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Ghost Sister Part 2 - A Brand New Day

Ted and Caroline experiment in more ways than one.
Author's Note: This is a continuation to Ghost Sister Part I, and I imagine this story will probably be confusing without reading the first one. 

Ted wakes up from a pleasant sleep, one of half forgotten dreams. As he opens his eyes, he notices the sunlight tracing up his wall. The beams filter through his curtains, leaving his room in a mixture of light and shadow. He feels so very happy, as if a great weight has been lifted from him.

Suddenly, he remembers everything that happened last night. His sister came back to him. She wasn't dead. Well, she was. But she was certainly real enough for him to have sex with her. He remembers that feeling of coming together, of looking into each other's eyes, and he knows what it is like to truly feel whole.

For a moment, Ted worries that it was all a dream, and that now he'll have to face the ugly world of reality. One in which dead sisters stay dead, and losses are permanent. But then he feels Caroline's arm wrap around his chest, and his worries leave him completely.

"How did you sleep?" she asks, a little groggily.

"Great," he says. He rolls over in bed so that they are facing each other. He smiles and kisses her gently on the mouth. "I'm so glad that you're here." His eyes scan up and down her naked body. "I'm so glad that you're still here."

"Did you think I was only a dream?" she asks, tracing circles on his chest.

"Yes," he says. "A very good dream, but still a dream. I still kinda think that I've gone crazy." He groans a little as Caroline's hands move further south.

"Would it really matter if I were just a hallucination?" she asks. She reaches down and grasps Ted's cock firmly, eliciting a moan from him. "As long as I seem real, as long as this seems real, what difference is there really between fantasy and reality?" She starts to stroke him slowly.

"I guess it wouldn't really make a difference," says Ted, smiling. He reaches over to Caroline's breasts and starts to play with her nipples. "But still, it would be nice to have some sort of proof." He leans closer and starts to suck on Caroline's left breast, and she begins to moan.

"You make me crazy Teddy, you know that?" says Caroline. A thought flashes through her mind. "Hey Teddy, do you remember when we used to shower and take baths together?"

"Of course I do," he says. He smiles, remembering all the fun they had when they were little. Then his eyes light up. "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?"

"How would you like to take this into the bathroom?" Caroline asks.

"I'd love to," says Ted. He kisses her once more and then rolls out of bed. Hurriedly he rummages through his drawers for a change of clothes. Caroline walks over to the door and waits for him to join her. She doesn't have to wait long.

Giggling, they peek outside Ted's room to make sure the coast is clear. Seeing no one walking around upstairs, they scurry down the hall and into the bathroom. "What would we do if someone saw us?" asks Ted.

"I don't know," says Caroline. "I'm pretty sure no one else can see me, but if having sex with you makes me more real, who's to say." They get into the tub and Teddy turns on the water. The jet of water washes over them, and they come together in a kiss. The feeling is luxurious.

"Teddy," says Caroline, "you know how I gave you a blowjob last night?"

"Yes?" asks Teddy.

"Well, I thought you could maybe reciprocate," she says.

"Oh," says Teddy. "I'd love to, fair is fair, and all that. But I've never actually...done anything like that before." He smiles sheepishly.

"I don't care," says Caroline, holding his head in her hands and smiling. "It's me, I'm not going to judge me or anything. Besides, this is a skill you should learn."

"You're right," says Ted. He kneels down in front of Caroline and takes a good, long look at her pussy. "Nice landing strip," he says.

"Thank you," she says. Tentatively, He spreads her lips apart with his fingers and then leans forward. Before going in, he cracks his neck from side to side. Here goes nothing, he thinks. Slowly, he sticks his tongue into Caroline's pussy, wriggling it around. At first, he just tries licking everywhere, hoping that he'll do something right.

"Well I can tell you've never done this before," says Caroline.

"So this isn't doing anything for you?" asks Ted. She shakes her head.

"Okay Teddy, here's what we're going to do," says Caroline. "You're going to pick a spot in my vagina and start licking it, and I'll tell you whether you're getting warm or cold."

"Fair enough," says Ted, and he dives in her pussy again. After several minutes of Caroline directing him, he finally find her clitoris.

"That's it!" she says excitedly. "Keep licking me there!" Ted doesn't need any further instruction and keeps licking around the newfound pleasure area. Caroline starts to moan deeply, her hands massage his head, pushing him deeper into her pussy. "Don't stop!" she says. "Whatever you do, don't stop!"

Not one to disappoint his twin sister, Ted continues to attack Caroline's clit, and after a few minutes more she starts to buck wildly against him, screaming in ecstasy. And then her orgasm subsides, and she stops. "That was incredible," she says, lifting Ted back up to her. She kisses him on the nose as he stands under the water, so that her juices wash off of his face. "So what did you think, big boy?" she asks. "How was it?"

"I'm not sure," says Ted. "Honestly, it wasn't that much fun. But I guess I enjoyed it because it gave you so much pleasure."

"You always give me pleasure," says Caroline, as she slowly licks around Ted's lips, before sticking her tongue into his mouth. Invigorated, he lifts her up off the ground and she wraps her legs around him. "Make love to me Teddy," she says, and he pushes himself into her.

Once again, he feels the bliss of them connecting, and he is in heaven. She starts to rock her hips against him, and he meets her thrusts. They establish a slow and steady rhythm together, and they look deeply into each other's eyes. "I love you," he says.

"I love you," she says. He can feel himself reaching his climax, and he can tell from Caroline's expression that hers must be coming soon as well. She leans toward him and kisses him passionately as they rub against each other. They are still kissing as they come together.

Slowly and carefully, Ted sets Caroline back down. "That was great," is all he can say. The two begin to wash themselves off with soup, making sure to clean every part of each other. Ted is pleased to see that he is still very horny. He doesn't think he'll ever get enough of Caroline.

"I'm hungry," he says, realizing just how angry his stomach is for being abandoned for so long. He looks over at Caroline watches the water hit her smooth skin and run down her body. He watches droplets run down her boobs, settle on her erect nipples, and then fall to the floor. If his eyes can be believed, she seems physical enough. "Are you hungry?" he asks her.

"You know what," she says, "for the first time since I died I actually feel hungry." A smile grows on her face. "Teddy, would you like to have breakfast with me?"

"Of course," he says. They get out of the shower and dry each other off. Ted is again surprised at just how sexy Caroline is, with her shoulder-length blonde hair, startling blue eyes, perfect breasts, and beautiful smile. And she has a great ass as well. Ted has also known her his entire life, and has never been closer with anyone else. She is the perfect woman for him, through and through. She is also still completely naked.

"We're going to have to do something about that," he says, gesturing at Caroline's naked body. "I don't think I could concentrate on anything if you don't put some clothes on." Carline looks down at herself and smiles.

"I don't mind it when you pay attention to me," she says. She puts her arms over his shoulders, pulling him to her. "Would it really be that hard for you?" she asks, playfully emphasizing the word hard.

"Are you cold at all?" asks Ted, wondering what she must be feeling. Does being a ghost feel much different from being alive?

"Actually," she says, "I kinda am." She starts to rub herself, reveling in the sensation.

"Do you think you can put on clothes?" asks Ted. "And if you did would they become invisible?"

"I hope so," says Caroline, imagining what their family would think if they saw a full set of clothes but no body gliding through the house. "Actually," she says, concentrating hard. "I think I might be able to..." Soundlessly, two white socks appear on her feet. Ted jumps back a little, surprised at the instantaneousness of their appearance. Curious, he bends down to examine them. They feel and look completely normal.

"Cool," he says. "Does that mean you can make anything appear?" He imagines a room full of stack upon stacks of money. Or maybe a private jet, though he frowns a little at that last image of a plane. He sees Caroline also frowning. They look at each other, realizing that, as often happens with them, they just had the same thought. Caroline just shrugs.

"I didn't really feel any pain," she says, leaving it at that. "Anyway, I think I can only really change my own appearance, and not the appearance of things around me."

"Does that mean you can look like different people?" Ted asks. He can't help but think of what possibilities that would open the door to.

"Let's start with clothes first," she says. Caroline thinks for a bit, thinking of what she should wear. As far as she knows, the only appropriate clothing for a dead person is the suit or dress they get buried in, and that simply won't do for her situation. She looks over at Ted and smiles, the perfect imagine appearing in her mind. She closes her eyes and concentrates, hard. She tries to block out all images except for her wearing a very particular dress.

Even though Ted is expecting something to happen, he still gasps when a red dress suddenly appears on Caroline. Once he gets over his shock, he looks her up and down in admiration. The first thing he notices is that the dress is pretty low cut, and he can see the tops of Caroline's breasts. From there up, her body is pretty much bare, as the dress is affixed to her body by two very thin straps that go around her shoulders. His eyes travel down her body, seeing that the dress goes down to just below her knees. She no longer has socks on her feet, but is instead wearing some rather fancy heelless shoes. Ted feels very underdressed standing next to her, wearing only shorts and a t-shirt.

"Wow," he says in awe, "you look very, very sexy." Caroline smiles and her eyes sparkle. "But won't wearing that get uncomfortable after a while?"

"Actually no," says Caroline, obviously pleased with her work. "That's the great thing about imaginary clothing. It actually feels extremely comfortable, like I'm wearing pj's and slippers." Slowly, Ted walks around Caroline, admiring her from every angle. He brings his hand to the dress and feels the soft, silky material.

"It feels very real to me," says Ted. He stands back to get a good look at the whole ensemble, and an image flashes through is mind of another woman wearing that same dress. "Oh, I get it," he says, suddenly laughing. "you're wearing the same thing as Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica." Caroline smiles and curtsies.

"I thought you'd appreciate our similar situation," says Caroline. "Besides, I've always liked this dress."

Ted thinks about Battlestar Galactica, which is one of their all-time favorite shows. One of the main character relationships of the show was between a man and this one woman that only he could see. "Oh, but if you're Number 6 that means I'm Gaius Baltar, and he was partially responsible for genocide."

"I don't know," says Caroline. She runs her hands through Ted's hair. "I always liked Gaius, he was very cute and cuddly, just like you. Now I'm hungry, let's go have breakfast." She strides gracefully out of the bathroom, and Ted follows.

When they get downstairs, they see that the rest of the family has already started eating. Their father, Robert, is focused on some papers in front of him, as he subconsciously eats his cereal. At 42, he still looks very handsome, with a strong build and pleasant features. Interestingly enough, he is the only member of the family to have black hair, as everyone else is blonde.

Their mother, Melissa, sits next to him, slowly eating her pancakes. Though she's 39, she looks much younger, to the extent that she could easily pass for Caroline's sister. Their younger sister, Sarah, sits next to Melissa. She is 16-years-old and looks quite a bit like her sister and mother, though people always claim that she has her father's nose. She's been known to have her father's moodiness, though people don't make that comparison out loud. At the moment, she is understandably moody, picking her pancakes to pieces.

"Do you think they'll be able to see you?" asks Ted, whispering so only Caroline can hear. 

"I don't know, but let's find out," says Caroline. She walks over to the table and stands next to one of the two empty chairs, directly across from their father. He doesn't look up from his papers, but it he often does that, even when the visible members of his family are standing in front of him. "Hello everyone, I'm home!" yells Caroline as loudly as she can. No one as much as glances in her direction. Sadly, she walks back over to Ted. "At least you can see me, and that's I need." She hugs him tightly.

"I bet you they'll at least notice when you move something," says Ted. "You were able to move things around last night, and this morning. Provided I'm not just imagining everything, we could prove to them that you exist."

"I don't want to scare them," says Caroline. "What would you think if objects started moving around the house and you started to see messages from your dead daughter, or sister?" Ted just shrugs his shoulders. "Still..." says Caroline. She walks back over to the table and loudly drags one of the chairs out from under it. Her parents and sister look up, startled, wondering where the sound came from. Melissa happens to see Ted standing near the stairs.

"There you are Ted, we wondered what was taking you so long," says Melissa. "You're food's getting cold." She indicates a plate with pancakes on it at one of the empty places. She frowns when she sees that the chair next her has mysteriously moved. "Now how did that..."

"Thank you, mom," says Ted, quickly walking over to the table. He sits down at his place, moving the other chair further back, so that Caroline can sit down next to him.

"You look happy this morning," says Melissa, a little confused at his complete turn-around in mood, though pleased nonetheless that he doesn't look like he has nothing left to live for. Sarah also looks over at Ted, still very much unhappy.

"I am happy," says Ted, remembering that just last night he was a miserable wreck. "I realized that Caroline would want me to be happy even though she's dead, so I'm trying to still enjoy life, even though she's gone." Caroline grips his hand and looks at him lovingly.

"You know I'll never go," she says. "I'll never leave you." Ted nods and smiles.

"Sometimes I think she's still here with us," says Melissa. "Watching over us." Caroline and Ted wonder whether she could possibly have sensed Caroline's presence. Ted doubts it, since if anyone would have sensed Caroline watching over them, it would have been him. And up until last night he had no idea that she was there.

"There's no such thing as ghosts, mom," says Sarah, sourly. Ted does his best to hide a smile.

"Normally I would agree with you sis," says Caroline, looking over at Sarah. It hurts her to see how much pain her death has caused her family. If only she had never died. But then again, if she hadn't died would she and Ted ever have expressed their love for each other?

"I have to go to work," says Robert, getting up from the table. Robert teaches history at the high school his children go to. And while they still have two more days before school starts, all of the teachers have a lot of work to do, preparing for the coming hoard of boisterous students.

"It seems like you've been working a lot more than usual this past week," says Melissa, looking over at her husband. "Have they been giving you too much work? Don't they know that you daughter just..."

"Of course they know," says Robert. "I've been doing as much work as I can. It helps me to deal with everything." He gives Melissa a quick peck on the cheek. "Now honey, I really do I to go." She stands up and hugs him tightly before he puts his papers into his bag, grabs his coat, and heads out the door.

"I'll be in my room, not that anyone will need me," says Sarah, already halfway to the stairs.

"But you haven't finished your...never mind," says Melissa, looking down at Sarah's uneaten food. She knows an unwinnable battle when she sees one. She looks over at Ted, who's started to attack his pancakes with gusto. He'll probably want seconds. I never thought he would be the first one to go back to normal, she thinks as she gets up from the table to make more pancakes. "Well, Ted, it looks like it's just me and you."

"Let me help you mom," says Ted, not wanting to overwork her. "I'll distract her so you can finish the rest of these," he whispers to Caroline. "Let's see if you can actually consume food."

"Good idea," says Caroline, quickly high-fiving her brother under the table. Ted gets up from the table and walks over to his mom. "Seriously mom, I can do that if you want."

"You can start doing some dishes if you want to help," says Melissa.

"Sure thing," says Ted, glancing quickly at Caroline. He's pleased to see that she seems to be eating just fine. He opens a drawer to get a scrubber and notices some decks of cards lying around. A light bulb forms in his head. "Hey mom, do you mind if I show you a card trick." Caroline looks at him quizzically, wondering what he's up to. It's been more than five years since he was interested in magic, and he was never good at it.

"Sure, I guess," says Melissa. Teddy removes a deck of cards, one with pictures of trees on the back that they bought on vacation several years ago, and hands it to his mother.

"I want you to shuffle the cards thoroughly and take a look at one of them," he says. As she does this Ted waves his hand behind his back and looks over at Caroline.

"I don't know what you've up to Teddy," says Caroline.

"Make sure that there are no mirrors behind you," Ted says to Melissa. "That way you'll know that there's no way I can see what card you pick." He emphasizes the last part of the sentence while looking directly at Caroline.

"Oh, right," says Caroline. "That's brilliant, why didn't I think of that?" Trying not to move anything, she gets out of her chair and walks over behind their mother. By this time Melissa has shuffled the deck and is holding up a card. She tilts it to the side.

"Mom, I can see that you're holding the six of hearts," says Ted. "I'm not 12 anymore, you don't need to let me see the card. I actually do know how to do a trick this time."

"Okay, baby," says Melissa, selecting another card. "Sometimes I forget how much you've grown up." She picks a different card and memorizes it, making sure that Ted can't see it.

"It's the two of clubs," says Caroline.

"Do you want me to put it back in the deck?" asks Melissa.

"There's no need mom," says Ted. "It's the two of clubs." Melissa looks pleasantly surprised.

"That's right," says Melissa, looking behind her to make sure that there aren't actually any mirrors. Her gaze goes right through her daughter. "How did you do that?"

"Magicians never tell their secrets," says Teddy. "Now fan the deck out in front of yourself and randomly pick another card. This time though, don't take it out of the deck. Just put your finger on it." His mom looks behind her again before doing what he says.

"It's the ten of clubs," says Caroline, which Ted promptly relays to their mother. Again, Melissa looks genuinely surprised.

"Ted, you really have to tell me how you did that," says Melissa, very impressed. She looks at the cards carefully. "They're not marked, are they?"

"You bought that deck when we went to Pennsylvania three years ago, remember mom," says Ted.

"Right," she says, still examining the deck. What her son just did seems impossible, but then, that's the whole point of magic tricks. Meanwhile, Ted doesn't really care that he's just blown his mother's mind. It's taking him all of his willpower not to just run over to Caroline and kiss her passionately. Thankfully, Caroline feels the same way and carefully walks around their mother and over to Ted. She embraces him lovingly and gives him a pleasant kiss. All the while Ted tries to look perfectly normal.

"So now do you think that I'm real," says Caroline.

"I always wanted you to be real," he whispers into her ear. "But now I have proof that you're really here."

"And I will never leave you," says Caroline.


That night, their father calls to say that he'll be working late. Melissa decides to go out with some of her friends, hoping that maybe spending some time out of the house will cheer her up. So after everyone except Robert has dinner together, she tells Ted to take care of Sarah, and heads out. As soon as their mother is gone, Sarah goes to her room, barely exchanging a few words with Ted.

"We really need to do something to cheer her up," says Caroline.

"Yeah," says Ted. "But it's not going to be easy. I was a lot worse off than her a little while ago, and only you change that. So short of you haunting her, I don't see how we're going to make her happy."

"Maybe we should tell her the truth," says Caroline. "At least she'd know that I'm not really dead, even if she can't see or hear me." Both of them are conflicted, as there doesn't seem to be a perfect solution to the problem. Ted tries to imagine what it would be like to not see or hear Caroline, but to just see objects move and read messages written out by pens that write on their own. He could see himself getting used to it, and it would certainly be better than not having Caroline in his life, but it would be weird.

Before the twins reach a decision, they are interrupted by the doorbell. "Who on earth could that be?" asks Caroline. Usually, no one they know ever visits this late without calling, and if either of their parents were back this early they would just open the door.

Ted walks over to the door and opens it, revealing Steve Bell. Steve is in Ted's class and is also a senior. He has jet black hair, brown eyes, and a very muscular body, which comes from being the quarterback on the football team. Upon seeing Ted, he gives him one of his winning smiles. "Hey Ted, long time no see," he says pleasantly. Ted smiles back. Though he and Steve aren't really friends, they have hung out a couple of times and get along well enough.

"It's great to see you Steve," says Ted, "but what are you doing here?" Caroline walks up behind Ted, and as soon as she sees Steve her face fills with hate.

"That bastard," she says. "What the hell is he doing here."

"I'm here to pick up Sarah," says Steve pleasantly, answering Ted's question. "Did she not tell you I was going to be coming by?"

"Umm, no she didn't," says Ted, looking questioningly over at Caroline. He had no idea that she hated Steve so much, especially considering the fact that he thought they barely knew each other.

"Finally," says Sarah, standing at the base of the stairs. "I thought you'd never get here." She's wearing tight black jeans and a blue tank top, and Ted is surprised to realize just how beautiful she looks. He's never thought of Sarah in a sexual way before, but then again, she does look a lot like Caroline. And regardless, looking at her right now he sees that she is very sexy in her own right. He admires her as she walks up to the door to greet Steve.

Ted shakes himself out of it and discretely drags Caroline out of the way so that they can talk. "We can't let her have anything to do with that pig," says Caroline, squeezing Ted's arm.

"Why not?" asks Ted. "I thought you barely knew him, much less hated him." He looks into her eyes and sees a hurt expression.

"He tried to get it on with me one time, alright," says Caroline. "I said no but he kept on pushing. He basically forced himself on me and he wouldn't stop even though I was screaming at him. So I scratched his face and ran away. I've kept my distance from him ever since."

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" asks Ted, suddenly angry. "We tell each other everything."

"Look, I didn't want you to try and beat him up or anything like that, because then you would get hurt," says Caroline. "Besides, we can talk about this later but right now we have to make sure that Sarah doesn't go out with Steve, because I bet he's just doing this to get in her pants so that he can get back at me." Ted agrees and they go back over to the door, where Sarah and Steve are thankfully still standing.

"Sarah, I don't think this is such a good idea," says Ted. "Mom told me to look after you before she left and she wouldn't want to you to leave the house until she got back."

"Relax Ted," says Sarah, rolling her eyes, "we're only going to watch a movie. I'm sure mom would be fine with it." She snuggles into Steve and looks up into his kind face. Ted feels his stomach squirm, as he now knows the terrible person that kind face hides. He clenches his fists and gets ready to punch Steve right in the face, but Caroline stops him.

"No," she says, "if you hurt him that'll just make Sarah want to go out with him more, trust me." Ted looks at her, wondering what to do. "Let me take care of this," she says. Carline walks right up to Steve and her sister, and then shoves the two apart. Steve and Sarah look over at each other, wondering what has just happened. Then Caroline slaps Steve right in the face before shoving him right off the porch. He lands in the grass and scrambles to his feet scared out of his mind. Sarah is scared too, as it looks as if Steve has leapt backwards off their porch.

"Sarah, I think we should go to the movies another time," says Steve, as he practically runs straight to his car and drives away. Ted takes Sarah's hand and drags her back in the house before shutting the door.

"What just happened?" asks Sarah, stunned. Ted takes her over to the living room and sits down next to her on the couch.

"Sarah, I don't think you should date Steve," he says. Caroline just stands in front of them.

"But that's not fair," says Sarah. Ted and Caroline can tell that she is very upset. "Why can't I be happy? Why can't I got out with someone who makes me happy?" She looks at Ted accusingly. "Caroline died, Ted. Our sister died. And suddenly you're just okay with it, like nothing happened. But I still feel terrible, and I just want to feel happy again." She starts crying and leans into Ted. He holds her close and tries his best to comfort her. Sarah moves her face right up to Ted's and stares deeply into his eyes. "I just want to be happy Ted. Please, make me happy." And she kisses him.

At first Ted just lets Sarah kiss him. He loses himself in the kiss, relishing how similar it feels to kissing Caroline, but also appreciating how different it is. As Sarah's tongue invades his mouth he rubs his tongue against her and pulls her closer to him. She moans. And then he remembers that what they're doing is wrong.

Abruptly, he pushes her away from him, and she protests. "We can't do this Sarah," says Ted, looking guiltily at Caroline. "We shouldn't do this. You're my sister." He realizes how hypocritical that sounds.

"I don't care," says Sarah, "I want you, Ted. I've wanted you for a long time."

"You're upset," says Ted. "You don't know what you want."

"Actually," says Caroline, "she has had a crush on you for a while now." Ted looks at Caroline and then back at Sarah, shocked.

"Please Ted," says Sarah, "just kiss me."

"How do you know this is what you want," says Ted, looking pointedly over at Caroline.

"About a year ago we both...confided in each other," says Caroline. "Long story short, we told each other that we liked you in a non-sibling way." It is at this point that Ted notices he is very aroused, and not just because Sarah is pressed up against him and he was just kissing her. No, the thought of both his sisters sexually wanting him is making him very hard. He also notices that Caroline looks like she is very horny as well.

"You have to believe that I've wanted you for a while," says Sarah, not aware of the other conversation going on in the room. "Caroline and I both did."

"You know Teddy," says Caroline, "I think this may be exactly what Sarah needs." He looks over at her, surprised.

"Are you sure we should do this?" says Ted, being careful to find just the right words. Sarah just answers by kissing him again. Ted doesn't stop her, and starts to kiss her back, but he continues to look at Caroline.

"I'm sure, Teddy," says Caroline as she settles into a chair. "Besides, I'm going to enjoy this very much." Instantly, her dress disappears, and she is completely naked. With a newfound vigor, Ted focuses his attention back on Sarah. He loves his sister, after all, and is determined that he will make her first time as good as his.

Still kissing Sarah, Ted starts to lift her top off. Sarah breaks away from the kiss to help him, lifting her tank top up and off in one motion, revealing a light blue bra. She removes this as well, and Ted gazes upon her boobs. They're not as big as Caroline's, but they still look amazing. Sarah reaches down to his chest and removes his shirt. She strokes his bare chest, causing him to shudder. "Thank you for letting me do this, Ted," says Sarah. "I promise you won't regret it."

In response, Ted leans in to play with his little sister's nipples. She molds them about with his hands, and sucks on each of the tips. Sarah squeals with pleasure. She pushes him onto his back and she climbs on top of him. They continue to kiss, both enjoying the feel of their naked skin touching each other. After a few minutes, the two of them need more, so Sarah removes her pants while Ted takes off his shorts, leaving them in only their underwear.

Ted slides his boxers down and Sarah gasps at the sight of his hard cock. Then she pulls her panties down and he groans at the sight of her pussy. Sarah climbs back on Ted as they continue to kiss and rub each other.

Meanwhile, Caroline sits watching her two siblings get it on. With one hand she strokes her nipples, while with the other she rubs her pussy. She has always had a thing for her brother and sister, and watching the two of them together is very exciting.

Sarah reaches for Ted's penis and grasps it, causing him to moan. She starts to rub it around the inside of her thighs, and the of them moan together. "Are you sure you want to go this far?" asks Ted, barely able to think straight.

"You have no idea," says Sarah.

"What about protection?" asks Ted, since the last thing he wants to do is impregnate his sister. To say it would be an awkward thing to explain to their parents would be the epitome of understatements.

"I've been on the pill for a few months now," says Sarah. "So we can do whatever we want. But you'll have to be gentle, since this is my first time." Ted is a little worried about this new development, as this is entirely new territory for him. He looks over at Caroline, and grows even harder watching her play with herself. "Help," he mouths.

Caroline reluctantly stops stroking herself and stands up. "Just remember to be gentle with her," she says, walking over to Ted. "You're going to want to lower her down on you so that she eases into it. That way when her hymen breaks she won't be immediately assaulted by your cock driving into her." She places her hand on his shoulder reassuringly as Ted slowly lowers Sarah onto his hard penis. They both moan in pleasure as they start to come together. As Sarah's hymen breaks her moans become painful, and she scrunches up her face.

"Should I stop?" asks Ted.

"No," says Sarah, as the pain slowly starts to subside. "I think the worst of it is over." Ted slowly continues to push Sarah down on his cock, and it feels so incredibly good. He feels a lot better when he sees that Sarah isn't in pain anymore, and seems to be enjoying it. Indeed, she can feel herself getting filled by Ted's penis, and it feels very comforting.

Ted starts to move faster, lifting Sarah up and down on his cock. Sarah begins to moan in pleasure at feeling of the friction of her brother's cock in her pussy. She puts her hands down on his chest and starts to lift herself up and down, along with Ted. She begins to ride him, slowly at first, but then faster and faster.

Not to be left out, Caroline starts to kiss Ted passionately, their tongues dance with each other. Thankfully Sarah is lost in her own pleasure, or else she would see Ted's tongue lashing out at the air. As she continues to kiss Ted, Caroline strokes his balls, being sure to touch Sarah's body as little as possible, though she would love nothing more than to grope her sister as she bounces up and down on their brother's penis. Ted moans into her mouth and brings his left hand down to stroke her pussy. He is surprisingly good at it, considering that he can't see what he's doing. His other hand is playing with Sarah's breasts.

As Caroline feels the intense pleasure that Ted is giving her, she notices that she is feeling something else as well. The moment Sarah and Ted started having sex, she felt a little something. Now that something has grown, and it reminds her of how she felt when Ted first could see her. She can feel herself becoming stronger, more together, more real. And all because her brother and sister are having sex.

Neither Ted nor Sarah can take much more of their lovemaking, and as Sarah starts to experiment by squeezing his penis with her vaginal muscles, he lets himself go. As he erupts inside Sarah, the incredible sensation pushes her over the edge. She screams as her orgasm washes over her. Thankfully Caroline has the forethought to stop kissing Ted and back away before Sarah collapses on Ted. Ted is dismayed to stop kissing Caroline, but is pleased when Sarah takes her place, lazily licking and sucking around his lips.

"That was incredible," she says, smiling lovingly at Ted. "Can we do that again."

"I'm not sure," says Ted, looking over at Caroline. He wonders to what extent she'll allow him to have sex with someone else. And if she gives him the go-ahead, he wonders how much longer he'll be able to keep it up, both literally and figuratively.

Sarah also looks over at where Ted is looking. She shrieks and almost jumps into the air. "What's wrong?" asks Ted, worried. "You look like you've seen a...ghost." He and Caroline look at each other, wondering if Sarah has seen her dead sister.

"Am I dreaming Ted?" asks Sarah.

"No," he says slowly, "why?"

"Because," says Sarah, trying not to sound crazy, "I can see Caroline right next to us, as if she's still alive. And she's naked."

Further Author's Note: Well, I hope everyone enjoyed my second story. Once again, please leave any comments, both positive and negative (though if they're negative please be constructive). Feel free to tell me things you'd like to see in upcoming chapters, things you would have liked to have seen in this chapter, or even things that you liked about the story.

First of all, two of the people who commented on the last story requested that Ted perform oral sex on Caroline. Since it was the first request I've ever had, I was happy to oblige. I certainly hope that Caroline's clitoral orgasm was massive enough for you. However, I won't have very much of it in the future, as it doesn't really turn me on personally all that much. Doggy style is another thing that doesn't turn me on in any way whatsoever, and anal sex follows very closely behind (pun intended). So I won't be having either of those in my stories. Anyway, I look forward to any and all comments you'd like to give.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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magic tricks, ghosts, sex. This is one of my favorite stories in here

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Another great one!!
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Again only one-- grammar error let your story set for a while then reread it ...
Once again you have written a very erotic & entertain g read..
I'm loving this story line..
Posted 30 Dec 2012 18:18
Great sequel, i cant wait to see whats coming next

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