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Family Love Part 1

Penny loses her virginity to her father and learns the joys of family fucking
Penny was in her bedroom applying sunscreen to her naked body when she looked out the window. Her parents were in the yard by the pool. They must have come home while she was sleeping. Penny looked a little closer and realized both of them were naked. Intrigued, Penny stopped what she was doing and watched.

Penny’s father Mark, stripped off his bathing shorts, his cock bouncing free. He was tanned with a light dusting of chest hair. He was muscular and well built. Penny was sure that his cock was at least 9” long and it looked very thick. Mark reached down and stroked his penis while his wife stripped off her barely-there bathing suit.

Penny watched as her mother, Linda, untied the white bikini top revealing her 38DD breasts. They were still rather perky and here nipples were proudly erect cherries on top. She slid the g-string over her hips and down to the ground. Penny was beginning to get aroused at the sight of her parents and began to feel her own breasts.

At 16, Penny was already very adept at masturbating and often enjoyed surfing for porn on the internet. She had even bought her own dildo 6 months ago. Penny’s own breasts were a 36D, full and plump. Her nipples seemed to be permanently erect. Penny had also begun shaving her pussy 2 years ago when she first saw a magazine picture of a woman. She loved how smooth it felt down there when it was bare.

Mark had moved from kissing Linda’s mouth to suckling her nipple while Linda stroked his shaft. Penny felt her own pussy cream at the sight of her parents foreplay. She wondered what would happen if she joined in. Penny had often wondered if either of her parents would want to fuck her. Sometimes when her parents were at work she would masturbate on their bed and pretend that they were there with her.

Penny decided she would no longer wonder if they wanted her, she was going to go out and ask. Staying naked, Penny flung open her bedroom door and bounded down the stairs. She quietly opened the patio doors and walked out to where her parents were. Neither Mark nor Linda saw her. By this time Linda was splayed out on the grass, Mark thrusting his hard cock into her pussy. Linda tugged at her nipples. Penny watched her father’s butt cheeks flex with each thrust in. Linda and Mark both moaned their excitement. Penny played with herself until her mother’s climax.

Linda came moaning and thrashing. She bucked her hips to meet her husbands thrusts. Mark reached down between him and Linda and found her clit. He gently pinched the nubbin, causing Linda to cum again. Linda gasped for breath and Mark sat between her thighs, still buried in his wife, waiting her her to catch her breath. Penny cleared her throat to let her parents know she was there. They jumped to hear her there. Mark gaped at Penny’s nude body.

Penny knew from the look her father gave her that he wanted her. “Daddy, can I try?” Penny asked in her best innocent voice. Linda smiled and sat up as Mark pulled out of her pussy with a pop.

“Of course sweetie. We were hoping this day would come! Your father has been fantasizing about you for years now.” Linda said. She stood up and walked over to her naked daughter. She rubbed her hands up and down the nubile body. Penny reached out and pinched her mother’s cherry nipples. Mark, not wanting to be left out, stood behind his daughter, his erection becoming even stiffer. He gently nudged it into the cleft her her bum and reached around to massage his only daughter’s breasts. He fed one of the ruby nipples to his wife who suckled it. His other hand made it’s way down to the bare pussy lips. Penny moaned in excitement and Mark rubbed the pouty lips gently.

Linda released the nipple and Mark held up the hand that had rubbed Penny’s pussy. Linda sniffed it and licked the juice off his hand. Penny was so aroused she leaned back into her father’s strong chest.

“Daddy? Please take my virginity. I want you to be the one I remember inside of me,” Penny purred. Linda took Penny’s hand and led her to a shady spot in the grass. She pulled her daughter down so she was kneeling and proceeded to kiss her mouth. Penny kissed back, letting her tongue slide into her mother’s mouth. Mark looked on, stroking his cock with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. The two women didn’t just kiss each others mouths, but let their hands wander. Penny leaned over and sucked a nipple until Linda gasped in pain and pleasure. Linda let her hand wander down to the dripping pussy between her daughter’s thighs and found her clit swollen and eager. Linda motioned for Mark to join them. He walked over and both women turned to face his massive cock.

Penny could see close up that the cock was more like 11inches erect and 5 inches in circumfrence. She had no idea how it would fit inside her but she was eager to try. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip of the bloated purple head. Linda whispered “Drink your father’s milk, sweetie. You’ll like the taste of cum.” Penny leaned forward and licked the warm droplet off the tip. Mark shuddred and knew that his composure would be tested with his daughter this ripe for sex.

Linda took her daughter’s hand and placed it under Mark’s balls to cup them. Mark was very meticulous about his pubic hair and shaved it all off except for a narrow strip. Linda gently massaged the swollen sacks of cum. Then Linda instructed Penny to lick the cock as though it were an ice cream cone. Penny did as she was told and bent forward to lick. Linda parted Penny’s thighs and bent over her lap to suckle the puffed clit. Penny jumped when her mother made contact and Mark chuckled. He locked eyes with Penny and watched her lustfully.

Without needing to talk, they all instinctively knew that it was time for Mark to penetrate his daughter’s virgin pussy. He sank to his knees and kissed Penny on the lips. Linda went behind Penny and had her lay down on the cool grass. She spread her legs and Mark knelt between them. His cock stood straight out from his groin, pointing the way to his baby girl’s centre.

“Sweetie, are you on birth control,” Mark asked. He hoped she was, he hated to wear a condom and he didn’t want to get his daughter pregnant. Penny nodded and was rewarded with a big smile from Mark. “Good, I want you to know what my cock feels like, my hot cum shooting into you. I don’t want anything between us.”

Mark leaned over his daughter and captured a nipple in his mouth. He used his lips to squeeze the bud, it puffing out when released. He did the same with the other nipple then shimmied down her body until he was nose to clit with her pussy. With his tongue he caressed the slit a few times, then found her juicy centre. He was amazed his daughter was so wet. He thought Linda was the only one who produced that much lube. Mark thrust his tongue into the open hole several times, enjoying the musky taste of Penny. He couldn’t believe he was in his own backyard with his tongue inside his 16 year old daughter. His cock throbbed with need.

Mark slid back up to his daughter’s face and found her suckling her mother’s breast. Mark was reminded of when Penny was a baby and would suckle all day if Linda let her. He positioned the head of cock at her pussy opening and prepared to push his way in. Linda took back her breast and put her hand’s on Pennys’.

“Please Daddy, I’m ready. Put your whole dick inside me, I don’t care if it hurts. I want you in me,” Penny pleaded. She pulled her knees back to better prepare herself for the big cock that her father would put into her. While Linda massaged Penny’s boobs, Mark gently guided his dick to his daughter’s hole and pushed in. Penny gasped in obvious delight. Mark continued to push. She was tight and gripped him like a vise but he persisted and slowly slid his way home. When he was full sheathed, he rested to let Penny adjust to his manhood.

Penny was amazed at how full she felt and that she was able to take him all in. Her dildo wasn’t as big as Mark was but he was all the way in and she didn’t want to lose that feeling ever. Mark began rocking his hips, shoving his fat cock in and out of her pussy. Penny wrapped her legs around Mark’s waist. She was already panting in excitement. Linda reached between the two people she loved most and found Penny’s clit. She massaged it, quickly bringing her daughter to a climax.

Penny moaned and panted, the orgasm building. She couldn’t believe she lay there on the ground with her father thrusting his manhood in and our of her while her mother played with her clit. Mark somehow managed to keep his own orgasm from breaking. He wanted to watch his daughter’s first one with a man before he had his own release. Penny shuddered, her climax peaking. She bucked her hips, meeting her father’s thrusts. Mark bent over and took a hard nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard while continuing to rock his cock in and out of his daughter’s spasming pussy.

When it was over Penny opened her eyes, dazed. She was stunned and horny again at the realization that it was her own Dad that had taken her virginity and caused such a powerful orgasm. She looked at her parents who were watching her proudly and intently, Mark still buried to his hilt inside her. “Hi baby. You ok?” Mark asked with a proud papa smile. “Better than ok. Daddy, you fucked me like mom. You gave me the biggest and best orgasm I’ve ever had. But you haven’t cum yet!” “I wanted to watch you cum. Can Daddy have another go ‘round in your pretty pussy?” Penny smiled and nodded. She reached her hands out and squeezed Mark’s bum cheeks, pulling him tighter into her. Linda had a devilish smile on her face. “I know what would make this even better,” she said as she moved around behind Mark. Mark knew exactly where his wife was going and was excited. He knew he wouldn’t last long once he started to fuck his daughter again.

Mark bent over on all fours, cock still deep in his daughter’s tight slit. He rested his forehead on Penny’s full chest and felt his wife lick his butt hole. Linda loved her husband’s ass and she knew he loved to be penetrated. She knew he’d lose his load quickly once he started to bang their daughter again. She poked her tongue in and out of his puckered hole. Mark began rocking his hips in and out of Penny again. Penny moaned and Mark played with her nipples and her clit.

Penny quickly was cumming again. Mark couldn’t hold on any longer and shot a ream of hot sticky cum into her. Mark sat up a little more, grunted and shot another load into her. His testicles had been so engorged with his hot cum that they kept shooting into Penny. After 5 ejaculations he finally collapsed on top of Penny. Mark was still hard but needed a breather before another go around. He rolled his daughter on top of him, never once pulling his dick out of her pussy.

Mark and Penny cuddled in each other’s arms. Linda crawled up to them, kissing them both, and stroking them in reassurance that they were both very hot and had made her horny again. Mark kissed Penny on the lips, and possessively cupped her breast. He finally pulled out of her and rolled her onto her side facing away from him.

Penny mourned the loss of the big cock inside her. She had become accustomed to having the large tool in there. She was horny all over again though when she felt the cock resting in the cleft of her bum. She had always been intrigued by anal sex. Linda knelt in front of her daughter’s pussy and began to lick up the mix of creamy cum. Mark caressed his daughter’s soft body, paying special attention to her tender nipples. He realized she was breathing hard again from her mother’s lapping of cream. He gently massaged and pulled on her nipples until he felt her body shudder with yet another orgasm.
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