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Getting Caught By Daddy

Sally's Daddy comes home early to find her and her boyfriend fucking in her room...
“Fuck me harder baby!” I moaned loudly as my boyfriend ploughed my pussy. It was a week after my sixteenth birthday and my boyfriend and I had been fucking non-stop since then, when I finally let him take my virginity after he spoiled me all day. Ever since that night we couldn’t get enough of each other. We had been together for ten months now and my mom knew him well. I had introduced him after three months as I didn’t like keeping secrets from her. Daddy on the other hand had no idea. He was old school and very protective of me. He had no idea I’d even kissed a boy before let alone fucked one. We kept it a secret from him and my boyfriend was only ever at the house when my dad was in work.

On the morning of my sixteenth birthday I had told my mom up front that I planned to fuck my boyfriend today. She had tried talking me out of it by saying I should wait until his birthday and he should be doing something for me today and not the other way around. His birthday was five months away though, so I disagreed and told her it was going to happen, whether it was here at home or in some field where most of my friends had lost their virginities while drunk. She eventually gave in and bought me condoms which she gave to me slyly so my dad wouldn’t see. My mom told me to wait until my Dad went to play his game of golf and she would leave the house to go shopping to give us some privacy, and so we waited.

It was the best experience of my life even though my sixteen year old boyfriend had no idea what he was doing. He tried some porno moves on me which didn’t end up working out very well. I guess the amount of porn guys watch gives them very unrealistic ideas of sex. He soon figured out that harder was not better on your first time. My mom hadn’t mentioned it to me when she came home but later on that evening I saw her check the box of condoms in my room. She smiled at me when I saw her and told me to tell her when I ran out. She hadn’t mentioned it since.

I was in a cowgirl position on my boyfriend’s cock as he thrust into me hard, just the way I had come to like it after our previous fucks. He had gotten rougher every time and I loved it. He put his hands on my ass and bounced me up and down while I bent over and let him kiss my neck which I loved.

“Sally stop!” Aaron shouted in my ear over of the sounds of my moans.

“What is it?” I said stopping bouncing on his cock.

I moved my long blonde hair out of my face and looked at him. He looked like he was in shock as he stared behind me at what I presumed was the door. I hoped my mom wasn’t after coming up for a look at us. I turned around and saw him, my daddy, standing in awe at this random guy fucking his prized possession. I didn’t know what to do and neither did he.

Get the fuck out of my house!” my dad roared advancing into the room. Aaron pushed me off his cock onto the bed and jumped up. He picked his clothes up off the floor and ran out my room, narrowly avoiding my dad’s haymaker. It was like a scene out of American Pie as he ran out my house with the condom still on his cock. I had no idea what to do as I lay completely naked and exposed to my dad on my bed. I didn’t bother covering up as I guessed he had seen enough already and that this wasn’t as bad compared to it. I looked at the clock on my bedside dresser and seen it was only half three, two hours before my Dad should have come home.

“You’re supposed to be playing golf,” I stuttered.

“It started raining,” he growled. “Do you think it’s okay to be fucking some random guy in my house while I’m not here?”

“No daddy, I’m so sorry!” I said started to cry.

“Who was he?” my dad asked angrily.

“My boyfriend,” I sobbed.

“How long has he been your boyfriend and why is this the first I’m hearing of it?”

“George!” my mom exclaimed from the bedroom door. “What are you doing?”

“Did you know our daughter has been fucking some guy up here while we were out of the house?” he asked.

“She’s sixteen George, girls her age do things like this! Or don’t you remember? We were her age when you got me knocked up!” my mom said.

“Exactly! What if she gets knocked up and has to go through all that?”

“She was careful, I bought her condoms,” my mom told him.

“Well this is stopping here, I’m going to make her ass so red she won’t be able to sit down for a week let alone fuck that bastard,” he said angrily.

My Dad had always spanked me when I got in trouble. He would tell how it was the purest form of punishment and every father should do it to keep their children in line. He walked over to my bed and sat down at the end. He patted his legs, motioning for me to lie across them. As I got up and went to reach for my knickers he shook his head. He was going to spank me bare ass.

I lay across his legs hoping he wouldn’t say anything about the stickiness of my dried juices on my thighs. He rubbed my ass gently for a moment before he brought his hand down hard making me tremble and scream under the pain. I looked to my mom for help, but she knew better than to defy my dad when he was punishing me. Again and again he spanked me, harder and harder until my ass became numb. Eventually he stopped and told me to get up.

“Emily look at what our little slut of a daughter has done to my trousers,” he said pointing to a massive wet patch where my pussy had been. “This isn’t piss either.”

“I think she might be taking after her mother George and liking a nice hard spanking,” my mom laughed.

I wanted to run away from my mom and dad’s kinky sex talk, but I knew I couldn’t. My dad would only get madder.

“I wonder if she inherited your cock sucking skills to,” he said.

“I guess you’ll have to watch her and Aaron at it to find out you dirty bastard,” she laughed.

“Or I could give her some practice,” he said standing up.

He stood up and opened his belt, taking it off and throwing it to the floor. He quickly pulled his fly down and his cock sprang free, fully erect.

“It looks like we all have a thing for spankings George,” my mom laughed before leaving the room.

“Get on your knees slut and show daddy how you suck cock,” my dad told me.

This was the most completely unexpected situation I could have imagined, yet I had imagined it before. I wanted to fuck my Dad so badly, and this was my chance. I walked over and dropped to my knees so that I was sitting on the backs on my legs. I wrapped a hand around his cock and licked it up and down before planting a few kisses on the bright purple head. I licked the head as I wanked him slowly before I took his cock in my mouth. He was a lot bigger than my boyfriend who was only five and a half inches. My dad had to be at least seven if not eight. I could only take half of it in my mouth due to the length and girth. I covered it in saliva as I gave him an extremely sloppy blowjob like I did to my boyfriend. I could tell her liked it by the smile on his face.

“Good little slut, that’s it, suck your Daddy’s cock.”

I continued for a few minutes before he pulled me to my feet by my arms. He unbuttoned his trousers and I helped him pull them off and his shirt quickly followed. I pushed him back onto the bed, taking the reins. I sat on him with his cock pushed down against his stomach and grinded my pussy back and forward on it getting it even wetter as I teased him. I then proceeded into a squatting position and inserted the top of his cock into my pussy slowly. As he was a lot bigger than my boyfriend I had to take it slow so that he wouldn’t rip me open.

As I impaled myself on his cock I moaned louder and louder to the point where I was almost screaming. I slowly slid up and down on it only taking four inches at the maximum. It was so big! I looked behind me and noticed my mom on her knees, naked, sucking on my daddy’s balls. She was only thirty-two and still had the body and looks of a twenty-five year old. 

“That’s it baby, fuck your daddy’s cock,” she said between switching balls in her mouth. “You’re going to take it all baby and then he’s going to cum all over your face for me to lick clean.”

“He’s too big mommy, I can’t,” I moaned.

“If I can take that cock in my ass you can take it in your sweet little pussy.”

I pushed down more and more until I eventually couldn’t get any further. I screamed louder and louder with every small bit more I took. It was extremely painful but I loved the pain. It felt like my mom’s dildo that I had robbed a few days ago when my boyfriend couldn’t come over to fuck me. It wasn’t as big but it was damn near close. I rode it for a few minutes until my daddy turned me over and began to plough my pussy while I had my legs on his shoulders. It was amazing, so much better than my boyfriend.

“I’m going to cum baby girl,” my Daddy groaned.

Daddy pulled out of me and I got on my knees in front of him. He stood in front of me jacking off until finally he exploded all over my face. He came extremely hard and five large spurts of white hot cum rained over my face, in my mouth, eyes, and hair. His cum tasted a lot sweeter than my boyfriends. When he was finished my mom took his cock in her mouth and sucked him dry before she proceeded to lick my face clean. We all lay on my bed with me in the middle, together as a family for a while after, thinking of what we had just done.

“So how long have you been fucking that boyfriend of yours?” my Daddy asked eventually.

“I let him take my virginity on my birthday last week,” I told him.

“Well you need to bring him around and introduce him to me tomorrow,” he said.

“I think you might have scared him off,” I laughed.

“He won’t want to miss out on fucking my beautiful slut of a daughter,” he laughed.

“Sally you know you can’t mention this to anyone, not even Aaron,” my mom said.

“I know mom.”

“Good, and from now on you aren’t to wear clothes around the house. Your father and I need easy access,” she laughed.

“I didn’t know you were bisexual mom,” I exclaimed.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about my sex life baby,” she said winking.

“You should get one of your friends around and experiment a bit with her before we go at it. It won’t feel right if I took my daughters lesbian virginity.” My dad and she both laughed hard at this.

Soon they both left to go about their business for the rest of the day, but they didn’t get dressed again. I couldn’t wait for our next family fuck, but the thought of fucking my boyfriend and one of my best friends got me even more excited. I asked myself which friend did I want to seduce and who would be most open to it, and would I let my boyfriend know or take part in a threesome with us later...

To be continued...

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Posted 02 Apr 2014 22:51
Jaysus that was fuckin mighty! Top drawer stuff lass, I'll be even more bleedin' mad for yeh when I read the next part. Slainte.
Posted 19 Mar 2014 05:50
Nice twist at the end - hope there are more chapters to this story
Posted 16 Mar 2014 04:20
Reminds me of the good times I had with my kids.
Posted 20 Feb 2014 23:13
Very Hot Baby. makes all us Daddys hard thinking about the possibilities.
Posted 02 Feb 2014 18:10
so hot!!!
Posted 31 Jan 2014 08:18
oh fuck can i be your daddy
now that is hot where is part two
keep up the hot nasty sex
cant wait for you and your girl friend
her licking and sucking your sweet little clit
and you licking hers as well fuck me keep up the hot work

Posted 26 Jan 2014 06:11
Well,well,well. Nothing better than an obedient daughter. Keep up the good work Shunika.
Posted 26 Jan 2014 03:51
whats about mum great story 5
Posted 25 Jan 2014 20:50
Excellent story and very hot. Keep them coming.
Posted 16 Jan 2014 23:14
vvery very good story!
Posted 07 Jan 2014 08:53
Very good story
Posted 03 Jan 2014 14:00
ahhhh the possibilities...
Posted 02 Jan 2014 19:55
Excellent story! Thanks, Reeb

Posted 02 Jan 2014 06:29
Great switch up. Daddy's girl gets a lesson in loving from her parents.
Posted 01 Jan 2014 22:42
It's good to see Shunika back after a long while with a wonderfully kinky and entertaining incest story. I look forward to its continuation.
Posted 01 Jan 2014 19:02
very hot !!. 5+++
Posted 01 Jan 2014 17:02
Excellent. "V=5+++."
Posted 01 Jan 2014 10:25
Can't wait to hear about Mommy getting a little bit.

Posted 01 Jan 2014 08:04
Hot story
Posted 01 Jan 2014 08:01
great story very hot I hope there's a part 2 x
Posted 01 Jan 2014 07:58
Nice! Seems to be a departure from your stated favorite (and mine too btw) but still very good. Thanks for sharing!
Posted 01 Jan 2014 07:38
That wa a very hot story!! I do hope you follow up on this!

Posted 01 Jan 2014 05:38
Great story hope there's more to come

Posted 01 Jan 2014 05:22
Outstanding story , it was a very exciting and erotic tale. I loved the way you described the sex scenes. A huge turn on Thank you
Posted 01 Jan 2014 04:58
Very hot
Posted 01 Jan 2014 04:04
very good.

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