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Fun In The Hay Part 3

Josh's tongue slid across mine; the feeling of it one of the most amazing I've ever felt. I pulled him tighter against me, and he did the same. His body was slick against mine; oh how I wish we could have stayed like this forever... but he pulled away.

I laid my head against his chest, gently running my fingers over his chest, tangling them in his soft chest hair. "What's the matter?" I whispered softly. Just loud enough for him to hear.

"Nothing's the matter darlin'. Just... we can't stay here for ever... and you know how early Pawpaw gets up to feed the animals. We've got to move." He kissed the top of my head softly, running his hands over my back gently before pulling away.

I sighed deeply, "I know..." I said, mostly to my self. I got up with him and pulled on my soaked thong and night shirt. I looked at him as he pushed his still slightly hard penis back into tight boxers. I looked up at him. "Josh..." He looked up at me. "What did you touch... to-to make me orgasm?" I asked softly, looking away while I said it.

I felt him coming toward me and pulling me close into his arms. "It's called your clit little sis." He said, I felt him chuckling, his chest moving under my chest.

I smiled softly, "And... what was that stuff coming out of your cock?" I asked even softer.

He pulled my tighter to him, if that was even possible. His chest was so warm. "That was sperm, but you call it cum." He whispered against my ear, gently kissing it. "It's because... when you orgasm, you call it cumming. So... the stuff that comes out, is cum." He gently bit my ear then pulled away.

I looked up at him, "Oh..." I said softly. I looked at him, just looked. "Will we do this again?" I asked, very softly, barely hearing my self, my lips barely moving. I didn't want to ask, afraid that he would deny me. But, he didn't hear me and just smiled.

"Come on, Az. We need to get back." He grabbed my hand and went down the ladder first. I felt his eyes on my under my shirt as we went down. I smiled softly to my self and then dropped down.

We walked back up to the house as quiet as we could and went in. The door creaking, as we went. I prayed Pawpaw wouldn't hear us. I made my way to my bedroom fast and slipped in, but Josh caught my hand before I could shut it all the way. He pulled me to him and kissed me hard and long; his tongue danced against mine and I enjoyed every second of it.

But of course, every good moment has to end. He pulled away, kissed the top of my head and went to his own bedroom.

I fell onto my bed and instantly went to sleep. I dreamed of Josh's hands on me... making me orgasm. No... cum.


I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I sighed and got up out of my bed and looked to the window. It was way past 6am... why didn't Pawpaw wake me up?

I walked over to the door and opened it, not really thinking. I looked up at Pawpaw... he had a grim look on his face.

"Time to get up Az, Josh did your morning chores for his punishment." He said and then just walked off.

I shuddered... I was so glad he didn't talk to me about last night. I gasped softly as I felt my vagina light up at the thought of Josh, the feel of his fingers on me. I leaned back against the door and sighed.


I walked out of my room dressed in a pair of blue jeans that I had cut into shorts that were very short. But I loved them, they were comfy. I also had on one of my old western shirts. It was green, and made my brown eyes stand out.

I walked into the family room to see Josh just sitting there. Just staring off into space... he looked like he was thinking hard about something, and he was frowning. I walked over to him and touched his shoulder. He jumped up and looked at me and began stammering.

"Oh! Az-I, hey umm.. um I-I gotta go." He told me and then turned and was out the door, yelling back to Pawpaw that he was going riding.

I watched him head down to the barn and then sat down on the couch. I shook my head and leaned back... why didn't he want to talk to me? He couldn't even look at me... what had I done wrong?

I frowned and went out the door yelling back to Pawpaw that I was going to go riding too.

I walked down to the barn quickly, then stopped and looked down at my shorts. My legs would be raw by the time I was out of the drive way. I growled in my frustration and grabbed my chaps and put them on quickly. I pulled out Lady Bug and saddled her quickly and hopped up onto her back and took off.

I knew exactly where Josh was going, he thought that it was a secret.. but I went there too.

I flew out of the drive way and across the dirt road and over the field, slowing once I got over the hill in the field. I looked around and saw the trail that led down into the woods beside the field. I perked up and got Lady to walk there.


I saw Star before I saw Josh. Star was hobbled and was roaming around the little meadow eating grass, and Josh was sitting on the bank, looking in the creek. I walked up slowly behind him, now off of Lady. I gently touched his shoulder and he swung around and stared at me. I saw that his eyes were red and he had been crying.

I let go of Lady and got down on my knees beside him, "Are you okay Josh? Josh? Talk to me." I rubbed his shoulders and he just shook with silent crying then leaned against my shoulder.

"I violated you, it was wrong of me, I shouldn't have made you do stuff like that Azlaya, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He balled his fist into my shirt and pulled me close to him. I frowned...

"Josh, I want to do it again... please don't reject me, I want to do it again. To do more, to do what Pawpaw told me that a man and woman did." I pleaded to him, trying to pull him back so I could look at him.

He looked at me, wide eyed. One second he was looking at me, and the next, his lips were all over mine, his hands all over me, pulling me close to him. I kissed him back hard and urgently, running my hands up under his arms and pulling him closer to me by his shoulder.

His mouth... his tongue tasted like caramel and sugar. I noticed it last night but didn't think about it. Then I just remembered that he was chewing on caramel and sugar cubes all the time when he wasn't giving them to horses.

I smiled against his lips and gently ran my fingers over your waist line and under his shirt. The kiss had slowed... it was more sensual and loving.

He slowly laid me down in the soft meadow grass, breaking the kiss and looking into my eyes.

"Do you really want to take it to the next level little sister?" He whispered against my lips, his hands gently kneading my arms, moving closer to my breast.

I nodded to him, leaning up and kissing his lips once again for a heartbeat then leaned back, "I want to do more with you... but I'm curious, what's the next level Josh?" I couldn't keep my lips from his, his lips tasted so good.

He pulled away laughing softly and then looked into my eyes serious...

"Let me show you little sister." He said softly and then kissed me once, quickly then kissed my neck, nibbling on it softly as I let out a satisfied sigh. He slowly lifted up my shirt, leaning down and kissing my lean stomach and working his mouth up my chest to my covered breast.

He pushed my shirt up all the way and I leaned up helped him take my shirt off. He laid it behind me so my back wouldn't be scratched by the grass. I smiled at him as he unhooked my bra and slowly slipped it off.

He looked at my breast, just stared at them as he slowly ran his hands up and down my sides. Then I got embarrassed... it was daylight, and bright out, and he couldn't see me that well last night, what if he didn't like me?

I put my hands over my breast and saw him frown, he laid his hands over mine.

"Don't hide them little sister, they're gorgeous, and I love them." He leaned down and pulled my hands away. He opened his mouth slightly and ran his tongue over my nipple. I gasped softly and felt my nipples grow instantly hard.

He smiled at my reaction and gently licked my nipple again and again, taking slow sensual licks. I gasped and moaned softly as he continued to lick me. I tangled my hands in his hair, his hair was shaggy, and so soft.

Then he bit my nipple. I gasped loudly and arched my back, pushing my nipple deeper into his mouth. "God, yes Josh." I whispered urgently. He bit down just a bit harder and I arched my back more.

Then he just stopped.I was breathing hard and fast, my chest moving up and down. I looked at him, my eyes begging him not to stop.

"Josh please, go on. Will you touch me? Please?" I begged him looking into his. He grinned at me and slowly untied my chaps, easing them down off my legs. I helped him, wanting his hands on me so badly.

"Az, I want to show you the next level... are you ready?" He whispered again'st my thigh, his soft stubble tickling my thigh. I shivered at his touch.

"Yes, yes oh God yes." I thrust my hips toward him, knowing that it felt right.

He grabbed my hips and gently pulled my pants down, my panties along with him. I held my ass up, letting him get them off easier. I watched him, looking straight into his eyes as he slowly lowered his slightly parted lips to my pussy.

As soon as I his soft lips touched my vagina, I gasped. I looked down at him, breathing hard and fast. He gently opened his mouth wider, his lips covering my vagina more. It didn't sound right calling it that though...

He gently touched that spot right at the top of my slit and I gasped loudly, my hips instinctively thrusting up toward his soft lips. He growled against my lips and I shuddered hard.

Then... he attacked me with his tongue.

He thrust his tongue against my spot at the top, my clit, yes he tongued my clit, thrashing his tongue across it. I thrashed on the ground, my hands going into his hair and pushing his mouth and tongue harder against my clit.

I cried out, thrusting my hips hard against his tongue. He sucked my clit and lips into his mouth, stroking his tongue against me. I shut my eyes tightly and screamed as that amazing feeling spread through out my body, making me shake hard, my whole body getting tighter.

God! And his tongue just kept going and going. I whimpered, pulling on his hair gently.

He pulled away slowly and looked at me, his face shinning with liquid... it was my vagina juice.. I shuddered as he licked it from his lips. My body was still slightly shaking from my orgasm... no, I came. I cummed on my brothers lips and tongue.

He grinned and whipped my juice from his face then licked his hand clean. He slowly leaned down against me, "Mmm, best tasting pussy I've ever tasted Az." He whispered against my neck.

I shuddered under him as he said the word 'pussy'. "Josh," I whispered, my voice hoarse from screaming out my climax, "What's a pussy?"

"That, little girl, is what Josh just licked." I heard my Grandpa say from his horse Comment.

I screamed and Josh jumped back up onto his feet and tried to help me cover up.

"Leave her Josh." Pawpaw said.

I pulled on my shirt and covered my crotch with my shorts and pulled my chaps up to me, covering as much as I could.

"I feared this would happen again... not to mention I heard your scream all the way at the bottom of the field. You're both in big trouble..." Pawpaw said, and got down from his horse, bringing his crop with him.

"Big... big trouble." He said once again.

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Posted 03 Mar 2012 06:06
One hot set of stories
Posted 27 Feb 2012 08:55
These stories are great. So effing hot. Love them.
Posted 24 Feb 2012 23:16
HOT and arousing!
Posted 24 Feb 2012 18:54
Those kids sure do have bad luck!!!
Posted 04 Dec 2011 21:10
I read all three chapters and this is a very good story, very hot with the innocent girl enjoys her first sexual experience. Well written.
Posted 23 Nov 2011 01:10
Hot & spicy.
Posted 30 Sep 2011 10:11
Can't wait for more 5+
Posted 26 Sep 2011 08:48
DAMN! Why did this have to end so quickly? Great story, can't wait to read more!!! Thanks for sharing!
Posted 22 Sep 2011 14:11
pawpaw says ????????????
Posted 22 Sep 2011 07:33
Big... Big trouble..oh welllllllll, life could be worse. nice job dear.

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