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Fetish Between Siblings Part 2

Belinda goes to her bother's room for a special clean up.
I was pleasantly surprised when Belinda slipped into my room before bedtime. My cock throbbed to life knowing that my sister had come to honor her promise to me and also that she had not showered since soccer practice and our taboo encounter. Mom and dad had retired for the night making it possible for Belinda to slip into my room.

I watched as my sexy dirty sister slipped off her sweat pants and pulled her T-shirt over her head. Her firm small sexy tits were illuminated by the moonlight coming through my window. Her sandy brown pubic hair stood out as a stark contrast to her pale skin of her naked body. I was already naked and my sister purred as she pulled my sheet back and was greeted by my swollen hard cock.

“MMMMMM as promised little brother.” Belinda whispered to me as she climbed into my bed.

“You took long enough sis.” I smiled

Belinda quickly stood up on my bed. Her feet on either side of me as I sat up, back against the wall. She moved her body over me and I could immediately smell her sex. The faint smell of sweat and mixed cum filled my nostrils and the scent grew stronger as Belinda brought her dirty pussy to my face.

“OOOOOOO fuck baby!” Belinda groaned as my nose pressed on her swollen clitoris and my tongue slipped between her pink pussy lips. Her taste was just as strong as her feminine odor as I began to lick my sister’s dirty cunt. I quietly moaned into her mound as I tasted the mixture of juices and sweat. My hands reached up and cupped my sister’s firm beautiful ass cheeks pulling her onto my face tighter. I squeezed her ass and kneaded her smooth flesh. This only made Belinda whimper more and add fresh cum to her messy pussy. My fingers worked inward until I had her dirty little asshole spread. I knew she could feel the cool air against her exposed asshole. She groaned again as one of my fingers smeared her juices from her taint to her back door. My finger easily popped pass her anal ring and 3./4 of my finger was sucked into her ass.

My cock was aching for attention and my sister knew it. Reluctantly she pulled her cunt off my face. I sunk down on my bed and watched my sexy sister turn and lay on top of me with her head inches from my dirty cock. Again her pussy was shoved into my face as I felt her hot breath on the head of my leaking cock.

“MMMMM I wanted to suck you so bad after you fucked me honey.” Belinda purred.

“I know sis, I wanted that too.” I moaned feeling her tongue swirl around my shaft.

I re-engaged my sister’s ass with my fingers as I batted her swollen clitoris around with my tongue. Belinda moaned on my shaft as she tasted the dried remains of her own pussy from hours before. My smell and her taste was putting my sister in a cock sucking frenzy. Her fingers fondled my balls as she sucked my cock hard and deep. I had to pause my licking of her pussy as her fingers crept back to my ass. I took a deep quick breath as Belinda pushed her wet finger into my asshole. My cock throbbed in her mouth. She was quite good at this and wondered which boyfriend taught her prostate message. Her finger was hitting me just right and my cock was as hard as ever as it gagged my sister. I was so close to pumping a load of my sperm into my sister’s mouth until she pulled her finger free and released my cock.

“What the fuck sis? I was so close.” I groaned slightly dejected.

“I want your cock in me.” she begged.

Even better I thought to myself as I laid my sister on her back. Her legs came up rolling her pussy up and ready for my cock. The sight was amazing, there was my big sister with her legs spread begging me for my dick. Her pussy hair was matted with cum and saliva. She was beautiful. Belinda grunted as I fully impaled her pussy. Her arms wrapped around me and we began to kiss as I fucked her. Our body smells meshed together making us more intoxicated with lust. I kissed Belinda’s neck tasting her salty flesh. We kissed deeply again exchanging the many flavors of our bodies and our sex.

“I love you baby brother.” Belinda cooed

“I love you too sis.” Validating her emotion.

For a moment our fucking turned to love making. Our hands fondled and molested each other’s bodies. This incestuous fire kept burning hotter and hotter and again our lovemaking began to devolve into primal hedonistic passion. I bit Belinda’s lip and squeezed her right tit making her whimper in pleasure. My hips began driving deeper and harder into her sexy body. I began to lose my self in an animalistic act. Belinda was reciprocating my lust as she pulled my hair and grabbed my ass cheek and squeezed my firm flesh. Her small and perky tits shook as I ravaged her.

I wanted something else my sister hadn’t given me yet. I wasn’t about to wait for her to offer it to me. I pulled my cum covered cock from her quivering pussy. Belinda groaned as I manipulated her body. Driven by pure lust I flipped my big sister over onto her belly and roughly pulled her hips upward. I spit directly down on my sister’s asshole as I held her cheeks apart. Belinda buried her head in my pillow and swayed her ass at me. I coated my thumb with her juices and swiped her puckered brown hole smearing the globs of mixed cum around it. I held my shaft and pressed my cock head to her asshole. I heard my sister’s muffled moan as slowly I suck the first inch of my cock into her ass. She was letting me take her anal cherry. I kept pushing, slowly another inch sunk into her dirty hole. Her moans and whimpers continued as my pubic hair brushed her smooth ass cheeks. I paused for a moment. Belinda’s head came off my pillow and she looked over her shoulder at me locking eyes with me.

“Fuck my dirty ass honey.” She winced to me.

I leaned forward and began sawing my cock in and out of my sister’s asshole. Her eyes kept locked with mine and glazed over with lust. She was came again just from having her ass full of my cock. I leaned forward more taking her hair in my hand. I controlled my sister’s head and I kissed her lips from the side. She grunted and melted under my control as I kept pumping my throbbing shaft into her ass. I pulled her hair back and bite her neck. She came again. My fee hand smacked her ass making her gasp and groan. She needed to keep quite so I released her hair and her head flopped down onto my pillow again. I was close, very close to cumming. Both hands took her hips and I drove my dick deep and hard up her tight ass.

“I am going to fill your ass baby.” I grunted.

Belinda pushed back against my thrusting cock. She wanted my load in her ass, of course she did, she was my dirty kinky sister.

“MMMMMMMM fill me baby, cum in my dirty ass.” Belinda whimpered.

I did just that as my body tensed and ropes of my young seed splashed against the insides of my sister’s bowels. I must have shot 5 good strong jets of cum into my sister’s ass before I collapsed next to her. Belinda moved and turned and took my deflating cock into her mouth. She moaned as she tasted her own ass and my salty cum. Her sucking was too much and I pulled off my exhausted cock. I kissed Belinda again sharing the erotic taboo tastes.

I wanted my sister to stay the night and sleep against me but the risk of exposure to our parents was too great. Belinda gave me one more dirty kiss before gathering her clothes and slipping out of my room. I was beat and drifted off into a deep wonderful sleep.

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Posted 12 Apr 2014 20:42
hot story
Posted 07 Oct 2012 05:04

Posted 24 Sep 2012 16:57
All I can say, is I loved it!!!
Posted 24 Sep 2012 02:47
another hot story well done hope read more of your stories soon
Posted 23 Sep 2012 15:00
more more more
Posted 23 Sep 2012 13:01
plz tell us more ooo
Posted 22 Sep 2012 20:59
That was HOT. Great Sis & Bro sex. She is a cum slut & loves every bit she can get. Brother is a Sex Pervert, they make a great pair. "V=5++++."

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