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Ghost Sister Part 3 - Sibling Bonding

Ted, Caroline, and Sarah have more fun with each other.
Author's Note: If you haven't read the first two installments in this series, I recommend you do. 

For a moment, there is silence as Ted, Caroline, and most importantly Sarah try to come to terms with what is happening. Ted holds Sarah close to him as comfortingly as he can; he is both excited and worried. If Sarah can actually see Caroline, then that is a very good thing. It means they're closer to being one big happy family again. But he also doesn't want Sarah to be scared or think she's going crazy. After all, it took him a some time and a crafty magic trick to fully believe that he wasn't crazy and that his twin sister was now a ghost.

"You can see me, Sarah?" asks Caroline, finally breaking the silence. She sounds very hopeful, and she and Ted almost hold their breath, waiting to see what Sarah will say next.

"Yes, I can see you," says Sarah, starting to get excited. "But, you're dead." She frowns just as suddenly. "This can't be happening." She looks over at Ted, almost apologetically. "You must think I'm crazy."

"Actually no," he says, kissing her on the forehead. "I can see her too. In fact, I've been able to see her for a little more than a day now." And so Caroline begins to tell Sarah the story of her death and her new life as a ghost, while Ted just holds his younger sister and watches her expression. Naturally, she looks sad while Caroline is telling her about her death, and about being alone for that first week; but, her mood quickly improves when she hears about Ted being able to see Caroline, and about their exploits last night and earlier that day. He can see that everything is coming together in her mind, and that she understands now--among other things--why Ted has been so happy of late.

He notices something else as well. While Caroline tells Sarah about her two twin siblings and their sexual adventures, he can tell that she's getting very horny. He can feel her body temperature go up, and he can feel the wetness between her thighs. And he's still holding his very sexy, naked younger sister close to his naked body. And Caroline is still standing naked in front of them. Therefore it's not surprising that he starts to get hard again, and very, very turned on.

"I'm guessing that you can see me now because you just had sex with Ted," says Caroline, finishing up what she has to say. Sarah lifts herself up and sits up on Ted's lap, her breasts bouncing a little as she does so. She gets up and stands in front of her older sister, taking in every inch of her body. Slowly, she places her hand on Caroline's face, then runs it through her hair.

"You're actually here, aren't you?" she says softly.

"Yes," says Caroline, just as softly. And then the two sisters embrace each other, hugging so tightly that it seems like they never want to part from each other. "I love you," they say to each other. Caroline gazes into Sarah's eyes, feeling the pleasant tingling of their breasts squeezing against each other, of their erect nipples rubbing against each other. Sarah moans happily, and playfully touches her nose to Caroline's. For a moment, they look lovingly into each other's eyes, almost as if they were whispering affectionately to each other. And then they slowly, almost hesitantly, kiss each other.

As soon as the two sisters' lips lock together, their kiss becomes everything but hesitant. They come together passionately as their lips explore each other, battling each other in an age old dance of love and fiery passion. Caroline's hands run down Sarah's body to her ass, stroking and rubbing each of her cheeks, while Sarah's hands travel up to Caroline's hair, stroking it and running it through her fingers.

Only when they cannot kiss anymore, when Sarah absolutely needs to breath oxygen--otherwise she would join her sister in death--do they break apart their kiss. They pant and smile stupidly at each other. "Wow," is all that Sarah can say.

"Yeah," says Caroline, in agreement. Slowly, she starts to slide her leg up and down Sarah's pussy, making her little sister groan with pleasure. "I can't wait for round two."

"Can I just say," says Ted, still lying down on the couch, "that that was the hottest thing I have ever seen." Caroline and Sarah look over at their brother, who are been staring transfixed at them this entire time. They look down at his penis, which is standing perfectly at attention, as stiff as a stone. Sarah finds it hard to believe that just a short while ago that thing was buried completely inside of her.

"I'm sorry we left you out, Teddy," says Caroline, smiling so very sexily. "But Sarah and I were having so much fun with each other that we completely forgot about you." Sarah's attention is still focused on Ted's cock, something which Caroline quickly notices. "Tell you what little sis," she says, gently turning Sarah's face towards her. "How would you like it if I shared my new toy with you?"

Sarah smiles and her eyes sparkle. Caroline takes that as a yes. They kiss each other one more time before going over to Ted's penis. As they bend down in front of it, Ted gets very excited. He has often thought about what it would be like for two girls to play with his cock, but he never even considered fantasizing about his two sexy sisters rubbing and sucking his penis. And yet, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Tentatively, Sarah reaches out to touch Ted's penis. He groans a little as her warm hand envelopes his cock. Carefully, Sarah grips it with her other hand. She was not nearly as shy the first time she touched Ted's cock, but that was because she was in the heat of the moment, about to lose her virginity. And besides, she wasn't even looking at it. His cock is pretty big, certainly the largest she's seen in real life. It's not as big as any of the huge cocks she's seen on the internet, but it's certainly nothing to complain about.

Growing impatient, Caroline joins her, reaching out her hand to stroke Ted's penis up and down. Ted starts to groan louder, his eyes transfixed on his two sisters. Not to be outdone, Sarah decides to just dive in, so she bends down and starts to lick Ted's cock. He moans as she twirls her tongue up and down his shaft, before plunging it straight in her mouth. Ted grips the couch cushions as he watches his little sister start to bob up and down on his cock. Caroline smiles up at him as she leans down to lick his balls. A squeaking sound escapes Ted's mouth that he has never made before in his life.

As Sarah continues to move her head up and down on her brother's cock, licking and sucking as she does so, she notices the taste in her mouth. It's more neutral than anything, though she guesses it's more pleasant than unpleasant. She could definitely see herself growing to like it. This is actually the first blowjob she's ever given. Sure, she's had boyfriends before and given them handjobs, but this is the most intimate she's even gotten with anyone. And honestly there's no one else she'd rather do this to. She gazes up at her brother, seeing his face contort with the pleasure she's giving him, and she smiles.

Ted gazes down at his two sisters looking up at him. He is hypnotized by their big blue eyes, and their blonde hair bouncing about. And the sensations he's feeling are incredible. He knows that he won't be able to last at this much longer. "I'm going to come soon," he says, barely able to speak.

As Sarah hears this she isn't sure what to think. While she really enjoyed the feel of her brother coming inside her pussy, she's not sure she'll feel the same about him coming in her mouth. She lifts her head off of his cock and strokes it a little, wondering what she should do. Caroline stops sucking Ted's balls and looks over at her sister, sensing her indecision. She leans over and kisses her little sister as her hand starts to stroke Ted's shaft.

"Lick it with me," Caroline says when they break the kiss. Ted watches as his two sisters start to lick and suck the sides of his cock at the same time. At times their tongues play with each other just as much as with is cock, it's almost as if they're kissing but his penis is in the way. And then Caroline looks over at him and says: "it's my turn now."

As Sarah leans back from Ted's cock, Caroline climbs onto her brother and mounts him, sticking his hard, well-lubricated cock into her wet pussy. Ted groans even more as she almost screams with pleasure. She almost forgot how good it felt to feel her twin brother inside of her. Besides, she's been working herself towards an orgasm for the last half hour.

As Caroline rides Ted's cock, Sarah crawls over to Ted and starts to kiss him. Ted happily kisses Sarah back, hugging her body to him, feeling her warm, soft breasts against his chest. Not wanting his little sis to feel left out, he starts to rub her pussy with his hand. She moans into his mouth as he inserts one, then two fingers, rubbing her towards an orgasm.

Caroline continues to ride her brother's cock, bucking about wildly as she steadies her hands on Ted's chest. She looks down at her two siblings kissing and smiles. It is one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen. She wants to join them, so she leans down slowly, brushing her face against theirs. They stop their kissing to look over at her, and she leans in to kiss Ted, then Sarah. Soon all three of them are kissing each other, as each sibling takes turns kissing one another, until finally they share a three-way kiss.

As they all look into each other's eyes, Caroline climaxes, breaking the kiss as she screams wildly, flailing around on Ted. This is too much for him, and he feels his orgasm quickly approaching as well. As he feels wave after wave of pleasure wash over him, he is determined to make Sarah feel this much pleasure as well. He pulls her to him once again and continues to rub his fingers around inside her pussy. He gives her the most loving kiss he can before saying: "I love you so much, Sarah." And with triumph he watches her eyes grow very big, and he feels her start to shudder around his fingers. They all moan together as their orgasms build and then subside.

Sarah slowly climbs up onto Ted, and Caroline moves over a little to give her room. For what seems like hours, but is really only a couple minutes, they just lay there in silence. None of them have to say anything. They all know that what just happened between the three of them was, in a word, perfect. Ted holds his two naked sisters closer to him, happy and content. And to think that he was even miserable.

Their happy and peaceful bliss is abruptly interrupted by the sound of a car driving up and parking outside of the house. All three of them immediately bolt up, becoming quite entangled in the process. They had completely forgotten about their parents.

"Do you think that's mom or dad?" asks Sarah, panicking.

"It doesn't matter, neither of them can see us like this," says Ted, hastily thinking of what to do. He can hear footsteps walking up and onto the porch.

"They can't see you," corrects Caroline, jumping up and off the couch. "I'm invisible, remember." As the footsteps reach the door, Caroline looks wildly around for the TV remote while Ted tries to find something to cover him and Sarah with. As he moves around a little, he feels something underneath him. He pulls it out and is relieved to see that it is a blanket, probably left over from when Sarah was watching a movie.

"I am so happy that you leave things lying around the house," he tells Sarah as she helps him throw the blanket over them. The front door opens just as Caroline grabs the remote and switches on the TV. Ted and Sarah have just finished covering themselves as their mom walks into the room, still taking off her shoes.

"There you are," says Melissa, looking at her children who seem very worried about something. "Did you guys have fun tonight?" She looks over at the TV and then back at Ted and Sarah, her eyes passing right through her naked daughter, standing less than ten feet from her. She looks closely at her two children on the couch, and sees that they almost look guilty about something.

"We had a great time, mom," says Sarah, a little too quickly.

"How was your night out?" asks Ted, hoping to draw attention away from them.

"Oh, it was alright," says Melissa, glancing back at the television. "Why are you watching the shopping channel? Isn't that really boring?" As Ted and Sarah think of what to say, Caroline realizes that she is still holding the remote control. She slowly sets it down on the coffee table, thankful that the room isn't well lit.

"Sarah bet me that I couldn't watch it for thirty minutes without changing the channel," says Ted, thinking on his feet. "You're right, it's really boring."

"Oh," says Melissa. She looks over at the stairs to the upper floor and then looks back quickly at the living room. "What's that smell?" she asks, thinking that it seems oddly familiar.

"Ummm," says Ted, realizing that the room stinks of sex. Thankfully Caroline has already come up with an idea. She practically runs past her mom and into the kitchen. Melissa feels a draft of air wafting past her, and quickly checks to see that she didn't forget to close the front door. She is startled when she hears a loud bang coming from the kitchen. Curious, she walks down the hallway to see what the sound could have been, but sees nothing moving or out of place. What she doesn't see is Caroline stepping away from the chair she just slammed onto the floor. She also doesn't see her daughter grab a can of air freshener and run back out of the room.

By the time Melissa walks back into the living room, Caroline has already sprayed every inch of it. She sniffs the air again, but can't get even a whiff of that odd smell, nor can she really remember what it was like. In fact, she is hit with a very strong smell of lavender. And, for some reason she can't explain, she feels very horny, though that's probably because Robert, her husband, hasn't felt up for sex lately. More than horny though, she just feels tired.

"I think I'm going to go to bed," says Melissa, trying not to yawn. "If you're still down here when your father gets back, please tell him that I'm probably already asleep." Both Ted and Sarah agree and say goodnight, and Melissa struggles out of her shoes. As she does this, bending down with her back toward he children, Ted finds himself fixated on his mom's ass. He's never really thought about it that much before, but his mom is a very sexy woman.

While Ted and Sarah were covering themselves with the blanket, they didn't think much about their position on the couch. And they were so focused on hiding what they had just done from their mother, that they had both kinda forgotten their current state of undress. Now, however, Ted acknowledges the fact that he is lying down sideways on the couch, with Sarah right in front of him. His naked body is pressed firmly up against her back. His arms are wrapped around her, his left hand grazing her breasts and his right hand cupping her right thigh. And as he stares at his mom's ass, sticking out at him, wondering what she must look like naked, his penis starts to harden.

Sarah feels Ted's cock pressing into her, and she starts to get wet, fully appreciating their situation. She looks over at his face and sees where his gaze is locked. She gasps a little in surprise, realizing that the sight of their mother is turning her brother on. She is even more surprised that she is, in turn, turned on by this, as she starts to get wetter. She takes his right hand in hers and drags it over to her pussy. Ted looks at her with a mixture of lust and confusion. "She's still there," he whispers, nodding toward their mother, who has just taken off her shoes.

"That's what makes it so good," Sarah whispers back, as she starts grinding her ass into Ted's cock. It takes every ounce of Ted's willpower not to groan in pleasure. He slips his fingers into Sarah's pussy and starts to rub her up and down. Sarah bites her lip, trying not to groan as well. Caroline sees what her two siblings are up to, and is both shocked and very aroused. Not having to worry about being seen or heard by their mother, she starts to rub herself all over her naked body, moaning loudly as she does so. Her siblings enviously do their best to keep quiet. I guess there are some benefits to being a ghost, thinks Caroline.

"Well, I'm off," says Melissa, barely looking into the living room. "I'll see you in the morning." And with that she walks up the stairs and is gone. As soon as their mother is out of sight, Sarah throws off the blanket and spins around. She climbs onto her brother and quickly impales herself onto his cock. They hiss together at the contact, before Sarah quickly leans down to kiss Ted. She rides him nice and slow, much softer than the last time they had sex. They moan into each other's mouths so as not to make too much noise. Ted grips his sister's waist with his hands, helping to lift her slowly up and down. They make love like this, gazing into each other's eyes, until they come together.

As they moan and groan into each other's mouths, they hear Caroline scream wildly as she experiences her orgasm. When all three are done, Caroline finishing last, they cuddle together once more. "Well that was close," says Ted after a while, breaking the silence.

"I know," says Sarah, giving each of them a kiss. "But it was worth it."

"Still, we were extremely lucky," says Caroline, reluctantly standing up. "And we shouldn't push it any further. Dad will be getting back soon, so we need to clean everything up and go to bed. Ted and Sarah get up with her, knowing that their sister is right, but they still just want to snuggle together forever. Once they are all standing, however, they quickly put themselves to the task of cleaning up any signs of their incestuous affair.

In less than ten minutes, they have done everything they can to deal with the smell and the stains resulting in their lovemaking. They search the living room with a fine toothed comb, making sure to collect any and all pieces of clothing they left scattered about. Then they all go upstairs, peeking in on their mother to ensure that she is, in fact, asleep.

They decide that, while they would rather all spend the night together, they don't want their parents to wake up the next morning to find Ted and Sarah sleeping in the same bed, especially after what their mom saw less than an hour ago. But before they part ways, Sarah looks very seriously at her two siblings. "I want you both to know that I don't feel bad at all about what we did," she says. "And I really hope we do it again, as often as possible." Ted and Caroline agree with her and they kiss each other goodnight.


That night, Ted dreams that he and Caroline are walking in the woods. He doesn't recognize where they are, but has the distinct impression that he's been here before. They walk together, holding hands, towards the sound of rushing water. As they get closer to the sound, he notices a sign that says: Twin Falls Forest. He's never heard of this place before, but just shrugs and walks onwards. He holds Caroline to him as they walk along, knowing that they will never be parted. 

As Ted and Caroline walk further into the woods, little do they know they are being watched by two figures standing in the shadows. One of the figures smiles and looks at the other. "I imagine they'll be here before long."

"Of course they will," says the other figure. "They won't be able to stay away."

Author's Note Continued: Well, I hope you enjoyed it. As always, please feel free to give constructive or just plain positive comments if you liked the story, had some suggestions, etc. Thank you.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 04 Jan 2013 13:53
They just keep getting better!!
Posted 03 Jan 2013 04:27
awesome stories, cant wait to read more (of the same or other, im sure they'll be great either way)
Posted 02 Jan 2013 13:27
Excellent story, keep the good work... I'll be following your stories from now on...
Posted 01 Jan 2013 19:27
Loving it, more pls.three hits & only two errors.Yet you have so many directions this could take.. THANK YOU for sharing...
Posted 01 Jan 2013 17:42
lovely story horny scenarios and very creative situations .. thatbrief description of meliss ... the mum and posssible further episode of sarah and ted having sex with her is VERY erotic and horny.. hope you do a part 4 ... and 5? please!
Posted 01 Jan 2013 16:14
This is a very creative premise, and the story is extremely well written!
Posted 01 Jan 2013 12:45
Wow!!! Excellent story. Thanks for writing. Can't wait for another ghost story.

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