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Family Dynamics Part 4

Things heat up with a hot new step-mother and step-sister living in the house
continued from part 3 ...

Despite Kate’s continued assurances that I would start to have more self-control after her “help” with my excitement problem, it wasn’t the long term solution she had hoped it might be.

Sure, it helped a bit at first but after a couple days of her (and now Amy as well) running around the house and pool with little to no clothing at all, my partner would start standing at attention again without any obvious outlets for release on the horizon. I told Kate the truth when she asked me if I was still aroused by her nude body. She didn’t think to ask me about Amy’s nudity, though of course that got me all worked up as well, probably more so than even Kate did herself.

Kate had told my dad, and I had told Amy, about what happened that day when I got caught in the rain. I figured Amy might be ok with that, but I certainly was not 100% sure that it wouldn’t freak her out. I thought my dad would disown me. Surprisingly, they were both fine with it. Amy said it was smart of her mom to offer to help me out with my self-control issues and my dad even said it was fine with him so long as it wasn’t intercourse, mumbling something about Kate’s libido was more than my dad could handle on his own.

This led to a strange but fascinating arrangement between Kate and I, wherein during the week we were just stepmom and stepson and I did my best to maintain my composure despite her aversion to wearing anything at all in the mornings and while out back in the pool or the Jacuzzi. Once a week though, usually Saturday mornings, Kate would once again “help” me with my need for a release after all that build-up.

The first couple times, it was another handjob, although now Kate was more prepared and would bring along a small bottle of warming sex oil for lubricant to enhance the experience, and finishing me off by taking me into her mouth.

Soon after that she started to forgo the handjobs and would drop straight to her knees from start to finish. I nearly lost my mind one morning in particular when Kate brought along a small assortment of those peppermint breath mints that come in a little metal tin, and popped a couple into her mouth before starting to work on my aching cock. It was the easily most intense blowjob I have ever received.

The week after that I convinced Kate to climb into the shower with me, allowing me the chance to soap up and rinse off her magnificent body while she did the same for me and then finished me off with another awesome blowjob under the hot, pulsing water.

Our arrangement wasn’t a secret, both my dad and Amy knew about it and were cool with it. It suited everyone just fine. Kate would never consent to full intercourse with me and I never asked her to either, but so long as we kept it to petting and oral it was a perfect system for our situation. That said, it was an arrangement between myself and Kate, so we always kept it to the privacy of my bedroom or the bathroom, rather than out in the open in the family room or some such.

That all changed one Saturday morning. It was getting on towards late fall and the weather was colder but our house remained warm and inviting. I was still mostly asleep when Kate entered my room, crawling her nude body into my bed and on top of me. Silently and gracefully, she slid down to my morning wood and I was pleasantly aroused to the sensation her skilled performance. Kate was a pro, and her efforts were never anything short of sexual bliss for me.

There was knock on my bedroom door from the bathroom, and I heard Amy asking me, “Jeff? Do you have a minute?”

I was about to call out that I needed a little while, but to my shock Kate pulled her mouth off my shaft long enough to call out “Come in.”

Amy opened the door and started to walk in, as was usual these days she was wearing only a tiny pair of white cotton panties (this particular pair had a pale pink rose on the front) but no bra or shirt, leaving her gorgeous set on full display. She was shocked to see the scene on display in my room at that moment: me lying on my bed with nothing on, my erect and now glistening cock pointing skyward; and her fully nude mother on all fours, mouth poised just above my shaft, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Neither of the girls said anything to the other, and so I kept silent as well. Kate quickly resumed her work on my partner, licking the shaft and giving occasional little head bobs. She held out one hand towards Amy while doing this, and Amy slowly walked over and took her mothers hand in her own.

Kate pulled Amy down to her level, and without a word said between them they began to work in tandem. They were not exactly an organized team, it was obvious neither had ever done anything of this sort before (and Amy seemed much less experienced than her mother), but they quickly developed a system.

I, of course, was going insane with both the physical pleasure and the fact that my sexy step sister was willing to finally break through all the sexual tension that had been building between us for months now. I tried to play it cool and was determined to make this last as long as possible, going over math equations and baseball stats in my head to prevent any premature endings to this mind-blowing incident.

As I valiantly continued trying to hold out, the girls almost seemed to take it as a challenge to their skills, and soon they were not holding anything back. While Kate was playing with my sack, tickling and massaging my testicles, and I reached out to return the favor by running my own hands over her lush ass, Amy slid her little panties off completely and then positioned herself directly over my cock and took my entire length into her mouth and began sucking for all she was worth.

I finally felt the tension rising, and I held on to Kate’s ass with a tight grip that caused her to yelp with surprise as I exploded, Amy taking my entire load down her throat and then looking up at me with a grin that could mean only one thing: victory was theirs, I had not been able to hold out forever.

Both girls stood up and exited the room, Amy leaving to the bathroom to start a shower and Kate back to her own bedroom, leaving me lying there covered in sweat and my mind trying to play catch-up to what had just happened. Not a word had been spoken during the entire event.

In point of fact, we never spoke of it, and Amy did not rejoin Kate and I the next week or the week after that. Still, Amy and I continued to get along like two best friends and there was not any awkward tension or uncomfortable silences between us. If anything, the breaking down of that sexual barrier had brought us closer together.

It was about three weeks later when Amy and I had our first weekend alone, and the opportunity did not pass us by.

It was Friday night, Kate and my dad had booked a 3-day cruise and would not be back until Monday morning. Amy and I had each attended our respective schools football games that night. My schools game must have ended first because Amy was not home when I arrived that night.

It was late November now and quite chilly, and the Jacuzzi looked terribly inviting. I fired up the Jacuzzi jets, mixed myself a full blender of Pina Colada with the good rum, and slid into the warm, relaxing waters. I hadn’t bothered with a swimsuit.

Amy arrived home shortly, she spotted me out back and came out to talk.

“Hey Jeff. You look comfortable.”

“I am,” I replied, “Incredibly so. Care to join me? There is also fresh Pina Colada in the blender, help yourself.”

Amy groaned, “God, yes. Sounds perfect.”

She disappeared inside, and came back out a moment later, with a fresh drink in hand and no clothes whatsoever. She gave me a little smile and gracefully lowered herself into the hot tub, sitting directly next to me rather than across from me.

We started chatting about how the football games went for our schools, how nice the hot tub was on a cold night, and just making pleasant small talk. I don’t know what it was about her, but I was just so comfortable being myself around Amy. We just clicked and had that kind of bond that can’t be faked.

We continued chatting and started to get deeper into our drinks, and I don’t recall exactly when it started but at some point I realized that Amy’s hand was on my thigh and she was running it up down with light pressure, almost absentmindedly.

It felt really good, and with Kate gone for the weekend I thought I wouldn’t have any opportunity for a release this weekend, so it was no surprise when my partner started to perk up when Amy began touching me.

Amy didn’t seem to notice the effect she was having on me as she continued running her hand along my thigh. I decided not to mention it and just go along with whatever was happening. A moment later, with no warning, her hand moved over to my semi-erect cock and she began to massage it with soft, deliberate strokes. I quickly achieved my full size and the combination of the hot streams of water from the Jacuzzi jets and Amy’s delicate touch were achieving a whole new level of ecstasy for me

Amy looked over to me and with a soft voice she simply said to me, “Hi.”

“Hi yourself,” I replied.

She leaned over towards me and put her head on my shoulder, snuggling her naked body against mine as she continued her ministrations on my partner. I closed my eyes and was giving in to just enjoying the sensations when I felt a soft pair of lips against my own as Amy was leaning up towards me and we shared our first kiss.

I felt her hand leave my cock as Amy turned her whole body, pressing up into me and wrapping both arms around me. We continued kissing, and I remember how sweet her breath smelled and the lingering scent of her perfume. She began to dart her tongue into my mouth and nibble on my bottom lip, climbing her nude body into my lap as we continued our hot make-out session. My erect cock was rubbing between her legs and grazing her pussy, a sensation that was driving us both crazy.

I broke off the kissing and leaned forward into her chest. I had imagined a million different scenarios involving Amy’s magnificent breasts ever since the day I first met her and saw her removing her bikini top. The reality was better than any fantasy could have ever been.

I began to slowly kiss each one in turn, taking my time to explore each one all over, from the gentle slope where they began and paying special attention to her light areola and dainty, pink nipples. Amy was moaning with sexual pleasure as I continued, using every technique I had ever used or heard of to drive her to even higher levels of arousal.

My cock was swelling and straining, even as I continued rubbing it against her inner thighs, and with one solid thrust I slid my entire length into Amy.

Amy moaned with pleasure as it happened, and we continued our silent session, with no need for words or dialogue. We both knew that we wanted this.

She began to mover hips back and forth, I quickly picked up on where this was going and started to move mine in an opposite direction and then back towards her again. We developed a rhythm immediately; I was pulling almost all the way out and back in again with each thrust, Amy crying out with pleasure each time.

We began to pick up the pace, with faster and faster thrusts, and then slow back down again with more deliberate movements on both our parts, in perfect sync on every motion without a word being spoken.

With great control on my part, I slowed us all the way down as I felt the tension rising in my cock. I pulled out completely, stood up with Amy held in my arms and her legs wrapped around me. I carefully positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and thrust in with as much power and strength as I could muster.

We were both driven over the edge at that point, a simultaneous climax of maximum intensity, Amy literally mewling with pleasure as her whole body vibrated with sensual pleasure and my own legs giving out underneath me as we sank bank into the warm waters of the hot tub, my step-sister still wrapped around me.

To be concluded in part 5 ...

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Posted 27 Jan 2013 20:14
Love the detail & description, I can't wait for part 5 ~
Posted 10 Aug 2012 02:53
Hey Please continue the story ....... this is a gr8 series...... also your first series was good too....... i love these kind of stories
Posted 25 Jul 2012 16:53
Very Very good series!! Where is chapter 5 and 6 and 7 and...?
Posted 02 Apr 2012 04:50
oh for a stepsister!!!!, great series,, more more!!!

Posted 02 Apr 2012 04:34
JDawg if you've got a lot of cousins this series could go on and on. ha Very good story!

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