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Family Love on the High Seas

Part 3 of a series on mutual masturbation

The sun was rising in the clear eastern sky and as I walked down the driveway carrying the heavy cooler I heard the joyful song of the birds in the trees.   It seemed to be about seventy degrees or so and it promised to be a warm, sunny day.   The boating report said the winds would be at a minimum and the seas would remain calm until late afternoon.   Perfect boating weather!   Today’s family boating trip couldn’t have been planned on a better day.   Of course, luck had almost everything to do with it.  


I lifted the cooler onto the boat then climbed up the side of the trailer.   I hopped into the boat and secured the cooler so it wouldn’t slide back and forth during the thirty minute drive to the boat launch.   Emma came out several moments later wearing an oversized tee shirt, sunglasses propped atop her head and flip flops.   She was carrying a large beach bag filled with towels, sunscreen, water bottles and whatever else a seventeen year old girl brings on a day long boat outing.   I’ll just call it ‘stuff.’ Her nineteen year old sister Melissa came out shortly after Emma and she was holding her own beach bag filled with ‘stuff.’   Melissa and Emma placed their respective bags in the back of the SUV and took their places in the back seat.   They each donned ear plugs so they could listen to their own mini digital music players.  


Finally, their mother, Linda, came out of the house and yes, she was carrying a bag of ‘stuff,’ too.   I chuckled to myself and wondered how much stuff we’d need for a one day boat trip.   After all, I planned to be home by night fall.   Linda put her bag of ‘stuff’ in the back of the SUV and closed the rear door.


“Are we ready?” Linda asked of me.


“Yes, honey.   As soon as I secure the cooler and lock the front door,” I replied.   


Linda took her seat in the front and once I was certain the cooler was secured, I went into the house for one last check.   Everything that was supposed to be turned off was off and everything that should be locked was locked.   I locked the front door, jumped into the driver seat and off we went to the harbor.


I bought the boat about two years ago and it was a wonderful investment in family fun.   It can be an expensive hobby but I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do as a family than spend the day on the water.   The girls and Linda enjoy it a lot, too.


When we arrived to the boat launch area, Emma and Melissa helped me launch the boat and while I towed the empty trailer out of the water, Melissa drove the boat to the nearby dock.   She and Emma had become very good boat drivers and always enjoy “taking the helm.”   Once I parked the SUV, Linda and I brought the bags of stuff onto the boat and Melissa masterfully pulled away from the dock and headed toward the open sea.


Melissa and Emma took turns driving as we continued toward the open sea.   The air was getting warmer and it wasn’t long before Linda, Emma and Melissa had removed their over shirts to expose their two piece bathing suits.    As the girls drove the boat, I admired their soft, firm bodies.   My mind flashed back to the night all three of them acted out one of my internet stories. I laid back and closed my eyes as the vivid visions of them pleasuring the other danced in my head.   I began to get horny so I thought it would be best to concentrate on where we were going.   Emma was navigating using the compass and Melissa was driving.   We got about twenty miles off shore and Melissa turned off the engine.


“I think this area is perfect,” Melissa said.   Emma and Linda agreed with her.


I looked around and saw the shore in the distance.   The boating report was right so far.   It was a beautifully warm day and the wind was almost nothing, which made for a very calm sea.  


“Perfect for what,” I asked.


“Sunbathing,” Linda replied.


At that, Emma and Melissa removed their bikini tops and released their firm young breasts.   They both rubbed sunscreen on themselves and on each other’s backs.   I tried not to bee too obvious that I was watching them.   My heart began to beat a little faster as their soft skin glistened with every stroke of sunscreen.   When they were done they moved to the bow where there was a flat spot wide enough for both of them to lay next to each other and enjoy the sun.   They laid on their backs and their arms touched each other, but they didn’t mind.  


Linda removed her bathing suit top and asked me to rub sunscreen on her.   She sat down with her back facing me.   I happily spread the white sunscreen on her back and it turned into a glossy film that made her skin glisten.   The smell of the sunscreen was unmistakable.   It was the smell of sun, heat and skin.   Summer is my favorite season.


Linda turned to face me and I held the sunscreen toward her, thinking she would finish her front herself.  


“No.   You do it, “she said.


I began to rub sunscreen on Linda’s upper chest and then I moved to her breasts.   I lingered as she put her head back and pushed her breasts out.   I glanced at Emma and Melissa on the bow and saw them both propped onto their elbows watching what I was doing.   My penis was getting hard, but didn’t care.   My daughters had already seen my erection and if they wanted to watch what I was doing, I didn’t care.


Linda stood and removed her bikini bottoms.   She had recently gotten a Brazilian wax and her pubic area was silky smooth.   I squirted more sunscreen onto my hand and slowly rubbed it onto Linda’s belly and moved to her pubic mound.   She let out a slight gasp as she slightly spread her legs so I could rub lotion on her inner thighs.   My erection was now full and I had only one thing on my mind, to make love to my beautiful wife.


Emma and Melissa got off the bow and came back into the boat and they both removed their bathing suit bottoms.   Melissa had a smooth pubic mound without a hint of hair.   Emma had a neatly trimmed strip of hair above her clitoris.  


Linda stepped back and said, “Your daughters need protection from the sun, too.”  


At that Melissa stepped in front of me.   I was sitting down so my eyes were level with her belly button.   I admired her body, mostly her firm breasts.   Melissa’s pink areolas aroused me the most.   They were so beautiful.   My heart beat harder and I thought it was going to come out of my chest.   I squeezed sunscreen onto my hand and gently rubbed it onto Melissa’s breasts.   Her skin was so soft, softer than I had expected.   This was the first time I had ever touched any of my daughters in this way.   My breathing became a little faster and the thought of doing something that is generally considered taboo was very exciting.  


I reluctantly moved my hand from Melissa’s breasts down to her muscular abdomen and then to her pubic mound.   Like mother, like daughter, Melissa also put her head back and let out a soft moan as I rubbed the sunscreen onto her pubic mound.   I wanted so much to hold Melissa in my arms.   I wanted so much to feel her legs wrapped around my thrusting hips.   I wanted my hardness to probe deep into her wet love canal.   My heart was beating harder now and my erection was straining against my swimsuit.


“My turn,” said Emma.


“Oh, alright,” Melissa replied disappointedly.


I was somewhat disappointed, too.   At least until Emma stepped in front of me.   Emma’s breasts were a little smaller than Melissa’s, but her nipples seemed a little longer, about the size of a pencil eraser and a half.   I began to spread sunscreen on her breasts and her nipples laid down as my fingers moved over them, but they quickly popped straight out again once my fingers moved passed them.   I slightly spread my fingers and made certain her nipple fell between my fingers and I softly squeezed them together when her nipple was between them.   I found Emma’s erogenous zone because once I pinched her nipples between my fingers she let out a loud moan and quickly moved her hand to her vagina and gave her clitoris a few firm rubs.  


“Oh daddy, that was fantastic,” Emma said in a breathy giggle.


By now I was ready to explode.  


Linda said, “Stand up and take your suit off.   It’s time we put sunscreen on you.”


I quickly obeyed and my cock was standing a full erection.  


Linda took the sunscreen and as she squeezed some on the palm of her hand said, “Sit down and relax”  

I sat and slid down in the seat so that my head was resting against the chair back and my feet were straight out.   My heart was beating even faster and I couldn’t wait for Linda to begin applying the sunscreen.   She began on my chest and knowing my nipples are sensitive, she made certain she pinched them a little.   I moved my hand to my stiff cock and began to rub it but Melissa grasped my wrist and pulled my hand away.


“No, no, no,” she said.   “That’s our job.”


I couldn’t believe what was happening.   The three ladies I love most are servicing me.   I wanted so much to make love to all of them.   I wanted to feel my cock in each of their pussies.   I was so horny, I knew that once one of them began to stroke my cock I would explode.


“Dam, I’m so horny I’m going to blow my wad as soon as one of you touches me,”   I warned.


“ It’s ok,” Linda replied.   “We’ll get you back to hard in no time.”  


At that, Linda moved her sunscreen lubricated hand to my hard cock and began to stroke it.   I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.   Within two minutes I was shooting my cum out of my cock.   I opened my eyes and saw Melissa and Emma rubbing their clits as they watched Linda milk me.   Even though I came, I maintained my erection by watching my beautiful daughters pleasuring themselves.


“My turn,” Emma said with conviction.   She moved to my side and said, “Daddy, the first time we watched each other play with ourselves.   This time I want to play with you.”   Emma was referring to the first time we ever masturbated simultaneously, that night in my study several weeks ago.


Emma rubbed sunscreen on her palms and began to stroke my cock.   I closed my eyes and enjoyed how delicately she handled my cock.   She moved her hand up and down and she most certainly was getting a full stroke.   I opened my eyes and saw her vagina was well within arms reach.   I wondered if she would mind if I reached out and began to rub her pussy.   I had never touched her that way before but I wanted to touch her that way today.   I reached my hand out and gently began to rub her leg, mainly to get a response.   The response I got was favorable.   Emma shifted her hips so that her pussy was closer to my hand.   I moved my hand to her pussy and she immediately spread her legs to accommodate me.  


As Emma stroked my hard cock, I began to rub her clit as well as the full length of her outer lips.   Her pussy was wet and her juice was oozing out of her pussy.   With each rub of her clit, Emma’s breathing got faster and her chest heaved as she struggled for each breath.   Emma’s hand moved faster as it glided over my hard cock.   I looked over at Linda and Melissa and watched them as Linda was licking Melissa’s hard nipples.   Melissa’s eyes were closed as she thoroughly enjoyed Linda’s tongue.  


I thought I was in some sort of wild fantasy but this was not a fantasy.   All the sensations, sights and smells were as true as could be.   I felt so much love for all my girls, especially Emma, my youngest.   At seventeen, she had grown into a beautiful and responsible young lady.


“I love you Em,” I said as she stroked my manhood.  


“I love you too daddy,” she replied.


Emma’s nipples were erect and seemed longer than before.   I leaned forward and put one of them in my mouth and began to lick and suck it.   Emma’s hips began to move faster and she began to moan.    I continued to suck on her nipples and she moaned longer and louder.  


“Let me show you how much I love you, baby,” I said through my heavy breaths.   I simultaneously gently pulled her hips toward my cock.   Emma knew what I wanted and she put her leg over me and was straddling my cock.   My breathing became faster than ever and I got a funny feeling in my stomach.   It was like that rush of excitement you got as a kid when you knew you weren’t supposed to do something, but you were about to do it anyway.   Emma never released her hand from my cock and once she straddled me, she slowly guided my cock into her very wet pussy.  


Emma lowered herself onto me and let out a long moan.   Her pussy was snug and it hugged my cock like it didn’t want to let it go.   Emma began to rock her hips and I looked toward Linda and Melissa.   They were now rubbing each other’s clits while they watched Emma and me make love.   Emma rode my cock like she had waited a long time for this day.   Her pussy was filled with my cock, but she wanted more.   With each thrust she drove harder onto my cock.   I watched as the sun glistened off her body.   This time she glistened from a combination of sweat and sunscreen.  


“Show her how much you love her, babe,” Linda said.  


“Yes daddy, show me,” Emma replied.   “I love you!”   Emma’s thrusts suddenly became faster and her face winced in pleasure.   Her breathing became faster and she let out a loud scream.


“Oh yes, daddy!   I love you!”   Emma screamed as she orgasmed all over my cock.  


My cock was hard as could be, but I wasn’t ready to cum yet.   Emma rode my cock slower and slower until she fell into my arms and we held each other for about a minute or so.


“I love you, Em.”


“I love you too, daddy.”


At that, Emma lifted off my cock and fell backward onto the seat in exhaustion.  


“It’s my turn now,” said Melissa.   Melissa sat next to me and began to rub my cock with her hand.   Melissa’s grip was stronger than Emma’s and I know it wouldn’t be long before I had my next orgasm.   


Melissa’s breasts jiggled like gelatin as she stroked my cock.   He pink areolas seemed to be staring at me, beckoning me for attention.   I reached out and took one of Melissa’s breasts into my hand.   I gently rubbed her nipples and held her breast.   Her breasts were full and soft and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came.


“You’re so good, baby.   You’re gonna make me cum soon,” I moaned.   


“Anytime you’re ready, daddy,” Melissa said.   “Don’t hold back.”


Melissa’s grip got a little tighter as she increased the speed at which she stroked my cock.   I felt my dick get just a little harder and thicker as the cum increased in intensity.   Melissa also felt my cock get harder and she moved her hand even faster.    The sensation continued to build and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.   I shot my load like a cannon and Melissa didn’t miss a stroke.   She slowed her strokes as my cum subsided.   As I began to relax, I heard Linda moaning loudly.   I looked at her and she was making herself cum while watching Melissa and me. Melissa continued to gently stroke my cock until Linda was done with her orgasm.


After a few minutes of rest, I got up and jumped into the water.   It was truly refreshing after what I had been through.   The girls quickly followed and we swam nude in the water for what seemed like an hour or so.



Based upon the location of the sun, I thought we only had a few hours of sun left and announced that it was time to go back to shore.   Everyone got back onto the boat where we all hugged each other and thanked each other for a wonderful showing of love.   We put our bathing suits back on and I drove the boat toward shore.   On the way back I had plenty of time to think about what occurred.   I was grateful that my wife and I raised our kids to be comfortable in showing love in a physical way.   Although that’s not what we intended upon doing, clearly that’s what happened.


I wouldn’t change it for the world!





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Posted 09 May 2013 09:10
Very hot story. Good job.
Posted 15 Oct 2011 20:27
nice little family love tale,,,a 5 of course,,could have been a little longer,,maybe more descriptive or passionate,just lacked that bit of forbidden fruit excitement!! otherwise, well written. thanks.
Posted 31 Jan 2011 12:53
please continue story ...
Posted 27 Jan 2011 15:06
Great. "V=5+."
Posted 30 Jun 2009 21:57
Sorry, but I thought that it had all the right pieces in all the right places, but there wasn't enough,well, passion. I mean here's this guy having sex with his wife and 2 daughters, albeit of legal age. But everybody here was breaking a major judeo-christian taboo, not only religious but legal. But they never really showed the thrill of the forbidden, the boundaries crossed.
Posted 30 Jun 2009 12:50
What a lucky guy.
Posted 30 Jun 2009 09:18
another wonderful stroy of the love a father and daughter can share

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