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Getting Mom Interested, Ch 04

The Mothers Meet
The next morning, I awoke early. I could smell breakfast and knew it had to be Sunday morning. I hopped out of bed and went straight for the shower.

While I was enjoying the hot spray across my back, I caught the outline of a person standing by the shower door. I slid it open, and there was Dad. This isn’t good I thought, as I asked “What’s up?” while I turned the water off.

“I wanted to talk to you alone before talking to your mother.”

“About what, Dad?” I forced out of my mouth, reaching for a towel.

“I have to leave town for a week on business, and the last time that happened your mother didn’t talk to me for a week. I was hoping you could help me out and convince her it is necessary.”

“I can try Dad.”

“Good… Good..” he said, as he turned for the door.

“Hey, Dad. What did you think of the movie last night?”

Dad stopped quickly and said without turning around said. “I.. Umm.. I thought it was okay for a chick flick.”

“Yeah… me to,” I replied, as he walked away.

As I dressed, I could hear my parents downstairs, and the tones of their voices didn’t sound inviting. I went downstairs just as Mom finished lecturing Dad as to why she didn’t find his leaving too appealing.

“Tommy, can you please explain to your mother how important it is that I attend this business trip?”

“Mom, I know you don’t want Dad to go, but if his new promotion requires him to leave once in a while, I don’t see the problem. I mean it’s not like you’re going to be home alone while he’s gone. I’ll still be here.”

I watched as Mom’s face went from anger to one of joy.

“I guess you’re right. I’ll still have my strong young man at home to take care of me.” Mom said.

“Soo.. wait.. what?” Dad replied.

“It’s okay dear. I’m fine with your leaving us. I’ll discuss this more with you when I get back.

“Get back?… From where?”

“Don’t you remember? Becky invited me over today.”

“Oh.. yeah.. Okay then.” Dad said.

“I’ll walk you over there, Mom.”

“Thank you, honey.” Mom said, as she took my hand and we walked out the door.

On the walk over, Mom kept holding my hand and began to ask me questions.

“So. How come you stuck up for your father back there? You want him to leave us for a week?”

“Well, no.. Not really, but he did ask me to help him convince you that it was a good idea. I also think it might be fun. Don’t you?” I replied, as I watched a big smile spread across Mom’s face.

“I think it just might.” Mom said, as we walked up to Becky’s door.

I didn’t even get a chance to knock before the door opened. “Hey!... I’m glad you both came. I was hoping Tommy would be with you. I think he’s going to like seeing you in the new clothes I got.”

“I didn’t know I was going to be putting on a show for my son, but that does sound very tempting.” Mom said, as we entered their house.

“So, your mom isn’t around today, Becky?” Mom said. “I was hoping to meet her.”

“No, she’s not right now. But she feels the same about meeting you. I’ve told her so much about you already,” Becky said as she walked us into their living room.

“Okay Tommy, if you don’t mind, just take a seat here while I show your mom where the clothes are. We’ll be right out.” With that, they both left for Becky’s room.

I found it hard to believe Mom could fit into anything Becky had. Mom is slim and fit, but Becky is still much more petite. Unless Becky is talking about her mother’s wardrobe!, I thought. “Oh shit!” I said, as I remembered how short and sexy those outfits were.

Becky came out a few minutes later and walked over to me on the couch. Mom wasn’t in sight yet.

“She’s just finishing up changing. She’ll be out in a minute. I think you’re going to enjoy this morning,” Becky said as she plopped onto the couch next to me. “Remember I said I had a surprise for you. Well, today is IT.”

Before I could ask more, surprise, Mom walked out, and my mouth dropped open. Mom had on the same super short white skirt and stockings that Cathy had worn the other day. My cock stiffened as Mom’s chest pressed tightly to the sheer shirt material and her areolas could clearly be seen. Mom sashayed closer and stood in front of us as my mouth watered seeing her nipples poking hard against the flimsy shirt.

As Mom spun around and said. “What do you think?”

The skirt lifted up and I saw nothing but the white lace garter and Mom’s naked ass.

My cock raged in my pants as the only thing I could say was, “That’s so fucking hot.”

“I totally agree,” Becky said, as she stood up and embraced my mother.

Before I knew it, they were rubbing against each other and kissing passionately. Becky moved Mom over to the couch and gave her a light shove which caused Mom to fall on the sofa. She knelt down and spread Mom’s thighs wide. Leaning her body in closer. Becky then moved up Mom’s body. With her hands on Mom’s upper thighs, they again locked lips in a passionate kiss. As they kissed, Becky worked her hand to the strap holding the stocking on Mom’s leg and detached it. She broke the kiss and sat back on her knees as her hand slowly slipped the white stocking down Mom’s leg.

“Let’s try something new,” Becky said as she took the stocking, wrapping it around Mom’s head to cover her eyes. Knotting it behind Mom’s head, she said. “Just let my touches flow through your body.”

As she kissed Mom again, she lightly ran her fingers from Mom’s neck down to her breasts. Becky lowered her head and sucked on a nipple thru the material before she pulled the shirt up and off of Mom.

“There, that’s better.” Becky said as she reached for something she had on the end table.

I looked on in amazement as Becky pulled a long fluffy feather up and lightly ran it over Mom’s neck. I could see the goose bumps forming on Mom’s arm as her body shivered.

“Oh!... that tickles, Becky,” Mom cooed as Becky leaned over and sucked on the spot where she was touching Mom with the feather.

Becky then ran the feather down Mom’s neck to her bosom, and ran the feather lightly in a circle around her areolas. “Ohh..” Mom moaned, as again Becky leaned over and sucked a nipple in her mouth.

Becky slowly worked her way down Mom’s body. Touching her with the feather, she would then kiss or suck the spot the feather had touched. Under her breasts, down to her stomach, then to her lower abdomen. Becky was soon tracing the feather on Mom’s thighs where the skirt barely covered her pussy. Mom parted her legs wider and wider as Becky toyed with the feather softly and slowly pushing up higher under the skirt. Mom’s hips began to twitch as the feather inched closer and closer to her mound.

“Becky… Oh you’re driving me crazy! Kiss the spot. Kiss my leg.” Mom begged, as Becky stayed silent and kept toying with the feather. Finally it glazed Mom’s pussy lips, and I saw her buck quickly and moan. “Becky!… please… lick me.. lick me..,” Mom pleaded over and over.

Her body squirmed as the feather played at her love hole. Her moans grew louder and louder. I was super hard as I watched the sensual playing. My dick was dripping sperm, and I began to grab at my crotch, undoing my pants to free my aching dick.

Then, as I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, I almost shot my load. Cathy was standing there naked and wearing a huge strap-on as she approached Becky and Mom. Standing next to her daughter, Cathy took the feather from Becky and quietly changed places with her. I almost said something when I saw Becky put her finger to her mouth to shush me. As Cathy toyed with Mom, Becky slipped next to me and grabbed my cock.

She leaned over and kissed my ear and whispered ever so silently. “Here’s your surprise lover. My mom’s going to fuck yours.”

I was so excited as I watched Mom whimpering and moaning. Then it happened. Cathy put the feather down and eased her head between Mom’s thighs. Mom let out a long groan as Cathy sucked her mound. Becky leaned over, and inhaling my dick as I tried to keep my own grunts at bay.

“Oh.. Becky..” Mom moaned.

As Cathy sucked on her twat. Mom put her hands on Cathy’s head and pulled her tighter to her pussy. Her hips swayed up and down, helping Cathy’s tongue fuck her snatch.

“Yes!.. ohh yes!.. Deeper - put your tongue in deeper!”

As Mom’s orgasm grew closer and closer, her hips went faster and her grip tightened on Cathy’s head. There was no doubt, Mom was going to climax. Cathy quickly pulled away, and set her hands on Mom’s thighs.

Mom begged. “Please.. oh please!.. I was just about to cum..”

Cathy grabbed Mom’s legs, and pulled them high. Resting them on her shoulders, she eased the dildo closer to Mom’s pussy. I heard Mom exhale out loud and then quickly huff, as the dildo touched her cunt.

“Oh.. Becky.. you have a toy. Yes.. Fuck me. Fuck me with your cock..” she said, as Cathy lined the plastic head to her entrance and pushed in. “Ohh!…. Ohhh!… Yess!.. Fuck me!.. Fuck me! Becky.. I’m close.. I’m so close. Ah.. Ah.. Ahhh!!!. Mom screamed, as the dildo pushed faster and deeper into her pussy.

I couldn’t take anymore. As quietly as I could, I shot my load down Becky’s thirsty throat. My hands went to my mouth, and I held my groans as my body shook.

Mom was wailing and bucking hard as the plastic dick raced in and out of her. Then she screamed as her orgasm rocked her body. Becky sat up and went over to Mom and as her body twitched and pumped from Cathy’s working the cock into her.

Becky then untied the stocking from her face and said. “I’d like you to meet my Mom”

I’ll never forget the look on Mom’s face as her eyes widened while Cathy kept fucking her.

“Hel.. lo.. dear.” Cathy huffed out as she fucked Mom faster with the strap-on.

“Ohh. Ugh.. Ugh.. Ugh..” Mom screamed as another orgasm slammed through her body.

Now I was able to talk, and I didn’t hold back. “Fuck her Cathy.. Fuck Mom.. Make her cum again.” I said as my cock recovered to stiffness.

Becky stripped and stood next to me as we watched her mother give my mother multiple climaxes. One after the other. Mom yelled so much, her voice was going hoarse. As yet another climax ripped through her, I heard Mom plead.

“Please oh.. enough.. I.. I.. can’t cumm… any more… Ohh.. Fuckkkk Ahhh!!!..” and Mom’s body went limp. Her breath raced, and her eyes were closed as Cathy slipped the plastic cock out of her.

“I hope you enjoyed our first meeting. My daughter told me how much she enjoyed you licking her pussy.” Cathy said, as she sat next to Mom and stroked her hair.

Mom struggled to sit up and Cathy grabbed her arms and helped pull her up. With her exhausted body still panting profusely Cathy leaned in and kissed Mom. In no time at all, they were both holding onto each other as their tongues danced, their hands strolling over their bodies.

“I think they like each other” Becky commented, as she turned to me and we kissed. It was my turn to pleasure her, and I willfully went to work on her body.

I kissed down her neck to her soft breasts and I could hear Cathy and Mom getting more aggressive as their whimpering and light moans increased. Slowly I kissed down Becky’s body, until I was on my knees and between her legs - smelling her sweet aroma. My tongue flicked across her pussy lips and her body twitched. I lifted my head when I heard a loud moan and saw Mom between Cathy’s legs sucking on her love-hole.

I went back to Becky’s mound and found her clit. I pushed harder with my tongue until the little nub stiffened, and her body rocked on my face. Her juices flowed out of her sweet box, and her moans became louder. My dick was eager to find a hot hole, and I wasted no time as I placed Becky into the same position Mom was in minutes ago. As her legs rested on my shoulders, I held her waist and pushed my stiff dick effortlessly into her drenched cunt.

“Oh.. Oh..” Becky moaned as I pulled and pushed faster and harder. I felt her pussy clutching my cock as my sperm raced up my shaft. Faster and faster I fucked her as her body twitched with excitement. I looked over at our mom’s and Cathy was clutching Mom’s hair as her hips pushed up and down. Cathy was fucking Mom’s face. I heard her scream as her legs quivered.

“Oh.. I’m cumming… I’m cumming!...” Becky moaned, as her pussy tightened on my shaft and I pushed hard into her climaxing cunt. My own cum exploded, and I pumped and pumped with all I had into her hot hole. I held my body stiff as we both enjoyed our mutual releases.

Mom removed her face from Cathy’s spent mound and slid up her body. I watched as both women embraced and kissed.

I pulled out of Becky and leaned into her as we embraced and kissed. We all stayed like that for quite some time before I heard Mom speak.

“So… Is this how you greet all your guests for the first time?”

“No. Just our special guests,” Cathy said, “I hope I’ll be seeing a lot more of you.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will.” Mom replied.

We finally dressed and did a formal introduction before Mom said she had to leave. She finished by saying she’d be back soon. As Mom departed, Becky wasted no time explaining how she came up with the idea of our moms getting together.

“Tommy, if our moms can satisfy themselves during the day while we’re at college, your poor dick might get that break you’ve been asking for.”

“This might work.” I said, as Cathy left us and went to her room.

Now I had a chance to ask my dreaded question. “Becky.. I have to know something.”

“What.” She replied.

“I.. I saw what you did with my father at the theater last night.”

Becky had a puzzled expression and said.

“Are you referring to me jerking him off?”


“I know you did silly. I saw how it was affecting you when I was rubbing his leg. So I kept going. I asked if you like the show. Am I missing something here?” she said.

I let out a loud sigh and said. “No.. No you’re not. I.. I wasn’t sure if..” I couldn’t finish.

“What?.. Tell me what Tommy.”

“If you were doing it because you want to fuck my dad.”

Becky took my hands in hers and looked me in the eyes. “I’m yours lover, and nobody else’s. I only did that to make you feel good. If it bothers you, I’ll never do it again. Okay?”

“It bothered me when I thought I might be losing you. You were right. It did excite me. I couldn’t believe how excited I got.”

Becky moved closer to my ear and whispered. “So what are you telling me Tommy? You want to see me fuck your dad?”

I felt my dick jump as I mumbled, “Yess…”

“Ohhh... Lover.. I’ll see what I can do... But we’re going to have to get your Mom on board with this. I’m not sure she would be willing to share. We might have to have another movie night.”

Becky got me hard again. My poor cock was stiff and wanted to fuck. Not just fuck, but FUCK! And so we did. Over and over, as Becky kept talking about how she was going to seduce Dad into fucking her while Mom and I watched. As the sun set, I left Becky’s house and struggled to walk home. My cock was rubbed raw, and I just wanted to get out of my jeans. I entered my house and went straight for my bed as I stripped my clothes off and lay naked under the sheets. The entire night my cock throbbed in pain, but I never regretted a single moment.

Now we have to get mom interested in the idea I thought as I slipped off to sleep.

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