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Fun on the Beach

On our vacation to Hawaii, I had sex on the beach twice, once was with my husband.
John and I have been married now for three and a half years. We met while I was in college at a party and he was so hot, so sexy, that I did something that I'd never done before. I fucked him that same night. I've never regretted it.

We're both in our careers now. John is in investment banking (No, he's one of the good ones, really, he is) and I'm in finance for a medium-sized manufacturing firm.

My hubby is twenty-nine, tall, six foot three, nicely built, smooth-skinned (Sorry, but I really don't like a lot of hair on my man, I even shave him every day or two. Yes, there, I like it better when I suck him off. And, it sure made it look bigger the first time I shaved him.) He's got wavy blondish-brown hair and a wicked grin that matches his sense of humor.

I'm twenty-five, five-five, light brown hair, mid-shoulder length, 36-C (I developed young. I grew boobs when I was nine and by eleven they were really nice. Still are.), no droop or sag. They're really perfect and, yes, I'm proud of them, actually, very proud. You'd be too. They stand right out as I said, pointing a little off to each side and tipped with fairly large pink nipples that pop out excitedly when I'm aroused, which is as often as I can get aroused. Like right now as I write this. (Wish you could see. Actually, I wish you could suck them. Maybe some other time.)

Since I do shave John's pubic hair, I'm shaven, too. He does mine, I do his. I usually suck him right after I do his because it gets him so hard (and it gets me pretty drippy, too) that we always try to have some extra time for some licky-sucky fun when we shave each other.

If you're thinking that I'm a pretty highly-sexed woman, you'd be right. As long as I can remember, sex was on my mind. I'm not exactly sure when I started rubbing and playing with my pussy but it's been a long time.

My first fuck, well, I've told you that I love sex, um, it was when I was sixteen. The boy was seventeen. Actually it was my brother, Phil. I basically seduced him. We fucked all the way through high school and college. Actually, we still have sex when he visits. I'll get back to that in a minute.

My first threesome was with my brother and his best friend and I was still sixteen. I was on the pill. Mom was taking no chances and Phil and Jason fucked me all the time. I just loved it.

Now, my husband, John, also has a pretty active sexual history. He lost his to the woman next door who, he thinks, was about twenty-eight at the time. He was just sixteen.

So, we do like our sex and do something just about every day. We also, as I've said, have my brother visit. Phil is married to Jolene and they, too, are pretty open about sex, so we pretty much have a fuck-a-thon when they're here.

John and I also have several other couples we have fun with and we both have fucked other people with the other's knowledge. John even secretly watched me with a guy that used to work for the company I'm with. I brought him home one night for a fuck after setting it up with hubby to watch. He loved it and it sure turned me on knowing John was watching me have sex with a former coworker.

So, that's us, we love each other, love sex with each other and like to share our bodies and our sex with others as well.

We live in the midwestern United States so we try to get away to places that are warm and sunny with nice beaches. This last May, we went to Hawaii and stayed at a nice resort there which was at the far end of the developed oceanfront. Beyond our hotel was mostly open, undeveloped beach that was open to the public where people learned to kite surf during the day and camp out at night. There are large clumps of bushes with walkways to and from the road and along the upper part of the beach.

Our first night there, John and I walked down along that beach to check it out and it was pretty deserted as we strolled along. I've told you that I'm a very sexed-up woman and proud of my boobs, so as soon as we left the hotel beach, I whipped off my bikini top and tied it around my waist so I wouldn't lose it.

It felt wonderful. I just love to have the warm ocean breeze against my bare skin, especially on my breasts, it just makes my nipples tingle. John, of course, made instant note of my toplessness and stopped to bend over and suck my newly-exposed nipples which he made even harder. As we stood there, his head lowered to my breast, I rubbed his cock bulge. We could hear some music coming from ahead and started walking toward it.

As we slowly walked along, I pulled open the tie strings and handed John my bikini, top and bottom. Now, naked, the warm, humid air caressing every inch of my body, I was really getting sexed-up. I could feel my pussy grow warmer and wetter as it responded to the eroticism of walking naked along the beach as my pussy began making juices for whatever the evening held.

We got to where we could see the revelers on the beach where the music was coming from, so we stopped near a large clump of thick shrubs to watch and listen.

"Walk around, hon, so I can look at you," John asked.

I walked down to the water and waded, ankle-deep, to a small sandbar and stood there in the moonlight knowing that the angle of the moon's light would make my breasts glow and stand out. He walked down toward me as I heard him say, "Careful, someone might see you," which only served to titillate me and make my pussy even wetter as we both slowly strolled, hand-in-hand, down the beach nearer to the partygoers.

"You look so good, Jenna, I want to take you back to the room and fuck you crazy."

"Why wait?" I asked him as I took his hand and led him to the bushes and knelt down to pull his shorts off, bringing his rock-hard cock out for me to enjoy. I leaned forward, seductively looking up at him as I slid my wet lips over the head of his cock and began pulsing him the way I know he loves.

"Mmm, nice as always, hon, you are so good," he murmured and I leaned in to take more of him into my mouth as his hands gently held my face as I bobbed back and forth. But knowing where I wanted his cum, I only sucked him for a few minutes, then got up and took hold of one of the larger branches and bent over for him. John knows that, given a choice, I will take his cock doggie-style over any other way.

I spread my stance wide as he came up to me between my legs and slid deeply into my wet, wet pussy.

"Oh, that's what I want, John, your big, hot cock. Mmm," and he began fucking me back and forth as his hands gripped my hips. Oh, I was so hungry for a fuck, all that time on the beach naked, getting turned-on and on and on, now, I had John's cock ramming into me as I wiggled in front of him.

"Mmm, oh, baby, I'm gonna cum, oh, for sure, UUHN, UUHN, UUHN, oooh, mmm, oh, wow, what a great fuck, oh, I'm gonna love this vacation, oh, yeah. Your turn, baby, let's have some cum, my pussy wants it, you know it does."

Well, he did fuck me more, bringing me up to having two more orgasms. Then, John's head threw back, his hips thrust forward and I felt that wonderful warm infusion of his erupting love juice filling my depths as he held himself deep, deep inside me.

"UHH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, Jenna, oh, that was so good, oh, do I love fucking you, you're the best," he gasped and he lowered himself carefully over me and kissed my back and rubbed my boobs for several minutes as he slowly moved in and out, just keeping the wonderful feelings alive.

It was one of the sexiest, most erotic fucks we'd ever had, I really felt weak-kneed after and John had to hold me as we began to slowly walk back to our hotel.

Once we got back into our cool room, we both were soon in bed and sound asleep.

We had a lot of outdoors fun the next day enjoying the heat and sun and were back inside where it was cool again around six-thirty. We went down to have a quick bite to eat, then back up for a short nap, then a shower-fuck together which is always fun. Then John got dressed and went back downstairs to check out the hotel's sports bar and the great variety of different games they had and to see what games might be on the television that night.

So, I stayed up in our room doing girly stuff like painting my toenails. We were going to meet at the main bar later to hear a live band that was due to begin around eleven. I just planned to kill some time by the pool until showtime. Just as I was finishing up, he sent me a text message saying that he was staying in the bar with some guys he'd met, they were watching a game and he'd meet me at eleven.

I put on my bikini and a cover-up dress and off I went to the pool where I grabbed a Mai Tai and set up on a convenient chaise lounge just sipping and enjoying the music drifting from an open function room which seemed to be having a wedding reception going on.

I was stretched out after I had slipped my dress off and was enjoying the slowly cooling night air, it was still about eighty but the breeze was lovely across my bare skin making me think back to my naked walk and fuck on the beach last night.

After a few minutes, a cute guy in formal dress came over and sat in the next chair.

"Hi, I'm Mike, you look comfortable," which began a short conversation of small talk as he told me he was here for his friend's wedding and how nice he thought I looked and asked me if I'd like to join him at the reception.

I told him I was rather underdressed and he replied that I looked awfully good underdressed and we both laughed.

"Okay, but if you change your mind, come have some fun with us," and he got up and returned to the party. In a few minutes, I got up and walked down closer to the water, thinking I may just lay there and enjoy the beach when I saw Mike waving at me from the outskirts of the wedding party. I waved back and continued on to some tiki tables and lounge chairs .

As I stretched out on a chaise and I got a text from John that he was enjoying the game and some new friends and that he'd meet me back in our room when the game was over in about an hour.

So, I closed my eyes to enjoy the breeze and the surf and soon heard, "Well, so what such a sexy girl like you doing here all by yourself?" I looked up and it was Mike from the wedding party.

"Oh, hi, um, well, my husband is in the bar with some buddies watching a game," I answered as I began to feel a tingle inside from this cute, rather sexy guy standing over me.

"Well, Jenna, if I were married to you, I wouldn't leave you on the beach all alone like this," and as I looked up at him I felt all the sexiness of Hawaii, the naked stroll and sex on the beach the night before and a cute, available and sexy young guy right here before me that was churning up my juices.

"Would you rub a little of this on my back? I got a bit too much sun today, I'm afraid," I asked as I held out the bottle and turned my back to him.

"Oooh, that's cold," I squealed as he began.

"I'll rub faster, that'll warm things up," and I added, "Mmm, that's much better, nice."

I was sitting up, bent over as he was rubbing the lotion into my back and as he worked it up to my neck and shoulders, I moaned softly.

"Sounds like you're enjoying this."

"Mmm, yes, don't stop now, Mike," and right after I said that, I felt his lips on my neck softly kissing me as he rubbed. Oh, how did he know I loved to be kissed on my neck, back and shoulders, I wondered. Then his kisses went along my shoulders.

He raised up and said, "I hope I didn't offend you, Jenna. I just couldn't help myself, it was so tempting to kiss you."

"No, I didn't mind at all or I would have stopped you."

I laid back on the chaise and he bent over and we began kissing like lovers that had been separated, then reunited after months apart. Thye were passionate kisses, tongues swirling in each others mouths, hands in each others hair, oh, it became hot fast.

As we were kissing, his right hand came up and settled over my breast as he began rubbing and quickly pulled the fabric aside and rolled my nipple between his fingers.

I moved my head to the side and said softly, "I think if you want to carry this further, you can meet me right over there, see those bushes, in five minutes," and I stood up, pulled up my top, picked up my bag and slowly walked over to the clump of high shrubs where John fucked me the night before.

I took off my bikini and stood there enjoying the sea breeze on my fully-exposed skin. I was so turned-on, I began rubbing and pinching my hard nipples, then down along my shaved pussy rubbing all the wetness around and stroking across my swollen clit. Then I sensed the presence of another person.

I opened my eyes and there was Mike, standing before me in his boxers all eagerly tented out as he knelt down in front of me and eased my stance apart and began licking me along my slit sending shivers through me. I cocked one leg out so he could get further up underneath me and it felt so good, his tongue wiping my hot pussy and the breeze sending chills through me. Mmm. Then, he started sucking my clit and that sent me skyward.

His lips and tongue were wonderful, the naughty taboo of hooking up with a complete stranger on the beach had me so aroused that he had me cumming in just a few minutes as I pinched my nipples.

"Mmm, Mike, you were great, I just want to fuck you so bad right now," I whispered as I turned and took hold of the same branch I held the night before and bent over with my legs spread to receive him.

"You are one wild girl, Jenna, I sure hope your husband doesn't find out," he said softly as I felt his nice, hard cock slide right up into me.

"Mmm, don't worry, he'd probably just want to watch."

"Oh, so you two are pretty open about things, that's nice."

"Yeah, mmm, you feel better than nice, John, your cock is making me feel really, really good," I whispered and began to twist my hips around. I can rarely hold myself still when I get fucked from behind, it just feels so much better when I'm adding to the fucking.

"We usually only do these kind of things in front of each other but I'm making the exception in your case. Lucky you."

"Oh, Jenna, you are so tight, you just feel wonderful. I'm gonna cum pretty soon."

"Slow down a little, ooooh, yes, just like that, mmm, just fuck me like that, can you hold off for a few minutes?"

He said he thought he could and I said over my shoulder, "I hope your friends aren't wondering where you are right now," as he slowly fucked in and out of me.

Then, I told him I was much closer and he could pick up the pace and finish whenever he wanted. He started fucking me like I remember my brother doing me the first time. He just went wild, bent over me, plunging in and out of me, his hands up under me, one rubbing my boobs, the other on my clit rubbing circles around it.

It wasn't long before we were both groaning and he shoved hard into me as I felt the flood of warmth deep inside me while I was just beginning my ascent up to a wonderful, wonderful orgasm.

"Omigod, that was so hot, so intense. You are such a hot woman."

"I got two terrific orgasms out of it, that was wonderful, thanks."

"Oh, thank you, I had hoped to hook-up with one of the girls at the wedding party but meeting you was even more fantastic."

"You still have time to find someone at the party,' I added. He pulled out of me with kind of a slurp sound and I turned and we kissed for a minute then I told him I had to go meet my hubby, got dressed and started back to our room. On the way, I sent John a message to meet me right now in the lobby.

He was coming into the lobby just as I was entering the hotel and we gave each other a quick kiss and hug and walked over to the elevators.

"How was it out by the pool?" he asked as we got in.

"See for yourself," I said with a grin as I led his hand into my bikini bottom and spread my legs a bit. I was, of course, dripping with two men's cum.

"Oh, I think you've been having fun, you naughty girl. Was he good? I want to hear all about it when we get in our room."

"I will as soon as your cock is sliding in all the cum he left inside my pussy, right on top of what you left there earlier."

"I can't wait," and that led to one great night of hot sex. We'll try to see the band another time.

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Posted 15 Aug 2012 18:12
I always liked a good romp in the surf. That was about as good as it gets. Great story. Brought back memories of campfires on the beach, orgies of writhingbodies. There was always the sound of sex in the air.
Posted 15 Aug 2012 11:59
Very good write. You are a dream cum true. T/Y

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