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Ghost Sister Part 1

Ted has sex with the ghost of his twin sister.
Ted lies in his bed crying. It has been exactly one week since his sister's death. He and Caroline had always been close, which isn't surprising considering they are twins. Only an hour and three minutes apart, they had been inseparable since birth. While they each had their own friends, they still enjoyed each other's company the most. Ted remembers all the little secrets they shared only with each other, all the games they played, and all the times they shared each other's fears and hardships.

But now she is gone. Caroline had gone on a two-week trip to see their grandparents. It had been hard for he and Caroline to be apart for so long, but they had called and Skyped each other constantly, and the best minutes of every day for Ted where when he talked with her about all the adventures she was having in paradise. And before long, the two weeks were up, and Caroline was finally coming home.

But she never did. Her plane crashed over the water due to some faulty mechanical issue that's too technical to really understand. While there were a number of survivors, she wasn't one of them. Caroline's death had been hard on the entire family. His parents, Robert and Melissa, were distraught, and could only cry each other to sleep for the first couple of nights. Sarah, his younger 16-year-old sister, also took it very hard. For the first couple of nights, Ted shared a room with her, doing his best to give her comfort.

But it was Ted that took it the hardest. He did his best to hide his tears, especially when the rest of the family stopped crying so much. But at night he didn't hold back, since there was no point in pretending. And a week later he still felt like crying every minute of every day. And while the rest of his family are still very devastated, they aren't the broken wreck that he is.

As Ted lies crying in his bed, he thinks of how pathetic he's being. He is tired of crying. Honestly he's surprised that he's still able to produce tears. He looks around his room, thinking of ways to take his mind off of Caroline's death. His eyes settle on his laptop, and he decides to lose his mind in television.

It doesn't work though. No matter what he tried watching, he can't get Caroline out of his head. Then he has an idea. He hasn't masturbated in an entire week, and, now that he thinks about it, he's very horny. Being an 18-year-old, this isn't surprising. So he pulles up some porn and starts wanking away.

At first it works, and Ted is able to forget about his sister. But then he starts seeing her face in his mind. His memories start to mix with the images of the girls on his screen. In his mind, he imagines his sister naked. He sees her pale, bare skin. Her long blond hair flowing around his head. Her blue eyes, exactly the color of his, staring seductively at him. Her beautiful breasts drawing his gaze.

He's ashamed to realize that thinking about his sister naked has made his penis harder. Sure, he had thought of her naked before and wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. He enjoyed spending time with her more than anyone else, including the girlfriends he had had in the past. They had done everything together and gone on several date-like activities. But she was his sister, so he always buried those sexual thoughts. And besides, he thinks, trying to focus on the girls on his computer, she is dead. And if she could see him now, jacking off to her one week after her death, what would she think of him? Certainly nothing good.

But as hard as Ted tries, he can't get the image of her naked body out of his head, and his boner refuses to subside. So he decides that there was nothing for it but to just keep stroking and get it over with, so he can get back to mourning his sister like a normal person.

Ted closes his eyes and as he continued to stroke his cock, Ted can imagine his sister's voice talking to him. "Teddy, Teddy," the voice says. He continues to jerk his shaft and the voice gets clearer. "Teddy, can you hear me?" her voice says. There's something odd about the voice, as it seems so very clear to Ted. Almost as if...

Ted's eyes shoot open and he looks down at the edge of his bed. There stands his sister, just as naked as she had been in his mind. Startled, he jumps, knocking his computer to the side. Scared, he closes his eyes and then opens them. Caroline is still there. This wasn't good, he's starting to see hallucinations, which can only mean that he's going crazy.

"Teddy?" askes Caroline, looking right at him. "Did you hear me?" Her eyes plead with him, and he wishes so much that this could actually be happening, that she could actually be real.

"Caroline?" he says, trying his best to look only at her face. "But you're dead." There are so many things that he knows he should have said, but for some reason it is what comes out of his mouth.

"I know Teddy," she says, moving closer to him. "I missed you so much." She jumps up onto the bed and starts hugging him, and Ted is amazed at how real she feels. As he hugs her back, he marvels at how warm and soft her skin feels against hers, and at how ticklish her hair feel where it falls into his face. He's also very aware that there is only his comforter separating their two naked bodies.

"I'm going crazy, aren't I?" he says, hugging her tighter to him.

"You're not crazy," says Caroline, looking right into his eyes. "I'm real, Ted. I think I'm a ghost." Ted just stares at her.

"You're a ghost?" he asks. "Does that mean you're haunting me then?"

"I guess," says Caroline. "I remember being on the plane and I remember it crashing. I remember something hitting me really hard on the head, and then, then I was in the sky, looking down at wreckage in the water."

"How did you get here?" asks Ted. He realizes that his boner hadn't gone away, and he is worried that Caroline will feel it through the sheets.

"I felt drawn back her," says Caroline. "It was like I was being pulled by a magnet. I floated over the ocean and all the way back here to our house. And when I got here, I saw how sad all of you were, especially you." Ted can see Caroline start to get sad, thinking about him crying every night. "I did everything I could. I tried screaming and yelling at all of you, trying to tell you that I was still here. But no one heard me. I even tried to write messages and move objects around, but I just floated through everything."

"But I can feel you and you seem very real," says Ted. Gingerly he reaches up and touches Caroline's face. He's afraid that if he touches her too hard or too much, that she will just disappear again.

"I know," says Caroline, smiling. "I don't know why but a few minutes ago you seemed to be able to hear me. And then you saw me and I felt my body become solid. I can't explain how. I mean, I don't even know why I'm here in the first place."

"I don't care," says Ted, hugging her to him. "I'm just glad you're here, even if you do turn out to be a dream." For a while, the two twins just hold each other in silence, happily reunited. But then Ted remembers that his penis was still as stiff as a board. And it is impossible to make it soft with Caroline's hot, naked body pressed against his.

"Umm, Caroline," he says slowly, trying to phrase his question as delicately as possible, "why are you naked?" Caroline looks at him sheepishly, as if she has just realized her state of undress.

"Oh, right, that," she says, letting go of Ted. Carefully, she gets under the comforter next to him, trying her best to keep her body covered. "I've been naked since I died," she says, looking over at Ted apologetically. "After a while I completely forgot about it, especially since no one could see me. I'm sorry."

"It's okay," he says. "I'm naked too."

"I know," she says. "I saw you, umm, masturbating earlier." She looks away, embarrassed.

"Yeah I was," says Ted. "Sorry about that." He looks up at the ceiling, realizing that he had been jacking off to his sister while she was watching him. Honestly, he doesn't know how he feels about that.

After a moment of silence, Caroline rolls back over to look at Ted. "You know something odd?" she asks. "It was at the point when you weren't looking at your computer, and had your eyes closed, that I thought you could hear me. What were you thinking about?"

A wave of guilt washes through Ted as he thinks about that moment. "If I tell you will you promise not to be mad?" he asks. Caroline gives him a weird look.

"I guess I promise," she says. She just looks at him, waiting for him to say something.

"I was thinking about you...naked," he says. Quickly he looks away from her, not wanting to see his sister's reaction. "I'm not proud of it."

"Oh," she says. "Wow." Ted cringes, waiting for her to tell him how sick he is. But she doesn't, and there is nothing but terrible silence.

"It's okay Teddy," she says, finally breaking the silence. "I'm not mad at you or anything."

"Are you sure?" he asks. He looks back over at her and is relieved that she doesn't look angry. Her expression does look odd though, and he not sure what she's thinking.

"Yes," she says. "In fact...I did the same thing on the plane, right before...I died." Ted is shocked, as he thinks about what Caroline has just said.

"You mean you were doing that while thinking about me?" he asks. She nods, smiling slightly. He is relieved and a little turned on by this.

"I wonder," says Caroline, "do you think that maybe, the reason this is that can't be right."

"What?" asks Ted. "Just tell me what you think." He can see a strange look in her eyes as she scoots closer to him. He feels like she's going to tell him a secret.

"Well," saays Caroline, "I was masturbating and thinking about you right before I died. And I was also thinking about you when I died. And when you were masturbating and thinking about me, you suddenly were able to hear me and see me. It's almost as if we have a very...special bond between us." Ted thinks about what she just said. It's true that people don't just see ghosts every day. And he and Caroline have always been very close. What if their love for each other is what kept her here as a ghost? And what if this bond between them is sexual?

"Caroline," said Ted, looking over at her questioningly. "Do you find me attractive?" Caroline gazes over at her brother, admiring his handsome features and thinking about his toned body.

"I do Teddy," she says. "I find you very attractive." She slides right up to him and cups his face with her hand. "And I'm guessing that you also find me attractive?" she asks.

"Who wouldn't," says Teddy. He snakes his arm under Caroline, tracing her smooth back and pulling her closer to him.

"Would you like to assist me in a little experiment?" asks Caroline. "I think that if we get physical with each other, then I'll become more real."

"I'd love to," says Ted. He brings his face right up to hers and stares into Caroline's eyes. He's always loved to look into her eyes; it feels like he's looking into his own. It's like she's a part of him, and together they become whole. Their lips part, and they come together in a soft, pleasant kiss. Both of them have dated before, so they've each kissed many times. But this is still a new experience for them. Ted loves the feel of Caroline's lips on his own, and it feels so good when she starts to rub the inside of his mouth with her tongue. And Caroline almost squeals with pleasure when Teddy's tongue dances with hers.

When their mouths part from each other, it is only because they need to breathe. They are smiling like happy little children. "That was incredible," says Ted. He reaches up and strokes Caroline's hair from her eyes.

"I know," says Caroline, as she pants for breath. "Teddy, have you ever had sex?" she asks. She sees him get excited.

"Of course not," he says. "You know I would've told you."

"I know," she says. "But I just thought I'd ask."
"You haven't either, right?" he asks.

"No," she says. "So we'll be our firsts." Her eyes sparkle.

"So we are going to have sex?" he asks. "This is really going to happen?"

"Do you want it to?" asks Caroline. Before he can answer she begins to stroke his chest.

"Of course I do," he says. In his mind he prays like crazy that this isn't a dream, that this is real.

"Good," she says. She takes the comforter in her hands and tears it away from the bed, revealing their naked bodies. Then she crawls onto Ted, rubbing herself all over his body. She settles down on him softly, her head resting right above his.

"I love you," he says, and they kiss again, this time passionately. Their hands start to explore each other, and Ted already feels better than he ever has before. He feels infinitely better when Caroline grabs his cock and starts to stroke it playfully.

"What have we here," she asks, breaking their kiss. He just smiles as she kisses her way down his body. He moans when she reaches his cock, licking it playfully. "Have you ever had a blowjob before?" she asks.

"Yes," he says simply. His eyes are fixated on the imagine of his sister looking up at him

"Well they're nothing compared to this," she says, and she takes his cock into her mouth. It takes all of Ted's willpower not to yell out as loud as he can. It feels incredible at Caroline starts to bob her head up and down his cock. He knows that he doesn't have the biggest penis ever, but it's bigger than average and she seems to be having a lot of fun with it. Caroline begins to hum and suck as her tongue licks circles around the shaft. After only a few minutes of this, Ted knows that he can't take much more.

"I'm about to come," he says, looking down at Caroline. "I don't want to startle you." But she just smiles and continues to bob and suck on his cock. He looks into his eyes as he comes, and his body hums with pleasure. When he is done, she cleans up his penis with her mouth, swallowing everything. Then she climbs back up his body and kisses him.

Ted doesn't find the taste of him all that pleasant, but he doesn't mind as he is kissing his sister. They both feel his penis start to grow again and she laughs. "I didn't realize I had that much of an effect on you," she says.

"You have no idea," he says as he reaches up to stroke her perfect breasts. She moans away as he traces one nipple and then the other. Then he brings one of them to his mouth and sucks on it. Caroline moans loudly. He does the same with the other, and then brings Caroline's face to his again for another kiss. "Are you ready for the main course?" he asks.

"You have no idea," she says playfully. She takes his penis and places it at the entrance to her vagina.

"What about you hymen?" he asks, looking worried.

"I broke years ago horse riding," she says.

"What about birth control," he asks. "Are you are the pill." She just laughs and looks at him like he's an idiot.

"I'm dead, remember," she says. "I'm pretty sure I can't get pregnant."

"Oh, right," says Ted, smiling as well. "Let's do this then." Slowly, Caroline takes his penis and pushes it into her. They both groan as they make contact. Ted is blown away by how warm and wet Caroline's core is. Caroline loves the feeling of having Ted cock deep inside her. She leans down for a kiss and she raises herself back up, then down again. Caroline almost screams in pleasure as she begins to ride Ted, alternating between fast and slow.

Ted can't believe how good it feels, as he looks up at his beautiful sister riding him. Her breasts are bouncing up and down, almost hitting him in the face. He reaches up to play with them as Caroline bounces up and down on his cock. She stops bouncing and wiggles her hips around, driving both of them wild.

Ted puts both his hands on her hips, and helps her ride him. She places both her hands on his bare chest to stabilize herself, playfully rubbing his nipples. He slaps her ass a little and she giggles. "This feels so good, Teddy," she says.

"I know," says Ted. "We should have done this years ago." She laughs and leans down to give him a big kiss."

"I love you so much Teddy," she says.

"I know," he says. "I love you so much too."

"Promise me you'll never let me go," says Caroline, looking deep into Ted's eyes.

"I promise," he says. They come together for one last big kiss as Ted erupts inside of her, triggering Caroline's orgasm as well. They hold onto each other tightly as they both come down from their respective orgasms. For a while, they are content to just lay in each other's arms, not saying anything. Then Ted breaks the silence.

"You know the funny thing is that you moved my comforter to get in bed with me in the first place," he says. "We already knew you could move objects, so there's no way we can prove you're more real because we had sex."

"I know," says Caroline, "I just wanted to have sex with you."

"I'm glad you did," says Ted, smiling.

"Besides," says Caroline, "I feel more real after what we just did." She reaches over to the side-table and picks up Ted's watch. She holds it above Ted's head, feeling its ridges and contours. "See," she says, "I can feel this more than I could feel anything beforehand."

"So basically you're saying that the best thing for your health is for us to have sex," he says.

"Yes and as often as possible," says Caroline.

"I think I can live with that," says Ted, chuckling. "What are we going to do with everyone else?" he asks. "What if other people will start seeing you?"

"Let's not worry about that until tomorrow," says Caroline, rubbing her head against his chest.

"You're right," says Ted. "I'm here with you, and that's all that matters." He feels completely at peace as he drifts off into sleep.


Author's Note : This is the first story I've every submitted, and I hope you enjoyed it. I intend to turn this into a series, and though I do have a basic outline for what will happen in future installments, I'd appreciate any and all suggestions you'd like to give. I would also appreciate any criticism you'd like to give, both good and bad. Though if it's bad criticism I would appreciate it if it's constructive as well. On a final note, if anyone was wondering, this story was a work of fiction, and was not based in any part on real events. And if you were wondering whether or not it was fiction, you might want to speak to a therapist.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 16 Jan 2013 07:28
cool sotry
Posted 01 Jan 2013 15:00
GOD,wish I had your ability to write..("he marvels at how soft her skin feels against her")
unless i goofed the 2nd hers should read------ his..
Any way I really enjoyed this submission-- thank you for sharing..
Posted 29 Dec 2012 16:14
very interesting and well done keep it up

Posted 27 Dec 2012 07:42
Loved the story, rather inventive. Keep up the good work.
Posted 27 Dec 2012 06:22
Welcome to Lush. Fascinateing first time story. Tell us more. "V=5++."
Posted 27 Dec 2012 04:09
Wow that was great. Made me horny. Wish he had reciprocated to her blow job with his mouth on her pussy and giving her a massive clitoral orgasm. I'm sure its cumming soon. Awaiting many more of your juicy episodes. ATB. bechascur

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