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Finding Family, Chapter Three

They finally find a place to share themselves in ways that excite all present.

We seemed to play for hours, and soon it was time to clean up and find some dinner. It was early evening when we rose, her beautiful naked body slipping back into her outfit so exciting. I had a hard time believing that she was my granddaughter, and yet she had the same levels of desire and lust as had her grandmother. She slipped in to her panties, thin cotton, barely wide enough at the groin to cover the lush flower, I smiled as she tugged them in place. Her bra was layered with a soft inner cup and lacy outer layer that gave a nice texture through the dress she had been wearing. Her shortish dress covered her hips and butt and fell to mid thigh. The cut of the top scooped just low enough to reveal the barest beginnings of her cleavage and fit snugly over the firm youthful breasts I had come to consider my playground. The fit seemed perfection as it dipped to her slender waist and hugged the vivacious curves of her ass. Her outfit complete when she slid her feet into the practical low heels. She went to the bathroom, purse in hand and brushed her waves of black hair.

I dressed in lightweight khaki cargo pants and a pull over sports shirt. My feet in casual loafers. My hair too was a mess and I joined her in the bathroom to comb it free of the tangle her fingers had left it in. We smiled at each other in the mirror and I pushed closer to her as she applied modest makeup to her eyes and lips. Her mouth opened to apply the lip gloss and I found myself lost in the perfection of her bow, I wanted to kiss her again but wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed the nape of her neck instead. No sense in getting all worked up again so soon. I knew we both wanted to go back to bed, but food was needed to restore our energy. Once we were dressed, quaffed and ready to meet the world I held her hand as we walked to the door of 'our' room. Her smile as radiant as ever knowing she had at last met her grandpa, and found so much more.

“ Well Xel, shall we dine in the hotel restaurant or is there someplace special you'd like to go?” My smile broad as I gazed into her deep brown eyes, I could so easily get lost just staring into them.

Her smile widened as she replied, “I know a nice quiet place that has good food and a dance floor,” her eyes sparkling as she considered her grandmother's comments of my loving to dance. “We can get a nice booth and listen to soft music while we eat grandpa,” she giggled, “and if you still like to dance I'd love to do that too.”

I leaned down and whispered, “How about you just call me Gerald when we're in public Xel? It would be more prudent in case I want to hold you close and kiss you while we're dancing,” ending with a smile as my lips brushed over hers lightly. She giggled softly and nodded. We walked to her car and I opened her door, normally in the states I would have driven, but in the Philippines I didn't have a license to do so, she would drive her grandpa around. The thought made me smile that she would be my guide. Her skirt rode up as she slid and turned into the driver's seat, my eyes catching a fleeting glimpse of her panties, I couldn't help but remember just how hot and tight she had been for me earlier and my cock twitched with the thought as I moved around the car to my side.

She drove from the parking garage and turn onto the busy streets, negotiating the traffic like she had done so all her life, which in truth she had since she began driving. I watched her, not staring exactly, but longing to see her every move, the curve of her neck, the swell of her breasts, the firm taught tummy that had roiled when she came, even the thighs exposed slightly as her skirt rose within inches of her womanly juncture. We turned down a street with less traffic and she smiled saying, “Almost there Gerald,” with a giggle. My hand slipped over and lay on her thigh and I could feel her quiver at the soft touch. Her right hand slipped from the steering wheel and laid atop of mine without looking away from the street. Her hand gently pulled mine up along her thigh as she moaned softly. She guided my hand to her pussy and clasped my fingers against her moist panties as she gulped down the lump in her throat. She pulled into a parking lot and easily guided the car into a slot one handed as her hand tugged mine against her growing wetness.

I wasn't shocked, but a little surprised at her wanting to be touched here, so close to where people could see. Several people were passing right beside the car as she groaned and turned her eyes to me whispering, “They won't mind, I've heard this restaurant caters to those who enjoy public displays of affection,” and smiled as she released my hand still cupped over her lush, now wet, folds.

I curled my fingers over them and pushed the fabric of her panties into her labia, she cooed softly as it snugly fit over her swollen clit. I rubbed her there for a few moments before replying, “Well, maybe we should go inside then,” with a grin. I retracted my fingers from her perfect flower and drew them up, sniffing at the moisture on their tips with a smile, licking the pads of them to mark my approval of her arousal. I thought silently that this should be an interesting place to eat and wondered if I or she could eat what we both wanted to. I opened my door and climbed out, she waited until I came to her door to open it. I guided the door open and held out my hand to aid in her getting out of the seat in a ladylike manner. She wasn't about to let the opportunity go by and parted her legs wide for me to see the wet spot that had developed on her panties as the fabric rose from her pussy and lay smooth over the juncture of youthful pleasures.

We walked to the door and were greeted by a man about 30, tall and muscular, obviously a bouncer of sorts. He smiled and said welcome to “La Restarante' Publique'” as I returned his smile. He opened the door for us and nodded with a gesture that said we were indeed welcome. His eyes feasted on Xel, but then she was worthy of any man's gaze and I didn't take offense though I wasn't sure of her reaction yet.

The place was nice, surprisingly nicely decorated. A few tables bordered a fair sized dance floor and all around the walls were booths, dimly lit and draped with white table cloths. The rhythm of sounds came from somewhere unknown were on the verge of erotic, pulsing waves filling not with blaring noise, but surging deep felt base and tympani. What a perfect setting if what she had heard was true. A young lady walked over to us and smiled. Her outfit said she most likely worked there as her head nodded with a sultry smile. I could see she was checking out the bulge laying along my pant leg, but then, I too am worthy in that department for most lady's gaze.

“ Just the two of you tonight?” she asked politely. I nodded and she led the way to a booth at the far side of the room. We wound our way as we followed, hand in hand. The young miss would normally have stolen my thoughts and gaze, she had the most perfect heart shaped ass, but then Xel did as well, so it was all good. I wished Xel had an outfit like the other one was wearing though. An almost sheer layer of fabric designed like a tie top plunged from shoulder to between her ample breasts, cupping them with no other support than the tie in the center front and leaving nothing to the imagination with the sheer cloth. At her swaying hips was a short short mini skirt, it fell in a loose wave from the top of her hips to just below her groin, as she walked I got the impression there was nothing under it any more than her shirt had beneath it. My erection grew without any further provocation. When we arrived at our booth she paused as I let Xel slip in first, her words toned for seduction and meant to let us know that in this establishment anything was possible, “I am Mai, and if there is anything,” a faint giggle, “and I mean anything either of you need just ask. I'll be your hostess tonight and want to bring smiles to you both during your stay.”

It was then that another scantily clad young woman appeared, though I saw male servers as well. I figured that the booths were assigned to the staff according to what the customer would want. I smiled and greeted the new arrival with a nod as Mai stood by waiting to see if we had need of her. The new arrival spoke next, “Hi, I am Sandy, I will be your server this evening. May I get you something to drink while you decide what you'd like?” she asked in a low steamy voice implying that she too was on the menu. I looked to Xel and she asked for a Pina Colada, I ordered a rum and coke with a smile to Sandy. She departed and Mai nodded and walked away. The sway of her ass was divine but I looked to Xel , my sweet lover.

Her smile was warm as we scooted closer together in the back of the booth, her hands cupped politely in her lap as we waited for our cocktails. My hands folded atop the table as I opened the menu that Sandy had left for us. It was almost humorous with the array of aphrodisiacs on the menu. Everything from oysters to blue kelp, all said to have erotically enticing properties. But there was regular food as well and my eye drifted more to them knowing that neither one of us needed any help in the arousal department. I leaned over to her and whispered, “See anything you might like?”

Her eyes turned down and beneath the table and she smiled saying, “Yes, I sure do,” with a mischievous giggle. My hand slipped from the table top and fell to her thigh, pulling up her skirt my fingers found the wet panties still growing wetter as time went by. One finger curled against her petals and the moist fabric again slipped between her labia, she cooed with a sound of desire as Sandy returned with our drinks. Setting them down even as my finger worked from the panty clad juncture of Xel's wonderful womanhood.

She smiled and asked, “Have you had a chance to look over the menu yet or would you like a bit more time?” She smiled when I gestured that we needed more time and walked away, her hips even more sultry than before. My finger closed tighter with the sight of Sandy's ass, pulling the fabric beyond her inner labia and pushing it into her entry. She moaned softly as she felt my trembling finger slipping into her cavity covered with her thin cotton panty.

I leaned over and kissed her cheek softly, her skin warm suddenly from the public display. I could tell she was blushing just by the way she tensed for a brief moment and whispered, “This place is perfect Xel, I so want to dance with you and show everybody that I love you enough to shout it from the mountain tops.” She smiled and turned her face to mine, her lips parted, my own ready, we kissed softly and tenderly with the love we shared. I pulled my hand from her groin and whispered, “If we come back here you need to leave your panties at home,” chuckling with the hint. I felt her body as it moved, she squirmed a little bit and pushed her panties from beneath her skirt. She somehow found a way to take them off without getting up or making a scene of bending beneath the table and held them in her hand just behind the clothed table's edge for me to see. They were drenched with her juices and I took them from her. After balling them up in my fist I rested my chin onto it leaning on the table, my nose filled with the glorious scent of my granddaughter's pussy. I groaned softly and turned my eyes to her as I whispered, “How about we order dinner and dance until it comes?”

Her smile was enough of an answer, but her lips pressed to my cheek was enough to encourage my swelling cock to stiffen to a hard prong of desire. I looked across the room and caught Sandy's eye, gesturing that we were ready. I ordered us each a strip steak and all the trimmings, both medium well, both with buttered potatoes and a green vegetable. The salad would come first but with Xel's look I declined them. Sandy walked away with a smile as I stuffed Xel's panties in the leg pocket of my cargo pants. We each took a sip of our drinks and I slid from the smooth vinyl seat, holding my hand out to Xel as I stood. She took my hand and slid gracefully from the seat, her skirt raising just enough for me to see the faint curls of her mound. I was delighted to say the least, we were being watched by both Mai and Sandy as we walked from the table.

The beat of the music as pulsing as if I could feel it throbbing deep inside me, the dance floor was empty except for a couple in their late twenties. They were holding each other so close I wondered if his cock wasn't already deep inside his lady friend. I had thoughts of doing exactly that if the place was that open to such acts. I pulled Xel into my arms, our bodies close, our breaths soft and panting already as we began to move to the steamy sounds and deep felt beat. I cupped my hands at her lower back as hers surrounded my shoulders. Her breasts pressed against me seductively as her hips pushed against the swollen mass she knew to be hers whenever she wanted it. I ground against her and she moaned against my shoulder. I caught a glimpse of the other couple, they were definitely already in the throes of pleasure, his hips moved away and back against her, her skirt rising to allow his cock entrance to her channel. I so wanted to do that with Xel but decided to wait until after dinner for that time of wonder. In our case I would have to squat lower then the other guy did to make his trembling entry to the tall woman he danced with. I cuddled against Xel and slid my hands down to cup her ass and pull her tight against me, she moaned again and whispered, “Gerald, I want you, let's go back to the table,” as she gazed into my eyes to let me know her needs were severe.

I looked as we went back to our table and saw the man's expression, he was most definitely cumming at that very moment. His eyes twisted shut, his hips flexing in a shudder, his mouth opened in a gasp of glory. I smiled and took note that the table cloth was long enough for our needs. She slipped into the booth and I followed closely behind, settling right beside her. She had made sure her skirt rode up and tugged it to her waist, her mound bared for me to see, to touch, or whatever else we might consider. I slid my hand again to her pussy, her legs parted to give me access to the haven I sought. She groaned as two fingers slid into her wet cunt, I smiled as my rhythmic invasion began. Slow eased pushes into her channel brought soft sighs to my granddaughter's voice, and then as my fingers found her g spot she shuddered at the brink of climax within seconds of our beginning. I plucked one of the cloth napkins from the table and dropped it to her hand as she tensed. “Oh God gran....Gerald,” she cooed as her body began to convulse with pleasure. “I'm gonna cum already,” she gasped as her pussy clenched over the two invasive fingers. She pushed the cloth napkin between her legs and grunted as her climax brought waves crashing through her from head to toe. I pulled my fingers from her as her body shook in the throes of orgasm. She swiped at her groin with the cloth frantically trying to avoid gushing onto the floor below her seat, even that brought another crashing wave over her body.

I looked up just in time to see Sandy approaching with a tray of food. I greeted her with a smile, she returned it ten fold. As she set the food before us she looked to Xel and whispered, “It's okay honey, girls who can be brought to climax don't have to worry about the floor. Just let it go sweetie, we'll clean it up later.” Her eyes turned to me, her lips curved into a perfectly sensuous smile, “Anything goes so long as you keep most of your clothes in place sir,” she spoke with instruction. “If you two decide she needs to be beneath the table for a bit, I will be glad to bring a pad for her to kneel on,” her head cocked to the side as she smiled again and continued, “or if you have a need to be beneath the table. It seems as if you are one of those rare men who enjoy giving more than taking.”

“ That I am Sandy,” I said in casual tones belying the nerves of having been witnessed bringing Xel to climax in public. “In fact, why don't you bring us that pad, just in case,” chuckling.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “If your friend is not enough for you, Mai and I would each like to be sure you leave our place with a smile this evening,” her words tauntingly inviting, but unnecessary under the circumstances.

“ Thank you Sandy,” I replied softly as she hovered close to my shoulder gazing down at the tent formed in my pant leg to just above the knee. “I doubt that will be necessary, my lady is quite adept at taking care of my needs fully, if you catch my drift.”

Her eyes turned to Xel and she smiled, “You are one very lucky lady, your friend here appears very strong, and very large for such a petite woman as yourself. I trust you will enjoy your stay, I'll be watching eagerly to know just how much you each enjoy our establishment. Feel free to dance again when you like, the floor is where most people go for the pleasures of movement.” She stood back up and I could smell her excitement even from a few feet away. She smiled and gestured for us to enjoy our meal just before walking away.

I turned my gaze to Xel, she was stunned at the openness of the place. I was awed by it. We ate our meal with little discussion, only sounds of enjoyment flowed between us until dinner was almost done. She looked over at me and smiled, her left hand cupping the now flaccid tool of desire. Her touch reminding me that I had not yet been allowed her pleasures as yet. Her eyes glistened as she looked over at the knee pad Sandy had returned as we ate. She seemed to want something, but I wasn't sure if it were for me to go beneath the table and have my desert or for her to, I knew she could not handle my all under such circumstances. She reached over and picked up the pad, dropping it casually beneath the table, I eyed her with curiosity as she turned and slid backwards under the concealing cloth. My hips slid forward in the seat as my knees parted, her hand unzipping my pants carefully knowing I had no underwear on to protect the delicate mass of my cock. I was just beginning to get firm as her mouth closed over the head, I flinched and as I looked up found Mai standing before the table watching. Her hand rose as she placed one finger over her lips to suggest silence. I gulped down the lump in my throat as Xel descended over my cock willfully. I know my eyes must have rolled back in my head with the expression on Mai's face.

My hand cupped Xel's cheek as she sucked my now massive cock, I knew she could bring me to orgasm doing just what she was, but I still wanted to fuck her as we danced. My conviction strong and my will even stronger as she worked me over with frustration, her mouth slurping over the head noisily as Mai watched me grow closer. At last I couldn't take any more without ejaculating and pulled her face from my cock, gasping for air she looked up at me perplexed. Mai walked silently away as I spoke, “I want to be inside you when I release Xel. You are far to good to want just this from me, and I want you to join with me in pleasure. Let's get to the dance floor before I explode sweet baby girl.” It was as close as I dared come to calling her my granddaughter in public, she smiled and slipped back into her seat leaving the pad where it sat. I managed to zip my pants up enough to walk to the empty dance floor, we had the place to ourselves.

The surging rhythms hadn't changed as we got to the center of the floor, I took her in my arms loosely and whispered, “Unzip my pants Xel, I want to fuck you right here,” smiling intently. She swept her hands down and did as I had asked, her mouth parted wantonly as she worked the zipper down and pulled my massive dick through the opening for the second time in an hour. I knew she had to be wet, but reached around her and lifted her skirt from behind enough to slip my fingers over her pussy, she cooed as she felt my strong fingers probe her flower. Dipping at the knee I lifted her and settled her hot wet pussy over my shaft, her legs dangling above the floor as I began to move to the rhythmic tones of erotica. She moaned at first as she settled over my cock, half fell in easily and found her cervix still tightly closed. I dipped at the knee to allow her feet to go to the floor and doubled up my hips to thrust up and into her deeper. She yelped as the head pushed past her cervix and panted softly as her hips began to move over me.

As we turned on the dance floor, my cock deeply seated in my lover, my granddaughter, I smiled to our audience. The two young women were standing watching us fuck. My hips involuntarily flexed driving me again deeper into the wonders of Xel's cunt. She yelped again and I felt her arousal build even more as a wave of hot cream coated my shaft. It wasn't going to take long before I came inside her, we both knew it well with the deep gasping breaths and frantic rhythm of our bodies. The rhythm of the music changed somehow at just the right time, now faster, harder beats streaming into us as we fucked on. I shuddered as my sack tightened, she arched her back to receive me and my body thrust into hers with frantic need. She erupted and cried out, not softly as I would have expected, but loud screams of climax. I couldn't hold out and even as her first wave flooded her core my body heaved with the massive ejaculation. One stream followed the other as three copious flows filled her over full. Our juices combined flowed down her thighs as we stood stilled in the purity of climax.

As my eyes opened from the bliss of our aftermath I still stood holding Xel in my arms, my cock still deeply embedded in her vaginal canal and womb. I saw the two women's acts as well as I had felt our own, each fingering the other frantically with the sight of us to provoke them. Sandy screamed first as she came, Mai followed shortly after as they too fell into embrace. Their bliss was short lived as they bent down and retrieved towels. I smiled thinking at least they were prepared for their joining until I saw they were walking towards us. Mai slid in behind me as Sandy did the same for Xel. We pulled apart and each lady took it upon themselves to clean us. I shuddered as Mai stroked my oversensitive cock to wipe away the remains. I watched as Sandy gently wiped at Xel's pussy and had to smile at how much she seemed to enjoy it. Sandy turned Xel around to face her as she knelt to clean her, Mai did the same for me. My gaze fell down to the sweet Asian woman knelt before my swollen sated cock. She lifted it as if to wipe the underside clean and took it into her mouth, sucking me hard enough to bring me back to rigid velvet steel quickly. She sucked more in and took it down her throat as I gasped in wonder. I could hear Xel doing the same and knew that Sandy was eating her out and doing a good job of it. My body shook as Mai deep throated my entirety, her muscles clenched over me expecting me to enjoy and have nothing more to offer. She was wrong.

My hand tangled in her long black hair as she took me into her neck, my hips thrust eagerly to know every inch of her mouth and throat. I began pounding at her face as I heard Xel scream out in orgasm again, my restraint was gone as another load shot from my cock into the hostess's mouth. She gulped it down as if it was her second nature to drink a man's semen until I was dry, spent and dwindling fast. She lowered me to the floor and hiked up her short skirt, indeed her smooth shaven pussy bore nothing to cover it. Quickly she straddled me and lowered her hot smooth flesh over the dwindling head. She cooed as she felt herself filled with me and began to ride me like a rodeo queen in heat. Again my cock grew hard and she reveled in fucking me until her climax flooded us both. I had been so absorbed in what was being done to me I hadn't noticed that Sandy had Xel bent over ramming a huge black strap on dildo into her. She screamed again as her climax flooded her for the third time since entering the dance floor. Mai collapsed atop of me whimpering softly as her hips still rhythmically pulled up and down over me. Her whispers of admiration filled me with delight even as she rose from my spent cock. Her pussy was open as I saw her, the juices of her climax coating her thighs as she seemed to invite me to clean her. I sat up and did just that, it was the least I could do. She tasted wonderful, not as much so as Xel, but then she carried the same genetics as I did. We stumbled back to the table after each of us had been sated, I gathered our belongings and placed money on the tray with the bill, leaving it lay for whoever would retrieve it. I left a hearty tip that the ladies could share, it had been a slow night for them and all they would have gotten otherwise was purely physical.

Xel and I walked to the car, silently I opened her door and watched her get in, tired was an understatement for my little girl. I slid into the passenger seat as she looked over to me. “Happy Birthday Grandpa,” she whispered, “I knew you would have fun here. Mai and Sandy are friends of mine and we had thought you would enjoy the first gift I've been able to ever give you.”

I could have cried, surely she knew it wasn't my birthday, but I knew it was the thought that counted most. “You mean you planned this for me?” I asked. She nodded and a flood of questions came to mind. Xel had been a virgin when we met, and now she had not only taken my all, but made love with another woman she said was her friend....time would answer the questions, I leaned over and kissed her softly and whispered, “Thank you baby, you're the best.”
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