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Fun on Cape Ann

Fun in my girlfriend's rented beach cottage with her brothers and sisters.
Chapter 1

I had been going out with Bonnie Robinson for almost a year. She's seventeen, like me, and the youngest daughter of very devout Catholic parents of two older sisters, Debbie, eighteen, and Kati, twenty, and a brother, Kenny, who was nineteen.

We were both in the high school band, she played clarinet and I played trumpet. On our first date, I had suggested that we kiss each other goodnight using the lip formations we each used with our band instruments. It was good for a laugh and it got me a kiss on the first date.

Our progress from there was slow but pretty steady. I had, after a couple of months gotten her top and bra off, she had beautiful, round, firm breasts and I loved kissing and sucking their pretty, pink nipples.

Another month or so, found me sucking her boobs as she masturbated me, then, after that, there were a few exploratory missions into her panties with a finger probing her warm and mysterious inner wonders.

On this particular Friday, we had tickets to a Red Sox game and were then, afterward, driving down to her parent's cottage on Cape Ann for the rest of the weekend.

After the game, we were immediately traffic-jammed in Kenmore Square in bumper-to-bumper traffic which was barely crawling along. At the worst of it, while we just sat and sat, Bonnie slid over next to me to snuggle. Soon, happily, she had her hand on my bulge rubbing it back and forth.

"This make the traffic a little better?" she asked.

"Yeah, it helps, thanks, hon."

In a few more minutes, she had unzipped my fly and put her hand inside gripping me and rubbing her thumb around the tip of my cock.

"Mmm, you're distracting the driver but that's just fine."

With that, she pulled me out of my pants and began rubbing me up and down. I usually got masturbated in some private place we parked or in her basement TV room or some place like that, never in a public spot like this, though it was getting near dusk and all the action was below the window level.

"Poor baby, all this traffic. How can I make it better for you?" and she slid down and I felt her warm, wet mouth slip down over my exposed cock. Bonnie had never given me a blowjob before, this was new, all new, and really wonderful. Oh, this felt so good.

As she went on, she began to take more of me in her mouth as she gently sucked on me.

As we snaked along through the traffic, she kept sucking me. Thank god, the traffic was slow, this was certainly a distraction, much more than talking or even texting on a cell.

"Hon, you're gonna make me cum pretty soon, okay? You might want to stop."

She lifted her head up and said, "Gee, I must be pretty good at this, it sure didn't take you very long to get close," and she went back down to finish. I was telling her the truth, I was close.

"I'm just about,,,UUH, UUH, UUH, oh, oh, oh," as I shoved back in my seat arching my back, raising my butt off the seat as I cummed her mouth full.

"Oh, wow, hon, you really did that. Like all the way. Wow. Incredible."

She sat back up and said, "Here's what you taste like," and leaned over and french-kissed me over and over sharing my juices with me.

"Wow, hon, what a start to our weekend. Wish we had our own cabin."

Bonnie and I had never gone all the way, as I said, the blowjob I just got was the maximum we'd done so far. But I was hopeful, especially after that.

"That was fun, Steve, I really enjoyed it. You're gonna get your dick sucked again this weekend, for sure, lover boy," and she gave my cock a gentle squeeze. She held it in her hand until we got to her parent's cottage, then tucked it away and zipped me up.

Her family was all there, both sisters, her brother and her mom and dad. Kenny, her brother, had just broken up with his girlfriend and Kati, the older sister was with Andy, her boyfriend while Debbie was with Ron.

We had to brief everyone on the ball game, every pitch, every hit, it seemed the whole family were Red Sox fans. Then, about eleven, her parents turned in for the night in their own bedroom while the rest of us were to sleep in the main room on the floor on a variety of air mattresses, each one laid out boy-girl, boy-girl.

After we had all gone to bed, about an hour after, I laid there on my back, rather uncomfortable, as I heard Kati, the older sister, giggling and Andy, her boyfriend, whispering for her to be quiet.

I looked over at them in the dim moonlight filtering in and saw that she was up over him, topless, giving him a blowjob. Her breasts were larger than Bonnie's and as she bobbed up on Andy's dick, I saw that he was very-well endowed, for sure.

Debbie, the other sister, was also watching, up on her elbows, and she reached over to rub her boyfriend, Ron, by stroking his cock which lay right under the sheet. She then sat up, pulled off her tee-shirt and bent over to begin sucking her boyfriend.

One can imagine the effect of my watching this had me, so I gave Bonnie a pat on her behind and she turned her head to me and grumbled that her parents were just in the next room and that she doesn't want to get in trouble.

"Bonnie, Bonnie, look what's going on, look," I whispered and she raised up and saw her sisters both sucking off their boyfriends.

"Geez, look at my sisters, damn. Hmm, this is making me horny," and she pulled up her pajama top over her head, then reached over and pulled my cock out of my shorts. She bent over and now I was the third boyfriend being sucked off by a Robinson sister.

Then, I looked over and Bonnie's oldest sister stood up, tugged her panties off, then got over Andy and slid down on him, his cock disappearing up inside her as she began rocking back and forth, moaning softly.

Debby sat up from sucking Ron and whispered, "Bonnie, you and Steve, just need to go to sleep, you're too young for this," which my girlfriend ignored and kept right on sucking me.

Then Debbie got up on all fours and quietly asked Ron, "Do me in the butt, okay. Just be quiet," and he got up behind her, wet her with his saliva, and began pushing his way up inside her ass, something that I was rather surprised to see, actually.

As Debbie was being done from the backside, Andy, Kati's boyfriend came around the front and he knelt in front of her as Deb took him in her mouth and began sucking him off.

"Geez," Bonnie whispered, "I didn't know they did stuff like this," and she bent back down and began to suck me off again. I watched this as I was being sucked and it didn't take long for me to cum.

Right after, Bonnie pulled off her panties and swung a leg up over me, reached under to hold me steady, then squirmed down wiggling and twisting as she pushed down. This was something that we had never done before. We were both virgins and it looked like Bonnie was ready. I knew she was on the pill, so that wasn't a concern, as she pushed trying to get my cock to enter her.

She made a few wincing sounds as she kept pressing down and I could see a tear in her eye as I finally went in the rest of the way. I knew it must have hurt some but it was her doing it, so I just let her do what she wanted.

Once I was inside her, when she started moving up and down, the feeling was unbelievable. It just felt so good.

"Oh, I love this, Steve, oh, I've wanted to do this and now we have. So we can do it lots now. Are you glad we're doing this?"

"Yes, yes, you feel so good, it's wonderful, so good."

She was going slowly and every time she rose up, her pussy gripped me so tight it was like I was being sucked upward my her mouth.

"Oh, Bon, you're gonna make me cum. Oh, right now, uh, uh, uh, ooh, oh, oh, I love you, I love you so much," and I could feel my warm semen filling her depths as she moved faster over me.

"Mmm, oh, I want it now, I want to cum, oh, I'm…uunh, uunh, uunh, ih, uh, oh, Steve, it's so good, baby, ohh, feels so good. I love you, oh, I love you. This was perfect, just perfect," and she lowered over me as we held each other.

We both looked over and saw her brother, Kenny, on the couch, naked, cock in hand, jacking up and down as he watched the sexual scene before him.

About twelve feet away, Andy was down between Kati's legs giving her oral sex as her sister, Debbie, lay nearby fingering herself as her boyfriend, Ron, lay there dozing, facing us, his limp cock hanging down, touching the floor.

The next morning, we all worked together preparing breakfast with her parents, just like nothing had happened. After, we all went to the beach for the day and nothing was mentioned among any of us until the three of us boyfriends came together.

"Last night was incredible. Steve, I hope you know that these sisters don't put out like a lot of sisters do, that was really something new. God, even Debbie took it in the ass, unbelievable. Then, she sucked me off in front of her sister," Andy said.

"Well, Bonnie told me that she'd never seen anything like it from her sisters, ever," I told them.

"Did look like you got a little pussy last night, yourself, Steve," Ron said.

"Yeah, the first time. Never happened before. Must be the salt air," and we all laughed.

Chapter 2

Of course, I had a hard-on all day and couldn't wait until lights-out. After dinner, Bonnie and I took a walk to be alone for the fist time since we arrived last night.

"That was something last night, Bon. I wasn't expecting us to have sex. I loved it but why did you change your mind?" I asked her.

"Well, you were there. My sisters were going crazy, god, Deb even sucked-off Kati's boyfriend. I just figured, why wait, I'm on the pill, everybody's fucking, why aren't we, so you got some pussy last night. Want some more tonight, big boy?"

"Um, well, sure, hon, I mean it was kind of rushed and all. Maybe we can take some more time tonight. You think it's gonna be another orgy?"

"It's a side to my sisters that I haven't really seen before, so how do I know? What I do know is that I don't care what Debbie says, I'm old enough and I'm gonna do it if they do. So, you better be good and hard, mister. It's time for our second fuck and I don't care what anybody say, we're doing it."

Wow, my girlfriend is really feisty and, quite honestly, it has turned me on, I like this side of Bonnie. A lot. So, the rest of the evening, I'm preoccupied with the promise I have for later. Oh, yeah.

About an hour after Bonnie's parents went to bed, I saw Kati stand up and pull off her pajamas and stand there as her boyfriend Andy pulled his boxers off. She then got down on her knees and began sucking him. Her breasts were the largest of the sisters and she would have been a smash in Playboy.

Bonnie leaned over and whispered, "Ready, big boy? I sure am," and rolled on her back, pulled off her panties and teeshirt. I pulled off my tee and boxers and got down between her legs and began licking her for the first time ever.

"Oh, Steve, oh, that is wonderful, oh, please let's do it, I'm already so horny, But it is wonderful, I want you to do it, just not now."

So, I crawled up and got my cock right up to her. I looked up and just a few feet away, Debbie and Ron were already screwing, her up on top riding him up and down, her breasts bouncing.

I pushed and could feel the tip end of my dick go inside her and as I pressed some more, she wiggled and scooted around and soon I was deep inside her where I had wanted to be ever since last night.

"Mmm. oh, hon, this is so great. I love you, you know, this just feels so right."

"I love you too, Steve, and I want to love you so much more, I want us to do this lots and lots," and she gave a couple of thrusts just to make her point.

Kenny was back on the sofa, laying back in his boxers, stroking his cock as he watched his three sisters fucking their boyfriends, poor guy, the only one by himself.

Bonnie raised her legs up high bringing her pussy up so I could push directly down into her and get as far into her as possible.

"Oh, Steve, that just feels so good, oh, push down and just hold it there, oooh, yes, like that," and she wiggled her bottom sending a delicious feeling all over me.

"Mmm, I like that, oh, lots," she whispered as she did it some more. We went on, Bonnie and I just so new to making love, the others seeming like old pros, just everyone fucking all around us. Well, except for their brother.

Debbie was still up over Ron fucking him up and down as Kati was being screwed missionary style at first, but now was being done from behind, I think doggie-style but maybe even in the ass, it was too dark to tell.

All I knew is how wonderful it was to be fucking my girlfriend, something that was only a dream until last night.

"Oh, Steve, oh, I love you inside me like this. I love you so much."

About then, Debbie was bucking hard over Ron, it looked like she was cumming, though everyone was keeping pretty quiet knowing their parents were just in the next room. She did collapse over him still wiggling around some, kissing, his hands up over her rubbing her back and butt.

Andy was still fucking Kati, his eyes drifting up once in a while looking at me and Bonnie fucking just a few feet away, him smiling at me as he ran in and out of her.

Then, Debbie got up and went over to the couch where her brother was masturbating, took his hand and led him back to her spot on the floor, got down, spread her legs and Kenny got between them, pushed his cock into her and began fucking his sister.

"Bonnie, look, Deb and Kenny. They're fucking. Right over there."

"Geez, let's hope Mom and Dad don't wake up. I mean it's one thing for us to be doing it with our boyfriends but with our brother, eew."

"Well, I do sympathize with Kenny, watching all of you having sex and him just with his hand."

"Yeah, I guess I'm not exactly shocked, I've wondered about Deb and Kenny for a while now."

"You mean, doing it. The two of them?"

"Yeah, nothing exact, just little things. I'll bet this isn't the first time my brother's been inside Debbie. Well, what the hell, she and Ron aren't serious or anything, I just think they're together for the sex."

So, Kenny continued to fuck his sister and I fucked his youngest sister and Andy fucked his oldest, all of us in the silent, darkened room.

I was going in and out of Bonnie very slowly, taking my time, making things last, pushing hard into her as I went in, then drawing it out, almost all the way out, then slowly descending back down to her depths.

"Oh, Steve, just fuck me forever. Just keep it inside me the rest of my life. God, your cock feels so good sliding into me like this. Oh, nice and slow. Oh, this feels so good," she whispered as she raised her butt off the mattress letting me go further inside her.

"Oh, just push in real deep. Oh, yes, like that. Let me wiggle around like this. Oh, oh, Steve, that is so good. Mmm, just let's do this nice and slow."

About then, I heard Kenny softly grunting as I looked and he was arching hard into Debbie, obviously pumping his semen deep into his sister's pussy, she under him humping hard, going up and down under him.

I looked over and Kati and Andy were doing sixty-nine and looking like they were having a brilliant time of it, even a few slurps audible from where I was making love to Bonnie, still slowly rocking in and out of her.

"Mmm, oh, I'm so glad we started having sex, Steve, this is so wonderful. I just feel so much closer to you. I love having you inside me like this."

"Well, I knew it would be wonderful when the time was right for us. And last night, that was right. Now, it's right for us. And, I love you, Bonnie, so much."

"Oh, Stevie, I love you, too. And I want to love you with all my body, as much as I can."

I was still going slowly in and out of Bonnie, trying to keep it slow and steady, it felt so good, I wanted to make it last all night but I already knew neither one of us was capable of holding out that long. But, for now, it was delicious.

"Mmm, oh, Steve, just keep going nice and slow like this. It's so good."

I raised up as I kept fucking Bonnie and saw Debbie now riding Ron while Kenny stood in front of her as she sucked his cock. She sure is on friendly terms with her brother, not that I really care. At least there's someone here to satisfy him sexually.

I was so happy that I had my Bonnie with me and that we were now keeping each other so sexually well-satisfied. Our second night of sex was wonderful, taking it slowly, just letting it progress unhurriedly, letting our lovemaking build and build.

"Oh, Bon, I'm really getting close. You want to try to keep going longer or just go ahead and cum?"

She raised her legs up over me and whispered, "I want your cum, I'm ready, too," and locked her ankles around me jamming me into her as she shook her butt back and forth.

"UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, oh, oh, Bonnie, oh, Bonnie."

"Oh, give me your…OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, uh, uh, oh, it feels so good, oh, I love you so much, Steve, so much."

"I love you, too, Bon. Mmm, this is so good," as we lay there, my cock snug and warm inside her where I've wanted it to be so badly.

We held each other for quite a while. The room was quieter now, Kenny was asleep on the couch, Debbie and Ron were also asleep as Kati and Andy fucked slowly about fifteen feet away.

Bonnie and I drifted off to sleep, so content in our new intimacy. I'm not sure how long we were asleep but it must have been several hours. I began to awaken when I felt a sensation of movement along my cock, it was Bonnie's fingers gently brushing along my shaft.

"Mmm, you looking for something?"

"Oh, I didn't mean to wake you up, sorry."

"Well, now you have. Did you find what you wanted?" I asked as her fingers wrapped around my hardening dick.

"Oh, I found something I want more than anything else on earth. Right here," as she gave me a squeeze.

"And just where would you want that?"

She picked up my hand, led it down between her opened legs and pressed it on her damp pussy.

"I think I can accommodate you, madam, just spread nice and wide," I whispered as I got up over her and pressed my cock up into her.

"Mmm, that's what I want. Oh, nice, so nice."

It was quite dark but I could make out some movement over on the couch and it seemed like Kenny was being serviced again, most likely by Debbie, the sister just one year younger than him. I never could tell for sure but it seemed that Kati and Andy were asleep on the other side of us so it really must have been Deb.

Well, the sex that I really cared about was taking place inside my girlfriend laying right under me.

"Mmm, oh, Steve, so nice, this is so nice. You feel so good inside me. Just keep doing it."

Oh, I wanted to keep doing it, all right. Bonnie and I were finding out what every couple finds out, I guess, that sex is just wonderful. Now I really know what I have a cock for. Oh, yeah, this feels so good. All those nerve endings are there for a reason. It's sure not for peeing.

She had her ankles crossed behind my back and was pulling me close every time I stroked into her, oh, it just felt so good. I just didn't care who sees us, well, not her parents, that would be bad, for sure, but her sisters, well, I've seen plenty of them in the last two nights.

She pulled me into her and held me tight as she squeezed her pelvic muscles just massaging my cock deep inside her.

"How's that feel, Steve?"

"Mmmm, like you're sucking me with your pussy, it's incredible. Our only movement is inside your pussy, oh, it feels so good."

"I'm milking you, oh, it feels so nice. I have a girlfriend who told me about doing this. I love it, oh, it feels so good, and we're just laying here still, not really moving. Oh, I can get off on this."

"Oh, me, too, Bonnie. Tell your friend, thanks, from your boyfriend."

"I'll do that. And from me, too."

Bonnie laid there under me, flexing her pussy's walls around me over and over, quietly, without any outer movement, just caressing my cock with her pussy sending waves of pleasure across us both.

"You're gonna make me cum," I whispered in her ear.

"Good, I'm ready, too," she murmured as she gripped me ever tighter with her muscles. It was all I could take.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," as my semen spurted into her depths as I heard her softly moan as I felt her pussy contract over and over, her hips jerking up and down just slightly.

"Oh, Steve, that was lovely. You are so wonderful. I love you lots."

"I love you, too, Bonnie. You are so wonderful and this feels so good, to be with you like this, inside you like this."

We laid there together until the room began to lighten, my cock shriveled some but still inside her warm and happy. We didn't get a lot of sleep but we advanced our relationship which was far more important to us both.

We spent much of Sunday on Cape Ann touring through Gloucester and Rockport before heading back to home and school the next day.

Bonnie and I had changed, we had added a lot to our relationship and I was more in love with her than ever. I'll always remember our weekend on Cape Ann.

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This is why I come to Lush. Good story.
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Great story. Enjoyed it a lot.

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