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Family Secrets - Part Three (Final)

The secret is revealed.
Edited by Deep blue C

As soon as we arrived at Patty’s little efficiency apartment, she told me to make myself comfortable while she went into the bathroom. Then I heard the shower running.

I thought to myself, this apartment was perfect. There was a small galley kitchen next to the bathroom. A couch and chair were set up in one corner of the room and on the other side of the room was a queen sized bed with a dressing table on one side of it and a tall chest of drawers was on the other side of the bed.

Patty had a large wide screen TV mounted on the wall across from her bed and couch.

It seemed like she was in the bathroom forever. When she finally came out she was wearing a low cut loose fitting pink cotton night gown that came down to just above her knees with a picture of Snow White on the front.

Patty looked at me and told me it was my turn to take a shower and get ready for bed. I did as she instructed and went into the bathroom. I quickly shaved, showered and slipped into my blue plaid P.J. bottoms.

When I came out of the bathroom, I found Patty sitting in the middle of her bed with her chin resting on her knees. She had her arms wrapped around her legs just below her knees as she watched TV. When she saw me, Patty patted the bed beside her for me to join her. I nervously got on the bed and moved over next to her. As soon as I was beside her, she lifted my arm and put it around her shoulder and cuddled up under my arm with her head against my chest.

The warmth and the flowery scent of my mother’s freshly washed body against my side were causing a burning desire deep inside me that I knew I shouldn’t have for her. I couldn’t help myself and kissed the top of her head. Patty’s black hair was still damp and smelled sweet from her shampoo. When she felt my lips touch her cheek, she shivered and rubbed her head against my chest and sighed, “Oh God, Sonny, you know we shouldn’t be together like this.”

I was stunned by her comment for a moment. Then I said bravely, “But Patty, I want to be here with you. There’s nobody else I want to be with except you!”

As I said that, she turned towards me and looked into my eyes and sighed, “Oh, Sonny, do you really want to be with me?”

Then she put her arm around my shoulder and caressed my cheek with the palm of her other hand. Patty was looking longingly into my eyes as she whispered softly, “Oh, Sonny, please don‘t. You know we shouldn‘t.” Then her words trailed off as she closed her eyes and our lips came together tenderly.

My heart was beating so hard and fast I could hear it pounding in my ears. Then Patty broke our tender lovers kiss and started kissing my forehead, eye lids, the tip of my noise. Being relatively inexperienced, I started doing the same thing to her.

Patty lay back on the bed pulling me down over her, with my chest pressing against her breasts. As my chest covered hers it felt like her hard nipples were burning holes into me through her soft cotton nightgown. Then she began moving her head around in a small tight circle as she brushed her soft lips against mine. Patty finally rolled her head to the side pulling her lips away from my mouth. As she stared into my eyes. I could see that her eyes were glazed over with lust. My mother was breathing heavily through her slightly parted lips and I could feel her chest and falling under mine as she breathed.

I thought she was going to tell me to stop again but she didn’t. She just lay there. So I continued kissing her forehead, the tip of her nose, her cheeks and her ears. As my breath accidentally went into her ear, I felt her body stiffen and start to quiver.

So I nipped her ear lobe and gently blew my warm breath into her ear. Then I felt little shivers going up and down her spine. As I blew into Patty's ear, she wrapped her arms around my neck and sighed, “Ooooh God, Sonny, please don’t do that. I’m only human and you‘re driving me nuts.”

I kept gently nibbling on her ear lobe and blowing my warm breath into her ear as I slowly rubbed my hand down over her shoulder until it was over her small firm breast. When Patty felt my hand caressing her rubbery tit, she turned her head towards me and kissed me. As I squeezed her spongy little tit, Patty pushed her tongue between my lips into my mouth. When her tongue entered my mouth, I circled my tongue around hers, causing Patty to dig her finger tips into my back.

As she did that my body began twitching and I unconsciously started jerking my hips against her side. We began playing with our tongues between others mouths, flicking the tips of them back and forth across the ends of each others that sent chills up and down each others spines. Then we began circling our tongues around each others between our lips. We started pushing them into each others mouths and circling our tongues round and round each others, and going and back and forth from mouth to mouth.

While we passionately French kissed, I could feel her slowly lifting and lowering her hips in the fucking motion by my side. I broke our kiss and started kissing the side of my mother’s neck while I fondled her breast and rubbed the tip of my thumb over her enlarged stiffened nipple.

As my kisses neared Patty’s breasts, I could hear her breathing becoming labored and saw her chest starting to raise and lower as she inhaled and exhaled.

I pushed the little straps of her night gown to the sides and pulled the top down exposing her perky cupcake sized breasts. Her small perfect boobies were tipped with sweet innocent looking pink puffy nipples just like a teenage girl's. They looked so good. But I didn’t know exactly what to do to them, so I bent over her and gently kissed them, first on one nipple then on the other.

When I did that, Patty trembled and her hips jerked up off the bed. That sudden movement told me she liked it, so I licked around one nipple. Then I circled her other nipple with the tip of my tongue causing her to moan softly, “Aaaaah ooh God Sonny, Please suck on them.”

And I did. I not only sucked on them one at a time. I nipped the tips of her hard nipples between my teeth and flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth across them. Then I gently caressed her small breast and sucked on her hard nipples.

I stopped sucking on Patty’s tits, so I could kiss her again. As our lips touched, she rolled over on her side facing me. When I slipped my tongue between her lips, Patty unconsciously lifted her leg over my hips. As tongues intertwined in my mother's mouth, she began pumping her hips against mine. My hand instinctively went to the small of her back and I pulled her tighter against me. As our kiss intensified, I instinctively pumped my hips back and forth against hers as I held her tightly in place against me.

We lay there like that for a while kissing and dry humping each other. Then I got brave and reached down and slipped my hand under the hem of her nightgown. When Patty felt my hand on the back of her warm bare thigh, she shuddered and shook her head from side to side mumbling, “ No, no, Sonny. Don‘t do that we shouldn't!”

But instead of fighting me off, Patty’s hand when to the waistband of my pajamas and she started trying to pull them down. I lifted my hips letting her peel my pajamas down my legs. Then I kicked my feet to help her get them off.

I ran my hand upward over the side of her leg. When I reached her hip, I felt her soft cotton panties. She shivered as I gripped her cotton clad ass cheek and pulled her against me, causing my hard throbbing bare cock to go between her warm legs and press upward against her crotch as it slipped between her parted thighs.

When she felt my rock hard bare dick pressing against her panty covered crotch, she shuddered again and forced her tongue between my lips into my mouth. I sucked her tongue as I slipped my hand under the waist band of her panties. Patty lifted her hips allowing me to peel them down her legs. Then she rolled onto her back. Patty drew in her breath and sighed, “Oh God, Sonny, this is so wrong, but I can’t help myself. I need you, so bad.”

Then Patty pulled me over on top of her. She took my dick in her hand and rubbed it up and down over her womanhood. As she placed the head of my cock against her opening she looked into my eyes and said, “ Oh God Sonny I love you, I really love you."

As I started pushing myself into her, I whispered into her ear, ”I love you, too.”

Patty lifted her hips as I started going into her and whispered, “I want you to know that I've never been with any other man besides your father.” Then Patty lifted her hips. As I gently pushed my hips downward forcing my dick into her warm extremely moist snug womanhood filling her with my hard swollen penis.

As I entered her she started kissing me all over my face and brought her knees up by my sides and wrapped her arms around my neck. As my dick went deeper and deeper into her. Patty’s vaginal muscles seemed to contract around my cock and grip it like it was trying to hold me inside her. 

Patty was sighing in my ear, “Oh God Sonny, I'm sorry. I know it's wrong, but I love you,” as my penis went into her.

She was tight I was afraid that I might hurt her. So I was being as gentle as I possibly could. After I was all the way into her.I gently began pulling myself upward withdrawing my cock from the depths of my mother's vagina and then I slowly pushed myself back into her.

As I slowly rode her I could feel her getting a little looser and wetter and wetter as we made love. Patty was rolling her head from side to side as I went in and out of her and she was lifting and lower her hips in rhythm with mine.

Then she groaned loudly, "Oh God Sonny, fuck me harder now, jam your big dick into me."

So I started pounding my dick into her like a wild man. Once I started fucking her like that. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. And it didn't take very long before I got that telltale tingling deep inside my balls and I knew I was on the verge of going over the edge and there was no stopping it.

Patty was rapidly rolling her head from side to side, gasping for breath and gripping the bed covers as she bucked her hips up off the bed, as I slammed myself into her driving my cock deeper inside her warm wet clinging cunt.

Patty was gripping the bed covers, her eyes were closed tight and she was rolling her head from side to side gasping, “Aaaaah, aaaaah,” as I pushed my manhood all the way into her.

She sounded like I was forcing the air out of her lungs as I filled her with my hard pulsing pecker. But she keep lifting her hips with each of my downward thrusts, taking me deeper inside her warm wet clinging womanhood.

Then she screeched, “Aaaaah, Sonny, I’m coming.” She started trembling as she arched her arched her back, lifting her hips higher off the bed forcing my dick deeper inside her. Suddenly, Patty went stiff as her vaginal muscles gripped my dick even tighter. than it already was. As her pussy contracted around my cock it felt like the walls of her love canal were fluttering around my dick.

Well, that was all it took because the next thing I knew, I closed my eyes as tight as I could. Then the room seemed to start spinning around and everything started turning bright colors as my balls began erupting. I shot gob after gob of sperm out of my testicles up the shaft of my cock, out the end of my dick, deep inside my mother’s warm wet clinging womanhood. Then I collapsed on top of her.

The next thing I knew, Patty was kissing my cheeks and running her finger tips through my hair whispering, “Oh, God Sonny, I’m so sorry. I couldn‘t help myself. I just love you so much.”

When I kissed her cheeks I could taste her salty tears. Then I asked her, “Patty, what’s wrong?”

She said, “I’m sorry, Sonny, we shouldn’t have done that.”

I asked, "Why? I love you and you love me. How can anything that feels that good and so right, be so wrong, when two people love each other the way we do?”

I though for a moment then I said, “ I really don’t care what other people think.”

“Oh, Sonny,” she replied. “If you really don’t care, then neither do I.”

Then I kissed her again and asked as I rolled off her onto my side facing her. “Patty please tell me, who’s my Father? I want to know.”

Patty sat up and asked, ”Sonny, how much do you know about our family?”

“Not much,” I replied.

Patty looked at me strangely. Then she said, “Okay, Sonny I’ll tell you everything, but please don’t think badly of anyone because everybody concerned loves you.”

I nodded my head up and down in response.

Patty sucked in her breath and exhaled loudly as she said, ”Sonny, your grandfather isn't only your grandfather, he's also your father.”

I was shocked and dumbfounded but before I could say anything, Patty put her finger over my lips and said, “Let me finish. It’s not really as bad as it sounds!”

Then Patty sucked in her breath deeply again and as she exhaled she said, “Sonny, I don’t know how else to tell you this. Your grandparents are also brother and sister! According to them everyone comes from Adam and Eve. So all people are brothers and sisters. So they don’t see anything wrong with the way they live.”

Then she went on to say, “Now, getting back to you. Your grandparents wanted another child after they had me but your grandmother couldn’t have any more children so they asked me if I would be willing to have a child for them. I agreed and had you for them. They adopted you as soon as you were born. So I’m not only your biological mother I’m also your older sister. Do you understand what I just told you?”

I was dumbfounded for a moment then I thought to myself, if my grandparents can be brother and sister and live as man and wife, why can’t Patty and I do the same.

Patty asked, “Sonny, what are you thinking about that‘s making you smile?”

So I told her. Then Patty asked, “Is that what you really want?”

I said, “Yeah, that’s what I want, Patty. I want to be with you forever. That is, if you want to be with me.”

Patty put her arms around me and pulled against her as she replied, ”Yes, that’s what I want too.”

Then we kissed and made love four more times that night.

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Posted 01 Dec 2012 18:18
Good basic story but the grandparents should be more involved - from their beginnings maybe - how they came to join up
Posted 08 Nov 2012 00:14
very nicely written ... I wish therewas some liesurely lingering cunnilingus ...

Posted 07 Nov 2012 17:21
great story

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