier when we were dancing......”

“I know Jake don't worry you don't have to explain....I didn't take it too seriously anyway...”

“No Jane, I don't think you understand. I was just joking with you. I think you are the best looking women I have seen for ages. Not to mention your bum, I mean it is simply breathtaking. Its just that you are my aunt and its like I feel I shouldn't talk to you about things like this...”

She stood there with her left foot over her right, her arms at her sides looking at me with surprise.

“Oh ok Jake. Well I am glad you told me this because you started making me feel very old and ugly you know” she winked and had a laugh, trying to take some of the tension out of the air.

But it didn't work. I stood there feeling somewhat awkward considering the fact that I had just told my aunty that I thought she had a great ass. I was embarrased. And she could see it. She walked over to me and opened her arms beckoning me in for a hug. I leaned in and hugged her. Somehow when we hugged everything fell away, and it was all better.

Her arms were over my shoulders, her body pressed against mine. The only barrier between our bodies was her skimpy red, tight fitting dress and my shirt. Not even that was enough to stop her nipples from hardening against my chest. My hands moved down to the small of her back and slowly up again, tracing her spine.

I thought to myself, now is your chance. My head was nestled against the side of her neck, and I was smelling her. I started moving my hand down from her back to her hip and then back around to the top of her bum. She made no sign of wanting to stop so I carried on moving my hand southwards. I held my hand over her butt and gently gave it a squeeze. She pressed closer to me as I moved my other hand down and gave her other bum cheek a squeeze too.

“You like squeezing my bum hey?!” she whispered in my ear as we found our bodies pressing against eachother even harder.

While I slowly massaged her bum, she lowered her hands to mine and also started to squeeze. Within seconds she was pulling my ass into her, grinding me. I had the biggest hard on I had ever had and I was sure she would be feeling it against her body but she carried on. She lifted her head to mine, her eyes and my eyes met. Her lips looked so soft and warm. I leaned into her and met her lips with mine. Once again she didn't pull away. We kissed softly at first then I felt her tongue enter my mouth.

All the while our tongues were playing the fool, my hands were squeezing her bum. I softly started to pull up her skirt like I didn't want her to know what I was doing. I wanted to get to her panties, to her skin, to my heaven.

She broke away from the kiss and whispered, “Jake, you realise we are standing in the kitchen don't you?”

I laughed, and said, “Yes, its exciting isn't it?”

“Don't you think we should at least go and take a seat on the couch? It will be more comfortable and no one will come in?”

I didn't even answer, she just grabbed my hand away from her bum and lead me out of the kitchen towards the lounge area. Just as we got to the door of the lounge, Marilynn walked into the house. She must have seen us holding hands, never mind the mischievous look on both our faces.

“And where have you guys been huh? There is a party going on outside you know, and they are here for you Jane!”

It didn't take her long to realise what was going on. Jane looked at her sheepishly, and said, “Jake and I have lots of catching up to do you know Marilynn. If I were you I would take some time to also sit down and talk with him, after all he is your nephew too!”

I was standing there with my back half turned to Marilynn trying to shield my raging hard on from her eyes.

“I guess you are right Jane. Just make sure you don't spend all day in there chatting or watching television!”

Jane just nodded and grabbed my hand again, leading me inside the lounge and to the couch that sat at the window. She pushed me down rather roughly and said, “Don't dare move young man!”.

She turned around and slowly walked to the door, closing it and turning the key, locking it. She pulled the key out and dropped it on the floor, turned to me and said, “Oopsie, silly me.....” as she bent down to pick it up. She stayed bent over for too long for it to have been just for the key. Her bum was in full view as she bent over in front of me. Her thong was making me jealous as I watched it slipping in between her cheeks. While bent over she turned her face towards me, “You like this view don't you Jakey boy?”

“God yes I love that view! I would love a view right in front of my face though...” I was pushing my luck and we both knew it. At that moment I was so crazy horny I couldn't not be blunt. I was sure she was horny too otherwise why would she be playing me like this, teasing me to the point that my hard on was so hard it hurt.

As I started to get up she quickly rose and came over to me. “Wait a second there, didn't I tell you not to move?” I sat back down, holding the massive bulge in my pants. “There we go, thats better don't you think? Now you just sit there and let me take care of you.....”, she trailed off as she twirled around again, her hands on her hips pointing her ass out. She was dancing for me. I leaned back with my cock in my hand and tried my best to contain it while I watched her grind away in front of me.

She came right in front of me, bent all the way over until her hands were grabbing at her ankles, and shoved her ass backwards towards me. I moved forward to grab her but she moved away just as my hands flicked past her tight ass. Her dress slowly started working its way up her legs as she played around with her ass. Flashes of white panties everytime she bent over kept driving me crazy to the point where I said, “Come sit her on my lap please......”.

To my amazement she slowly started to back up to me all the while still grinding her hips back and forth until she was against my knees. I reached forward grabbed her around the hips and pulled her down onto my lap. Her ass landed on my hard on and she enjoyed it, bouncing up and down for a couple of seconds and having a giggle, “My word Jake but I sure seem to have got you all worked “up”.....”.

With my hands on her hips and her ass on my cock, I guided her against me, back and forth, harder and harder. I could feel my cock touching her wet spot. As my cock slid between her legs the warmth was overwhelming. She slid her hand underneath her ass and grabbed my cock through my pants, giving it a firm squeeze. She was driving me fucking crazy. My aunt was sitting on my lap, her skirt hiked up to her waist with her hand on my cock. I couldn't believe my luck.

I started to pull her skirt higher up so I could get a view and a feel of her white undies. Her grinding got harder and harder as I moved my hands up her legs to her honey pot. She slowed down as my fingers found their way to her panties, slowly tracing the inside of her thigh with my fingers. Her head bent back leaning against my neck, slowly moaning as my thumb brushed over her silk covered pussy lips. I rubbed my thumb against her clit forcing her to start grinding her pussy into my hand and her ass against my cock.

I wondered if I could go any further with this without her objecting or pulling away. I started pushing up against her ass and her hand, dry humping her. The tip of my cock was in between the crack of her ass as my fingers pealed away her panties and finding their way to her glistening pussy. She squirmed and moaned as my thumb ran over her moist lips and my forefinger made its way inside her.

“Oh my god that feels good.....” she trailed off with her head still tilted back and her breathing getting heavier and heavier.

“mmmm you are so wet its driving me insane..” as it got harder and harder to to keep the rhythm of our grinding with my fingers playing with her pussy. I picked her up a little bit and turned her over on her side as I slid out from under her, my cock still in her hand.

“I want to taste you...” I looked at her squirming around as my hands lifted her legs up and open. Her dress was bunched underneath her tits, as her ass lifted towards my waiting mouth. She was practically on her shoulders when my mouth nestled over her pussy. My thumb softly rubbed her clit back and forth as my tongue traced her lips, darting in and out of her pussy. She was dripping as my finger and my tongue began entering her together.

“uhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm....right there...yesssss” she moaned in ectasy as I ate her out as though it were the last supper. She tasted magnificent. It was better than I had ever imagined. Warm and wet, I couldn't get enough. I started forcing my tongue deeper and deeper as my finger moved harder against her wanting pussy. My tongue moved to her clit and whipped around it for a second before I moved it lower, down past her pussy, leaving a wet line as it wondered to her ass.

Her body was working in overdrive, grinding every muscle into my tongue. “God I can't take this anymore.....I am going to explode...uhhh” as she arched her back and shoved my head into her pussy. My mouth was covered with her wetness, my tongue was buried as deep as I could possibly go, and my fingers were probing around her rose bud.

I pulled my tongue out and gave her pussy a big kiss, covering as much of it as I could. Then I got up off my knees and slowly slid up her body, making sure my cock ran up against her glistening pussy. I pulled her bra down and let her tits out as my tongue tasted her skin. My mouth found her nipple and it stayed there, sucking and licking while my fingers softly pinched her other nipple. She had perfect nipples that sat up to attention as my tongue ran over them. Her hands were running through my hair, gently pulling at it.

I moved higher up her body to her neck, and then to her lips where I kissed her deeply letting her taste the combination of juices I had flowing in my mouth. We kissed harder than ever, our tongues starting a war of their own. While we were kissing, my cock was sitting pressed against her lower body pleading to be let free.

I managed to break free from the kiss and I stood up. I started unzipping my pants while playing with my cock, watching her writhing on the couch in front of me with her legs still spread wide open as she played with her tits. She was on the verge of coming, her body was arching, spreading her legs even wider and pushing her pussy towards my hard cock.

I let my cock slip out my pants. I couldn't remember when last I had had such a hard on. She simply pointed her finger at me and motioned me to come closer.

As I stood in front of her while she reached for my cock, there was a knock on the door.

Someone was trying to open the door. I couldn't believe it. I acted like I hadn't heard anything and moved closer to her so she could guide my cock into her mouth, but she paused. She had heard the knock too. Fuck it, I thought to myself, I can't believe this is happening. I moved forward quickly and shoved my cock into her mouth, grabbing the back of her head I pushed it deep inside. She flinched as it touched her throat but didn't try stop me so I started ramming it in harder and deeper.

I reached down with one hand and squeezed her tits while the other sat at the back of her head pushing it against my cock. I was face fucking my aunt. I pumped a few more seconds and then I pulled out. She had little drops coming from her eyes from my cock going so deep into her throat and the resulting gagging. I bent down and sucked on her pussy for good measure to see if she was still sopping wet. She was. I held her arms as I turned her over onto her stomach and shoved a pillow underneath her so I could get access to her pussy and her ass.

As I stood up over her, I looked at the massive bay window in front of me. There stood my aunt Marilynn watching me. Watching us. For a second I thought, “OH FUCK”, but I watched her for a couple of seconds without getting out of sight. My cock was standing to attention and she could see I wasn't just playing with myself, I was about to fuck the daylights out of Jane.

I was busted. Would she tell anyone? What would happen if she did tell anyone?

All of a sudden I found myself wanting to motion to her to come in and join us. I don't know what I was thinking other than the fact that I wanted to have my cock buried in Janes pussy. The thought of Marilynn watching me fuck Jane was something I had only ever dreamt of.

Time seemed to stand still for a couple of seconds. I had Jane twisting and squirming on the couch in front of me, her hands on her breasts and her legs spread as wide as they could possibly go. My eyes jumped from the glistening wet pussy an arms reach away, and aunt Marilynn outside. I looked outside again and I saw Marilynn with one hand on her breast. Her other hand was on her neck gently caressing while she watched me slowly stroke my cock, now in full sight.

I didn't mention a thing of us being watched to Jane.

I bent forward, my hand guiding my cock towards her waiting pussy. I played the tip of my cock against her pussy lips, sliding it back and forth over her swollen clit. Then slowly I started pushing my cock into her, just a tiny bit at a time. Entering and then pulling out, then entering and grinding for a second then pulling out. It was driving her crazy. Exactly what I wanted to see. I wanted her to be begging for my cock, begging me to fuck her. Her eyes where rolled back and her back still arched with her hand cupping my balls, trying to lead my cock into her.

I leaned all the way into her, my entire cock shoving into her snatch. She wasn't the tightest I had ever felt but my god did she feel amazing. She let out a little squeal as my full length entered her. My hands pushing against the couch for leverage I leaned in to her lips kissing her.

“How does that feel? You like it when I shove it inside your sweet pussy?”

“aaaaahhhh.....”was all she could muster while her head swayed from side to side as she played with my balls. I pulled my cock all the way out and moved for her mouth. I swallowed my cock deeper this time almost taking the full length of it down her throat.

“Spit on it. Take it all the way down your throat.”I instructed her as I leaned into her while my finger flicked around her clit.

I lifted my head to look outside. She was gone. I looked to the left of the window, then the right and she wasn't there. Where on earth had she gone? She looked like she was enjoying watching me play with my cock before I shoved it inside Jane.

I pulled out of Janes mouth slowly, letting her leave as much saliva on it as possible. I lifted her legs up and wider still as I moved to bury my cock deep inside of her. Her hands were holding my arms, bracing herself for my cock to invade her pussy. I pushed deep inside her, slowly at first and then harder with every stroke.

She was now moaning louder as my strokes got harder and deeper. So loud that I didn't hear the door lock being played with. I heard soft steps either in the passage or in the room. I turned my head to see what it was I was hearing without missing a stroke. There seated on the couch in the corner of the room, with a full view of me with my cock buried in Jane sat Marilynn. Her legs were spread, her dress above her waist and her hand lost somewhere between her legs. She had this naughty grin on her face as though she knew this was so not right.

I smiled and turned my attention back to Jane who still hadn't noticed that we had company. She was shoving her body back against every stroke of mine. Slamming her pussy against my cock as hard as she could without falling off the couch. I started pumping faster and faster, my hands on Janes waist pulling her body into me.

I was almost out of breath as I pulled my cock out of her dripping wet pussy. I grabbed her legs and turned her over onto her side, one leg folded over the other so her pussy looked like a tight little box. I bent down and shoved my tongue between her pussy lips, slipping two fingers inside her while my thumb gently probed her exposed ass. I turned my head to look at Marilynn as my tongue licked around at Janes pussy.

Marilynn had one knee up against her chin, her thong pulled to the side and her fingers exposing her hairy pussy. Unlike Janes pussy that was cleanly shaven, Marilynn seemed to have a well cultivated bush covering her pussy lips. It seemed just as wet as the pussy I was licking though.

I stood back up and placed my cock against Janes pussy that was now literally dripping. I held her legs against eachother as my cock slid easily into her.

“Aaaaaah fuck it that feels good!!! Deeper Jake, go deeper as deep as you can! I want all of that cock inside me.......”she trailed off in a moan as I obeyed her and shoved my cock and slow deep strokes as deep as I could go. With every shove into her, a moan escaped from her mouth. Her tongue was licking her lips as she lifted her head to see me fuck her tight pussy. At that moment she saw Marilynn sitting opposite us with her pussy exposed and her fingers working furiously. Her eyes opened wide in what seemed to be shock but nothing other than a moan could escape her lips as I continued shoving my cock deeper and deeper into her.

“What are you..........aaaahaahhaaaa.....doing in here.............aaaaaaah god yes” she eventually managed to whisper as her head fell back again.

For the first time since Marilynn had sneaked into the room she answered, “Just keep quiet and carry on doing what you doing!”

She stood up, dress still above the waist and strolled over to where Jane was lying with my cock deep inside her. She got down on her knees next to me, looking up at me she grabbed my balls with one hand and gently started to squeeze as her other hand wandered to Janes breasts.

I had the broadest smile on my face. I pulled out of Jane and pointed my cock at Marilynn's mouth waiting for her to suck it. She smiled as she continued massaging my balls, “mmmm wow looks like your aunty Jane is just about to come......” as she took the tip of my cock in her warm mouth.

She had a smaller mouth than Jane and she couldn't get much more than half my cock inside her mouth but I wasn't complaining. With one hand I fingered Janes waiting pussy and with the other I grabbed Marilynn's head, pulling her into my cock. I whipped my cock out of her mouth and tapped it against her cheek, teasing her mouth with it as I moved it over her lips.

Turning back to Jane I saw she had Marilynn's fingers inside her wet snatch. She was looking at me getting my cock sucked and she too was smiling. I took a step back away from the couch, motioning Marilynn to get a better view of Jane's pussy. She obliged. Kneeling infront of Jane, Marilynn's tongue darted out at her pussy. She was bent all the way over to get right into Jane's pussy. I lifted her skirt up above her back exposing her fine ass. I pulled her thong aside and slid my finger down from her ass to her pussy. She was drenched. I pushed three fingers into her pussy as I watched her eat Jane's pussy out.

“She tastes amazing doesn't she?” I asked Marliynn as she munched away at the pussy that I had been fucking just a couple minutes before.

Jane was twisting and turning in pleasure as she was being eaten out to the point of orgasm. I climbed up onto the couch, turned her face towards me and placed my cock against her lips. She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock nice and deep into her mouth. As I pumped away at her mouth I played with her nipples, pinching and squeezing them. I focused everything on fucking her mouth as I pumped in and out faster by the second.

I climbed off and pulled Marilynn away from her meal. She rolled away with her back against the base of the couch as I pulled Jane down toward me and flipped her over on her stomach. I grabbed her hips and lifted he onto her knees so her ass was open and waiting. I gave her ass a firm slap, barely leaving a mark but hard enough to get a squeal from her. I took as step closer as I aimed my cock into her pussy and then plowed into her.

As I fucked her harder than ever, Marilynn slid underneath her open legs and began thumbing her swollen clit. All I could her from both women was deep moaning and heavy breathing as I pumped away. I was in pussy heaven. My cock was so hard I was sure it was going to explode any second.

I slowly slid my cock out from Janes dripping hole and slid it up to her ass, spreading her juices as I rubbed my cock against her skin. I pressed my cock against her ass gently not forcing it in when she turned her head to me, her cheeks flushed with a drop of sweat running down her brow.

“Not in my ass please.....its too tight....aaaahh shit....fuck my pussy please Jake...I am so fucking hot for you right now......” she couldn't finish her sentence as Marilynn's tongue entered her pussy from below. I started pushing my cock into her ass, slowly and carefully but firm enough for her to feel my cock invading her rose bud. My hands were on her hips and I pulled her back into my cock, helping me slide into her ass.

“Oh my fuck but your ass is soooo tight........”, I said as I slid into her ass a little at a time. I knew I would blow my load if I fucked her ass for more than a couple of seconds. As I slid deeper she started to move away trying to soften the pain of my cock creeping to her ass. I grabbed her hips and slid her back down against my cock forcing it deeper.

“Oh shit.....aaaaaahhhhh fuck your cock is huge Jake, please don't fuck me in my ass please”, she tried to sound serious but she was moaning so heavily it only came out in a pleasureable tone. Marilynn was still lying between her legs, tonguing her pussy and holding my balls, squeezing with every stroke as I pumped Janes ass.

I was pumping so hard that Marilynn couldn't get her tongue into Jane's pussy without getting her face slapped with my balls. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh yes fuck me fuck me.....harder....yea fuck my asss....”, Jane screamed as she gave into to my cock fucking her ass.

“I am going to come any second, god your ass feels good baby....” as I pulled my cock out of her ass leaving a large gaping hole where it had been buried. As I pulled out both of them sat up and waited for me to feed them my hot cum. I stood there infront of these two kneeling whores as I jacked off. I felt like my urge to shoot my load had disappeared again.

“I need you to suck me off”, I said as I moved forward to Marilynn's waiting mouth. I held her head and shoved my cock hard into her mouth, deeper than before. I looked at Jane who sat there looking like she had run a marathon, totally worn out and red. I whipped my cock out of Marilynn's mouth and guided it at Jane, who didn't have a chance to react before I shoved it in her mouth. She leaned back against Marilynn as I pumped my cock into her mouth. My balls were slapping against her chin as Marilynn played with her tits.

Then without warning I felt my load coming to the pint of blasting. I didn't pull out. Instead I carried on pumping away at Jane's mouth until my balls stiffened and I unloaded a huge cumshot into the back of her throat.

Jane almost gagged as my hot cum hit her throat but managed to hold it as I continued pumping away. Very slowly I started pulling my cock out of her mouth, leaving a cum trail behind as it dangled against her lips. My cock was covered with her spit and my cum. Marilynn quickly reached for my cock and slid it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue working its magic up and down my shaft as she cupped my balls, squeezing every last drop of cum out into her mouth.

As my cock was being cleaned, pulled Jane closer to my balls so she could suck on them. She didn't need to be asked twice. I felt myself getting hard again as my shaft and my balls were getting good attention from two tongues. Marilynn slid my cock out of her mouth, with her hand still rapped around my shaft she leant towards Jane and kissed her. Just seeing them kissing, their tongues playing the fool and spreading my cum got me hard all over again.

I jerked my cock a little as I watched them getting lost in eachother arms. From the floor of the lounge they looked up at me, each of them with the others tomgue in their mouth. They smiled at eachother then at eachother. It sooned turned into a giggle and then a full on laugh. Neither of us could believe we had just had a threesome.

I had fucked my aunty Jane in all her wonderful holes and had managed to bury my cock in Marilynn's mouth.

Family lunches would never be the same again. Ever.

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putting the family in affair.. nice read
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WOW-that was great. Two Aunts at the same time. You go Jake. Is there a part 2 to this family story?? Voted you a, 5.....

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