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Ghost Sister Part 5 - Back to School

Ted and Caroline play out some fantasies in the classroom.
Author's Note: I recommend that you read the previous parts to this story, as otherwise it will be confusing.

Ted looks across the table at Lacey and Stacey. He still honestly can't tell the difference between the two redhead twins. As he scans over their freckled faces, and looks into their bright green eyes, he concedes that while he can see minor differences--in their freckle patterns for instance--he doesn't know which girl is which. At this stage of knowing them, he'd have to tell them apart by memorizing freckle patterns and then staring at their faces for two minutes before greeting each one by name. And yet he just had sex with one of them not twenty minutes ago.

The two sets of twins are sitting in the food court of the mall. In order to make it look like they're just two friends, or a couple, hanging out, Ted and Lacey intentionally chose to sit at a two-person table, and their respective ghost siblings are currently sitting on their laps. Ted knows this was a smart decision for two reasons. The first being that both sets of twins feel the need to be close to each other after their shared--and not so shared--sexual experiences, and the second being that it makes it easier for Stacey and Caroline to eat from their sibling's plates without any passerby wondering why food is magically floating from one side of the table to the other. And Caroline and Stacey do feel the need to eat, as do Ted and Lacey, since they have all just had quite a bit of sex.

"So your parents actually named you Lacey and Stacey," says Caroline, gazing fondly at the two girls sitting across from her. "How could they do that to you?" Even though the four teens have only known each other for almost an hour, there is already a very pleasant connection between them. It's as if they're lifelong friends who have just forgotten most everything about each other.

"Yeah, it was our dad's idea," says Lacey. "A lot of kids joked about our names in elementary school, and the adults just thought we were too cute and didn't take anything we said or did seriously. But most of that's behind us."

"Yeah, we didn't have to go through anything like that," says Ted. "Our names don't sound anything like each other, and besides, we don't look identical at all."

"Are you monozygotic?" asks Stacey.

"Yep," says Caroline. She looks over at her brother and they smile, knowing that their very close and special connection to each other started in the womb, where they developed in the same sack and shared the same nutrients. Like Lacey and Stacey, they have been together their entire lives.

"How many of us are there?" asks Stacey, looking over at her fellow ghost. "And are there things I should know about my...condition?"

"Actually we're pretty new to this," says Caroline. "I've only been a ghost for nine days now, and you're the only other one we've met, or even seen. There are probably others out there, but we have no idea where or who they are. And as far as things you should know..." Caroline thinks a moment, trying to organize her recent experiences in her own mind. It's still strange for her to think of herself as a ghost, as a dead person. "I don't know what your family situation is like, but we're pretty sure that if you, Lacey have sex with a family member they will be able to see you, Stacey, but we don't know if that applies to just anybody."

"You've had sex with someone in your family?" asks Lacey, a little shocked.

"Someone else," says Ted, correcting her. "I had sex with our younger sister. At the time it was because she desperately wanted to be happy and it seemed like the only way to get her there, but now it's become much more than that."

"Right, I suppose we've jumped firmly aboard the incest train," says Lacey, stroking her sisters leg affectionately. "Our father left us a while ago, so it's just our mom and us. She has had a hard time coming to grips with losing a daughter."

"Do you really think you should have sex with her?" asks Stacey, looking at her sister curiously.

"Look it's a big decision," says Caroline, "one you should take lightly. We brought our sister into the fold because it was the right thing to do, and it's worked out very well for us. But that isn't to say that the same thing will happen for you. You just need to feel things out for yourself."

"I guess so," says Lacey, imagining what it might be like to have sex with her mom. She's not sure how she feels about it.

"Speaking of sex," says Ted. "Should we talk about what we just did? I mean, it's a miracle we didn't get caught for starters."

"Actually, a friend of mine worked in that shop one summer," says Lacey. "She says those changing room are practically soundproof, something she took full advantage of." The four of them laugh a little, but soon become silent. They all wait for someone else to speak.

"Fine," says Stacey, breaking the silence. "I'll just say that I'm not jealous at all and I really enjoyed what we did."

"Me too," says Carline, quickly following the other ghost.

"Yeah, what we did was very unplanned and unexpected," says Lacey. "But I wouldn't mind doing that again with you, Ted."

"I definitely wouldn't protest if you tried that again," says Ted, smiling. They all collectively sigh and smile at each other. As Caroline shifts a little on Ted's lap, his is surprised to find that his penis is starting to get hard. What's more, he realizes that it isn't sore at all. "Just to give you the heads up, Lacey, you might find that your sex drive will be...more invigorated than usual."

"Are you turned on right now?" asks Lacey, whispering excitedly.

"Oh yes he is," says Caroline, moving around a little on her brother's lap. "I can feel it."

"I am," says Ted, "and I've had sex four times today. But I'm still up for more, and I don't feel the least bit sore or anything like that."

"That's got to have something to do with the energy we've been feeling," says Stacey.

"Yeah, we're certainly feeding off of each other whenever any of us has sex," says Caroline. "And when the four of us went at it, it was electric." There is a pause in the conversation as they all try and piece together their connection to each other.

"On a different note," says Ted. "We'd very much like to see you two more often, and not just for sex, but you know, as friends."

"We'd like that," says Lacey, looking fondly at Ted and Caroline. "In fact I was wondering if we could all go out on a double date?"

"Who would be dating who?" asks Caroline.

"All of us," says Stacey, her eyes sparkling. So the four of them exchange numbers and make plans to go to the movies that weekend. Their conversation soon turns away from sex and goes and inward toward themselves and their lives. As many a person has experienced when they meet someone they instantly feel a connection to, there is a need to share life stories, so that you can soon substantiate your connection to this new friend, with facts about his or her life. And so the two sets of twins learn much about each other while the rest of the mall buzzes around them. All four of them are surprised when they realize that they had been sitting there for hours, and that if they didn't get home soon their families will begin to worry.


That night, Caroline has a dream which is oddly familiar, almost as if she has had it before. She and Ted are walking through a forest, hand in hand. It is dark, but for some reason they know which way they need to go. She hears the sound of running water, and sees a sign that says: Twin Falls Forest. She sees two people standing next to the sign, though she can't really make them out. She and Ted walk over to the two people, wondering who they are. What they don't see are the two other figures watching them from the shadows.

"You would think that by now they would realize that they are both having the same dream," says one of the figures to the other.

"I imagine that they have been otherwise preoccupied these past few days," says the other. The first figure just sighs.

"Yes, but this is taking much longer than I thought it would," the first figure says.

"Have patience," says the other figure. "After all, we have been waiting for this for a very long time. And I imagine it won't be long now before they realize the truth.


The next morning goes by fairly uneventfully, which in an odd thing to say considering that it is the first day of school. Normally, the family would be in an uproar, with Ted, Caroline, and Sarah dragging themselves out of bed and off to school, annoyed that they have to get up so early. But this year, things are very different.

Caroline is actually very excited about going back to school, as she will have the benefit of seeing her friends (though they won't be able to see her), and she doesn't have to do any work whatsoever. She can wander the halls and pop in on any class she wants. She could even haunt the principal's office if she wanted to.

Ted is also very happy about the situation, as most of his worries have revolved around how Caroline will feel about him going back to school. And as she seems more than fine with not living out her senior year in the traditional sense, most of those worries have evaporated.

Sarah is excited about school for an entirely different reason, as in the past she has traditionally spent a lot of time with her siblings between going to school and going home. She hopes that this means the three of them will have plenty of time for sex, without their parents becoming suspicious or in a position to discover them.

The morning is also less eventful than the previous few days, as the children are so busy getting ready for school, that there is really no time for sex. Not even a quick handjob or fingering under the table. No, it is a very sexless morning as everyone has breakfast before Robert and the kids wave goodbye to Melissa and head off. Caroline feels a little guilty about leaving her mom alone, but she knows that if she were to stay behind at the house, she would be too tempted to leave her mom reassuring messages in one form or another. And that could easily result in her mom going crazy.

The four of them arrive at school half an hour early, as they usually do, since Robert needs time to prepare for his first class. After discretely giving Ted and Caroline not entirely appropriate hugs, Sarah runs off to look for Ashley. Which leaves Ted and Caroline to head off to his first class.

As they walk through the halls, they see Steve Bell talking to, and holding hands with, Margaret Li. Margaret is a somewhat short Korean girl who happens to be the head cheerleader. As the twins walk past them, Steve looks over at Ted and gulps a little, a tinge of fear evident in his face.

"I'd completely forgotten that I'd have to go to school with that asshole," says Ted, frowning with displeasure. He stares Steve down as they walk past, and is pleased that Steve doesn't dare look him in the eye. "It looks like you gave him quite a fright by pushing him off the porch the other night, although I think he thinks I'm responsible somehow."

"I wouldn't mind straightening him out on that subject," says Caroline darkly. Her attention, though, shifts away from Steve and onto Margaret. Though the girl's parents were originally from Korea, they moved here before she was born. Margaret actually grew up not far from them, and she and Caroline were childhood friends.

They had drifted apart a while ago, though lately they had been hanging out more since Sarah had become a cheerleader. Margaret had been instrumental in making Sarah feel welcome and at home in the squad, and Caroline really appreciated that. She remembers her own experiences with Steve, and she knows that Margaret doesn't deserve that. No girl, really, deserves to be treated like that.

"They are being a bit cliché," says Ted, smirking a little. "The quarterback dating the head cheerleader. It's like they're in a movie."

"How would you like to shake things up a bit then?" asks Caroline. "How would you like to make sure that Steve doesn't get to date the head cheerleader, or any cheerleader for that matter. Maybe not anyone." Ted starts to get angry himself, thinking about what his sister went through with Steve, and how she must feel now, knowing that the same thing might happen to another girl. The first bell rings, signaling that class will start in fifteen minutes, shaking both siblings from their unpleasant thoughts.

"Let me know when you have an idea," says Ted, as they both amble over to his Calculus class. Unlike many high school students, Ted doesn't mind math; in fact, he kind of likes it. Math itself is very simple and elegant once you understand it, and each question usually only has one answer. If he were asked what five plus four equals on a test, he would just put down the number nine, though he would of course write out the steps that got him to the answer, which in this case would be none. Obviously, he would never get that particular question on a calculus test, and if he did he would almost jump for joy. But in general, he would know if he had gotten each and every question right, or at least he would be certain of several of them. But if he were asked to analyze the relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine from Wuthering Heights in three to five paragraphs, he would be hard pressed to say whether the answer he gave was "right."

As he picks a seat towards the middle of the class, his face brightens up when he sees the teacher standing at the front of the room. Mrs. Davis has taught him math for a number of years now. She is a nice and pleasant woman, who is great at both imparting information, and at helping students with their specific needs. She is also very nice to look at, with long brown hair, blue eyes, and a very shapely body. The boys in her classes have been known to pay particular attention to her when she adjusts her glasses and accidentally jiggles her breasts, or when she bends down to pick up a piece of chalk.

Ted secretly believes that Mrs. Davis likes this attention, to the extent that she always wears a medium length skirt with black stockings. Her blouse is always only partially buttoned, though not unbuttoned enough for her to be reprimanded by the principle or any of the other teachers. And of course, she has a thing for sitting on her desk more often than not, letting her skirt ride very far up her legs.

The second bell rings, and the students start to finish their conversations. The third bell rings five minutes later, signaling the start of class. Mrs. Davis begins by greeting everyone to the new school year, and spends a couple of minutes talking about her summer. But soon she quickly gets down to business. "I thought we could all use a refresher on sines, cosines, and tangents today," she says, while a fair number of the students groan quietly to themselves, though some are not so quiet. Mrs. Davis just smiles and begins to teach, and for the most part the class gets over having to actually do work on the first day of school.

Caroline stands next to her brother, since the desks are too small for her to sit on his lap. "I'm bored," she says, looking over at him after about five minutes. Ted whispers something too softly for her to make out. "I can't hear you," she says, so he writes it down amongst his notes. I'm sorry, what can I do to help? it says.

"Well," she says, as sweetly as she can. "I haven't had sex once today, and I'm pretty sure that heightened libido thing isn't happening to just you. So if you wouldn't mind..." She stands directly in front of Ted and her dress disappears, exposing her naked body. He gets instantly hard, as his attention shifts entirely from Mrs. Davis to his very sexy and very naked sister. He discretely moves his binder out of the way as Caroline carefully climbs onto his desk, her legs splayed wide before him. Her pussy is right in front of him, already a little wet, in anticipation of what he is about to do.

Ted looks around to remind himself that he is still in a room full of people, though most of them (especially the boys) have their eyes glued on Mrs. Davis, a fact which he is very thankful for. Still, going down on his sister is out of the question, as that would certainly attract a lot of attention, since it would look like he was trying, and yet oddly failing, to lick his desk. So he slowly takes his hand and starts to rub and stroke around Caroline's thighs and pussy, trying to make it look like his hand is wandering aimlessly. He can sort of see his teacher behind his sister's body, and for the most part he knows where in the room she is standing. So it is relatively easy for Ted to make it look like he is still paying attention to Mrs. Davis.

Still, almost all of his attention is taken up by his naked twin sister sitting on his desk. He almost chuckles when Caroline starts to moan, as his hand roams closer and closer towards her pussy. Then he inserts his fingers into her, quickly finding her clitoris. She starts to moan louder and louder, and Ted is very entertained by the fact that no one around them is remotely aware of what is really going on. He continues to slide his fingers in and out, marveling at the feel of his sister's pussy, so warm and soft and wet.

Caroline herself has forgotten the people around them. To her, there is only her brother sitting in front of her, making her feel so very good. His fingers assist her in riding waves of ecstasy, partially because he has a natural knack for this kind of thing, and also because she loves him more than anyone else. She imagines that he could get her all wet and excited, maybe even give her an orgasm, by just blowing on her pussy, by just rubbing her thighs up and down.

He continues to move his fingers slowly and discretely inside her. And though his movements are slow and almost lazy, they still achieve the desired effect. She screams loudly as she feels a warm wall of pleasure wash over her. Ted does his best to steady his desk as Caroline starts to buck wildly on top of it. She flails about as her orgasm washes over her, before falling forward onto her brother. The girl sitting next to Ted looks over at him quizzically, since to her it looked like he was rocking his desk around. When he doesn't look her in the eye she just shrugs and turns back to the front of the class. She doesn't notice him whisper: "I love you," to the empty space in front of him.

"That was incredible Teddy," says Caroline, leaning forward to kiss her brother on the mouth. She understands when he does his best not to kiss her back, though she knows it must take everything for him to hold back from doing so. She slowly gets off her brother's desk and looks around the room, relieved that no one has noticed their antics. Her pussy is still wet, so she walks quickly over to the sink at the side of the classroom, and silently gets some paper towels to wipe herself off. She realizes that her brother's hand must still be wet, so she walks back over to him. She looks him in the eyes as she puts his fingers into her mouth, licking them off one by one. It's a little strange to taste her own juices, but it isn't unpleasant.

Satisfied? he writes down in his notebook. Caroline can see that he's doing his best not to smile.

"Well I'm certainly not bored anymore," she says, smiling at him. "And I think I should return the favor, don't you?" She peeks under his desk to see the outline of his card cock pushing against his shorts. "It looks like you could use some attention down there." He quickly writes something down in his notebook. We probably shouldn't, it says. "Oh, come on Teddy," she says, walking over to the front of the room. "Let me have my fun."

She stands right next to Mrs. Davis, still naked as the day she was born. She looks over at the math teacher, knowing full well that her brother had the hots for her when he was little. He probably still does. She completely understands the attraction, as she finds Mrs. Davis very sexy herself. She almost embodies that sexy teacher look. Caroline knows that more than a few girls have complained about the way boys have acted in Mrs. Davis's classes, but those complains mustn't have gotten that far. She isn't surprised, as Mr. Harrow, the principal, would feel very awkward telling one of his teachers that she was being "too sexy" in class.

"Knowing you, Teddy, you've probably fantasized about having sex with Mrs. Davis," says Caroline, standing just behind the teacher in question. She brushes one hand next to Mrs. Davis's long brown hair, and places her other hand next to the other woman's breasts, as close as she dares. She looks over at her brother, and smiles when she sees him gulp a little.

"Do you get turned on by the idea of having sex with your teacher, Teddy?" asks Caroline. She looks long and hard at Mrs. Davis, paying special attention to her white blouse, grey skirt, and black stockings. She closes her eyes and pictures this outfit in her head, feeling her usual dress start to run and trickle all over her body. When she opens her eyes, she is pleased to see that she is now wearing the exact same outfit as Mrs. Davis, complete with matching glasses. She looks back at her brother, and she grins devilishly at the sight of his legs squirming together.

"Honestly, Teddy, I wouldn't mind playing around with Mrs. Davis myself," says Caroline, once again admiring the teacher's body. "I bet you'd love to watch us kissing and rubbing our bodies against each other on top of her desk. I know you'd love to watch us for a while, before joining in, of course." She turns all of her attention back to her brother, leaving Mrs. Davis to continue teaching the class. "But I'm afraid that's not going to happen; it's just a fantasy."

Caroline, starts to walk slowly towards her brother, making sure to rub her legs against each other as languidly as possible. She tosses her head to the side, letting her long, blonde hair swish over her glasses. "But I do want to make your dreams come true Teddy, I really do." She can see her brother start to sweat. So let's just pretend that I'm the teacher, and you're the student."

Ted nods at his sister, completely captivated by her. He forgets for a moment that there are other people in the classes, as she walks slowly up to him. "Now I'm afraid, Teddy, that you've been a very bad boy in class," his sister says hoarsely. He is holding his breath, shaking, as she stops only one desk in front of him. "I'm going to have to punish you to make sure that you learn to behave in my class." Slowly, she bends down, so that her perfect ass is sticking straight up in the air. Teddy audibly gasps a little as she gets down on all fours and slowly starts to crawl towards him, her deep blue eyes looking up at him all the way. She crawls over in front of him, winks playfully, and then drops down under his desk.

Ted attempts to keep his breathing even as he feels Caroline's hands on his shorts, rubbing him through his clothes. She licks his shorts once before unzipping them with her teeth. He feels her pull down his boxers so that his rock-hard penis springs free. He doesn't even have time to think about what his sister is doing before he feels her mouth slide down around his cock. He does his best to stifle a groan as he realizes that he is one again being given a blowjob in public, though this time it is in a crowded classroom.

He does his best to keep his attention on the lesson as Caroline starts to bob back and forth on his cock. As her tongue starts to slide around like a wet snake, sending shivers down his body, he looks hard at Mrs. Davis, trying to delay his orgasm as much as possible. This doesn't help at all, he realizes, as he has spent the last two years getting aroused while watching Mrs. Davis teach. So he diverts his attention to the board, where she is reminding the class what the difference between sines and cosines are. He does his best to focus on the respective curves, how they go up and down, up and down. His mind suddenly imagines something quite different going up and down, up and down.

Indeed, Caroline's mouth is still bobbing up and down on his cock, causing pleasure to spread all throughout his body. This is certainly the most enjoyable class he's ever had, though he isn't learning anything at all. He stares back at the graphs on the board, wondering if he might still try and prolong his pleasure by paying attention to the lesson. But now the sine and cosine graphs remind him of breasts, and his eyes quickly dark over to the very nice pair owned by Mrs. Davis.

His eyes are still transfixed on his teachers globes, wondering what they must be like to feel, what they must look like, when he feels his release on the way. Instinctively, he grips the sides of his desk as he feels himself erupt inside his sister's mouth. Wave after wave of pleasure washes over him, as Caroline swallows all of his seed. She continues to lick and suck him a little afterward, making sure that his penis is entirely clean. Then she pops up from under his desk and smiles at him. "Now who says math class can't be fun?," she says, before giving him a loving peck on the lips.


"That was crazy," says Ted, as they walk out his calculus class and into the now-crowded hallway. "I can't believe you just did that."

"I'm a little surprised myself," says Caroline. "But I guess when I'm surrounded by people like this I just want to be noticed. It's like I don't want to be reminded of the fact that no one can see me, even though I've mostly come to terms with it."

"You know I always notice you," says Ted, holding his sister's hand in his own.

"I know," says Caroline, leaning into him. "But I also know that we can't do that every class. At some point someone will get suspicious, and besides, you should be learning things in school like a normal person."

"I know," says Ted. "But I worry about you. I don't want to have to pretend you're not there for six hours a day, or just leave you alone completely." He hugs his sister to him, not caring how weird it must look like.

"Well," says Caroline, "why don't I try entertaining myself during your next class, and we'll see how that works out?" Ted agrees so they quickly kiss before parting ways. He heads off to his English class, while Caroline tries to think of things to do. As the bell rings and the hallways become empty, she finds herself standing alone. She aimlessly walks down the hallway, passing by classrooms that she used to spend hours in, and catches glimpses of teachers that she used to love or hate. She passes by the office and thinks that maybe she could poke around in there; after all, she's always wondered what the principal does all day.

But then she passes by her father's classroom, and she realizes that second period is his free period, so he won't have a class right now. Figuring she might as well, she walks over to the door and gazes into the small window in the door. She finds that it's impossible to see anything past the back of the classroom, so she turns the handle as quietly as she can before opening the door and slipping into the room.

As it turns out, there are only two other people in the classroom: her dad and Ashley, her sister's best friend. Her father is a rather tall man, with black hair and a strong build. On this, the first day of school, he has chosen to wear tan slacks and a sweater-vest with patterns of various shades of grey, topped off with a dark red necktie. Ashley has chosen to dress very differently, with a dark blue skirt and a white blouse. Caroline is pleased to see that neither of them have noticed that the door has opened by itself, and she quickly shuts it as quietly as she can.

"Come on Robert, don't pretend that I'm not here," says Ashley, standing in front of Robert's desk. Caroline walks closer to them, curious as to what is going on. As she does so, she notices that Ashley's hair has been braided into pigtails, which is a style that she's never seen on her. And as she gazes into Ashley's soft brown eyes, she concludes that there is something rather odd going on in there. Ashley looks very different than she normally does, almost as if she is trying to look like someone or something else. The icing on the cake is the fact that the 16-year-old girl is sucking very loudly on a lollypop, a candy which she rarely ever eats.

"Look Ashley," says Caroline's father, "I have a lot of work to do. I'm sorry I can't spend time with you." Caroline looks carefully at her father's face, and sees that he looks more guilty than annoyed. She can't stop shaking the feeling that this entire situation is very weird. Since when have Ashley and her father ever hung out? Sure, they knew each other pretty well, and she's sure that they've had conversations together. But why would Ashley want to spend time with her dad alone at school, when there are countless others things that would be more fun?

"But Robert," says Ashley skipping around the desk to stand beside Caroline's father, "I got you an apple. She pulls out an apple and holds in out in front of Robert. "I think you're the best teacher in the world, and I want to be your teacher's pet. Don't you want me to be your pet, Robert," With a jolt, Caroline suddenly realizes what is going on. As Ashley leans down beside Robert, giving him a nice view of her cleavage, Caroline's suspicions are confirmed. Ashley is trying to seduce her father.

Slowly, Ashley licks her tongue along the surface of the dark red apple. She smiles, showing her white teeth, before biting slowly into the fruit, letting the juice dribble down her chin. "It tastes so good, Robert, don't you want to taste some," she says, seductively.

"Ashley, we shouldn't do this," says Robert, but Caroline can see the lust in her father's eyes. The papers on his desk lie forgotten, as his entire attention is directed at his daughter's friend. Caroline almost rolls her eyes as Ashley places the apple on the desk, the bite mark facing Robert, before she lifts herself up onto the desk herself. She adjusts herself on the desk, making sure to lift her skirt up far enough that Robert has a good view of her light blue panties.

"Come on Robert," Ashley almost whispers, "you know I've been a very good girl." With her right hand she grabs onto Robert's red necktie, pulling it and him firmly towards her. With her left hand she removes the lollypop from her mouth, making sure that it actually makes a popping sound as she takes it out. She slowly teases Robert by rubbing the cherry-flavored lollypop around his lips, before leaning in to give him a kiss. Caroline is speechless, and finds it hard to even think, as she watches Ashley start to kiss her dad passionately.

Robert does his best to resist his daughter's friend, but the battle is quickly lost as he gives into the kiss. As Ashley's tongue enters his mouth, he sucks on it teasingly, making her moan. She cups his face with her hands, kissing her harder and more energetically. With a rush of energy, he picks her up while still kissing her. He kneads her ass with his hands, while reveling in the feel of her warm mouth on his. Their mouths pull apart, and Ashley giggles. Robert smiles as he spins her around, making her giggles louder. He sits down on the desk and pulls Ashley closer to him, as they continue to kiss passionately.

Caroline shakes herself out of her daze, and decides that she must put a stop to this. First things first, she rushes over to the door and locks it, something that she shouldn't have had to do. Amateurs, she thinks to herself as she looks back at her dad and her sister's friend making out on the desk. It's like they want to get caught. For a brief moment, she is struck by how hypocritical she sounds. After all, an hour ago she was bucking around on Ted's desk in the middle of a crowded classroom, before giving him a blowjob under the same desk.

At least we would've locked the door if we were doing this, she reasons, hastily trying to think of something, anything she can do to prevent her father from beginning an affair. As she starts to walk back over to the front of the classroom, she happens to notice a backpack propped up against the wall. It's light blue, and she instantly recognizes it as Ashley's, since she's seen it on numerous occasions. It is currently zipped open, and she can see some clothing inside it.

Well, that explains her outfit, she thinks, realizing that Ashley must have changed into her ridiculous schoolgirl ensemble before trying to seduce her father, as she would never actually wear such a thing to school. She probably braided her hair before coming here as well. There is something troubling Caroline, though. The backpack is zipped open, all the way. If Ashley had changed elsewhere before entering the classroom, the backpack would probably be closed. Which means...

While Caroline has been making sure that Robert and Ashley aren't discovered, Ashley has taken the opportunity to bend down in front of Robert. Slowly she unbuckles his belt, before unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She pulls them and his boxers down, revealing his large cock. "Oh Robert, you know I just love your great, big cock," she says, putting on her best innocent girl voice. As Ashley takes Robert's penis into her mouth, slowly teasing him with her tongue, Caroline just stands there, stunned.

This has happened before, she thinks. They've done this before. She thinks back to her mother complaining about her father working late for the past week. She also thinks back to the little clues her mother gave that she wasn't getting any sex. She images all the times this last week that Ashley and Robert must have met in this room, how many times Ashley must have dressed up right in front of him. How many times they must have had sex. All of these images come together in Caroline's mind, as she realizes that she isn't witnessing the start of an affair, she's witnessing the continuation of one.

Robert is groaning happily as Ashley starts to bob up and down on his cock, staring up at him innocently with her big brown eyes. "Baby, you make me feel so good," he says, delirious with pleasure. Caroline wonders what made him initially give in to Ashley. Was it the taboo, forbidden nature of it all. The age-old fantasy of teacher and student, combined with the just-as-juicy fantasy of father and daughter's friend? Or was it the fact that Ashley is so much younger than Melissa; she looks and sounds and acts different, and is probably more energetic, and is all together something new? Or was it, in fact, Caroline's death that tipped him over the edge, that led him to such extreme acts of lust?

Caroline feels a tinge of guilt trickle through her, as she realizes that she herself might be indirectly responsible for this affair, the thing that could ruin her parent's marriage. She looks angrily over at Ashley, who is happily sucking her father's cock. The bitch certainly looks proud of herself, she thinks, as her opinion of Ashley instantly changes in her mind. Surely she knows that she could easily be responsible for ruining a marriage, not to mention hurting her best friend.

Ashley, completely unaware of Caroline's new found feelings of hate, momentarily comes up from Robert's cock, smiling as she strokes it with her hand. "It tastes so good, Robert," she says. Caroline just looks over at the girl, irritated.

You're not going to say it, are you? she thinks. Please don't...

"Your cock tastes so much better than my lollipop ," she says, still using her cute, innocent voice. Caroline just groans and rolls her eyes, annoyed that Ashley is not only having an affair with her father, but she is also using just about every cliché in the book. Robert, on the other hand, either doesn't notice or doesn't care, as he looks down at Ashley's face with wild eyes.

"I want you," he says huskily. Ashley smiles and slowly unbuttons her blouse, revealing that she isn't wearing a bra. Robert is captivated by the girl's perky breasts, and doesn't even notice Ashley toss her blouse aside. He leans in to kiss and fondle them, as the young girl removes her panties. She holds them in front of his face, waving them about, teasing him, before throwing them aside as well. She stands in front of Robert, wearing only her blue skirt, long white socks, and black shoes.

"Are you sure you want me?" asks Ashley, looking seductively at Robert. She jumps up and down a little, so that her breasts jiggle. Robert doesn't say anything, but instead lifts her up onto his lap, indicating that he's pretty sure he wants her. She straddles his waist, squirming around on his lap, his hard cock rubbing against her thighs. She places both her hands on Robert's chest, firmly pushing him back onto the desk. "I need you inside of me," she says, before lifting herself up and dropping herself down on his cock.

They both groan loudly as his penis enters her pussy. Ashley leans down for another passionate kiss, before she starts to bounce up and down on Robert's cock. Robert just lays back lazily, looking up at the young girl, his daughter's best friend no less, riding him so very energetically, with far more enthusiasm than he has gotten from Melissa in a very long time. He clothes his eyes and lets the pleasure take him away, far away to a place where his daughter isn't dead, where he is so very happy.

Caroline is at a loss for what to do. Sure, she could shove some desks around, writes words on the chalkboard, and even push Ashley off of her dad. But that won't really solve anything, that will just make the two of them very scared and confused. And it could very well lead to her mother finding out about this affair. So she just watches, as Ashley continues to bounce up and down on her dads cock, occasionally pausing to kiss him or wiggle her hips around a little.

She is both very ashamed and surprised when she notices herself becoming aroused. Logically, she reasons that it's to be expected, as both her dad and Ashley are very attractive people, and they happen to be having sex right in front of her. And besides, she's had sex with half of her family already, why not find the image of her father having sex arousing? But still, her stomach starts to become angry at her as she finds herself becoming more and more aroused. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter as her dad's and Ashley's moans become louder and louder. Oh Screw it, she thinks to herself, before mentally vanishing her clothes. As she has felt many times these past few days, she is so very glad that no one can see her, as he reaches into her pussy and begins to rub her pleasure spot.

Meanwhile, Robert and Ashley are continuing to go at it with each other. As Ashley starts to slow down her movements, leaning down to kiss Robert more often, he can't help but watch her, and stare into her eyes as she makes him feel so happy. At first, their relationship was purely about lust. But though it has lasted only about a week, he's actually found himself caring for this girl, much more than he did before. He doesn't love her, of course, and he doesn't much like her. But in these moments, when they are connected on the most basic level possible, he can't help but feel something special for her. Almost as if he wouldn't mind gazing up at her, going up and down on top of him, forever.

Ashley knows that her orgasm is approaching, and she knows that means Robert's must be coming soon as well. She feels an extra tendril of excitement run through her as she thinks about what she has decided to do next. She slows down even more, so that she is barely moving up and down on Robert's cock. He groans is both pleasure and desperation, and looks up at her, begging her with his eyes to go faster, to bring him to his utter bliss. But she just smiles, and leans down to lick his ear.

"Now I've been a good girl for you Robert," she whispers, knowing that she's making his hair stand on end. "And now I want you to be a good boy for me."

"No," he says, sounding almost delirious. "Don't make me do it." He tries to say more but she silences him with a kiss.

"Give in," she says again, licking around his lips. "Do it for me, Robert. Give in to your darkest desire. Your secret fantasy. Please Robert." Caroline almost stops pleasuring herself, wondering what Ashley is trying to make her father do. She moves closer to them, rubbing a little as she goes.

"I shouldn't," Robert says, pleading with the girl on top of him. Though he is much older than her, it is clear that she is now very much in charge. "Please don't make me."

"But you want to do it," says Ashley sexily to him. "You want to do it so much, I know how much you love it." She squeezes her muscles around his penis, making him groan loudly underneath her. "Please pretend I'm her."

"Okay," he says, his will retreating from him. He knows that she is right, that as much as he protests, he wants this so very much. "Sarah," he continues, looking up at Ashley and pretending that she is his daughter. "I love you Sarah, now make daddy happy."

"I love you too daddy," says Ashley, as she starts to pick up her pace, riding Robert faster and faster.

"Oh God, baby you make me feel so good," says Robert, imagining the events of yesterday in his mind. He remember him and Sarah in the car, and he remembers looking down at her bare legs, and feeling embarrassed. But now in his mind, reality warps, and instead his daughter sees him looking, and she is turned on by this. They drive to the school, and go into his classroom. She kisses him, and they start to make out and undress each other. He opens his eyes, and sees Ashley bouncing up and down on him faster and faster. He imagines that she is his daughter. That it is Sarah riding him so happily, so passionately. He imagines that it is his daughter's face smiling down at him, squealing in pleasure.

And then he comes, his orgasm washing over him. He erupts inside Ashley, and as she feels his hot, warm seed inside her, she comes as well, screaming on top of him. And when they have both ridden out their orgasms, Ashley falls down onto Robert, sighing deeply as she kisses him tenderly. He returns the kiss, but secretly wishes that he could suddenly disappear from the room, as guilt and reality have started to set in again.

Neither of them notice Caroline, who has just finished coming down from her own orgasm. The pleasure starts to leave her, as do the images she has conjured up of her having sex with Sarah, and the shock of her discovery begins to hit her, hard. Not only is her dad having an affair with her sister's best friend; but, he also secretly lusts after his daughter, Caroline's younger sister. Caroline just sits down on the floor, her mind a jumble of thoughts and feelings. While she doesn't know what much of this means, one thing is clear: her family may soon be a train wreck unless she does something about this.

She barely notices, and doesn't even bother to roll her eyes, when Ashley smiles at Robert and says: "Now I hope that means I get an A."

Author's Note Continued: Well, thank for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, please feel free to leave any comments you may have. I will say that there will be four more parts to the Ghost Sister series, and that the next one will be coming soon. Once again, thanks for reading.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Another Great one, keep them cuming!
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Great story, man, I loved it. It made me wondered how my stillborn twin sister have been. Is she a beautiful darling now?

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