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Ghost Sister Part 4 - Neighbors and Friends

Ted and Caroline meet their new neighbors and make some new friends.
Author's Note: I recommend that you read the first three parts of this series before reading this one.

Ted wakes from a strange dream, one that seems familiar to him. He thinks he may have had it before, maybe the night he first saw Caroline as a ghost. He thinks back to that night, trying so hard to remember. He sees some brief images of trees and Caroline in his mind, then darkness. It may be the same dream then. He tries to visualize the dream he had last night; but like many dreams he's had, details slip away by the second. He is positive that he and Caroline were walking through a forest, but he's not sure why they were there or where they were going. There was also a sign...but he can't remember what it said.

He shrugs it off, as he doesn't really care about his dreams at the moment. He doesn't need to hang onto what could be when his current reality is everything he could want from it. Caroline is alive, well sort of, and now Sarah can see her as well. And he's had sex with both beautiful girls-- women in their own right--and he hopes that this trend will continue.

He thinks back to before he knew Caroline was a ghost, and is surprised to find that only a day and a night has passed since then. It took only that small amount of time for his world to turn so very far upside down, in such a very, very good way. He looks over at Caroline lying beside him and sees that she is awake as well. They smile at each other and lock lips in a gentle kiss.

Ted wonders if his dead sister dreams when she sleeps. How can she even sleep at all when she doesn't have a brain? Or does she have a brain? He's pretty sure that she doesn't have a physical body, at least not in the traditional sense. But she certainly feels like a physical being, and she can move objects and digest food well enough, not to mention have sex like a champion. Come to think of it, where does that food go? Ted knows that since he's been able to see Caroline, she hasn't used the bathroom for anything other than showering with him. At this point he really has more questions than answers. Still, the answers he has for now are more than enough.

Brushing a few strands of Caroline's blond hair away from his face, Ted gets out of bed and starts to get ready for the day. "Do you want to have sex in the shower again this morning?" he asks, glancing over at his twin sister. He looks up and down her naked body, thinking of all the things they've done together, and all the things they still have yet to do. "We could make a morning ritual of it."

"Much as I'd like to," says Caroline, admiring her brother's body in turn, "I want to see how Sarah feels about last night." Ted quickly agrees, as he himself is a little worried about their younger sister. Sure, she seemed really happy about what they did last night, but will she have changed her mind after having had a full nights sleep to clear her head? So it is with anticipation and some anxiety that Ted and Caroline quickly shower and get dressed before heading downstairs.

As the two of them enter the kitchen, they are greeted to a scene similar to the one yesterday. Robert, their dad, and Melissa, their mom, are eating their breakfast without talking. Neither of them look like they're in a cheery mood, since to them their daughter is still very dead. But there is one big difference between this breakfast and the one previous, and that is Sarah. While yesterday she seemed as miserable and mute as a stick in the mud, today she can barely hold her happiness and excitement. As Caroline and Ted walk into the room, it looks like she wants to jump up from the table and hug both of them right then and there. And from the look of lust in her eyes, Ted wagers that hypothetical hug would be far from innocent.

"Come sit by me, Ted," says Sarah as he walks to the table. He sees that a plate of food is waiting for him, so he happily sits down next to his little sister and starts to eat. Meanwhile, Caroline sees that someone, probably Sarah, has left an empty chair at the table, pushed out far enough that someone could slip into the chair without having to move anything. Smiling, she slides into the chair so that she is now sitting in-between Ted and Melissa. She reaches past Ted and pats Sarah's shoulder affectionately.

"Ted, I want you to know that I had a lot of fun hanging out last night," says Sarah, smiling at her two siblings. "It's the first time I've been happy since Caroline's death, and I hope we can hang out again soon." Ted smiles back at his little sister, knowing exactly what she means by "hang out again soon." He glances at Caroline briefly and a they share a quick look of relief. It would seem that Sarah still has no regrets whatsoever about last night.

"Actually Sarah," says Ted, "I was thinking that we could spend today hanging out. I didn't really have anything planned anyway." Melissa looks up from her plate and over at her children talking. She's pleased to see that both Sarah and Ted seem happy, and she hopes that some of that happiness could rub off on herself. Because, like her husband, Melissa still hasn't found a way to get over her daughter's death. She just wishes she could find a balance between honoring Caroline's death and getting back to her normal, mostly happy life.

"I would love to hang out with you, Ted," says Sarah, frowning slightly, "but I actually have cheer practice today. Ted notices for the first time that Sarah is wearing her cheerleading outfit. He almost gulps as he takes in how sexy it looks on his younger sister. Sure, he's seen his sister wearing her uniform plenty of times before, as this will be her second year as a cheerleader, but he's only recently been thinking of her in a sexual way. And she does look very sexy in her uniform.

It is a one-piece affair that does a very good job of hugging her body. It is mostly dark blue, with a large area of white at the top and a stripes of white along the sides and bottom. The word "wolves" is written out in large letters across the tops of her breasts. As his sister is part of a high school cheerleading squad, the uniform isn't too revealing, but almost all of her arms and legs can be seen, with the skirt going down only a little bit below the waist.

Ted continues to look his sister up and down, really admiring how sexy she looks in it. He is in no way surprised to notice that his penis has gotten very hard, and he resists the urge to play with himself under the table. Sarah notices him ogling her and smiles as she starts to get turned on herself. She looks to her left and sees that her father is transfixed on the papers in front of him. She looks across the table and sees that her mother is just as distracted, lost in her own thoughts.

Without warning, Sarah reaches under the table and grips her brothers thigh. He almost chokes on his food as she slides her hand over to his penis, feeling his erection through his shorts. She smiles, pleased to know that she is what has caused him to get so hard. Carefully, she unzips his fly and reaches into his boxers to grasp his cock. Ted does his best to stifle a groan, worriedly looking around the table at his parents. As Sarah frees his cock from his boxers and starts to stroke it, Ted starts to appreciate what is happening. His little sister is given him a handjob while their parents are sitting at the same table.

On the one hand, he can't believe that Sarah is doing this to him, knowing that they could be found out at any moment. But on the other hand, she did pull a similar stunt the night before while their mom was in the same room. And, like last night, the chance of discovery, the thrill of doing something so taboo, makes him even more excited. He feels himself grow harder as Sarah continues to stroke him.

Not wanting to make things easy for her, Ted reaches under the table and starts to feel around under Sarah's skirt. She almost groans as he first rubs her thighs, before slipping his fingers under her panties. He smiles as he notices that her pussy has started to become wet. Slowly he slides in his fingers, rubbing her pussy slowly.

Not to be outdone, Sarah picks her fork up and drops it on the floor. "Oops," she says, staring straight into Ted's eyes, "I guess I'll have to pick that up." She quickly removes Ted's hand from her pussy before slipping underneath the table. Ted holds his breath, wondering what his sister is going to do. He hisses when he feels her hot breath on his cock, and he almost gasps as she engulfs it in her mouth.

Ted grips the edge of the table with both hands and scrunches up his face, doing everything he can not to yell out in pleasure. Caroline notices this and looks over at her brother, wondering what is going on. Curious, she peeks under the table and gasps at what she sees, not quite believing it at first. Right in front of her is Sarah, kneeling down in front of Ted, giving him a slow, silent blowjob. Caroline watches as her little sister bobs slowly back and forth on their brother's cock, swirling her tongue around his shaft. She is being very careful not to make too much noise, or else one of their parents will wonder what's going on under the table and take a look for themselves.

Not wanting to prolong the situation, Ted doesn't hold back at all, letting his orgasm wash over him as soon as he feels it approach. While the night before Sarah was unsure about swallowing her brothers cum, now she realizes she has no choice. It's dangerous enough that she's giving her own brother a blowjob mere feet away from their parents, but it would be so much worse if she got cum all over her uniform. So she holds her ground as Ted ejaculates, letting her brother erupt his seed into her mouth.

Once he is done, she quickly swallows. She is surprised to find that it doesn't taste nearly as bad as she thought it would. And while she doesn't find the taste particularly enjoyable, she wouldn't mind tasting it again. She takes a breath and briefly feels around her face, making sure that none of her brother's seed has escaped her mouth. Then she gets out from under the table and sits back down, remembering to bring her fork with her as she does so. The first thing she sees are her two siblings looking over at her, stunned. Sarah quickly glances at her parents, and is relieved to see that neither of them seem suspicious about anything.

Sarah looks over at Ted to see that he is almost panting with nervous and sexual energy. He looks over at her and she is almost scared, but mostly pleased, to see lust in his eyes. She realizes that she must share his expression, as Ted only started rubbing her the right way. "Sarah, there's something I wanted to show you in the living room," says Ted as he quickly gets up from the table and practically drags Sarah into the other room.

"Whatever it is could you two be quick about it," says Robert, briefly looking up from his papers. "If I'm going to be taking Sarah in with me we'll have to leave in a couple of minutes." Caroline gets silently out of her chair and follows her two siblings in the living room, curious as to what Teddy has planned.

"Don't worry Dad, this will only take a moment," says Teddy as he and Sarah enter the living room.

"What are you going to do, Ted?" asks Sarah, looking up into her older brothers eyes. He just smiles and lets go of his shorts, letting them and his boxers fall to the floor.

"Don't worry little sis," he says, lifting her up into the air. "I'm just going to make sure that before you leave you get the pleasure you deserve." Without another word he slides his sister down onto his cock, which has become rock hard in record time. She giggles and makes a chirping sound as their bodies come together. She leans in for a passionate kiss as Ted lifts her up and down on his cock. He rams her into him, harder and harder.

As they disengage from kissing, Sarah brings a hand to her mouth so as to silence her moans. And since both of Ted's hands are busy giving her the ride of her life, she puts her other hand on his mouth, so that his moans are silenced as well.

Meanwhile, Caroline stands from the hallway, watching their parents so that she can warm her siblings if it looks like they're about to leave the kitchen. But her real attention is focused on her two siblings, having hot, wild sex a little more than a room over from their parents. As she watches them moving together in pure pleasure, she can't help but get extremely aroused and wet. She starts to play with herself, admiring two people that she loves. making love.

She supposes that most people would be jealous to see their lover having sex with another person. But Caroline is far from jealous. Mostly this is because she loves both Ted and Sarah just as much as they love each other, and therefore does not see this as a betrayal on Ted's part. Besides, she plans on having sex with Sarah herself, countless times in the future, and she knows that Ted won't be jealous about her having sex with Sarah either.

Another reason Caroline feels completely fine with this, is that she knows by now that whenever her two siblings have sex, she starts to feel an energy. A very nice, fulfilling energy that seems to fill her with power. She doesn't know if this is just because her siblings are having sex, or is this would happen if Ted had sex with other people as well, but she does know that she enjoys this energy.

She starts to feel her self-induced orgasm as she sees her siblings' movements become more wild and urgent. Sarah clamps her hands on her and Ted's mouths more forcefully as they both receive massive orgasms. They look into each other's eyes and quickly come together for a passionate kiss as they share a perfect climax of unspeakable pleasure. They continue to kiss, their tongues dueling with each other, as they ride their respective orgasms out. When they are done, Ted slowly lifts Sarah off of his cock and gently lowers her to the ground. She continues to hold and embrace him for a few minutes more, as they tenderly whisper how much they love each other.

As Sarah slowly settles back into reality, she realizes that her panties are soaked. Quickly she runs upstairs and changes, running back down just as her dad is getting up from the table. "Let's go," she says to him excitedly, as he just looks at her with a confused expression.

"What's gotten into you?" he asks, as he puts his papers into his briefcase.

"I'm just excited for cheer practice," she says, trying to get him out of the door quickly. "We'll need to leave now if we're going to have time to pick up Ashley." Robert groans at this, suddenly remembering that he promised to give Sarah's friend a ride as well.

"Do we have to?" he asks, as the two walk out the door. He doesn't notice Sarah waving to Ted and Caroline as they leave, nor does he notice her blow two quick kisses.

"I thought you liked Ashley," says Sarah as they get into the car. Robert looks down at his hands, trying to not look his daughter in the eye. He looks like he's embarrassed or guilty about something, and Sarah thinks she knows what it is. She thinks back to all the times that she has caught her father eyeing Ashley as if he were undressing her with his eyes.

She remembers one particular day, when her father came to pick her up from Ashley's house. Ashley's family has a pool, and she and Sarah were swimming around and splashing each other when Robert arrived. As he walked over to the pool to let Sarah know that it was time to go, she noticed him checking out Ashley in her skimpy bathing suit. She was surprised to see the clear outline of his rock hard penis through his pants.

"I do like Ashley," her dad says. "But you know how energetic she can be, and I'm still settling into the day." Sarah scoots a little in her seat and her skirt rides up, revealing her bare legs. Robert can't help himself as he stares at his daughter's thighs. He is surprised when he starts to imagine his daughter in various stages of undress, just like he often does with her best friend Ashley. Sarah notices him looking at her bare legs, and her face flushes a little as she adjusts her skirt. Robert quickly averts his eyes, embarrassed as he feels his cock get hard thinking about his 16-year-old daughter.

Sarah notices her dad's erection, and she can't help but imagine what his penis must be like. As they drive away in silence, she is surprised to find that she has become very aroused thinking about her dad in a sexual way, much like Ted got last night when he was looking at their mom. As her mind drifts over to Ted, and of course Caroline, Sarah can't help but imagine what they'll get up to the next time they're together.


"What are you up to today, mom?" asks Ted as he and Caroline walk back into the kitchen.

"I'm not really sure," says Melissa, looking up at her son. There's something odd about his expression, as if he's just done something...something she really can't place her finger on. She frowns a little, thinking about the next couple of days. It's always a little lonely for her when school starts. For those first couple of days she has to get used to Robert and the kids being at school all day. But this time around she'll be even more lonely.

"Do you have all the supplies you need for school tomorrow?" she asks Ted, realizing that she hasn't spoken with her children at all about school for the past week.

"Actually no," says Ted. He'd practically forgotten that tomorrow is the first day of school. "I should probably go buy some things." He wonders what going to school will mean for him and Caroline. How will she feel, watching him go to classes along with hundreds of living, breathing people? How will she feel when she watches him live out his senior year, while she watches the entire school slowly forget her, until she is nothing but a memory?

Ted quickly shakes himself out of his momentary worries about the future. He knows the only thing that matters is that he and Caroline will stay together, no matter what happens. Everything else they can figure out as it comes along. He looks over at Caroline questioningly. "I suppose shopping could be fun," he says.

"Of course it will be fun," says Caroline, getting excited. "It'll be nice to get outside of the house, and I can try out all of the outfits we think look good on me." She closes her eyes, concentrating hard as she makes her dress blur in shape and color, changing between many different looks and styles, before settling back to its normal red appearance. Ted nods and squeezes Caroline's hand under the table. Shortly after, Ted says goodbye to his mom, and he and Caroline leave the house.

As Caroline walks out the door she marvels at the feel of the sun shining on her face, and the breeze brushing across her body. She takes Ted's hand in her own as they walk over to his car. "I didn't know someone had bought the Callahans' house," says Ted, gesturing at the house two doors down from theirs. She looks over and sees a moving van parked outside, with a man and a woman carrying boxes into the house.

"They must have bought it this week," says Caroline, wondering what their new neighbors will be like. She hopes they're a lot nicer than the Callahans, the family that lived there before. Everyone in that house was always yelling at each other, regardless if they were angry or not. She was glad to see them leave. Hopefully this new family will at least be much quieter, if not more pleasant. Though she supposes that if she doesn't like them she can just haunt them until they either shape up or leave. After all, she is a ghost.

"We should be good neighbors and say hi," she says. "Or at least, you should say hi." Ted and Caroline walk over to the house, hand in hand, looking for clues as to what this new family will be like. As they get closer to the house, they get a better look at the man and woman who are unloading the van. The man is tall and muscular, with dark black hair and darkish skin. He has a vaguely Middle Eastern look about him. The woman is much shorter and thinner, though she has curves in all the right places. She has black hair and tan skin, though in contrast to the man her skin is much lighter.

When they reach the house, Caroline notices that the woman has brown eyes, while they man has very dark, almost black eyes. They are very deep and beautiful, and as she looks at them she finds herself drawn into them, almost hypnotized.

"Do you guys want any help unloading," says Ted, walking up behind the man and the woman. "It looks like we're going to be neighbors. I live in that house over there." Ted points over at their house, hoping they won't take him up on his offer to help, as he'd much rather hang out with Caroline at the mall.

The man and woman put down their boxes and walk over to Ted. "Nice to meet you Ted, I'm Mark," says the man as he shakes Ted's hand, displaying a powerful grip.

"I'm Jessica," says the woman, shaking Ted's hand as well. As he shakes her hand, Ted admires the softness of her skin, as well as the pleasant glow that seems to emanate from her face. "Thanks for the offer, but we can take care of everything just fine," she continues. "Besides, our daughter's helping us as well." She points to the house, where Ted and Caroline can see a girl waving shyly from the doorway.

Though she's partially covered in shadow, Ted is blown away by the girl's exotic beauty, the exotic bit obviously inherited from her father, with the beauty being inherited from her mother. "I'm afraid I'll have to apologize for our daughter," says Mark. "But it takes Molly a while to get used to strangers. Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll get to meet her soon enough."

"Well I'll leave you to it then," says Ted, glancing once more at the girl in the doorway. "Once again, welcome to the neighborhood. And let us know if you need anything."

"Thank you Ted," says Jessica, "I'm sure we'll take you up on your offer." Ted and Caroline start to leave but they are interrupted by Mark.

"Wait a moment, aren't you going to," he starts to say, but then he stops suddenly, as if realizing something. He looks over at his wife, a strange expression on his face. "Never mind," he says quietly. Caroline and Ted just look at each other and shrug before heading back to the car.

"Well, they seemed like nice people," says Ted as they walk away.

"They do," says Caroline, "though I saw you checking out their daughter, Molly was it?"

"She's got nothing on you, Caroline," says Ted, looking over at his twin sister.

"Don't worry, I'm not jealous," she says. "Besides, she might be a good candidate for an experiment I want to try."

"And what might that be?" he asks, curious. Caroline starts to tell him about the energy she's felt whenever he and Sarah have had sex, and how she's been wondering if she'd still feel that energy if Ted were having sex with someone other than their sister. She also wants to know if just anyone will be able to see her after having sex with her twin. Ted gets excited as he thinks about what it would be like to have sex with a girl like Molly while Caroline watches, and maybe participates behind the scenes. That could be very fun.

The twins are in high spirits as they drive off to the mall. Neither of them notice Mark looking in their direction. Neither of them notice the strange expression on his face. "Jessica," he says, still looking at the car driving off, "you didn't see a girl standing next to that body did you, wearing a red dress?"

"No," says Jessica, looking at her husband strangely. "He was alone."

"I was worried you'd say that," says Mark under his breath, as he watches the twins drive away.


As Ted and Caroline arrive at the mall, they find it crowded with many people their own age. There are a fair amount of teenagers who, like Ted, have forgotten to buy school supplies, and are just now attempting to prepare for the big day tomorrow. Still more peruse through the food court, arcades, and various shops, trying have a last day of fun before they'll have to go back to school.

The twins quickly set about shopping for school supplies, so that they can move on to more enjoyable things. As Caroline walks about in her red dress, she realizes that normally she would stick out like a sore thumb. But seeing as no one but Ted can see her, she could walk around naked and no one would notice. Even though she has been so frustrated by the fact that most people, especially her parents, don't even know she still exists, it is oddly freeing to know that she can say and do anything she pleases, no matter how wild and crazy it is.

As they shop for binders, pencils, paper, and all the other things he needs, Ted realizes how useful it is that his sister is a ghost. In her current invisible state, she can go anywhere and do anything without anyone noticing. For instance, there was only one TI-89 calculator left in the entire mall, which he very much wanted for his calculus class, and someone closer was already going for it. This someone happened to be Andy Wilson, a really annoying boy who is something of a bully. He had been mean to Ted and Caroline several times throughout high school,

All Caroline had to do was run and stand in front of Andy Wilson, who suddenly found himself bumping into solid air, while Ted calmly walked up to put the calculator into his bag. You almost had to feel sorry for the poor boy, who suddenly looked like he couldn't walk straight; except, neither Ted nor Caroline felt sorry for him, because as far as they were concerned the bully deserved it.

Soon they finish the necessary shopping and lazily walk through the mall, looking around at all the people bustling about, as they glance at the various shop windows they pass by. For almost the entire time they have been holding hands like a couple, and Ted doesn't mind in the least that to everyone else it must look like his hand has frozen in an awkward position. At least it'll be a lot easier to explain why he's holding his hand in a weird way, as opposed to having to explain why he's holding hands with his twin sister.

"Imagine how much their worlds would change if they knew that ghosts exist," says Ted, looking around at all the people going about their various ways. "Well, at least one ghost that we know of, though surely you're not the only one, right?" Caroline shrugs beside him.

"I've been thinking," she says, "about me being a ghost. I can do things that other people can't, you know? I mean, in a way I have a super power of sorts, and I don't think anything can kill me since I'm already dead." She pauses as they pass by a clothing store with a pretty pink dress on display. She mentally changes her appearance so she's wearing the dress, and both she and Ted examine it closely. Almost instantly they both shake their heads, and she changes back into the red dress as they continue onward. "I mean, do you think I should be a super hero or something?"

"I don't know, that's an interesting idea," says Ted. "But does this city really need a superhero? There aren't really any super villains around, and we don't have that much crime."

"Yeah, besides I don't think I'd like just prowling around the streets at night, waiting for someone to get mugged," says Caroline. She thinks about what she could do with her abilities, and her eyes light up. "Ted, you know how when you were little you wanted to be a magician?"

"Yeah," he says, thinking back to when he wanted to be the next Penn and Teller, except he didn't have a partner and more importantly he was terrible at doing magic tricks.

"Well, with my help you could probably be the best magician of all time," says Caroline. "I mean, think about all the magic tricks we could do together, except they wouldn't be tricks. You could go down in history as a genuine miracle worker or something like that."

"You're right," says Ted. "In fact, now that I think about it, you and I can do pretty much anything we want. I mean, you can steal anything without being caught, or listen in on any conversation going on anywhere, even in the White House. We could even start our own religion." They walk for a moment in silence, thinking about all the things their future could be. "I think being a magician would be cool. I really like that idea. But the important thing is that we don't just do what I want."

"I know," says Caroline. "I think you being a magician would be really cool too. It would be a lot of fun to help you fool hundreds of people. I think we should do it."

"We should at least try it on for size," says Ted, as he leans into Caroline affectionately. As his eyes scan the crowd he notices something out of the ordinary. There are two twin girls walking in the opposite direction from them, on the opposite side of the mall. They both have fiery red hair and brilliant green eyes, with a splattering of freckles across their faces. They are both extremely attractive, and both genuinely look identical.

Seeing a pair of twins isn't, in itself, unusual. As he is a twin itself, Ted has always found it interesting to ask other twins he's met about what their experiences are like. Over the years, he has found many similarities across the board, and one of the many things he's noticed is that identical twins almost never wear the same clothes, and usually will go out of their way to give themselves a distinctive appearance. However, both of these identical looking girls are wearing the exact same pair of blue jeans and the same light green top. In fact, as he admires their curvy asses he notices that their jeans have the exact same rips and tears in them.

As he continues to gaze at them, wondering what it would be like to have sex with both of them at the same time, he sees something extremely unusual. One of the girls, the twin walking slightly behind the other one, suddenly flickers. For a moment, she disappears completely, before reappearing a second later. Ted abruptly stops walking and stares at them, not believing what he's just seen.

Caroline is startled when Ted stops in his tracks, and looks around at what must have caught his attention. She follows his gaze to the lovely redheads, and she just rolls her eyes and chuckles. "Well those two are quite something, aren't they?" she says, waiting for her brother to get his visual fill before moving on. But he just stands there, rooted to the spot.

A light-bulb flashes brightly in Ted's mind, as he realizes what it is he must have seen. At first he is excited, as he realizes what this discovery could mean. But then his excitement is almost instantly changed to worry, as he realizes that something very bad will happen. Unless he and Caroline act quickly, of course.

"What's with you, Teddy?" Caroline asks, trying to analyze her brother's expression.

"Caroline, we need to move quickly," he says, already dragging her toward the redheaded twin sisters, who are still walking toward the other end of the mall.

"What is it?" she asks, recognizing the urgency in her brother's voice.

"I'm almost positive that one of those twins is a ghost, just like you," he says straightforwardly.

"How can you tell?" asks Caroline, her mind reeling at the implications of this. Finding another ghost would mean so much to her. Not only could she find out more about the nature of being a ghost, but she wouldn't be the only dead person around.

"Well, that's the bad news of the situation," says Ted. "I saw one of them flicker, which is a pretty clear indication that she's a ghost. There's also the fact they're twins like us, and as far as we know the connection we share as twins is what allowed you to be a ghost in the first place. But I'm also pretty sure that the flickering is a bad thing."

"Yes Teddy, it's a very bad thing," says Caroline, quickening their pace. "I was a ghost for a week before you were able to see me, and I never flickered."

"I figured as much," says Teddy. "Which means that she may fizzle out of existence in the next few minutes for all we know."

"You're right, we do need to act quickly," says Caroline, now fully understanding her brother's sense of urgency. "And I think this is a good time for you to let me do my thing." Ted lets go of her hand as Caroline starts to run through the crowd, not caring how many people she bumps into, as no one can get angry at someone they can't see.

"Hey dead girl!" she yells at the top of her lungs, looking straight at the two twins girls walking ahead of her. One of them perks up a little and looks around, trying to find the source of the yelling. "Yes you!" Caroline yells again. "I'm a ghost just like you and we need to talk now!"

The girl sees Caroline and looks at her with a mixture of hope and confusion as she catches up to the twins. "You can see me?" asks the girl, as Caroline starts to walk alongside her and her sister.

"Yes, I can see you," says Caroline. "As I just said, you're a ghost and I'm a ghost. You are a ghost, right?"

"I think so," says the girl, who looks to be about the same age as Ted and Caroline. I was driving my car, and then I got into an accident and..."

"You died," says Caroline, hastily finishing the girl's sentence. "Look, we really don't have much time. What are you and your sisters' names?" Meanwhile, Ted is doing his best to catch up to them without causing too much of a scene.

"I'm Stacey and this is my identical twin sister Lacey," says Stacey, the sentence rolling effortlessly off her tongue, as if she's said the same thing to countless people during her life, which she has.

"You don't say," says Caroline, smirking a little despite the situation. "Well Stacey my name is Caroline and that boy over there behind us is my twin brother Ted, and if you do what we say then hopefully we'll make sure that you don't die. Well, you're already dead, but we'll make sure that you stay a ghost and not cease to exist." Stacey just stares at her dumbly, trying to take everything in, as Ted finally walks up behind them.

"Sorry I took so long," he says, looking over at his sister expectantly.

"Her name is Lacey," says Caroline quickly. Without any further ado, Ted walks up next to Lacey and looks over at her.

"Hey Lacey," he says. The other redheaded girl stops and looks over at Ted, a little startled.

"Do I know you?" she asks, doing her best to smile.

"Actually no," says Ted. "But I do know that you have a twin sister-"

"Stacey," says Caroline, quickly.

"Stacey," says Ted, "who died somewhat recently.

"Yes, she died a month ago," says Lacey, her expression becoming very sad. "Were you a friend of hers?" Ted and Caroline look at each other, both very worried. Stacey has been dead for a month, which is more than three times as long as Caroline was alone as a ghost. They have no idea how long Stacey has left. Though if she has started to flicker in and out of existence, that probably means that she doesn't have long.

"Actually, no I didn't," says Ted. "I know this will sound crazy but your sister actually isn't dead, not completely at least. She's a ghost, and if she's going to remain so then you need to do exactly as I say."

"Look, I don't know what game you're playing, but it isn't funny," says Lacey, giving Ted a cold look.

"I know this is crazy but I'm telling the truth," says Ted. "I can prove it. Ask me a question that only Stacey would know the answer to. She'll tell me the answer and I'll repeat it back to you." Lacey thinks for a few moments as she debates whether or not to do what Ted says. Part of her wants to tell this guy to screw himself before walking away very quickly. But there is a part of her that is curious, curious enough to see what kind of trick he'll try and pull. Besides, if she indulges him a little it'll hopefully get rid of him that much faster.

"Ask her who Polly's favorite friend is," says Lacey, figuring that he will trying and guess his way towards an answer.

"What's the answer Stacey," says Caroline, looking over at her fellow ghost.

"Flappy the Otter," says Stacey as she smiles and remembers the fondness of her childhood with her twin sister.

"Her friend is Flappy the Otter," says Ted, wondering for the life of him who that is. "Now do you believe me?"

"How did you know that?" asks Lacey, shocked. "There's no possible way..." She wracks her brain, trying to think of some trick that he could have used to find the answer. But short of mind control she can think of no single way that he could have arrived at the exact, correct answer, and so very quickly. Unless...

Hope creeps its way into Lacey's face, as she looks around her, wondering if her sister is indeed still with her. "What do you want me to do?" asks Lacey, figuring it won't hurt to at least give this guy the benefit of the doubt.

"Follow me," says Ted, as he takes Lacey's hand in his own. He briefly appreciates how warm and soft she feels, before quickly walking with her over to the clothes shop that he and Caroline passed by earlier. Caroline reaches out to take Stacey's hand, but finds that it goes right through the girl's body, which is devoid of substance.

"Follow me," she says, wondering how much time Stacey has left. The two ghosts follow their siblings into the store, as Ted looks hurriedly around until he spots a sign that says "dressing rooms." He takes her into the largest dressing room he can find, which thankfully has two benches and enough room that Caroline and Stacey can easily follow them in. He looks around briefly to make sure there is no one else around, and then he locks the door shut and joins Lacey at one of the benches.

"Now Lacey I need to you be completely honest with me," says Ted. She agrees, as Caroline and Stacey sit opposite them with baited breath, which for them is even more so a figurative expression. "Now I'm guessing that you felt sexually attracted to your sister, is that right." Lacey blushes a deep red and looks down at her feet.

"Yes," she says softly, "how did you know?"

"We'll get to that later," says Ted. "The important thing is that your sister was probably thinking about you in the same way right before she died. In fact she was probably...pleasuring herself thinking about you." He looks across from his at Stacey, whose face is an even deeper red than her sister's. "Scratch that, she was definitely pleasuring herself while thinking about you before she died."

"You were masturbating while driving?" says Caroline, looking over at Stacey curiously.

"What? I was bored," says Stacey defensively. "And it was just a little, not enough to distract me from what I was doing." Meanwhile, Lacey is starting to feel weirder and weirder about the situation.

"Why are you telling me this?" asks Lacey, not so sure anymore about giving the boy next to her the benefit of the doubt.

"Because," says Ted, "your sister is in danger of slipping away from this world. And I know it sounds crazy and weird but the only way for you to save her, and for you to be able to see her again, is to masturbate...and to think about your sister while you do that." There is silence in the dressing room while everyone starts to realize fully what is about to happen.

"How do you know of all this?" asks Lacey, as she wonders if this is some overly elaborate trick this kid is trying to pull just so he can watch her shove her hand down her pants and play with herself.

"Because my twin sister died and she became a ghost and I was only able to see her because I jacked off while thinking about her," says Ted quickly. Lacey just stares at him for a few long seconds.

"No," she says finally. "No, this is crazy. I'm done with this."

"Tell her to hold out her hand," says Caroline quickly, as Lacey starts to get up. Ted does, and Lacey complies, wondering what stupid stunt the boy has planned to keep her here. She is very surprised, though, when Caroline touches Lacey's hand with hers. Lacey is amazed as she feels someone touching her, someone that she cannot see. She starts to feel along this phantom hand, which becomes a phantom limb, which then leads to one very physical body, one which she cannot see or hear in any way. Or smell, for that matter.

"Okay," she says, sitting back down. "Okay." She slowly unbuttons and unzips her jeans, slowly slipping her hand down her pants. She wonders if this is all some very strange dream as she starts to think of her twin sister. This isn't difficult at all, as Lacey has had a huge sexual crush on her twin sister for a very long time. In fact, she has rubbed herself on countless occasions while thinking about having sex with her twin.

Her pussy starts to get wet as she imagines Stacey standing before her naked. While most people would assume that to do this she would only need to look at herself naked in the mirror, the truth is that Lacey finds her sister attractive not just because of the ways in which they are similar. Sure their bodies look almost identical, and when Lacey imagines herself licking and playing with her sister's breasts, they are, for all appearances, her own breasts. But it is the way that her sister holds herself, in her expressions, in the way her eyes sparkle in a distinct pattern, these are the things that make her sister a unique individual. And it is this individual that she loves.

Lacey gets wetter as she imagines herself kissing Stacey, their tongues rubbing against each other, just like the rubbing of their naked bodies. She imagines the feel of her sisters breasts against her own, and the sensation as they each play with each other's pussies. She moans happily, as she opens her eyes, and then immediately jumps, startled, as she sees her sister in front of her. And there sitting on the opposite bench beside Stacey is a girl that Lacey swears wasn't there a moment ago. She has blond hair and blue eyes, much like the boy sitting beside her.

A small part of Lacey's brain decides that the girl is probably the boy's twin sister that he mentioned. But all the rest of her brain is buzzing and humming with the knowledge that her sister is sitting right in front of her. She squeals as she practically lunges at Stacey, hugging her twin sister to her. Caroline quickly gets up out of the way and joins Ted on the other bench, as Lacey embraces her sister as hard as she can, never wanting to let her go again.

"Lacey, you can see me?" asks Stacey, as a flood of feelings and emotions surge through her. From the instant that her sister looked up and saw her, Stacey felt real and solid, a fact that was quickly proved when her sister hugged her a second later. And in that same instant she has felt sadness turn into a jubilant happiness, and the pain of loss turn into the wonderful pleasure of being reunited with a loved one.

"Of course I can see you, silly," says Lacey, still holding her sister close to her as she gazes into her eyes. "I thought I'd lost you."

"I was so alone," says Stacey, thinking about what the past month was like for her. "I tried everything but you couldn't see me, or touch me. It was like I didn't exist."

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," says Lacey, tears both sad and happy streaming down her face. "I promise that I will never leave you again." The two sisters look into each other's eyes lovingly. They smile and touch their faces to each other contentedly. And then Lacey feels her sisters leg rub against her thighs, stimulating her still wet pussy. Her eyes glaze over as she feels lust and desire rush through her. Without thinking she leans forward and kisses Stacey, moaning as their mouths make contact.

Stacey is surprised by her sister's kiss, but she is in no way repulsed by it. For years she has wanted her sister just like she wanted her. So she welcomes Lacey's kiss, happily deepening it, as she moans into her sister's mouth as well. Lacey's eyes light up at this new-found intimacy she now shares with her sister, and she starts to rub her sisters tongue with her own. The two twins continue to make out, their kisses becoming more and more passionate, more and more needy.

As this is going on, Ted and Caroline are sitting on the opposite bench, watching the two girls make out with each other. "You know I'm glad you have an eye for the ladies, Teddy," says Caroline as she snuggles into her brother. "Otherwise Stacey would probably have ceased to exist at some point, we may never have known that there's at least one other ghost out there, and Lacey would never have felt fully whole again."

"I know," says Ted as he rubs cheeks with his sister, while gazing at the beautiful sight in front of them. "We did a good thing here."

"And we make a really good team," says Caroline, nestling her head against her brother's shoulder. "Maybe that's our calling, reuniting twins with their ghost siblings." Meanwhile, the two redhead twins have gotten more hot and heavy in their kissing. Their entire bodies rub desperately together as their tongues probe deeper and deeper into each other's mouths. Lacey looks into her sister's eyes and sees a look of lust and passion there, a look which she knows must be mirrored in her own.

Without saying anything, she pulls away for her sister only momentarily to remove her green top in one motion, revealing a dark green bra. Stacey lets out a little gasp as she watches her sister undress. As her sister removes her bra, revealing her remarkable breasts, she realizes that she is getting very, very wet. Slowly, she reaches out to touch her twin's breasts, and she hears her sister groan as her hands roam across those luscious mounds. Stacey continues to play with her sister's breasts, gently sucking and licking them, as Lacey struggles to remove her pants.

When Stacey first found herself as a ghost, she was naked. And when she first saw her sister, she felt uncomfortable being naked next to her, so her mind naturally did the easiest thing it could to rectify the situation: it modeled Stacey's appearance after Lacey. From that moment onward, Stacey has automatically worm a replica of whatever outfit Lacey has been wearing. She doesn't quite know how she is able to do this, as it has been initiated on a very subconscious level. And now that she is kissing, and groping, and sucking her sister all over her body, her subconscious no longer wants to be clothed.

So as Lacey finally kicks off her jeans, so that she is wearing only dark green panties and some light green socks, she is pleasantly startled when her sister suddenly goes from being fully clothed to completely naked in an instant. Stacey giggles at her sister's reaction, as both sisters admire each other's bodies.

Stacey goes in for another passionate kiss, before slowly kissing her way down her sister's body. Lacey mews as her sister starts to kiss down below her bellybutton, and she almost passes out with pleasure when her sister slowly removes her panties with her teeth.

As Ted watches the scene in front of him, he feels his rock-hard penis throb against his shorts, demanding to be set free. He's not surprised that he's very aroused by this situation; he reckons he'd have to be dead not to be. "This is turning you on, isn't it," Caroline whispers sexily into his ear, which makes his penis become even harder.

"Of course it is," he whispers back, his voice deep with lust. "And since I know you like I do, you must be very turned on as well." Caroline doesn't even attempt to deny what they both know is true. Her pussy has grown very wet while she has watched this scene of lust, love, and passion enfold in front of her. She looks at her brother, desire rushing through her body. He looks at her as well, his eyes daring her to do something crazy.

"Oh screw it," she says as she lunges toward her twin brother, attacking him like a crazed woman. He responds in turn, as they kiss and grope each other wildly. As if their lives depend on it, both twins remove Ted's clothes as fast as they can. When he is finally naked, Caroline rubs her hands down his flat chest before getting a firm grip on his rock-hard cock. Ted brings her in for another kiss, and when they pull away he sees that her dress has disappeared, and his sister now stands naked before him. He looks her up and down, admiring how sexy his sister really is, before lifting her up and shoving her down on his cock.

Both Teddy and Caroline almost scream when they make contact, and Caroline immediately starts to rock up and down on her brother's hips, as he rises up to meet her thrusts. Lacey and Stacey are surprised at the sounds of intense pleasure coming from the other people in the changing room. Lacey looks over and is startled but also excited to see the boy, and the girl she can only recently could see, having hot, wild sex. She can feel her sister's body temperature rise, and she knows that her sister is just as turned on by this as she is. Lacey looks into her sisters eyes and smiles as if to say: "we can't let them have all the fun."

Very excited, but still a little nervous, the two girls bring their legs up onto the bench, so that they are sitting cross-legged, facing each other. Slowly, Stacey scoots towards her sister, lifting her right leg above her sister's left leg, while Lacey lifts her right leg so her sister can bring her left leg under her.

Once they are comfortable in their new position, the two sisters hug themselves to each other, so that their breasts and pussies are touching. They both moan deeply at the new-found contact. They gaze into each other's eyes, and come together in a nice, soft, pleasant kiss as they begin to rub their pussies against each other.

Their moans become louder and louder as they rock their hips together, and they groan as their erect nipples rub against each other, stimulating them both into a sexual frenzy. As Caroline continues to rock herself every which way atop Ted's cock, they both look over at the other twins having sex in the room. As the two redheads continue to buck their hips into each other, their red hair flying everywhere, this spurs Ted and Caroline towards an even wilder experience.

Since they are finally doing to each other what they have wanted for so long, Lacey and Stacey reach their orgasms first, climaxing at the same time. Ted and Caroline follow suit quickly afterward, groaning loudly into each other's mouths. When both sets of twins have ridden themselves out completely, they slowly sit back and look at each other, their faces flushed. "I'm so glad we did that," says Lacey, looking deeply into her sister's eyes. "I love you, you know that? I love you."

"I love you too," says Stacey, giving her sister a soft kiss. "And I'm so glad that you're here with me and I'm not really dead." Lacey shudders a little, thinking about what her life would be like without her sister. She doesn't have to imagine too hard, as she has just spent a month thinking that her sister was lost to her forever. She looks over at the boy sitting across from her, her entire body overflowing with appreciation.

"Thank you so much," she says to the boy. "You've done so much for me, for us, and I don't even know your name."

"It's Ted," he says. Ted feels a sense of relief wash over him, as he and Caroline have just accomplished something great in more ways than one.

"Thank you Ted," says Lacey, and without thinking she gets up from the bench and sits down next to Ted, hugging him closely to her. "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome," says Ted, feeling a little awkward with Lacey's naked body pressed against his. "But you should also thank my sister Caroline, she was a big part of it." Lacey looks over at the naked girl sitting next to Ted, and smiles at her kindly.

"Thank you, both of you," says Lacey, hugging Ted more tightly, so that she is practically straddling him. "I think my sister owes you her life."

"That's great, Lacey," says Ted. He tries to disengage himself from the redhead a little, since he feels his penis becoming hard once more. "But you're putting me in an awkward position here." Lacey looks down and can both see and feel his large, stiff cock pressing into her leg.

"Oh," she says. "Sorry." She moves a little, attempting to get off of Ted, but she accidentally slips and falls forward into him. They both groan as his penis rubs against her pussy a little, both sex organs still being very slick from their recent activities. It takes every ounce of Ted's willpower not to reach out and touch Lacey's breasts, which he is pleased to see are also covered in freckles.

"We should be more careful about this," says Ted slowly, as he starts to help Lacey get off of him.

"No wait," says Stacey excitedly. "I felt something when you two made contact. It felt very good. It made me feel more...together or something."

"So you feel it too," says Caroline, happy to see some similarities appearing between her and Stacey's ghostly experiences. "I think it happens whenever our siblings have sex with someone else. I've found that it makes me stronger, more real somehow."

"In that case," says Stacey, marveling at the new feeling, "please don't stop." Lacey looks over at her sister and then back at Ted. She notices not for the first time that he happens to be very cute and handsome. Under normal circumstances, he's the kind of guy she would almost instantly say "yes" to if he asked her out on a date. She pushes herself back on top of him, so that her pussy is just barely touching his penis.

"Are you okay with this?" asks Lacey softly, her face very close to Ted's.

"Oh he's more than okay with it," says Caroline, laughing. "Trust me." Ted smiles and softly strokes Lacey's face.

"What about protection?" he asks quickly.

"Don't worry, I'm on the pill," says Lacey, pecking Ted's nose with her lips. "And I am most certainly not a virgin." She bends into him for a kiss, her tongue lazily entering his mouth. For a while he lets her feel around his gums and teeth, rubbing him in all the right ways. Then he joins her tongue with his own, as they slowly get acquainted with each other. As their tongues continue to play like newly-made friends, he reaches out to softly squeeze her breasts, making her moan into his mouth. And then she lowers herself down onto him, pushing his back flat against the wall with her hands.

Ted and Lacey groan as they make contact, and she starts to slowly rise up and down on top of him. Caroline and Stacey also hum happily, as they feel their bodies buzz with energy. Caroline eases herself away from her brother and his new-found lover, as she goes over to sit with Stacey. The two naked girls sit next to each other, watching their sibling go at it. "Do you feel jealous at all?" asks Caroline, looking over at Stacey.

"Actually no, I don't," says Stacey, looking back at the other girl. "I know that Lacey loves me more than anyone else in the world, and that's all that matters. Besides, this feels incredible."

"I know," says Caroline, sighing happily. "I agree with you completely." The two 18-year-old girls accidentally brush against each other, and they both feel a surprising jolt of pleasure.

"Wow," says Stacey, fully taking in Caroline's gorgeous body. "That" She reaches out her hand and lightly grazes Caroline's shoulder. As their two bodies make contact, they feel sparks of energy flow between them. The feeling is very pleasant.

"I wonder what this is," says Caroline, purring with pleasure. She reaches out herself and tentatively runs her finger down the redhead's chest, right between her breasts. Their feelings of pleasure increase. "Do you want to?" she asks, looking into Stacey's eyes. The redhead responds by leaning in and kissing the blonde on the lips. As their bodies fully make contact with each other, energy starts to zip wildly between them. They come together fully, their pussies and breasts touching each other, and they both feel a sense of unification, as if their two energies are merging into one.

As Caroline and Stacey merge together, Ted and Lacey also feel a buzzing of energy flow through them. They both look over at their two siblings, who have started to rock their pussies back and forth against each other. "Interesting," says Lacey, sighing as the bliss washes through her. She continues to gently ride Ted, as he continues to lightly stroke all over her body. They groan and moan as they receive pleasure not only from each other, but from their siblings experimenting as well.

"I've never felt anything like this," says Ted, lightly liking along Lacey's lips. "This is really something else."

"I know," says Lacey, leaning in to kiss Ted while rubbing her breasts around in circular motions on his bare chest. "I could do this forever." Meanwhile, Caroline and Stacey continue to rock against each other, while playfully kissing each other.

"You know," says Caroline, letting her hands slowly squeeze and kneed Stacey's lovely ass. "I think we're going to be very good friends."

"I'm pretty sure we're already good friends," says Stacey as she sticks a few fingers into Caroline's mouth. The other girl sucks on them slowly, lazily, while Stacey basks in the many pleasurable feelings washing through her.

At the exact same time, all four twins start to feel a massive orgasm approaching. They moan, groan, and flat out scream as it flows through them. They ride it out in waves, clinging lovingly to each other, as they continue to kiss and lick and rub and feel until they collapse into each other's arms. "Sometimes, it's good to be a ghost," says Caroline, as the four of them just lay there in the dressing room, not a care in the world. For the next few minutes at least, they are perfectly content.

Author's Note Continued: Thanks for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, please leave comments and suggestions. I know some of you have been wondering about the future of this series, so I'll just say right now that I have at least four other installments planned, with possibly more to come. Once again, thanks for reading.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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