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Forbidden Fruit: Part 2

Candy learns more, and Trina finds out!
Having discovered a lust in my grand-daughter that neither of us knew existed and re-awakened a lust in me that had lain dormant since the death of my wife, Candy and I embarked on a journey of discovery. I had introduced her to the joys of orally induced orgasms, and she had shown me that I still had the ability to perform to my high standards.

She had a thirst for knowledge that seemed unquenchable, at least in the area of sex. After taking several days to master the technique of oral gratification we went on to having her please herself, which she loved to do in front of me. She still had a look of innocence which concealed a wantonness that I knew would be a challenge to control. I had gotten used to the idea of playing with my grand-daughter without suffering the guilt associated with incestuous relations, but still wasn’t prepared to fuck her. Watching her finger herself was a major turn-on for me. She also admitted one afternoon that she got turned on watching my pants tent as she played with her young breasts and fingered her clit.

Finally, she worked up the courage to ask to see my cock. Her eyes widened as I stripped off my pants and shorts. I could see the hunger in her gaze as she marveled at its size, its firmness, its smoothness to her touch. The first time she wrapped her lips around the head, I thought I was going to burst! And eventually, I did! The look of surprise on her face as I grunted and fed her my thick, warm, sperm, was something I’ll never forget.

I asked her how it tasted. “I don’t know! Kind of salty! Kind of creamy! But I think I’m going to like it. Especially seeing how much you liked me drinking it” she said. “I guess I’ll just have to do it more often.” she added kissing my deflated penis.

This morning I woke up to the sensation that someone was sucking my cock. Opening my eyes, I was pleased to see Candy’s head bobbing up and down in my lap, her lips wrapped around my stiff pole. After shifting my hips to give her more of me, I said, sleepily, “It’s not fair! You’re having all the fun! How about swinging around so I can eat you for breakfast?”

Giggling onto my cock, she repositioned herself so her luscious cuntlips hovered over my face, just out of reach. “You’re an outrageous cock teaser!” I said, as I grabbed her hips in a bear hug and pulled her young pussy down onto my face. Her now neatly trimmed red-orange bush tickling my chin.

I could barely hear her slurping on my fully erect cock but almost involuntarily jerked my hips up, establishing a steady rhythm as my tongue sliced through the tender folds of her youthfully delectable sex.

I worked feverishly at her clit, wanting her to cum before I did, but knowing that it probably wouldn’t happen. I gave it my best effort, snaking my tongue up inside, rasping her clit with the tip of my tongue, sucking the juices from the folds of her slit. I ultimately lost the race, feeling the cum well up in my cock just before it exploded in the sweet young girls eager mouth. I came with such force and volume that she momentarily gagged, but recovered enough not to drip much of me from her lips onto my twitching nut sac.

To my surprise, she lifted off me. When I protested, telling her I wasn’t done yet, she mumbled through a mouthful of sperm, “Uh! Uh! Uh! Kiss me first!” She crawled up my body and leaned down, pushing her cum soaked tongue between my lips. As I opened my mouth a little more she pushed a glob of my love juice off her tongue and into my throat.
Lifting her head, she smiled and said, “Now you can finish eating me! I want to come on your face.” She continued to crawl until her damp pussy lips were hovering over me. She sat down gently and began rocking her hips, smearing her cunt oil on my lips, chin and nose.

Looking up, I watched as she deliberately dribbled cum on her pert breasts. I noticed her hands drifting up her body, first cupping, then smearing my cum, then gently pinching the small but round mounds. Continuing to spear my tongue in and out of her love canal, I watched intently as a look of total lust contorted her pretty teen face. I also felt more pressure as she ground her hips into my face.

“Ohh Fuucckk! Your tongue feels sooo good. Eat me! Suck me ‘til I cum!”

I latched onto her burgeoning clit with my lips and rubbed the tip with my tongue, sending her over the edge. Biting her lip so she would not scream and wake up her mother, she thrashed about pinching her nipples as wave after wave of orgasm racked
Her lithe young body.

Just at that moment, I sensed more than heard the door swing open. Candy turned to see her mother, standing in the doorway to my bedroom, her mouth open in shock. Finally, Trina said, “What the hell is going on here?” Looking directly at me she stammered, “What are you doing in bed with my daughter? My God, she‘s only sixteen!”

Dumbstruck, I couldn’t answer, or make eye contact with my daughter-in-law. Candy broke the silence when she said, “What’s wrong, mom?”

“What’s WRONG? What’s WRONG? Your only SIXTEEN, THAT’S what’s wrong! He’s your GRANDFATHER! THAT’S what’s wrong! Why, I ought to call the police!” Trina said, her voice rising an octave with each sentence.

“Then how would you explain you and me in your bed three nights ago?” Candy shot back as she slowly dismounted. Trina instantly stopped talking.

I looked at Trina, then at Candy, wondering what she was talking about.

“Why don’t we all sit down and talk this out. There really isn’t a problem here.” Candy added.

“No problem? You don’t see a problem with having sex with your grandfather?”

“No, I don’t. We didn’t have sex! I’m still a virgin.”

“Now you’re telling me I didn’t see you sitting on his face?”

“Yeah! So?”

“And that’s not sex?” Trina asked incredulously.

“No! It’s not! We didn‘t fuck or nothing! I sucked him and he sucked me, that‘s all!”

Trina turned to me. “Well…” she said.

“She’s right! I told her that I wouldn’t fuck her, and I haven‘t.” I replied, “And not to change the subject, but just what were you two doing in bed together?”

Trina looked at her feet, unable to make eye contact with me. Candy answered for her.
“Same as we just did.”

“I, I haven’t been with anyone since your father died. I was weak. OK?” Turning to her daughter, she continued, “You were asking a lot of questions and I thought a demonstration would be better than a lecture. Then things got out of hand”

“That’s OK Trina, I know exactly where you’re coming from. I allowed one of our conversation to go too far, and you saw the results. Looking back, it may not have been the wisest thing I’ve done, but it sure felt good at the time.

Candy got out of bed and walked behind her mother, throwing her arms around her. “I’m sorry, mom. I really didn’t mean to get you guys upset. It’s just that I was curious and you both have always been open and honest with me. Besides,” she said as one hand cupped her mothers breast and the other rubbed the crotch of Trina’s silk pajama’s, “It felt good. Don’t you agree?”

My cock got an instant rise and I could see the enjoyment in Trina’s half-closed eyes as her daughter caressed her breasts through the pajama top. Then she noticed my raging hard-on. “Go ahead mom, I know you want it. And it wants you.” Candy whispered, unbuttoning the silk top and exposing her mother’s ample breasts.

Trina sat and reached out, brushing her fingers on my rigid cock. I reciprocated by reaching inside her top and gently pinching her nipple. “Mmmmm!” she moaned as my fingers brushed across her chest. “It’s been a long time since a man has touched these”

I gently pushed her down on the bed, letting the silk top fall away, leaned over and tickled her right nipple with the tip of my tongue. Candy untied the silk bottoms and pulled them off Trina’s hips while I suckled, first on the right, then the left nipple, feeling them harden under the assault by my tongue.

A long moan escaped Trina’s lips as Candy pulled her mother’s knees apart and began licking around her mother’s neatly trimmed blonde bush. I felt Trina’s hand tighten its grip on my cock as she slowly stroked it. “Oh God! Its so hard!”

“Where do you want it?” I asked, momentarily detaching myself from her tit.

“Let me suck it!” she said, letting go of it so I could bring it to her mouth. And bring it, I did. She opened her lips in eager anticipation, extending her tongue as I positioned the head so she could reach it. Wrapping her lips around the head, she sucked in as much a she could. “Mmmmm!” she moaned. Grabbing the shaft again, she fed more of it into her mouth as I rocked my hips slowly. Her other hand drifted to Candy’s head, pulling her deeper into the folds of her now leaking cunt. “Phuu ma phay” she moaned into my cock.

“Fuck your face?” I repeated, speeding up my hip movements.


Increasing the tempo and the depth of penetration made her moan at first, then gag, so I stopped. She urgently moaned, “Unh Unh!” so I started again. Looking back and forth between Candy tongue fucking her mother and Trina trying desperately to swallow my manhood was making me hot. If I was going to cum it was going to be in the pretty blondes underused snatch.

“Candy! Trade places with me!” I ordered, pulling my spit soaked cock from Trina’s face.
The young red-head complied, moving to her mothers face and seating herself within easy reach of her mother’s eager tongue. Before she could sit I pushed the head of my raging hard-on between the puffy lips of her cunt.

“OH GOD! That feels SOOOO good! Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep!” she demanded, as her daughters pussy lips descended on her mouth.

Slowly I pushed, watching my cock disappear into the depths of this obviously undersexed thirty-something blonde until our pubic bones met. Trina moaned between slurps on her daughter’s juicy twat. I pulled out, admiring the honey coated shaft of my cock as it emerged from her heavenly tight love tunnel.

Candy was also moaning at the expert attention Trina was giving to her freshening, sweet honey hole. The duet of moans combined with the heavy scent of pussy was driving me ever closer to climaxing inside my daughter-in-law. All I could think about was how absolutely wonderful it felt to be driving my cock in and out of her hot, wet, cloying cunt. The fact that we were in the midst of a taboo act didn’t matter at all. All I wanted was to come, and for them to come as well.

I reached up and cupped my hands around Candy’s pert little breasts as I hammered in and out of Trina. Finally, the feel of young breasts, the moans, and the squishing noises emanating from Trina pulled my trigger. I grunted loudly as I spewed wad after wad of sperm inside the young woman underneath me. I don’t know how long my cock spent
filling her with my DnA, but it felt like an eternity. I don’t recall ever feeling an orgasm so intently in my entire life.

Totally spent, I pulled my deflating organ from Trina and collapsed face up on the bed next to her. Candy dismounted, and, seeing the dribble of cum forming at my piss slit, licked it up like a cat with cream.

Trina, still horny, looked at me, her eyes asking what more could I do. Wiggling my tongue, I indicated that I wanted to eat her freshly fucked pussy. Straddling my face she held herself up so I could watch the gooey white liquid ooze from between her agitated cunt lips. I started licking up her left thigh toward a string of cum dribbling downward, heading for my tongue.

“Make me come! Please? It’s been so long. And that felt so good.”

“I wont stop until you get off my face.” I replied. Returning to my task, my tongue wormed its way up inside her tasty, sweet-n-salty, twat. I sucked the gobs of cum from the folds of her cunt, savoring the flavor of our combined lovemaking.

Latching onto her engorged clit, I sucked heartily on the fleshy bud, feeling her hips grind into my face and hearing her babble incoherently about how good it felt to have a man inside her. Reaching around her thighs, I spread her pussy lips and thrust my fingers inside her cunt, continuing to rasp my tongue on her clit.
“Oh goddd! Oh fuucckk! Make me cum! Eat my cunt!” she screamed as she ground her hips into my face. “Ohh Jesus! Ahhhh! AHHHHHH! CUUUUMMMMIIINNNNGG!”
I felt and tasted the flow of her juices as she orgasmed around my two fingers which I had shoved inside her cum filled twat. Thrashing around she finally rolled off leaving my fingers buried inside as she came again while I wiggled my fingers inside, massaging her g-spot.

“Ohhhh! Jeeez! Stop please! I can’t take any more!” she pleaded as I pulled my sperm and honey soaked fingers from her swollen cuntlips.

Still coming down from her body wracking orgasm she almost came again as I leaned over her, wiping my cum and honey soaked fingers on her nipples and sucked them clean

“I haven’t come like that since…I don’t know when.” she panted as I licked the sweat from her heaving chest.

“Me either.” I answered still breathing heavily as I admired the lithe body next to me.

“You guys! That was incredible! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait until I can feel a hot cock do that to me.” Candy blurted, working her fingers feverishly in and out of her sopping cunt.

Both her mother and I gave her the look, and I invited her to sit on my face. To my surprise, she wiped a dollop of sperm from her mother’s leaking love hole and smeared it on her clit before settling down and rubbing my nose in the soft, wet, warmth of her red-orange bush. Reaching up with both hands, I massaged her small breasts, watching her nipples stiffen as she rocked back and forth on my head. I snaked my tongue inside her, tasting her incredibly sweet nectar as it leaked from her puffy cuntlips.

It didn’t take long before her pleasure moans filled the room, along with the aroma from her gash. When she finally came, I drank the juices that oozed from her and let her know that if she needed the release, she could always come to either of us.

As we were all tired from all our exertion, we fell asleep, my arms around both my granddaughter on my right and my daughter-in law on my left. My hands were curled around their breasts, Candy’s small budding breasts with the prominent nipples, and Trina’s larger, softer, but equally firm breasts, with their large areola’s. As we snuggled together, my cock, much to my surprise responded to the touch of the girls, as each reached for it to caress as we drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke, both girls were gone from my bed, so I got up and went to the kitchen for a bite to eat. As I puttered around, I heard noises from Trina’s bedroom. I decided to investigate. Slowly opening her bedroom door, I peeked in. There on the bed, on her back, was Trina. Her legs spread, Candy on top, plunging a large jelly dildo in and out of Tina’s crack. Trina was sucking Candy’s pussy. But it was obvious that she could not concentrate on her job. As I crept in, Candy noticed me. Before she could react, I put a finger to my lips, signaling her to keep quiet. Positioning myself at the foot of the bed, I could see, in detail, the violation of Trina’s gaping pussy. I grabbed the jelly monster and pulled it out slowly. Once free of Trina’s cuntlips, I offered it to Candy, pressing it to her mouth. “Ohh God! Put it back!“ Trina protested. Candy looked at me quizzically as I put the fingers of my left hand together and slowly inserted them in her mother’s slit. Pushing gently, but firmly, I was able to get the first two knuckles in with ease. Pushing a little harder, I felt the incredible tightness of this young woman’s cunt as my fist disappeared among the warm folds of her birth canal.

“Ohhh! God! Don’t stop! Where…Ahhhh! Where did you learn to do that! Ohhh Fuck, Candy! It feels so good!” Trina wailed as I began to churn her insides.

“She’s learning it right now!” I replied, shoving my hand inside her, up to my wrist.
“Candy, watch what happens when I curl my fingers inside your mother.” I said to Trina’s daughter, taking pleasure in the wide eyed look on the girls face. Her mother reacted as well, howling with intense pleasure as I scratched her g-spot with four of my fingers.
Trina pushed her hips up, trying to recapture my hand as another orgasm ripped through her body.

I leaned over covering her clit with my mouth as I plunged in again, and again withdrew scratching the inner walls of her now uncontrollably spasming pussy. Her cunt muscles forced my hand from within and she pushed my head out of the way.

“Please! Please stop! I can’t take it anymore! Ohhh! OOOOOH! FUCCCKK!” she screamed, grabbing her now empty crotch, writhing around on the bed, sobbing with pleasure.

I offered my fingers to Candy after wiping the back of my girlcum soaked hand on her right breast. She licked them off with relish , enjoying the flavor of her mother. I bent over and suckled gently on her cum soaked petite breast, reveling in the taste and scent of her mothers sex.

Leaning into my ear, she whispered, “I need you to take my cherry, Gramps. Please?”

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OMG Gramps. you got these women and never did you expect it to be as good as this. It can only get better. Love the fisting of Trina's cunt. Will Trina allow you to take her dtrs' cherry?? We know you want to. If you do, do her doggy, so she can eat her mother's pussy at the same time. "V=5+5++."
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DAM!!!! rock hard and waiting for part 3!!!!!!! A++++++++ in my books
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Part one was hard-on enducing.... Part two had my cum broiling to the surface.... What will a part three do to me?? Excellent V=5

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