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Fashion Show

Mark's younger sister, Michelle, needs help preparing for vacation

“Hey! How does this look?”

Mark finished pouring the orange juice into his glass and turned around to his sister’s voice. She was standing in the door way wearing a flowered sundress. She had one hand on her hip and the other arm in the air…striking a pose. “What? New dress?”  

“Yeah. What do you think?” asked Michelle.  

He looked up and down at the dress: A white dress with small pink and blue flowers all over it. “It’s okay. Looks like a dress for a lawn party or going to church.” He took a sip of his orange juice.  

“That’s the right answer! It’s for the party!” She turned and walked away from the kitchen. Mark could hear her running up the stairs to her bedroom. His 17-year old sister was going on vacation with her friends next weekend. Apparently, she went shopping for new clothes.   

He grabbed his glass of orange juice and walked toward the stairs to his bedroom. It was good to be home for the summer from college. One year to go and he would have his degree in engineering. As he passed his sister’s room, he could hear her moving around behind the closed door. He got to the doorway of his bedroom and his sister opened her door. “What about this one?”  

He stopped and took a sip of his orange juice as he turned. She was wearing a long, sky blue dress with a knot tied at the top leaving one shoulder completely bare. “Is that for the beach?”  

“I planned to wear this at the luau. Not good?” Her shoulders slumped.  

He looked again. “No, it’s fine. I’ve only seen girls wear that to the beach. The color looks good against your tan.” She clapped her hands, bounced back into her room, and closed the door with loud thud. He said that last part because he could tell she was looking for approval and it was true; she really did look good in it. Her skin color plus her blondish hair worked well with the blue. Like him, she played sports during school, which made clothes shopping her favorite hobby.  

He set his half finished glass on the desk and turned on the computer. He plopped in the chair and started reading his email. There was a knock on the door and he turned. Michelle was there wearing a one-piece aqua marine bathing suit. “Wow”, he said softly.   

“I guess this is okay, huh?” She stepped into his room looking down at herself.   

She stood there, bare foot, the color a striking contrast to her tan. The cut of the bathing suit was amazing. The openings for her legs went up past her hips and the top scooped down showing off her ample cleavage. Michelle definitely got her looks from mom’s side of the family, Mark thought. Almost looks like Aunt Sylvia. “You will definitely turn heads with that on.”  

“Mom told me I couldn’t buy a two-piece. Please don’t tell her about this one. She might not like it either.”  

“She didn’t want you showing off to much, did she?”  

“Ohmygawd!” She rolled her eyes.  

Mark had to laugh also. “Guess mom hasn’t been on the beach in a while. That looks fine.”  

“She thinks I’ll end up on Girls Gone Wild or something,” Michelle said and turned to leave the room.  

“Wait!” Once again, Mark was caught by surprise.  

Michelle grabbed the door frame and leaned into the room, “What?”  

“Come back here a minute.”  

She took one step back into his room and looked down at the bathing suit, “What is it?”  

“Turn around.” He made a circular motion in the air with his finger. She slowly turned around. “You had better make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen.” The back of her suit was practically missing. The “V” of the back came down to the lower part of her back and the high cut legs showed off her firm ass almost completely. The tan line wasn’t glowing, but it was obvious where the sun typically tanned her butt.  

She looked over her shoulder trying to see her back then looked at him, “Well…it’s a one-piece like I promised mom I would buy.”   

“Yeah…you’re going to turn heads coming and going.” He continued to stare. “Hey, is Rachel going with you? Get some photos of her on the beach.” He smirked. Rachel is one of Michelle’s classmates. Long dark hair, big boobs, great ass, and a year younger. Mark and Rachel have been flirting with each other for years.   

“No way!” She stormed out of the room. “Ask her to send them.”  

Mark went back to reading email. His mind drifted to Rachel wearing Michelle’s one-piece. His cock was growing as his thoughts progressed to Rachel wearing the little bikini he has seen her in a few days ago.   

“Okay, I need your help,” Michelle’s voice came from the hallway.   


“I can’t get this dress zipped in the back, but I don’t want you to see it until it is zipped.”  

“Okay. How is this going to happen?”  

“You have to close your eyes. I’m going to come in, you zip me up, and I’ll tell you when to open your eyes.”  

“How did I get volunteered for this fashion show and wardrobe malfunction?”  

“Tsk. Oh, come on.”  

Mark moved his chair around to face the door. “Okay, my eyes are closed.”  

“You promise?” She peeked into the room. He was sitting in the chair with his eyes closed, his hands on his knees…and a bulge pushing through his gym shorts. Michelle was surprised. “Are you sure you’re ready?”  

“My eyes are closed. I’m ready.” He sighed heavily. He could hear her walking into the room and stopped in front of him.   

“Okay. Zip me up.”  

He reached forward with both hands and grabbed her hips. Out of instinct, he squeezed. “Oops.”  

Michelle felt the strength of his grip. “It’s up higher and in the middle.”  

His fingers danced along the small of her back until both of his hands were together. He slowly moved them up her back feeling for the small metal clasp. He was tempted to open his eyes, but thought this was a bit funny and smiled.  

Michelle could feel his fingers along her back. It was a strange feeling. She looked over her shoulder and could see his eyes still closed. “Why are you smiling?”  

“This is funny and I feel a bit silly.”  

“This is serious. I want to make sure all my clothes fit right and won’t make me look like a dorky high school girl.”  

“But you ARE a dorky high school girl.” He laughed.  

“Will you hurry up. The zipper is higher.”  

He slid his finger up the center of her back. His mind went to Rachel while he was doing this. He knew this was a mistake because his cock was getting harder and he was becoming more uncomfortable in his tight gym shorts. “I can’t find the zipper. Where is it?”  

“It’s up higher.” She liked his fingers moving up her back. She loved back rubs and this was starting to feel really good. “Move up about five inches.”  

“I can’t reach sitting down.” He put his hands on the arms of his chair and pushed himself up.  

“Don’t open your eyes!”  

“I didn’t.” He reached forward and took hold of her shoulders. He could feel her warm skin on his hands and slid them along until he felt her neck.  

Michelle closed her eyes. That felt sooo good. She leaned her neck forward when his fingers touched the nape of her neck.   

Mark gently raked his spread fingers down her back trying to find the zipper clasp. There was a touch of fabric on his outstretched pinky fingers, but the rest of his hand felt his sister’s warm back.   

Michelle took a deep breath: That feels great! “Did you find it?”  

He softly moved down until he felt the zipper’s teeth and took hold of the zipper flap. He slowly moved the clasp up and shifted is weight trying to reposition his rigid cock. It didn’t help.  

Michelle let out a soft sigh when she felt the zipper close. “About time.” She didn’t really want the impromptu back rub to end. She turned to face him. “Okay…open your eyes.”

He opened his eyes and found she was staring at him. He looked down and saw part of the black, sleeveless cocktail dress. His eyes were immediately on his sister’s cleavage. Her breasts were squeezed into the dress like the bathing suit. “Wow.”  

“You’re like all the boys,” she huffed. “Stop looking at my boobs and tell me what you think of the dress.” She stepped back. It was a typical black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline. He looked at her legs. If he didn’t know better, he thought the dress was more like a miniskirt.   

“It looks good. Bet it cost a lot.”  

She had been staring at the very big tent in the front of his shorts. She snapped back to reality when she heard her brother’s voice. “I picked it up on sale.”  

“It looks good.” His eyes went up and down the dress until his gaze settled on her bust line. “The no-bra look will certainly get you some extra attention.”  

“Wha--" she looked down. Her nipples were pushing against the thin material. Back rubs were always her weakness. She glanced at her smiling brother and quickly put her hands over her chest. “You are SUCH a boy!”  

“Well…yeah. Be glad I am…” he sat back down, “…or you never would get an honest opinion.” From this angle, he could finally determine it was a mini skirt. Her thighs were as tan as the rest of her.  

“You’re a dork.” She was having problems not looking at the outline of his hard cock, but decided to have some fun at her brother’s condition. “And I’m not the only one having issues.” Her eyes darted down to the lump in his shorts.  

“Yeah…well…it’s a completely natural thing.” He swiveled the chair back to the desk.  


Michelle turned to leave and Mark watched her walk out. “Hey. You might want to rethink your underwear.”  

“Now what?!” She faced him.  

“Your blue striped panties are really noticeable when you’re walking.”  

“Are you serious?!”  

“You tell me: Did I get the right color?”  

“Yeah. You did.”  

“Wear a pair with your name on the ass and everyone will remember you.”  

“Dork!” She smiled at him. “Do you always look up women’s dresses?”  

“Of course. It’s a great hobby.” Mark laughed.  

Michelle laughed as she walked back to her room. “You’re such a dork.”  

He heard her door close and he went back to the computer. Reading email was not going to be possible with his hard-on. He got up, closed his door, and went back to the computer. He quickly typed in the name of his favorite porn site. After a short time, he started rubbing himself on the outside of his gym shorts. He was looking at the screen filled with nude women, but his thoughts were jumping between Rachel in the bikini and his sister in her one-piece. He slid his hand into his shorts and rubbed his cock. Mark was startled by a knock on his door. He quickly removed his hand and closed the web browser as his sister walked back in.  

“Why was your door closed?”  

“I was about to change clothes.” He looked at her dress. “That’s the same black dress, isn’t it?” Her nipples were still poking out. The black of the dress a contrast to her brown skin was striking. She did look good.  

“Yup. Same dress.” She noticed he still had a hard-on when he twisted around to look at her. “Does it look any better?”  

Mark looked but couldn’t tell what was different. He shook his head, “I don’t see anything different.”  

She turned around a few times. “Nothing different? Nothing catching your eye?”  

He watched her but couldn’t see anything had changed. “No idea. What am I missing?”  

She moved closer to him. “Are you SURE you don’t see anything different?”  

He looked at the dress again. He also took some extra time examining her cleavage, still nipples, and toned thighs. He really needed to get some relief. “You need to tell me ‘cause I don’t see anything different.”  

She faced toward the door and slowly lifted the back of her skirt, “I fixed the striped panty problem.”  

He watched as his sister began to reveal the lower part of her ass. The tan lines more evident this close up. She was facing away and he took the opportunity to adjust himself, which didn’t really help. His cock was getting harder by the moment. He realized he should say something before it became obvious to Michelle he was ogling her ass. “You do realize this will get you even more attention than the striped panties. You should thank the person who invented t-back underwear.”  

“Oh, I didn’t do that. I thought it would be better to go commando.”   

“What?!” He looked directly at her ass searching for some hint of under garment.  

“Yeah. This way I won’t ruin the dress with panty lines and it’s more comfortable. It feels sooo much better without a g-string up my butt.”  

“You did not just show me your naked butt.”  

“Why wouldn’t I?” She moved her feet slightly apart and bent forward a little. “See…”  

Mark looked and couldn’t believe it: She wasn’t wearing any underwear. From his seated position, he could start to see is sister’s pussy. “You’re not wearing any panties!” She was showing him her pussy!  

“I told you.” She shifted a foot a little more and could begin to feel the chill of the air against her shaved pussy. “Does it make the dress look better?”  

He couldn’t stop staring. “Yes, it looks better.” His sister’s pussy. It was smooth. It was a little puffy. And she was glistening. She was wet.   

“Glad the money I spent was worth it.”  

“Yeah. This is definitely an attention getter.” He kept staring. His cock twitched. Her right thigh moved a little and he could see a little bit more of her pussy. “You must really like the dress.”  

“Yes, I do. It makes me feel sexy.”  

“Yeah. I can tell.” Instinct took over and he slid his palm between his sister’s legs. “You’re wet.”  

“Oooh…” Michelle shuttered but didn’t move. She was so horny. Her brother’s hand felt great. “That feels good.” She spread her legs more, leaned forward, and put her hands on her knees to balance herself.  

Mark took one finger and caressed along the outer lips. After a few strokes, he pushed his finger between the outer lips. Michelle let out a gasp. With his other hand, he pushed the mini skirt up so it was over her hips and knelt on the floor. The angle was a little strange, but he managed to slip his tongue along Michelle’s pussy.  

“Oh yeah…” she hissed, almost losing her balance.  

He stood up, grabbing hold of her shoulders, and faced her to the desk. Michelle placed her hands on the desk while keeping her legs spread. Mark quickly pulled off his gym shorts. His cock pointing more up than forward. He pushed Michelle’s skirt up again and bent so his mouth was close to her ear. “You are so hot and horny.”   

“I know,” she whispered  

“I’m so horny, too.” He reached around and squeezed her breasts. He could feel her nipples through the material.   

“I know.” She lifted her head up. “Your cock looked so big.”  

“Glad you noticed” He took hold of his cock and rubbed the tip up and down the crack of her ass. He squatted a little and slowly pushed his cock forward into his sister.   

“Oh, yeah…that’s feels sooo good!”  

He started rocking slowly at first. Soon Michelle was matching his rhythm and he grabbed onto her hips. Their breathing heavier and faster with each lunge. Michelle reached between her legs and found her clit. The tips of her fingers could feel Mark’s shaft moving as she rubbed herself. “Oh, Mark…come on! Make me cum! Make me cum!”  

He liked hearing his sister talk dirty. He changed the rhythmic pumping action into stronger, more aggressive thrusts. Each time he buried his cock deep into her pussy, he used her hips to yank her closer. Their flesh slapping together was punctuated with Michelle shouting an ‘Oh!’ or ‘Yes!’  

She had to abandon her clit and grab hold of the desk’s edge. He brother was becoming more forceful. She wanted more leverage to make sure she felt every bit of his cock inside of her. She would squeeze her muscles together and it made her even hornier to hear him grunt each time. Now she really felt it! His cock was getting harder and harder. This was it!

Mark couldn’t hold back any longer. Faster and faster. He pulled his sister into him and his cock let loose a torrent of cum. His body shuddered and he continued plunging his cock into Michelle’s pussy. She pushed back into him. She could feel his warm fluid spurting into her and soon it was dripping down her leg.  

Mark slowed to a stop, leaving his spent cock inside his sister.   

Michelle gave her brother another squeeze with her pussy as he pulled his cock out of her. She rose from the desk, making sure to hold her skirt up and away from her body. “Liked the dress, huh?” She leaned forward and gave him a little kiss on the lips.  

Mark smiled, “Thanks for the fashion show.”  

Michelle walked out of his room, “You never know when there might be another one.”


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Posted 14 Sep 2013 10:31
mmmm very hot,the things i missed out on by not having a sister mmmm bugga
Posted 23 Jan 2012 21:12
Nice story. Definitely worth a 5
Posted 04 Jan 2011 05:29
made my 7 stand up well done get,s a five
Posted 01 Nov 2009 18:50
This is a sexy story, with a playful, mischievous quality to it. I think it's worth Five, too.
Posted 18 Oct 2009 21:05
Excellent story. Gave you a solid "5"! Thanks, Reeb

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