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Fetish between Siblings

Belinda enjoys sharing her sweaty body with her lustful brother after her soccer practice.
We knew we were wrong but that didn’t seem to stop my sister, Belinda, and I. Belinda moaned as she held her ass cheeks apart slightly bent over in her bedroom. I was on my knees with my face buried between her firm smooth ass cheeks. I too moaned, but her deep ass crack muffled the noise. Belinda had one of her tits hanging out of her sports bra as she held up her soccer jersey with one hand. Her other hand fondled and pinched her nipple as she felt my tongue alternate between her puckered dirty asshole and her sweaty musky pussy.

I was 16 and already developed a few kinky taboo fetishes. Belinda was 18 and her acceptance of me only emboldened me in my lustful desires. She was no stranger to the kinky side of sex and relished in the fact her younger brother had been stealing her dirty panties doing god knows what with them. It wasn’t hard for Belinda to catch me during my perverted daily ritual, after all she provided the bait. Belinda found herself thinking of me smelling and licking the soiled crotch of her panties as she laid in bed and her pussy began to dampen. Her fingers twiddled upon her clitoris knowing her little brother lusted to taste her pussy. She began to fondle herself faster as she laid in bed wondering if I could taste trail of mixed cum after her hot dates. I could and my cock throbbed as I smelled and tasted her sex and the evidence of her latest escapade. My getting busted by Belinda was not drawn out exchanges of blackmail nor a rage filled tirade. It was a quite event of my sister walking into the bathroom, yanking her dirty panties from my grip and pushing me down to my knees eye level with the thick hairy triangle on her pubic area. Her feminine aroma filled my nostrils and without a word Belinda pressed on the back of my head mashing my face into her damp crotch.

So there I was, kneeling behind my sexy dirty sister running my tongue along her sweaty pussy lips as my nose ground into her puckered asshole. Belinda had the most beautiful pussy and ass. Her trimmed pubic hair formed a perfect triangle and a light trail of her wispy light brown hair show cased her puckered rosebud. Her legs looked so sexy with her knee high socks. Her dirty panties and soccer shorts were bundled down around one ankle and her jersey was pushed up so she could fondled her small yet firm tits. Belinda whimpered and moaned as quiet as she could feeling my tongue scoop the gushing quim from her cunt. I could taste and smell the beads of male cum mixed in with her tangy juices and I knew she had stopped off to see one of her boyfriends after soccer practice. This only sent Belinda over the edge knowing I was sucking another guy’s seed from her pussy. I inhaled deeply smelling her sexy ass. My tongue slide up glazing her taint and then her asshole with the mixed cum. I was in dirty boy heaven as I held my sister’s ass apart wider and tongue fucked her dirty back door. Belinda shook and yelped as my strong tongue forced open her anal ring. One of her hands reached back to my head and she pulled my hair in approval as I darted my tongue in and out of her ass. I was very lucky I caught her before she made it to the shower to wash off her musky sweat and intoxicating aroma.

This was a risky encounter since our parents would be home within the hour. This prompted my sister to pull away from my licking efforts. Then Belinda looked back over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at me. She told me we only had a few minutes and to be quick. It was me reward for cleaning her sweaty and well fucked pussy and equally sweaty ass. I was lightning quick on my feet and brushing my swollen cock head along my kinky sister’s dirty pussy lips. She moaned quietly and get go of her tits to hold onto her bed’s foot post. The sound her wet cunt opening around my throbbing shaft was amazing. Just as amazing as the feel of my sister’s well lubed pussy opening that clamped around my girth. It was good we didn’t have much time because I was so worked up from licking her dirty holes. This wasn’t the first time I got to rail my aching cock into Belinda but it sure felt just as magnificent.

My hips and my pubic hair mashed against my sister’s milky white ass cheeks as I fully buried my cock in her. Belinda was already gushing around my cock and she immediately buried her face into her comforter on the bed to muffle her taboo moans. The only other sound was of out slapping flesh and my lustful wincing. I was not making love to Belinda, I was straight up fucking her and she was loving every taboo moment. I felt my sister come one more time on my shaft and I could hold my cum no longer. Belinda moaned back to me to cum inside her pussy. She told me she loved feeling her kinky dirty brother’s cock in her cunt. I tried to keep quiet as I held her tight and impaled my sister’s quivering cunt as deep as I could. Belinda let out a slow long low groan as she felt the jets of my cum begin squirting deep inside her womb. Again and again ropes of my seed splashed inside my sister’s pussy.

I slowly pulled my cock free and I could see our mixed cum drip off the tip of my shaft. Belinda reached back and swiped her hand along the opening of her well fucked pussy. She turned and licked her hand giving me her best dirty slut look. My sister then told me later that night I would get a chance to clean her up properly. I wanted to eat her out right then but our parents could have been home at any moment. Belinda gave me a quick yet deep kiss before sending me out of her room. At that moment I never wanted her soccer season to ever end.

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Posted 18 Dec 2013 12:42
You describe well the urgency and the dirty fun of the moment.
Posted 14 Jan 2013 16:14
Oh my , Mom! What are you doing ? NO! STOP ! MOM- I- I ... Please don't...stop. All at once my son's penis was inside on my wet cunt! Push son- all the way ! Before I knew it his sperm was gushing in his sweet mom's pussy! Son ! Tomorrow....
Posted 25 Sep 2012 15:21
Naughty you are my man. This a good story. Many more adventures too follow? Keep up the good work.
Posted 22 Sep 2012 21:12
Steph, that was so nasty, it drove me out of my mind, more please!!!
Posted 22 Sep 2012 20:50
Excellent. "V=5++."
Posted 22 Sep 2012 05:29
Thank you for sharing this dirty tale. It was just the push I needed to cum this morning. Hot & I loved it!
Posted 21 Sep 2012 13:38
fast and hot loved it
Posted 21 Sep 2012 11:28
nasty......loved it...........tks
Posted 21 Sep 2012 11:14
Quick and hot, thanks!

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