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Forbidden Fruit:Part 1

Candy entices Grandpa to show her how it's done
For two nights in a row I had experienced vivid dreams which I could not recall the following morning. All I remembered was climaxing, . I hadn’t had any sexual dreams for well over a year since my wife and stepson died in an accident. I was sleeping better than I had in months, but why, I wondered? I was convinced that it had to do with my houseguests. I had invited Trina, my thirty-five year old stepdaughter-in-law and her sixteen year old daughter, Candy, to live with me. I had a house too big for one person, and they were family after all. Cheaper for them. Company for me.

‘Oh, well’ I thought, ‘I might as well get up’. I cleaned up mess, dressed and went to the kitchen, pleasantly surprised to see my grand-daughter busy frying up bacon and eggs. It was June, already hot, and she was wearing a denim mini-skirt and a tight tee shirt.

“Mornin’ Gramps!” she said, smiling as I walked by.

“Mornin’ to you, Candy.” I replied. “You’re up early!”

“Got a final this morning. I got up early to study for it.” she answered, flipping the bacon and eggs onto three plates. “Breakfast is up, Mom!” she shouted as she plunked the plates on the kitchen table.

“Are you OK, Gramps?” she asked as she sat down across from me.

“Yeah! Why do you ask?” I said.

“Well, about a half an hour ago, I heard you moaning. But then it stopped.”

Blushing slightly at having my secret discovered, I mumbled something about dreaming.

“Sounded like a pretty wild dream to me.” she said, giggling as she ate.

“Oh? What did it sound like?” I asked, barely able to make eye contact.

“It sounded like you and Gram were getting it on!”

“And just how would a sixteen year old good girl know what getting it on sounds like?” I scolded her, smiling as I did so. I had encouraged her early on to be frank with me and I would with her. I treated her as an adult and I got respect in return. We could talk about anything.

“ I may be only sixteen, but I don‘t live under a rock, Gramps” Before she could say any more, Trina walked in, dressed for work.

She sat down to eat. “I hope you got a good nights sleep, young lady” Trina said to her daughter.

“Yes Mom! I did. This test is a piece of cake!” she said as she got up. “Gotta run! See ya later, Mom. You too Gramps!” She smiled, kissed us both on the cheek, picked up her backpack, she left for school.

“You know,” I said to my daughter-in -law, “You two look a lot alike, especially in the face.”

“You think so? I would have said she looks more like Meg” she replied, referring to my late wife and her Mother-in Law.

“ That’s just the red hair. If she were blonde, she would look like you. Either way, she’s growing up fast.”

“Isn’t that the truth!” she said, finishing her egg and rising from the table. “Still, I’m a little worried about her….and you too. You miss Meg, don’t you?”

Staring at my plate, fighting to hold back the tears, I nodded, “Yup! I do, but I‘m not alone. You miss Jack too. So does Candy. I can see it in your eyes, sometimes. But I think we’ll all be fine. Well, you have a good day. OK?”

“Sure, and you too.” she answered, giving me a peck on the cheek.

A couple of hours later, Candy came home, happy to be done with exams. “Hey Gramps!” she said, tossing her backpack into the corner and plopping down sideways into the easy chair.

“Hey Princess!” I shot back, my eyes lingering a little too long on her lanky legs as they were draped over the arm of the chair, a hint of pink panties just visible up her school uniform skirt.

She noticed me staring, but didn’t move, letting me look as long as I wanted, a slight smile on her face. “Gramps. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure sweety!” I answered, trying not to stare, stealing glances at the pale fabric covering her sixteen year old womanhood.

“How old were you, when you and Gram did it the first time?”

My eyes widened in shock, wondering where this came from, or was going. “Well, umm, I think I was twenty and Gram was a year or two younger. Why do you ask.”

“And she was your first?”

“First and only!” I replied, somewhat proud of the fact that Meg was the only woman I’d ever had sex with.

“Why did you wait so long?”

“Just where is this conversation going, young lady?”

“All my friends at school can talk about is their experiences with sex and boys. I guess I was just wondering if there was anything wrong with me.” she said shifting in her chair.

I smiled, relieved that my grand-daughter was not following the crowd and fucking just for the fun of it. After all, I had grown up in the era where easy girls were for playing with, and good girls didn’t give it up until they were married. “Well, I can assure you, there’s nothing wrong with you, Candy. Saving it for Mr. Right does have its merits. I never bought into the philosophy of ‘if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with’. Sex is sooo much better if there is an emotional connection. And your virginity is something you can only give once.”

“OK! Thanks!”

“Are you getting any pressure from the boys at school?”

“From the boys? No!” she replied.

“If not from the boys, then from who?” I asked. Getting no answer, I added, “We’ve always been open and honest, Candy. Remember, there is no subject you can’t bring up with me. And I won’t tell your mother about it.”

“Well, like I said, all my girlfriends are always talking about sex, and how much fun it is. Outside of health class, I have no frame of reference.” She was unable to look me in the eye.

“And you feel awkward because you have no experience.”


It dawned on me where we were going with this now, and I have to admit, that it was getting me a little excited. “And you were wondering if I could help you with this little ‘problem’?”

Her face lit up! “Yes Gramps! Could you?”

“As much as part of me would find that exciting” I replied looking down at the growing tent in my pants, “Another part of me can’t get around the fact that you are my grand-daughter, and that would be incest.”

Her face fell and her eyes left my crotch as she stared into her lap. “Technically, its not!” she said, “Since my dad wasn’t your son, then we’re not related”

“Technically, you’re right, but I still can’t past that.”

Sadness blanketed her face. “So, you’re not going to help me, then?”

“By taking your virginity? No, sweety, I can’t. I won’t. I can give you advice, maybe some guidance, but nothing more.”

“Well….. OK! I guess.” she said, “How about some advice, and maybe a little guidance?”

“OK! Shoot!”

“Should I shave my pussy?”

A look of consternation crossed my face. “ Well, having never seen it, its hard for me to judge.”

“What do you normally prefer, Gramps?” she said as she opened her legs and pulled her pale pink panties aside.

I stared! Unable to take my eyes off her red-orange framed pussy lips! Unable to speak! Unable to control the lump forming in my pants!

She stood up and walked over to me, lifting her skirt. “Now that you’ve seen it, what do you think?”

“I…..I…umm…think that ..umm…maybe a little trim might be in order.” The words stumbling out of my mouth, my eyes glued to the pink lips peeking out from her bush.

“Go ahead! Touch it if you’d like” she cooed, holding up her skirt with one hand and combing through my silver-gray hair with the other.

The animal in me wanted me to bury my face in it! Lick it! Suck it! Even fuck it! The faint scent making my cock twitch. The moral, proper me wanted her to drop her skirt and stop tempting me. This is your grand-daughter! And only sixteen years young. What are you? Some kind of pervert? The animal in me urged me to continue. It would be fun! She wants it! You haven’t been with a woman in over a year! But she’s not a woman! She’s a girl! And she’s a virgin! But her pussy is inches from my face. And doesn’t it smell divine? Don’t you want to feel her juices on your tongue? Taste her? Show her how a real man treats a real woman? But she’s only sixteen! SO? Your just lucky some fumbling teenager hasn’t tapped into that! Go on! Taste her! Its right there! Inches from your face! Do it, Grampa! Do it!

My baser instincts won out and I let her hand pull me closer. Breathing in the aroma of her teen pussy, my tongue snaked out, combing through the tangle of hair until it came in contact with her slightly moist lips. I was in heaven! The taste of her short circuited my brain and I came in my pants as her flavor washed over my taste buds. Groaning, I let her pull my face tight to her warm, damp, young cunt.

“Thank you Grampa!” she whispered between moans.

“You’re gonna have to stop calling me Grampa, sweety!” I croaked, “Unless you want me to stop.”

“I definitely don’t want that!” she said.

Pulling my face from her crotch, I looked up into her eyes. They showed a little disappointment until I suggested we go to her room. “Now don’t go getting any ideas, young lady.” I said as she sat down on her bed in front of me. “I will, under no circumstances, fuck you!”

“OK, gra…OK!” she replied, spreading her legs, “But what will you do?” She said with a devilish grin.

“I‘m going to show you how this should be treated!” I replied flipping up her skirt pulling off her panties, and exposing her dampened pussy lips. Pressing my face into the soft curls, I let my tongue wander up and down the length of her slit, teasing the tender flesh with the tip of my tongue. I could just barely taste her, but her scent was getting stronger every second. This was the first pussy I’d seen and tasted since Meg had died, and the fact that they were both redheads brought back a flood of memories. I extended my tongue, burying it between Candy’s lips, making her moan. Continuing to trace my tongue over the sweet damp lips, I resisted plunging my tongue inside, content with the feel of her softness and the ever growing muskiness as it seeped from within.

When I felt her hands on the back of my head, I let my tongue snake between her lips.

“Oh God! That feels sooo good!” she crooned as her hips began to roll, making the tip of my nose rub against her emerging clit. “I’m beginning to understand what the girls were talking about!”

I smiled into the wet folds of her virgin cunt, all thoughts of how taboo it was that I was eating my grand-daughter, vanishing into thin air. I stabbed deeper, gathering more of her sweet-salty juices on my tongue as her dampening pubic hair tickled my cheeks.

Her hips were rolling faster, smearing her natural perfume all over my face, her hands digging into my scalp. Her moans getting louder and less coherent. I could tell she was getting closer! Dragging my tongue out of her pussy hole, I wrapped my lips around her hooded clit, sucking the tender nub into my mouth. Her thighs clamped around my ears, her hands pulled my face tight to her crotch. I flicked my tongue rapidly over the tip of her clit, bringing her over the edge.

She ground her hips against my head, almost screaming as her body convulsed in orgasm. I continued my assault, my teeth and tongue grazing against her overly sensitive clit, feeling her juices run out over my chin.

Babbling, panting, alternately pulling my face into her warm wet cunt, then pulling it away as the sensations overwhelmed her. She opened her legs, freeing my head, “Enough! Stop! Please!….Too much!” she pleaded as I lifted my honey soaked face, letting her curl up, hands covering her still pulsating pussy.

I sat beside her as she slowly came back to reality, watching as she finally uncovered her pussy. I gazed at the soft, matted orange curls, soaked in her cum, reminding me of my late wife and how much she loved me going down on her. “That, my dear Candy, is how a man should treat a woman!”

Smiling up at me, she said, “That was incredible! I’ve never had one that intense before! Do you think we could do it again?”

Having tasted her once, I knew there was no way I could deny either of us. “Well” I said smiling back. “Practice makes perfect!”

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Posted 28 Mar 2014 20:43
Hot! I Have A 18 Year Old Granddaughter Who Came To Live With Us. I Always Peek In On Her In The Bathroom. She is short,Kind Of On The Plump Side,Big Boobs 34D but a sweet small butt.She Is Native. I Sniff Her Panties Every Chance I Can. I Would Love To Make Love To Her Like This Too.Just A Fantasy.
Posted 23 Mar 2014 21:01
That was hot
Posted 30 Jul 2013 01:54
Yes!! Nothing better that young pussy to eat - such a lucky Grandpa!
Posted 31 Jul 2012 10:48
Great.story .....cant waite to read number two

Posted 27 Sep 2011 09:28
A brilliantly written fantasy with an especially pleasing set up. A 5! Off to check out their further adventures!! xx SF
Posted 24 Sep 2011 16:06
oh yes,,,this is the start of something wild and wonderful,,,lets keep it going for awhile,,,,,,i love family incest stories!!
Posted 24 Aug 2011 17:12
She hasn't had a orgasm that intense before. So, she has fingered herself and now finds it is better when someone helps bring her to orgasm. Eat her cherry and suck out all her virgin juices. "V=5+++."
Posted 23 Aug 2011 08:40
This was so hot. It made me wet all over again. Thank you very much.

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