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F.U.N to the M.A.X Daddy

My daddy is going to touch me in ways I could never do myself
This story is 100 percent fiction

That day was an exciting day for me. I was excited because it was my 18th B-Day party and my Daddy had a super, secretive surprise for me. He said it was something only I could do once in my life and he wanted it to be as special as possible. My Daddy was drop dead beautiful. He was 6ft 2, 224 pounds and went to the gym every day. Because of his workouts, he had a tasty six pack I would have loved to put some chocolate on top of so I could lick it off and oh, how can I forget his dirty blond hair.

He also took care of me emotionally too. I remember him tucking me in bed every night until high school. He would read me a bedtime story on the spot whenever I asked. He often packed me the most amazing lunches as he was the top chef at a downtown restaurant in Dallas. I think it is the one with the ball but I do not remember for sure. Most importantly, as I was a type one diabetic for the last 12 years, every time I've gotten sick he would take time off of work to nurse me back to health. Who could wish for a better Daddy than mine?

My name is Marissa Holmes. I am pale white, 5 Ft. 2, 110 pounds girl with 36B sized boobs that the boys like to stare at. I have a round ass that needs a dick inside it and long, blond hair that matches my inner beauty. I haven’t had yet had sex but I wanted it really badly. Just to feel a man’s penis inside my pussy would have made my life perfect to the extreme. I do not know what I want but I have never had a real boyfriend before. All these boys at high school were too immature for me. All they wanted from me is sex and that is it. My Daddy on the other hand, he gives me love no matter what I do. Why cannot all men be like my Daddy? My dad does not want sex from me every time he cooks me dinner, he just loves me for me.

My dad decided to throw me this amazing party that had food, games, events and my two favorite rappers, Fat Pimp, T-Cash along with Prince Rick. They surprised me at my party and each rapped for me. It was the most amazing party that I'd ever heard of and not even my mom could have ruined it!

Oh my Goodness, my mom abused me for 2 years when I was a little girl. My Daddy did not have rights to me when I was little and back then my mom would beat me horribly. When I told my Daddy what my mom was doing to me, he called 911 as fast as he could. She went to jail and my Daddy got full custody of me for life.

During the party, I give him a kiss on the check “Thank you so much Daddy; this is an amazing party.”

“Aw, your welcome baby girl. You look amazing in your dress.”

“Yes Daddy, I know. Thank you for telling me that.”

An hour later, I had to know what my Daddy had gotten me for my B-Day. “So Daddy, what is my special gift you want to give me?”

“Give me one second baby girl and I will give it too you.” Daddy walked only a few feet away to the garden and pulled out a pink and black wrapped gift.

He whispered into my ear, “Do not open this until you get into your room, then read the note from me.”

I was filled with excitement and anticipation. What could this gift be? Jewelry, a mini skirt, a dress, or maybe some cute panties?

Finally 11:30 hit and the party was over. I got the autographs from Fat Pimp, Prince Rick and T-Cash and then I was ready to open my present. I walk into my room and after destroying the wrapping paper, I found a pink pair of No-Show Sexy Thong Panties with white trim and the initials “MS” on the embroidered on the back, one letter for each butt check. They werefrom Body by Victoriaand fit me perfectly. I could not have hoped for a better gift!

As I looked through the bag, I wondered, where the bra was? Then a note fell out of the bag that read,“Baby girl, if you are ready, put this on for Daddy and get ready for the greatest experience of your life. If you are not ready, give the gift back to me and I will still love you forever.”

Awww, I was just glad he was not pressuring me to give it up. In reality, I was past ready. I had needed Daddy’s cock in me for some time now and I got wet often but I had no clue as to how to deal with it. I had tried putting a finger into my pussy but it hurt too much.

I had to make a choice, did I wear the panties or should I give them back to Daddy?

“Knock, Knock, Knock” I know that is him since I know my Daddy’s knock.

“You can open the door Daddy.” I said with a fragile tone.

He walked in and he saw me braless, with only the panties on.

“Marissa, you look...”

“I look like what Daddy?” I said with a frightened tone.

“You look amazing baby girl.”

“Yay” I said as I became excited!

I jumped on Daddy's chest and I wrapped my legs around Daddy’s waist and said, “Good, I am glad I look the best for my daddy. Since you make me feel like a woman emotionally …. I want to show you I am a woman physically."

I gave Daddy a peck on the check. At first, I was scared to give him a kiss but I sucked it up and I opened my mouth. I began to tongue wrestle with him when he.kissed me back. We fell onto her bed and we started making out with each other. I was on the bottom while he was on top. I was playing with his hair while he was playing with my boobs. We broke away from our kiss and then my Daddy told me,“Baby girl, I love you.”

I respond, “Aw Daddy, I love you more.”

I layed on the bed and Daddy began to tickle me. I started to laugh and scream.

“Daddy stop it. that tickles.”

He says, “Why should I stop ticking you? You’re the one that is getting wet.”

He was right, I was getting wet from what he was doing and, in the end, I could feel the pressure in my vaginal area.

“Daddy, I don’t know what I am feeling but it feels so good.”

My Daddy chuckled, “Baby, it is called Pre-Cum”

I’m so confused at this point but I had to ask, “Daddy, how do I cum?”

He kept on laughing, "Baby, just relax your body and go with it.”

Daddy finally stopped tickling me but then he started to suck my boobs. Oh My God, it felt like someone was giving me my favorite piece of candy or giving me an 'A' on my test. Even seeing my best friend from out of state. The love my Daddy gave me all the time rolled into one. It is electrifying and it could not have been better.

I begin to moan, “Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, yes” I liked what I was feeling and it felt so good.

He pulled off my panties and jolted two fingers into me. I began to scream a bit but Daddy just told me, “Relax and calm down, do not tense up baby or you will not experience pleasure, just pain."

I take a deep breath and said, “Ok Daddy, I am ready.”

Daddy continued to play with my pussy. I screamed louder and louder with each passing second.

“Daddy I think I am ready to cum.”

“Good job baby girl. Are you ready for sex?”

I look at Daddy’s cock. It was so big and thick. His cock looked like it was at least eight inches and all I knew was that I had to have that cock in me right then!

I said, “Yes Daddy, I am ready to bring you happiness. ”

Daddy slid his dick into me slowly at first. It felt amazing but as he slid most of his dick into me, he popped my cherry. After that, I cried for a good 10 minutes because I was not expecting pain. Daddy made me feel better though and made sure I was not feeling pressured into anything. I told Daddy,“Ok Daddy, Fuck me now.”

That was all the words he needed me to say. He jolted his dis into me and we began to have sex. He goes slowly, in and out but then he went faster and faster. I started to moan and began to scream violently as he was ramming his cock into me ever so well.

“Oh Daddy, Keep going. You’re doing so well.”

Daddy stated to pull my hair and was loving me with every stroke, it felt amazing and I wanted him to pump his cock into me forever.

“Daddy, I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming I'M CUMMING!!”

My pussy began to explode so much cum onto the bed it was like a running faucet. The feeling was better than I could ever expect it to be.

“Baby girl, I’m Cumming too. Oh baby girl, you feel so good!”

Daddy shot loads of cum into me and let me enjoy that feeling of his warm cum into my body.

“Wow Daddy, that was Fun to the Max”

My Daddy chuckled at me and says “No baby, it was F.U.N to the M.A.X”

We both began to laugh and fall asleep on my bed, knowing that this was the greatest night of my life. The best part of all was that we got to do it again in the morning.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 20 Jul 2012 02:35
Nice story wish I was daddy.......
Posted 18 Jul 2012 10:11
I gave you a 5 it was a great story filled with a fathers love and hot sex.

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