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Forbidden Lust

Peggy Sanford discovers daughter's incestual lesbian lust
"So, do you know someone?" Kathy asked.

I thought for a second and then looked over to my daughter on the couch reading a book. It was spring break and my eighteen year-old daughter was visiting from college.

"Maybe," I said, biting my lip, wondering.

"Is that a yes maybe or a no maybe," Kathy laughed at my ambiguous answer.

"I will have to ask. I'm not sure yet," I told her.

"Let me know as soon as possible, then. I'm looking to shoot in a few days. My schedule is pretty open, so I do have time to meet them, if needed."

I thanked her and hung up. Kathy needed two models for a shoot, both women, and my daughter was not working while she was visiting us. I knew she could use a little money for when she went back and this was probably a good opportunity for her to earn it. I just wasn't sure if she would accept.

"So, Kathy is looking for models and wants me to pose?" Lynn said when I finally told her.

"Yes, she needs two women for it. And she's willing to pay well for it," I said, trying to entice her, thinking this would be good for her.

"You know I haven't modeled before. I wouldn't know what to do."

I smiled,"There's a first time for everything."

"Hmm.. I'll think about it," Lynn said after a pause and a wrinkle of her lips.

"Think about it tonight, dear. We can meet her so you can get more details before the shoot. Tell me tomorrow so I can arrange it."

The next morning she reluctantly agreed to at least meet with Kathy, being nervous since she had never modeled before. I assured her that it would be alright and that there really wasn't anything like "messing up" when it came to posing. I called Kathy and arranged a time before the shoot to meet.

We met at a coffee shop. It was Saturday so there were a lot of people out and the place was crowded. Kathy was sitting at a table outside as we walked up. We all went inside and found a little corner to talk.

The place was housed in an old building that someone had bought and obviously endeavored to create a cozy and artsy atmosphere. The inside was partitioned, creating numerous small corners so that almost every few seats had its own comfortable and semi-private alcove. One section was walled so that it created its own mini parlor.

"I'm looking to do a series of photos for an art project of mine," Kathy explained. "That involves two women."

"What would we be doing exactly?" Lynn asked.

This is the part I didn't know how she would take. I was generally fine with it since some of my modeling background was... to put it lightly, provocative. This would be nothing compared to what I had done before but, since Lynn had no modeling experience whatsoever, I wasn't sure what she would be comfortable with.

"You two would be posing together in the same shots. Clothed but uncovered enough to make my artistic point."

"Nude?" Lynn asked, seeing through the edited explanation that Kathy gave.

"I wouldn't say that. The point is to contrast older and younger. Anything revealed would be to emphasize the fact that we underneath are all the same. Ultimately the distinction is irrelevant."

She was silent for a moment. I was fine with the posing since there would be nothing I hadn't seen before at various times for various reasons with other models. Kathy explained to me that it would be a highly professional shot.

"How would we be posing?" Lynn finally said.

"In each other arms, holding each other, things like that. Always caring," Kathy replied.

"I don't really see anything wrong with that," Lynn said after a moment of thought. "I mean, I'm not used to all this. But that's all, I think."

"We just want to make sure, you are alright with everything, hun," I told Lynn.

"As long as they aren't ending up on the internet or something," Lynn cracked a smile, although I could see the trepidation in her expression. "Where are these heading any ways?"

"Mostly into my portfolios. Maybe one or two at an art showing. I'm not exactly sure yet. It won't be widespread, in any case. We can sign something too, so you know that is all I will do with them, if you want," Kathy explained.

So, everything was agreed upon.


We sat on a settee in our outfits, waiting for Kathy, as she collected her cameras in the other room. She had us wearing a blouse and short shorts. We weren't allowed to wear a bra, for some of the shots that involved cleavage and a subtle hint of bare breast. Lynn sat next to me, fidgeting a little, her naked knee against mine.

"Here we go," Kathy finally said as she walked out from the back room.

"The photos will be black and white," Kathy continued, explaining the shoot to us. "We will do a few different poses, varying things a little to see what works and so that I have options when choosing shots."

"How many photos, then?" I asked, knowing that she liked to take a lot.

"I don't know... enough?" she teased, knowing I could get irritated at her tedium sometimes.

"Well, let's get this started sooner rather than later. Unless you want to be here for the next two days" I cracked.

We started with a few shots of us just interacting, holding hands, smiling, arms around each other. She wanted some shots to establish a rapport. I was glad that I was with Lynn on her first shoot. I felt like I was doing the motherly thing and guiding her through first steps.

"Now stand there, Lynn," she pointed to a spot.

Lynn was good and went where she was told, arms to her side.

"Peggy, now get close to her and hug her, arms around her waist," she explained.

I did so, and I hugged her. I could feel her whole body, legs, torso, and chest pressed against mine, skin on skin. It was odd to feel the warmth and softness of her full and round breasts on mine as Kathy snapped a few shots. The blouses were thin, almost see-through, and we weren't wearing a bra so I could feel all her contours and her nipples pressing against mine. I always loved the feel of a woman next to me and I caught myself, to my surprise, getting wet having my daughter's body against mine.

"Let's do this," Kathy came up to us and adjusted the pose.

Our blouses were already unbuttoned somewhat for one of our previous poses, so Kathy tugged on Lynn's blouse to show a more cleavage. Kathy's hand brushed against my nipples, as we stood there. The room was slightly chilly already, and so I was extra sensitive. I almost jumped when her hand grazed them, a small convulsion in my stomach.

"There it is, now look into her eyes, Peggy," she said, as she took some more shots.

That was mostly what it was like the whole time. She put us in poses together and adjusted the clothing, slipping it back or over a shoulder, or something. Kathy also took some singular shots, ones that highlighted our feminine features and curves, some of them suggestive, others not.

One of the last shots occurred on a futon in the room that was folded down into the bed position. We both laid on our sides, Lynn in front and I behind her, my arm draped over Lynn's shoulder.

I was pressed full-body against her, like when we were standing, breasts in her back, hips against her butt, except for my legs laid over hers. Kathy adjusted Lynn's top so that it was covering her but you could still see the gradual swell of her breast before it was obscured by the blouse. Subtle but suggestive.

I was already hot and I couldn't do anything about my hardening nipples. Feeling Lynn next to me didn't help. The whole session, my pussy was continually pressed up against a leg or other contour of Lynn's body or Kathy's hand brushed against me. I couldn't help but feel a tingle in my pussy as my clit pressed against my daughter's backside, as per Kathy's pose.

"Look at her chest, like you are admiring her. Give it a little hint of sex." Kathy grinned, as she pulled back to admire her shot.

Surprising to me, as I looked where Kathy told me to, I could see down Lynn's blouse and noticed that her nipples were hard. I wondered if it was because of the chill. Maybe Kathy's ministrations were having an effect on her too?


"I will meet you in the car," I told Lynn. "Kathy and I need to talk for a moment."

We finished the shoot, almost two hours later. Lynn acknowledged and went into the side room to change. I followed Kathy into another room that contained her dark room and photo equipment, down a short hallway from the room we just posed in.

"So, give me her information and I will send her a check," Kathy mentioned as she dismantled her camera, removing the lens.

I had to think fast. This photo shoot was more provocative than she led on and I didn't want her to know that I had posed with my daughter.

"Just give it to me. She prefers cash," I said, hoping that was enough.

"Cash... okay," she muttered, examined the lens, and then went for her purse. "I thought that might be a possibility, so I came prepared."

"College student, y'know? Doesn't have to claim it on taxes, cash is untraceable. Easier to get aid if your income is lower, yadda, yadda." I explained, attempting to sound half-interested in the details.

She rummaged through her purse and pulled out a wad of cash -- the $150 they agreed on. Walking back to me, she grinned.

"Before I give this to you, there's something else," she said.

That vixen!

I started to get wet. Since my beginning shoots with her, that cute redhead always kidded about giving 'extras' after the shoot and I didn't believe her until I finally called her 'bluff' and she was all for it. I found from that experience that I absolutely loved giving extras afterward. There was something so raunchy about it, dirty. It was enjoyable since sometimes I was the recipient of the 'extras'.

I unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. I teased her slit through her panties, lightly grazing my hand against them, heat rolling off them.

"That girl... she's a beauty. Seeing you two together turned me on," she moaned.

Unbuttoning her jeans, I kissed her through her panties softly as she talked and I could feel the damp heat against my lips through the soft cotton. I slowly eased them down, her bittersweet smell was wonderful.

"She like girls?" Kathy husked as I teased her slit with my tongue, a quick lick and then withdrawing.

"Mmmm," I responded, not answering her question, but to excite her as my tongue slipped passed her pussy lips.

“God! I can't believe you are totally fucking that girl on the side, aren't you? And your tongue... ohhh. You know I love it when you taste my insides,” Kathy shivered. “She's a young.. a little young... for you.. isn't she?”

I lapped up her juices as she rode my face, right there in the middle of room. She wasn't wasting any time on her orgasm.

"O-o-ooohhh mmmmm," she grunted uncontrollably, my tongue dancing along her slit.

At that moment, her hip whipped against my face as her sticky juice poured onto my tongue and lips. She whimpered for awhile as her orgasm subsided and the aftershocks made her quiver on my face a few moments longer.

"This was well-earned," she smiled, as I got off my knees, licking and wiping my mouth clean of her juice.

I took the money from her outstretched hand, paused with a twinkle in my eye, and kissed her on the lips so she could taste herself.

"Maybe you can bring by that girl again, maybe we can bring her back here and she can show me a thing or two," she suggested.

I just smiled, jokingly, "If I don't get to her first!"

“You slut!” her mouth dropped. “Bringing here in here just to dangle her in front of me!”

I had no intention of fucking my daughter. I just simply loved teasing Kathy!

“Fuck me first and I'll let you have your chance.”

I could never get enough of that red-head. Her attitude got me wet like nobody else. However, she loved being dominant and loved receiving more than giving in our sexual trades. God, it had been a while since I had that hot little tongue inside me!

“Sit on my face, right now, Peg,” her eyes gleamed with lust and the eagerness to regain control. “I'll make that pussy sing!”

I laughed and left the room, leaving Kathy to smolder with lust.


I was surprised to realize that Lynn was already looking at photos within the week. She called me over to her laptop.

"I asked for them early since I was curious," she replied after I commented on how quickly she got them. "Kathy says these aren't the cleaned up ones but I really couldn't wait."

They definitely weren't quite ready yet, as I was accustomed of the usual quality of Kathy's work.

Despite being works in progress, however, they shots looked really good. They were more tame than I originally envisioned, but there was still a hint of eroticism in them. The flesh that showed was enticing and, to my surprise, I felt myself getting a little hot. It was still tasteful, but the composition was great and there was a beauty and sensuousness in it that really worked.

"I like this one," Lynn commented.

She clicked the next arrow to advance the image. It was the one where I was behind her, our blouses loose and unbuttoned and revealing enough to show skin and cleavage. My hand was draped across her front and it looked like I was grazing her nipple but I didn't remember that. The only thing I remembered from that photo was the proximity and my bare breasts pressed into her back.

"What do you like about it?" I asked, curious.

"It's pretty. We both look good," she commented. "Especially you, mom. Looking all hot."

I had to admit that it was a good shot of me and it showed us off well. Over the time I spent posing with Kathy, I realized her skill in taking something that seemed such an innocuous idea and conveying exactly what she wanted artistically with it. I knew that once these things were edited, they would look amazing.

I was surprised to get another call from Kathy regarding another gig. She wanted both Lynn and I to do it.

"Really?" I asked. "I'd have to ask."

The idea was fine by me. It wasn't a photo shoot but Kathy needed some models. She wanted us to do something like go-go dancing, although she didn't call it that. That was just what it sounded like to me. It would be behind a curtain so nobody knew who it was and it would be similar to what we had done for the photo shoot but with less clothes. I wondered how Lynn would receive the request.

It was somewhat mundane to me but there was a hitch to it. Kathy and I were active in the local fetish scene, and it was actually how we had met. She was in charge of booking some dancers for the next event. No matter how harmless dancing behind a screen would be, it was the choice of locale I didn't know whether Lynn was okay with.

I knew some of the specifics of the night. It would be a fetish night with music -- one room containing the dancers and a dj and the fetish happening in another area of the club, in other rooms. Dante's was the name of the place and I had been there before. You really had to go into a room to see a certain fetish, and if you were dancing, you couldn't see anything from the dance-floor.

I declined at first, but Kathy was adamant about having us two. She was also willing to pay and I knew Lynn could always use extra cash.

"Soo...," I decided to bring it up to Lynn later on. "Kathy has another gig for us."

"Oh yeah?" she said, eyebrow raising as she watched TV.

"Yeah. It's not a photo shoot, like before," I eased into it.

"What does she want me to do, then," Lynn's head tilted.

"Well, us, actually. You ever done any dancing... like go-go style dancing?"

"No," Lynn giggled. "What would we be doing that for?"

"She just needs some models, to help her out. She said she would pay you," I tried to keep this as nonchalant and harmless sounding as possible. "She was impressed with our shots together and thinks we would be good for it."

"Sounds alright, I guess" she said. "What are the details?"

This was the part where I had to choose my words carefully. I wanted to see her have some work but I didn't want to scare her off and miss an opportunity.

"It's like before, like the pictures. We'd be dressed similarly but for dancing," I said as my way of saying we would not be wearing a lot.

"And we'd be dancing for dj's playing there," I continued. "As their go-go girls. We wouldn't be the only ones. There would be other girls."

"Hmm," she thought about it. "Where at?"

"Dante's. It's a dance night obviously, but it's a special night and wondering if you'd be fine with it," I hesitated a little, concern evident in my voice.

"Special night?"

"It's a bondage night, also," I explained, 'bondage' seeming only slightly more arty and less vulgar than 'fetish' or 'sex'. "I just don't know if you would be fine with that."

I had an uncomfortable moment, a feeling of ice-cold shooting through me as I waited for her verdict. I didn't want her to think I was asking something improper or suggesting something freaky.

"Mom," came her dreaded reply. "Do you think I live under a rock? Some of my friends from college do bondage shows. You didn't exactly teach me to be a prude about things."

I was shocked. It's true I hadn't, but one just never knew with one's kids. I never raised her to regard sex as a religious nut would -- something to avoid. But, I didn't ever clue her in on my more... umm.. questionable activities. I taught her that sex was something to be enjoyed but responsibly and I was open about my bisexuality.

It took me a while but it made more sense to me once we talked about some of her friends. She was a little more worldly than I guessed -- young, inexperienced, but not naive.

"Besides, it's just dancing," she said.

I suppose she was right.


Every thing was arranged by Kathy. In addition to Lynn's pay, we were even provided a "go-go uniform" since they wanted everyone to look the same. We would take shifts, dancing for fifteen or twenty minutes and then taking breaks. Kathy said that she found probably ten women, going on stage two at a time.

"Wow," I breathed, looking at our outfit and noticing that the clothing they gave was more scanty than I predicted.

"You still okay with this?" Lynn said, teasing me about my apprehension when I first suggested this gig to her.

I held the thong in front of me with one finger.

"At least, you are getting paid for this. I'm just doing this as a favor to Kathy," I mentioned, as Lynn watched me slip them on.

After changing, they provided us with light robes to keep ourselves warm with. It was still early and the doors hadn't opened yet. The club was cold due to the lack of bodes. Every thing seemed to get a little harried as the opening approached and we were given an orientation before the doors opened.

"This is where you girls will dance," Kathy mentioned as she guided everyone around the screen, behind the dj.

We were led to a small stage with a lamp shining towards the screen to cast our shadows. I made a mental note to not look in the direction of the lamp or close my eyes. That thing was bright!

"Dance close together, make it look sensuous. You can dance apart, but just make sure that every once in a while you come together...," Kathy explained the expected routine.

I cast a glance to Lynn, concerned, thinking that this was more than I even bargained for. Sensuous? That word never came up in the phone conversation between Kathy and I. Yet again, Kathy also didn't know Lynn was my daughter!

"What?" Lynn whispered to me after seeing my glance and seemingly reading it like an open book. "How is this different than the shoot? Other than dancing?"

Her nonchalance was somewhat refreshing. It's true, Kathy did say we could dance apart, but Lynn's calm demeanor was surprising. Did Lynn even hear the word 'sensuous'?

After the explanation, Lynn and I sat off to the side of the dance-floor. People began entering and I was surprised by Lynn's reactions. She gave long hard looks to some of them, obviously enticed and interested in the spectacle before her. And it wasn't just the men she looked at, but also the women! She seemed to take in every thing and every one eagerly.

"We're up, honey," I prompted her as she stared out into the sea of almost-naked and fishnet-clad bodies, as I noticed the time.

We were still in our robes and the first girls were just coming off the stage as we walked up, each girl arm in arm, hanging off each other.

"Ooohh," one of them cooed as we walked up. "You two look hot together."

I blushed, said thank you, and both Lynn and I slipped off our robes when we got onto the stage.

"Y'know? They aren't lying," Lynn said as she watched me take my robe off. "You could get lucky here if you wanted to."

I was taken aback slightly by here brazen attitude, but only slightly. It was unexpected but, as she mentioned, this wasn't a completely foreign environment to her. I smiled and took her hand, guiding her into the center of the stage, not knowing how to do this and knowing that there were people watching. Doing the first thing that jumped to my mind, I slid down my daughter's body, arms wrapped around her and slid back up slowly.

I saw a 'this is interesting' twinkle in Lynn's eyes and she copied my movement, her breasts grazing my nipples as she went down. We parted in a twirl, separating, and dancing to the electronic beat of the music. For awhile we did that, shimmying and doing our best to look 'sexy'.

Coming together again, I closed my arms around her and she did the same. She turned around slowly, her back towards me, reaching behind herself to trace her fingers along my shoulders, then took a hold of my hands and fastened them to her hips.

"I'm going to bend down," she leaned her head back and whispered to me, preparing me, hair spilling across my chest.

This was another 'sexy' part of the dance and I'm sure it looked great to people watching. She leaned down, our hips connected, so that it looked like we were in a doggie-style position and I had the most pleasant surprise! Her butt pressed against my clit, that was already sensitive and aroused, enticed by all the gorgeous people around me. I was surprised as the sensation shot through me, providing me more relief than I thought I needed, as my eyes rolled back. I didn't cum, but if she stayed in that perfect position and I could grind, I would have.

We separated again, with me in a huff. All these slips and bumps with my daughter were doing something to me. Lynn's nipples were hard under her bra and I realized it was doing something to her also. Mine were hard, in addition to my buzzing clit.

I couldn't believe my reaction to her. I never imagined that my daughter could make me hot and bothered, even accidentally. Or was it accidentally? Or was it just the build-up over the photo session and now? She was always beautiful, but it dawned on me at that moment. I began realizing the sexual dimension of her that everyone else saw. Thinking about my finely-tuned clit and the appetite forming in my pussy, I watched her as I danced and soon we were watching each other.

It wasn't long until the dance was done and the next girls were on stage. Lynn eyed me, as we walked off stage, took my hand, and led me over to the side of the dance-floor

She looked into my eyes, and I searched them, wondering. It looked like she wanted something but I wasn't sure if I wanted that. She took my hands in her hands, her expression mixing trepidation and desire, and she did the most forward thing. She leaned in and kissed me!

It wasn't a peck on the cheek but a full kiss. Her tongue slipped past my lips and sensuously rolled around in my mouth. I was so taken aback by this change of events that I didn't return the kiss. When she pulled back, I didn't move and sat there completely stunned.

My mind began working again, slowly and sluggishly, but it happened. I didn't know how to even process it. She hovered in front of my face, her lips inches away, her body still leaning in and close to mine, her breast teasingly and enticingly pressing against my nipple, her breath husky and wanting against my chin. Obviously, if this were any other girl besides Lynn, I would have wasted no time with her.

Lynn's hand slunk its way up my thigh, fingers sliding to the inside, but she stopped. I looked at her eyes and I found the same trepidation and need but it was softened with obvious affection and a desire to go further, only if it was okay with me. Having a hand that close to me, between my thighs, made me wet.

I pulled her close in a caring hug, my lips next to her ear, and I could smell the sweet scent of her blonde hair. I was amazed about her feelings for me and, to be completely honest, I was amazed at my feelings for her.

I keenly sensed a broadening and deepening of our relationship -- a desire to share feelings, emotions, and sensations that were beyond the conventional relationships between mother and daughter. We would always love each other and would always be close and that intrigued me the most. It just happened that we could also share that closeness and love in a very deep and erotic way and that thought made my already lubricated pussy leak some more.

I whispered a consolation into her ear, telling her it was alright. I slipped my hand around, clasping hers, and slowly guided it onto my fiery pussy.

"That day.. the photo shoot.. you were pretty," she explained over the beat of the music, but the noise drowned her out and I heard her only in parts. That beat was in time to the throbbing between my pussy lips. "Always thought that... You liked girls... always dreamed.. we would do something."

I got the gist, even though I didn't hear everything. I kissed her on the neck and hovered close to her ear.

"What we do right now is just for us, honey," I said, realizing that there was a roomful of people around us. The exhibitionist side in me was going crazy at that realization, but I wanted her to know this was special. "We can do some things right here."

This was going to be just her and I, exploring our new-found desires. I guided her hand as we masturbated myself, my hand over hers so that I could feel her pleasing me. It was awkward but my pussy wasn't complaining and I needed the release!

I glanced up and a couple guys and even a girl stared at us, noticing Lynn caressing my pussy. Having myself masturbated in public and having people watch was crazy hot to me. Having them witness a special realization between Lynn and I was so smoking white-hot that Lynn could have rubbed me off that second and I would have had one the greatest orgasms of my life. She was taking it slow and sensual and I was helping her build me up. Little did the voyeurs know that they were witnessing, first-hand, the sensual awakenings of a mother and daughter as they broke down barriers into a world of delight. But, that was our special dirty little secret!

I prompted and moved her hand as she slid her fingers over my slit, through my panties. It felt so good as I buried my face in her hair, breathing deep. I could have showed her how to make me orgasm right then so that she could feel my panties dampen with my torrent but I wanted it to last as I watched everyone around me, staring.

"Slowly, honey, slowly," I coached as I let go, her hand stroking the full length of my slit.

I eased my hand up along her inner thigh and slowly touched and stroked the drenched wetness of her panties. I could feel her extended labia through the snug garment.

"Ohh, ohh.." came her intense reply as her long awaited fantasy became reality.

She tried pressing into my pussy, her fingers pushing the material of my panties past my pussy lips. The teasing was amazing and I hissed slightly at the incredible pleasure. I didn't know how I felt about my beautiful daughter being inside me yet, but it felt amazing!

"Ohhh... no.. not yet, hun," I cautioned.

"I... I want you to cum," she said, embarrassed.

"I will, sweetie... I'll come all over your hand... in front of all these people," the last portion almost stuck in the back of my throat, as I realized the immensity of the taboo I was about to break.

I returned the gesture. Moving her panties aside, I eased my finger tips past her lips.

"God, mom..." she hissed into my ear, and her excitement made her press her fingers harder against my clit and slit. "You're inside me, oh God..."

She reflexively closed her thighs around my hand, to stop the fingers but, as I eased my fingers into her and her sopping insides yielded, she shivered from a place of deep pleasure, gasping, and opened her thighs. Her hips thrashed and she quietly grunted and screeched into my ear like I was walking the length of a dildo into her.

In her ardor, Lynn drummed my slit with fervor, speeding up her rhythm, and it was such an intense thrill! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that about two others' eyes were glued to my fingers slowly impaling my lusty daughter! With Lynn's renewed ministrations and the voyeurs' locked stares, I felt my stomach start to quiver a little.

I stopped knuckle-deep into her young pussy. She grunted loudly as I pumped my finger and used my thumb to massage her clit. Her head leaned back, mouth open, she changed her position for better access for me, her chest pushed out, due to the position, and her nipples sexily poking through the bra.

"Mom... oh... ," she gasped as she shuddered.

Her whole body trembled, her breasts quaked, as seemingly the whole dance-floor watched me knuckle-deep in my daughter and fingering her to orgasm. Her hips gyrated back and forth on my hand as her young pussy contracted around my fingers, spasming.

Lynn's fingers were still busy on my slit, the fabric of the panties tugging hard on my clit. Her finger tips that probing the sensitive, trembling rim of my pussy burned like fiery ecstasy.

"You're making me cum," I grunted loudly as I shuddered.

A blistering orgasm tore through me, from head to toe, a deep-seated thing that spilled my sweet sugar into my panties, coating her hand and my seat. I convulsed so intensely and I leaked so much that it felt like a bucket was poured out between my legs! My legs were twitched and I almost lost consciousness from the exquisite release.

As I came down, small shots of electricity arced through my body, Lynn caressed the side of my face, and gave me a kiss, her tongue rolling around in my mouth. It was very passionate and we couldn't help but slide our hands down each others' sides, down our hips. Her full and rounded breasts pressed into mine. She kissed me hard and I returned it with equal fervor, moaning, and relishing the intimate release that we just experienced together and the closeness it created.

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Posted 17 Jan 2014 12:02
More of this one I hope! 5++
Posted 13 Oct 2011 16:28
very nice short,sensual,sexy story,,a sequel would be nice! a 5 of course!!
Posted 30 Sep 2011 05:12
Hot!!! Especially the part about it being seen by everyone. I hope there will be more.
Posted 18 Aug 2011 07:50
Posted 10 Aug 2011 16:44
amazing loved reading every second of it
Posted 08 Aug 2011 01:34
5+++ Very good story, Sequel?
Posted 02 Aug 2011 19:32
So sexy lovely details, just so erotic. xx
Posted 01 Aug 2011 04:32
WONDERFUL!! 5+++ The picture it painted was one of the most erotic I have read on here!! Beautiful!!
Posted 30 Jul 2011 14:10
Holy shit. That was so fucking hot. Sequel.5+++
Posted 30 Jul 2011 11:28
Will be looking forward to more tales about these two hot ladies. Perhaps something that expands upon the bondage theme?
Posted 29 Jul 2011 12:35
It was worth the long read for the erotic climax of their 'union' in such a public venue.

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