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Fun at the bar

First story I hope you like it, feedback is welcome
It was a Friday night and as usual Sam was relaxing with a cold beer at the bar after a long week of work. Will and Rich, the twin barmen, were manning the bar as usual and when it was quiet they would always stop and chat to Sam.

Sam had always had a thing for the twins; they were tall, good looking guys, with short dark brown hair, deep hazel eyes and an infectious smile, but she was always too shy to ask them out and of course they were twins. How would she be able to pick between them, she couldn't ask them both out, could she? But sometimes when the bar was busy she would stare at them through her long eye lashes and wonder what it would be like to have both of them all to herself, were their bodies as good as there tight shirts suggested, what would it be like to have their lips kissing every part of her body...

Suddenly she realized that someone was asking her a question, it was Will, "Sorry what did you say?"

"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you, I was just asking if you wanted another one," Will smiled and said.

"Oh you didn't interrupt anything, I was just thinking about something," replied Sam.

"Looked more like someone, am I right?"

Sam blushed, wondering what he would think if he realized who that someone was, "Maybe, but there's no way I’m telling you that," she teased.

"Tell you what, this one’s on the house if you tell me who it was."

Sam pretended to think it over, knowing that there was no way she was going to tell him anything close to what she had been dreaming. "Hmm well that would be telling."

Will passed over the drink. "Ok fair enough, here it’s on the house anyway."

Sam thanked him as he went off to serve the other customers. She noticed him chatting to Rich and knew that he was telling him what had happened but she didn't mind if it got her a free drink.

The evening passed quickly and before she knew it she was one of the last people left in the bar and the boys were starting to clear up and calling taxis for those unable to walk home. Sam asked Rich if she should go, he looked round saw that she still had most of her drink left and told her to chill a bit longer. He and Will were planning to stay for a drink after hours anyway and she was welcome to join them.

A few hours and a few more drinks later all three were sitting at the bar chatting about everything and nothing until Will said, "So who were you thinking about earlier that made you smile?"

Sam turned and looked at him and said, "Just a guy I know."

"Oh really, would this be a boyfriend by any chance? An office romance?" asked Rich.

"No, just a guy who will never know how I feel," sighed Sam.

"Whys that then? Oh no he's not married is he?" teased Will.

"No, no its nothing like that, it’s just that... there's another guy," confessed Sam, realizing a little too late that she was a little too drunk to be having this conversation.

"My, my, my aren't we a greedy one," smiled Rich, "So why can’t you pick between them?"

"I can’t tell you."

"Come on now, you can tell us, we can work out which one is good enough for our Sammy," said Will.

Sam could feel her face heating up, she was trying to stop herself from saying something stupid but for some reason their looks, the booze or both seemed to be making her head fuzzy and she stared at the table and muttered, "They’re twins."

That was it she knew she was busted, any second now they would explode, tell her to get out and never come back. But they didn't say anything, she peered up expecting looks of hate but instead they were just smiling at her.

There was a long pause when Rich said, "Well we've got a confession too,"

He looked at Will who nodded and said, "Since you've been coming to this bar, me and Rich have been arguing about who gets to ask you out on a date, until recently when we decided that we would both ask you and let you decide. However you have now put a spanner in the works and told us that you like both of us."

Sam was confused, this was the last thing she was expecting, not only did they not hate her, they in fact both fancied her. But now what? The twins could obviously sense her confusion and seemed to be having the same thought until suddenly Will got up and said, "There is a third alternative."

Sam was about to ask what this mystery solution was until everything she was thinking about suddenly flew out of her head and the slow realization that Will was kissing her began to sink in. Her hands seemed to know what she wanted because they were already taking off his top to explore his body- the curve of his chest, the firm six pack. He was everything she imagined he would be.

Just as Sam was beginning to accept the fact that she was kissing Will she felt her skin explode in pleasure as Rich started kissing the back of her neck where her halter dress was, well had been done up but was now in a pile round her high heeled shoes. Sam didn't care, suddenly her fantasy was coming true and it was better than she could ever have imagined it.

Rich was kissing down her spine with big warm hands moving over her small pert boobs, rubbing them between his fingers till her nipples were so hard that it hurt and Will was kissing her like it was his last act on earth with his hands cupping her face. Sam moved her hands down to Wills jeans and started to undo them so she could see if he was as big as the rest of him. Sam realized that she couldn't get the last button undone because her hands were shaking from excitement, Will realized what Sam wanted and held her hands on his, slowly kissed her fingers one by one and then undid his jeans all the way and took them off for her.

He was perfect- long but not too long, thick but not fat, just perfectly proportioned. Sam kissed down Wills body until she was eye level with his waist and began to run her finger tips up the smooth warm shaft and round the tip, making it bob with anticipation. Sam licked her lips and kissed the tip of Wills dick and then began to work her tongue round the end and up and down the shaft with her hand until it shone with moisture, then she opened her mouth and took his dick in her mouth and began to slide it up and down, knowing she had complete control over him.

Rich could see that Sam was about to go down on Will and decided to kneel behind her until her perfect pink pussy was showing, then he leaned in and kissed her pussy lips which were already getting wet and opened at the smallest touch just begging for more. So Rich explored Sam's pussy with his tongue, running it up and down inside her, all over her clit until her legs began to shake as she came and moaned round Will’s dick.

Sam knew that Will was getting close as he started to thrust slightly into her mouth, but she didn't want the fun to finish just yet so she gradually slowed down and stopped, she felt a little wobbly after Rich had made her cum so hard and so sat on the nearest table and pulled him over so she could kiss him. While she was kissing him she undid his jeans too and let them drop to the floor while she held his dick in her hand and pulled it closer to her pussy.

Sam slid Rich's dick in her slowly at first but then letting him push it further and further as her lips stretched a little round it, it was a little painful but felt so good at the same time that she didn't mind, once he was all the way in she leant back on the table wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him in deep.

Sam didn't want Will to be left out and so leaned as far back as she could, pull him closer and let him slide his dick in her mouth again. Sam felt amazing, she never imagined anything like this or that it could feel so good, Rich pounding her pussy and Will fucking her mouth, it felt bad, good, painful, ecstatic all at the same time. As Rich began to get faster she could feel another orgasm building inside her, it started deep in her stomach but soon it spread like wild fire causing fireworks across her skin.

As the tingly feeling left her fingers and toes, Sam pushed Will away from her and sat up onto Rich's waist and wrapped her arms round his neck. Will, understanding exactly what she wanted, came up behind her and gently spread her butt cheeks apart and began to slide his wet dick around her ass hole.

Sam slid up and down Rich's dick pushing her butt out to encourage Will to push his dick inside too. Finally just as Sam was getting frustrated Will pushed the tip of his dick inside her and soon she had both dicks inside her all the way to the base, Sam was in ecstasy as she pulled herself up and down the two dicks, both throbbing deep inside her.

Sam started getting fast and pushing herself hard down on the dicks trying to force them even further inside her until she could feel it happening again and this time she wanted them to cum with her so she started moaning that she was ready and wanted them to cum too, so as she got faster and harder she felt as if she wanted to scream when suddenly the boys both started speeding up and then she felt them cum deep inside her, the warm cum filling her up, which just pushed her over the top and she screamed and clawed at Rich's back in ecstasy as the third orgasm raced through her body, setting off every nerve in her body like electricity.

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Posted 05 Dec 2013 07:29
Good one! and after all this time, you never told me you were an author!! the incest tag nearly made me not read this story, but I'm glad I did. mmmm...
Posted 01 Jul 2013 17:25
Lucky Sam!
Posted 13 Jan 2013 10:31
Thanks for the comments all, the insest tag was part of lush rules
Posted 13 Jan 2013 05:30
Baby I love this
Posted 11 Jan 2013 04:15
Really good story. Good writing too.
Posted 10 Jan 2013 07:41
For this being your first story.. It's very well written.Interesting & entertain g.

The twins were not involved in sex with each other, There for I do not understand the use of the Incest tag..,

Regardless of the tagging it's still a entertain g read.. KEEP WRITING! joel

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