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Ghost Sister Part 6 - Parental Guidance

Ted, Caroline, and Sarah steer their parents towards each other using unorthodox methods.
Author's Note : Hey everyone, if you haven't read the previous parts in the Ghost Sister series, I recommend you do. Otherwise it will probably be very confusing.

Ted walks down the crowded, noisy hall, looking for his sister. He hasn't seen her since he headed off to English, and he's had two more classes since then. He's honestly a little worried about her, since he has no idea what she may be feeling or thinking. This will have been the longest time they've been apart since he saw her as a ghost, and even though she knows she'll see him again, this whole experience may be very lonely for her. He wishes she still had a cell phone so that he could call her, and is annoyed that he has no way to reach her. He can't even call out her name, as that would look weird on several levels.

He passes by their dad's classroom, and he wonders if she might be in there. After all, if he were a ghost wandering around the school, looking for something to do, walking in on the old man teaching a class might just pass the time. The door is unlocked so he opens it and walks in. The lights are on but there's nobody there. He's not that surprised, as his father frequently forgets to turn the lights off in his classroom; sometimes he's even had to drive back to the school to do it.

He steps inside and looks around a little, curious as to how his dad's first day has been so far. He knows that Caroline's death has been very hard on him, and wonders if going back to work is a good or bad thing.

"Hello Ted," says a voice from behind him. He spins around, startled, to see a girl standing in the doorway. At first he doesn't recognize her, but then he remembers meeting the new neighbors, and seeing the girl in the doorway of their house. Molly, that was her name. As the girl walks into the classroom, Ted gets a good look at her for the first time. Before, from a distance, he was able to make out her dark hair and Middle Eastern features. But up close, she looks even more beautiful and exotic, and he can see that her eyes are very dark, just like her father's.

"Hey Molly," he says.

"It's nice to see someone I know here," says Molly, slowly walking towards him. Her hips sway from side to side and her eyes sparkle. She smiles, standing just in front of him, looking up a little into his eyes. "It feels nice, Ted."

"That's great," he says, starting to feel very weird about this situation. "How has your first day of school been?"

"It's been alright," says Molly, looking Ted up and down. "Would you like to go out with me, Ted?" Ted coughs suddenly at hearing Molly's question.

"What?" is all that he can ask. She gets up closer to him so that their bodies are touching, and she reaches up to put her hands on his shoulders. She stands on her toes so that their faces are at the same level.

"I'd like to go out on a date with you Ted," says Molly, whispering sexily, her big dark eyes staring into his, captivating him. "Or we could just make out right now, if you want." Ted just feels hypnotized, staring into the 16-year-old's face, especially her eyes. She presses her lips to his and he feels a tingle go through his body. He almost opens his mouth to let her tongue in, but suddenly he snaps out of it, and abruptly pushes Molly away.

"I'm sorry but we shouldn't be doing this," he says, before walking quickly out of the room. He almost runs into Caroline on her way in.

"There you are," she says. "I've been looking for you everywhere." They stand together out in the hallway; Ted makes sure to look like he's just hanging out alone, so that no one thinks that he's talking to empty space.

"The strangest thing just happened to me," he says, as Molly walks out of their father's classroom. She winks at Ted as she walks away. Caroline sees this and looks at her brother quizzically.

"Much as I'd like to hear about it, what I've got to tell you is more important, and crazier," she says. He looks away from Molly's body disappearing down the hallway, and gives his undivided attention to Caroline. She tells him about what she saw their dad and Ashley doing, including the fact that she herself masturbated to it. Ted just stares at her silently, stunned, until her story is over.

"Wow," says Ted. "Wow."

"I know," says Caroline "And I thought our family situation couldn't get stranger."

"Tell me about it," says Ted, his strange run-in with Molly all but forgotten. "We have to fill Sarah in on this." Ted finds it very difficult to sit through his last two classes, what with all the many strange things that are going on. He remembers when his life was normal, and he can't really decide what was better. He wonders if life would be better if Caroline were not a ghost, and they were still having sex. His father wouldn't have had an affair, so that would be good. But then, on the other hand, they would never have met Lacey or Stacey.

Finally, his last class ends for the day, and Ted and Caroline quickly go to meet up with Sarah before her cheerleading practice. When they find her, she is all giddy and excited, hoping that they can fit in a quick threesome before her practice starts. Caroline feels terrible as she cuts her sister's excitement in half with a metaphorical ax . By the time Caroline is done telling Sarah what she saw, her little sister feels weird and betrayed.

"How could Ashley do this to me," she says after a few moments of shocked silence. "I mean, this is messed up, even for her."

"I really don't know," says Ted. "But this affair needs to stop, especially before mom finds out."

"No kidding," says Sarah, looking up at her two older siblings. "I'll do what I have to to make Ashley stop."

"Good," says Caroline. "We're going to go home and keep an eye on mom. You handle things on this end, and we'll do our best to distract her."

"You know," says Ted. "Maybe we should try and get mom to seduce dad or something. It sounds like the reason dad started this affair in the first place is that mom wasn't doing it for him sexually."

"Don't forget that I died," says Caroline. "That's got to be what sent him over the edge."

"And knowing Ashley like I do," says Sarah, "it was definitely her that started this, not dad. But I see where you're coming from, Ted. And Caroline, this is not your fault."

"I know," says Caroline, sighing. She hugs both her siblings to her before looking straight at Sarah. "Okay, you are going to put an end to the affair, and Ted and I are going to boost mom's confidence." Somewhat satisfied with their plan, the three siblings go their separate ways. Sarah is the most shaken up, as she knows that she'll probably be losing her best friend because of this.


"Look Ashley, I know what you and my dad have been doing," says Sarah to her best friend. The two of them are currently doing stretches together, getting ready to run drills for cheer practice.

"What exactly do you mean?" asks Ashley, looking a little worried.

"Sex, Ashley, with my dad, really?" says Sarah, her words dripping with spite. Ashley just looks at her, surprised more than anything.

"I'm sorry Sarah, I didn't think you would find out," says Ashley, not trying to deny anything.

"Well, I did find out," says Sarah. "And what possible reason do you have for seducing my father and having an affair with him? You know my mom could find out about this, and then they might even get a divorce."

"I know," says Ashley, looking very sad. "I'm sorry and I know I shouldn't have done it. But your dad makes me feel special. More than I've ever felt before." She looks over at Sarah, and suddenly her sadness evaporates. She smiles wickedly at her friend. "You know your dad has a huge crush on you, big time."

"Don't remind me," says Sarah, looking away in shame.

"You should see the look in his eyes when he pretends that I'm you," says Ashley, her eyes becoming dreamy. "I've never felt anyone love me as much as he does in those moments. You know, I'm jealous of you."

"This is messed up, Ashley," says Sarah, starting to feel very weird about what her life has become. "This is so messed up."

"Look, Sarah, I'm saying this as your friend," says Ashley, touching the other girl on the shoulder. "Don't knock it till you try it." Sarah just shoves the other girl away from her.

"You're not my friend anymore, Ashley," she says, her voice cold. "I don't think I ever want to see you again."


"I hope mom's feeling okay," says Teddy, as he parks outside of the house.

"I doubt it," says Caroline. "If I was going through what she's going through, I'd probably be miserable." The two twins frown, wondering what they're going to find.

"Well let's do our best to change that," says Ted, stepping out of the car and walking towards the house. As he walks up onto the porch, he catches some movement out of the corner of his eye. He looks to the side and sees Molly swinging on the swing set next to her house. She sees him looking and quickly looks away. He waves at her, tentatively, but she doesn't wave back. That is one strange girl, he thinks to himself. Shy one moment, but then ready to tear my clothes off the next.

Ted and Caroline walk into the house and quickly see that their mother isn't in the kitchen. "I guess it's a good thing she's not in here," says Caroline. "It's been getting so that we don't see her anywhere else."

"I know," says Ted. "I was starting to think we were living in the fifties." They look around downstairs but don't see their mom anywhere. "Hey mom, I'm home," says Ted, as he and Caroline go upstairs.

"I'm in here Ted," they hear their mother's voice say, coming from the bathroom. Ted glances at his sister before entering the bathroom to see what his mom is doing. His jaw drops as he sees his mom, lying in the bath, completely naked. "Oh, Ted, you're home. I'm glad I'm not the only one in this house anymore." Ted just stares at his mom, her naked body submerged in warm water. She takes a sip from the glass of wine that she has in her hand, and Ted can see that there is a half-empty bottle of wine on the floor next to the tub. He also has a perfect view of her gorgeous breasts, which are sitting just above the water.

"Sorry, mom, I didn't realize you were naked," he says awkwardly, before turning his back on his mom.

"Oh, don't worry about it son," says Melissa, clearly a bit tipsy. "I'm your mother Ted, you've seen me naked before." She finishes her glass of wine and refills it.

"That's fine mom," says Ted, still looking pointedly in the other direction. "I think I'll just be in my room for a while. We can do something in a bit once you're finished." He starts to leave but his mom stops him.

"No, baby, please don't go," says Melissa, reaching out towards her son. "You can join me, if you want. It's alright. We're family." Ted can hear the desperation in his mother's voice. He looks at his sister questioningly.

"Be with her Teddy," says Caroline, looking worriedly at their mother. "It's obvious that she needs someone right now. And she can't even see me." Ted just sighs and nods in agreement.

"I'd love to join you mom," Ted says, turning back around. He tries to look only at his mother's face as he undresses down to his boxers. But as he steps into the bathtub he can't help but get a few looks of his mom's naked body. Lately he has been finding his mom very attractive, especially since he started having sex with his two sisters. His mom scoots backward to give him some room, and as she does so her breasts jiggle a little. As he lowers himself into the tub, Ted is ashamed to feel that his penis is becoming hard.

"Thank you Ted, it's good to have you here with me," says Melissa, smiling at her son. She gazes at her son's body, admiring his flat, fairly muscular chest. Her eyes drift downwards, and she gets a good look at his legs and waist. She sees a nice sized lump in his boxers, and for a moment she forgets that she is looking at her son, as her eyes glaze over with lust. But then she remembers and quickly snaps out of it, looking back up at her son's face. "How was your first day of school?"

"It was alright," says Ted, thinking about all the strange and sexual occurrences of his day. He is having a hard time looking only at his mother's face, because try as he might, he still finds his gaze lowering to the rest of her body. It doesn't help that his mom's question has brought back memories of his naked sister giving him a blowjob in class, right under his desk. His does his best to think of anything other than sex, but try as he might, even the most disgusting thoughts he can think of won't drive away the more pleasing, sexual images from his head, and his penis only gets harder. "How was your day?"

"Oh I didn't do that much," says Melissa, the loneliness obvious in her voice. "I was just her alone." She looks over at her son and smiles. "But now you're here, and I'm feeling much better." She scoots closer to her son and reaches out to him, taking his shoulders in her hands. "Come here baby," she says, pulling him toward her. He doesn't protest as she hugs him to her naked body.

"I'm sorry you were alone all day," says Ted, now finding his face pushed right into his mother's breasts. He revels in how soft and warm they feel, while at the same time he wishes that his erection weren't pushing into his mother's stomach. But it is, and Melissa feels her son's hard penis digging into her; she cherishes the feel of her son's body being pressed against hers. As she continues to hug him, feeling his chest pushing against her and his arms wrapped around her, she finds herself becoming very aroused. She feels her pussy start to get even wetter and slicker under the water, as her body desperately aches for that hard cock to enter her.

It has been too long since Robert last had sex with her. Melissa lifts her son's head up to hers, looking into his eyes. "I'm so glad you're here with me baby," she says. She knows that she shouldn't be feeling this desire for her son, but she can't help wanting to hug him, to touch him, to love him, to make love to him. And while part of her mind is telling her that she shouldn't be in the position she's currently in, that even hugging his naked body to hers is wrong, the rest of her mind, as well as her entire body, is telling her that she should just give in, and be happy. So she just continues to look into her son's eyes until she abandons all regrets. "Stay with me, baby," she says, before leaning in to kiss her son.

Ted's eyes widen in surprise as he feels his mom's mouth on his. He just sits still as his mom's tongue enters his mouth, licking around his tongue and gums. He is still just sitting there, neither protesting nor joining in, when his mom breaks the kiss. "Mom, we shouldn't be doing this," he says after a while. He almost can't bear it when he sees and feels his mom begin to break down. She starts to sob, and he can see tears starting to trail down her face.

"Please, baby, please," she says, staring into his eyes. "I want this."

"Give her what she wants, Teddy," says Caroline. Ted looks over at his sister, almost having forgotten that she is in the room. "It'll make her happy, and besides I think it'll let her see me, which is what she really needs." Ted just looks at his sister for a moment, seeing the determination in her face. Then he looks back at their mom, and once again feels all the sensations of being pressed against her. He looks into her eyes and sees her love and desire for him. And then he leans in and kisses her.

Melissa is at first startled, but then overjoyed as she feels her son's lips on hers. She quickly returns the kiss, and squeals with pent up energy as her tongue touches his. She smiles while they kiss, as their tongues battle each other. She looks into his eyes and sees the same love and affection that she knows are in hers. "Thank you baby," she says, as they both come up for air. She starts to kiss her son all over his face. "Thank you so much, baby." She starts to kiss down his chest, down to just where his body is underwater. As she does so, Melissa quickly and giddily pulls her son's boxers off. "Mommy's going to make you so happy, baby," she says as her eyes take in her son's nicely sized cock.

She reaches into the water and grasps her son's cock. Ted groans as his mom starts to stroke it, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. He closes his eyes for a moment and then opens them, looking at his beautiful, sexy mother jerking him off. Now, he freely looks at her body, admiring its every facet. He leans forward to give her another kiss, and as he does so he starts to play with her breasts, rubbing and tweaking her nipples. His mom moans into his mouth, as she continues to stroke his cock, rubbing it against her legs.

As they finish the kiss, Ted is a little scared to see that his mom's eyes are filled with pure, wild lust. She looks at his body hungrily, and she smiles as she pushes him back against the other end of the tub with her left hand, while her right hand continues to stroke his cock. "It's been too long," she says, kissing him again hungrily. "I need you inside of me now." And with that she raises herself in the water and glides right over his body. Ted looks at his mom with anticipation and a little bit of nervousness. He almost can't believe what they are about to do. He takes in every moment as his mom guides his cock towards her pussy, rubbing him in circles around her opening, before lowering herself down onto him.

They both moan as his cock fully enters her pussy. Melissa feels a tremendous release in her body, and almost cries with happiness as she starts to lift herself up and then down on her son's cock. She loves the feel of her son's cock inside her, pressing against the walls of her pussy, as she starts to rise up and down on it, slowly building up speed. Ted feels a similar release, as he lies back lazily in the water, letting his mom take care of him, just like she always has.

Melissa rolls her hips in the water, moving back and forth on Ted's cock. With her hands, she strokes her son's chest and runs her fingers through his hair, admiring the man he has become. She looks at his face and sees him groaning and moaning happily, and the sight makes her very satisfied, as she knows that she is giving her little baby so much pleasure. "Oh, suck on my nipples baby," she begs softly. "I always loved it when you sucked on them." Ted happily complies. leading forward to lick and suck on his mother's breasts, focusing his attention on her stiff nipples. He loves the warm, soft feeling of them in his mouth, and he smiles when he hears his mother moan happily.

Caroline, for the second time in the same day, finds herself just standing there while two people in front of her have sex. And just like earlier today, she finds herself getting very horny and wet, watching her brother and mother make love to each other. However, unlike earlier today, she doesn't feel guilty at all as she suddenly becomes naked and starts playing with herself. She rubs her fingers back and forth inside her pussy, similar in movement to how her mom slides up and down on her brother's cock.

As Melissa continues to move around on top of her son, water starts to splash over the side of the tub. Caroline giggles as the water tickles her feet, though this doesn't stop her from stroking her pussy. Ted hears her and looks over at his sister. He feels even more aroused, and a little invigorated, as he watches his sister masturbating. He looks back at his mom and smiles, watching her lovingly move up and down on top of him. Ted starts to thrust up to meet her movements, working toward a very pleasurable rhythm for the two of them.

"Oh, baby, I'm going to come soon," Melissa says, as she feels her orgasm approaching.

"Should I pull out mom?" asks Ted, as he feels his own orgasm on its way. His mom just smiles and shakes her head.

"No baby, come inside me, I won't get pregnant from you. I'm using protection" she says, giggling. "I've already had three children and I certainly don't need another one." Ted laughs a little with her, mostly because this is one of the strangest conversations he has ever had. But soon he stops thinking about that altogether, as his orgasm suddenly hits him. Pleasure hums through his body, as he erupts inside his mother, filling her with his seed. His moans are greatly upstaged by his mother, as she moans and screams as her orgasm hits her.

As Melissa's orgasm washes over her, she looks down at her son. "I love you baby," she says, amidst her moaning. She bends down to kiss him urgently, wanting to touch and feel as much of his body as possible, to connect with her son in every way she can. They kiss passionately, before letting go of each other's lips, as the pleasure is just too much to maintain it. As the peak of the pleasure rolls through her--a pleasure greater than any she has felt before--Melissa holds her son's face to her breasts, wanting to immerse him in her warmth. Ted happily obliges, letting his mom's breasts rub and hug his face pleasantly, while his orgasm moves all the way through him.

"I love you too, mom," he says, once the intense pleasure has left him, and he is left with the still-comforting pleasure of his mom's body pressed against his.

"Thank you baby," his mom says, once her orgasm has passed. "Thank you for making mommy so happy." She bends down to kiss her son, at peace for the first time in what seems like forever. Then she looks up from her son, her eyes traveling around the bathroom, and she jumps when she sees something that flips her world back upside-down. Right there, standing next to the tub, is Caroline, her daughter. She is naked, and though she has already experienced her climax, she still has a few fingers inserted into her pussy. But Melissa barely notices, as the daughter that she knows is dead, whose passing has caused her so much grief, is just standing right in front of her.

"I'm guessing you can see me, mom," says Caroline, smiling down at her.

"Baby, are you really there?" asks Melissa, wondering if having sex with her own son has finally tipped her over the edge into insanity.

"Yes, Caroline's really here," says Ted, giving his mom a quick kiss. "And there's a lot we need to talk about."


Sarah looks out of the car window at the various people and buildings passing by. The ride so far has been mostly in silence, as she has found it difficult to even look at her dad since learning about his affair. She still can't believe that Ashley would do this to her, and that her dad would go along with it. She glances over at her dad, and his eyes catch hers, holding them for a few seconds. She knows that he can tell something is wrong.

"How was your day?" Robert asks, concerned about his daughter. From the moment he picked her up from cheerleading practice, she's barely said anything to him, and has been very moody. This is a complete reversal from this morning, when she was happy and full of excitement. He wonders what could have gotten into her. "My day was pretty good."

"I'll bet it was," Sarah mumbles to herself, looking out of the window again. They have reached a more-out of the way part of the city now, as they drive past a park on the way to their house. She looks out of the window for a few more minutes, before deciding that this is probably the best time to act. "Pull over, dad," she says, her voice cold and commanding. Robert quickly complies, parking in the grass on the side of the road.

"What's wrong?" he asks, the worry evident in his voice. Sarah just sighs and looks her dad straight in the eyes.

"I know that you've having an affair with Ashley, dad," she says, just wanting to get this conversation over with. Her dad just looks at her with a mixture of shock, fear, and shame. He sees the judgment and coldness in his daughters face, and starts to cry.

"I'm sorry Sarah, I'm so sorry," he says, sobbing. "You sister died and I was so... I just want to be happy." Sarah's expression immediately softens, and she feels terrible for judging her dad so harshly. She remembers how, just a few days ago, she was crying in front of her brother, telling him how she just wanted to be happy. And of course, she remembers all too well what pulled her out of her misery.

"It's okay daddy, it's okay," she says quickly, soothingly, as she unbuckles both their seat-belts . Slowly, she eases herself out of her seat and slides over onto her father's lap, facing him. Robert just looks down at his daughter, surprised that she is now straddling his lap while looking up into his eyes. He is embarrassed to find that, even though he is still crying a little, he finds his daughter's hot young body, pressing into his, very arousing. It doesn't help that she's still wearing her cheerleading uniform, which looks very sexy on her.

"Sarah, what are you doing?" he asks his daughter, as he tries to stop his penis from getting hard. His daughter is still looking up into his eyes, her expression very serious. Though he can't help but think that he sees something else in her eyes. Something like desire.

"Okay, daddy, here's the deal," says Sarah, looking directly at her father. "I know that you secretly desire me, and to be honest I find you attractive as well. So we are going to have sex right now, you and me. But you have to promise me that once this is over, you will never have sex with Ashley ever again, and when we get home you are going to give mom the sex that she deserves. Okay?"

"What?" says Robert, looking down at his daughter, dumbfounded. He can't believe the words that have just come out of her mouth, and his brain is still trying to make sense of everything that has just happened. But all of these mixed-up thoughts and emotions just fade away the very next moment, when his daughter pulls herself up and gives him a deep kiss on the lips. "Ummph," he says, as he feels his daughter's mouth connect with his; and, as he feels her tongue start to enter him, to play with his tongue, he just gives up thinking about anything and goes with the flow.

As Robert deepens his daughter's kiss, massaging her mouth and tongue with his tongue, he circles his arms around her, rubbing her back. His hands stray downwards and he feels his daughter's nice, tight ass. He holds each of her ass cheeks in his, squeezing them a little. Sarah moans into his mouth, and he smiles, kissing her more.

"Sarah, you don't have to do this," he says, panting as they end their first kiss. His cock has grown harder than it ever has before, and is straining against his pants. Sarah feels it pressing against her, and she wiggles a little, making her father grown.

"I want this too, daddy," she says, smiling. "This way everyone gets what they want." Feverishly, she starts tugging on her dad's sweater-vest, trying to pull it off of him. He lifts his arms up, allowing her to pull it up and off of him. He also helps her unbutton his shirt, which she promptly removes from him as well. Sarah coos a little, taking in her father's strong, muscled chest. She's seen it many times before, at various stages in her life, but she has never gazed upon it while in the throes of lust.

Sarah starts to remove her uniform, but her father stops her. "Please keep it on," he pleads, looking at her lovingly. She smiles, and turns her attention instead to her dad's pants. She unzips them and lifts herself up a little, while her father slides them down and off his legs. He does the same with his boxers, leaving him completely naked. Still smiling, Sarah slowly slips off her panties, waving them in her father's face before tossing them aside.

"You're so beautiful," says Robert, looking at his daughter's face. They come together for another passionate kiss, while Sarah takes one hand and grips her father's hard cock. He groans as he feels his daughter start to stroke it. He can feel her naked legs squirming against him, and it takes everything he has not to come right then and there. The thought of being inside his daughter, by itself, almost pushes him over the edge.

But thankfully, he has much more to look forward to than just some fantasies in his head. "I love you daddy," Sarah says, as she lifts herself up above her father's cock, slowly guiding it towards her pussy. Robert just stays exactly where he is, immobile, sure that he must be dreaming. But as his daughter slowly lowers herself onto his cock, as he feels her hot, warm, wet, tight pussy slide down around him, he is instantly hit with a strong and blissful relief that washes through him. It is actually happening. What he has thought about, dreamed about, for so long is finally happening. His deepest, darkest fantasy is coming true, and for the first time he doesn't feel guilty about it at all.

Sarah starts to moan as her father's cock enters her. It is much bigger than Ted's, and it fills her more fully. She looks up at her father, as she starts to lift herself up and down on his cock, and she sees him looking lovingly at her. She sees the love that he has always felt for her, from the moment she was born, and she smiles back at him, grateful for the affection that he is giving her. He places his hands on her ass again, helping to lift her up and down on top of him. They both moan as they settle into a pleasing rhythm, and they continue to kiss each other. Their kisses range from soft and gentle, to passionate and forceful, as different waves of sensations wrack their body.

"I'm not going to be able to hold out for much longer, baby," says Robert, as he tries to stem the tide of pleasure from coming in all the way. Sarah just continues to bounce up and down on his cock.

"Come inside me, daddy," she whispers into his ear. Her voice sounds so sweet and cute to him, reminding him that she will always be his baby girl. This thought tips him over the edge, and he groans loudly as he ejaculates into his daughter, his hot seed filling her pussy. Sarah screams as he erupts inside of her, and her body shudders as her own orgasm rocks through her. They scream and moan into each other's bodies, until their orgasms cease. When he is finished, Robert just holds his daughter to him, rocking her gently with his arms.

"That was so wonderful, baby," she says, kissing Sarah tenderly on her forehead. "That was the happiest I have ever been in my entire life." He cups her face in his hands, and brings her in for a tender, loving kiss. Sarah sighs into his mouth, feeling happy and safe. They just hold each other for a while, content.

"This was wonderful for me too, daddy," says Sarah softly, her hand tucked up against her father's chest. "But you still have to do what you promised me, remember?" Robert sighs, still holding his daughter to him.

"I will never do anything with Ashley ever again," he says, meaning every word. "And tonight I will give your mom the best sex of her life. I promise."

"Thank you daddy," says Sarah, looking up into her father's eyes. "If it helps you can think of me while you're having sex with her." She giggles, pulling herself up to kiss her father on the lips.

"Thanks, but much as I would like to, I don't think that will be necessary," says Robert, giving his daughter several little kisses. "I've treated your mom very badly, and it's time I made it up to her properly. I still love her very much, you know."

"I know," says Sarah, still safely nestled in her father's arms. "I know."


"I still can't believe you're here," says Melissa, hugging Caroline to her. The story that her children have just told her sounds incredible and impossible; and yet, her daughter is still standing right in front of her. She looks and feels and sounds very real, even though Melissa knows full well that she most certainly died in a plane crash. She laughs as she finds herself thinking the most ridiculous thought she has ever had: the only logical explanation is that my daughter is a ghost.

The three of them suddenly jump a little bit when they hear the front door open. "We're home," says Robert, yelling from downstairs.

"Mom, as much as I'd love to just hold you like this for a very long time, it's time for you and dad to get reacquainted ," says Caroline, smiling at Melissa.

"Remember what we told you mom," says Ted. "Just be confident, and don't give dad an option. Trust me when I say that he won't refuse you." He slaps his mom on the ass playfully, and she giggles like a schoolgirl.

"You're right," says Melissa, quickly putting on her robe. "It's been too long since your dad and I made love. It's time to get this show on the road." She looks behind her at her two children and winks as she walks out the door. "I'm up here Robert. There's an important talk we need to have in the bedroom."

"I couldn't agree more," says Robert, almost bounding up the stairs. He walks quickly to his wife and kisses her full on the lips, startling her in a very pleasant way. She laughs as he picks her up and spins her in the air. "I imagine we'll be having a very long conversation tonight." Melissa takes one last look in the bathroom, and sees Ted and Caroline giving her a thumbs up. She smiles at them as Robert picks her up and carries her to their room, kicking the door closed once they're inside.

Meanwhile, Sarah has found her siblings standing, naked, in the bathroom. "What's going on here?" she asks quizzically.

"We were very successful in raising mom's spirits," says Ted, sharing a smile with Caroline.

"I see that you did an admirable job with dad," says Caroline, noticing that her little sister looks flushed and a little out of breath, as if she's just been exercising.

"Yes," says Sarah, blushing a little. "I did do that, didn't I?" Ted looks at his younger sister, noticing that there is something off about her.

"How did you do that, out of curiosity?" he asks. Before Sarah has a chance to answer, they hear sounds coming from their parents' bedroom.

"Let's go take a look," says Caroline excitedly. The three siblings all smile and tiptoe over to their parents' room, silently opening the door a crack. They are rewarded by seeing that their parents are already naked, and they are lost in each other's bodies. Their dad is standing, holding their mom up against the wall. Her legs are wrapped around his waist, and his cock is fully submerged in her pussy. They are both being very loud, as he pushes his cock in and out of her, not caring that their children can probably hear them.

"Well that's a family crisis averted," says Ted, hugging his two sisters to him. He isn't surprised that his penis is sticking up, straight as a flagpole. Sarah notices this, and gently grips it in her hand, slowly stroking him. Not to be outdone, Caroline touches her hand to her brother's cock as well, stroking his balls slowly. Ted groans and feels up his sisters bodies with his hands, before sticking his fingers in both their pussies. The three of them look at each other and share a three-way kiss.

"I love you guys," says Sarah fondly, as the three siblings continue to have fun with each other, while still watching their parents have sex.


That night, Lacey has a dream where she is walking through the forest. Stacey walks at her side, holding her hand tightly in hers. She looks over at her twin, smiling. Though she has no idea where they are, or where they are going, she is content to be there with her sister. They see a sign that says: Twin Falls Forest. As they walk closer to it, she can hear the sound of running water. As they stand by the sign, Lacey looks over at her sister and smiles.

Lacey is a little surprised when she hears the sound of twigs breaking behind them. She and Stacey spin around, and they see two figures walking toward them. As the two people get closer, she can see that they are Ted and Caroline. Like her and her sister, the other set of twins are walking hand in hand. As the brother and sister walk right up to them, Lacey can see them recognize her and smile. "What are you doing here?" asks Ted.

"I have no idea," says Lacey, looking around. "I don't really remember this place, but I can't help but feel that I've seen it once before."

"Me too," says Stacey, looking around her strangely. "I think we were here before, in this exact spot. And you were with us too."

"That's right," says Caroline, memories pushing themselves to the surface in her hazy mind. "You two were here for the first time last night."

"What do you mean, for the first time?" asks Lacey, a little confused. This is certainly the strangest dream she's ever had. And that includes the one with the mice and the chainsaw made of cheese.

"I've been having this same dream for the past several nights," says Caroline. "It's always the same: Ted and I are walking through these woods, we see this sign, we walk a little further, then at some point I wake up. Though tonight and last night you've been here as well, except last night my dream ended right before I could recognize you...though now I'm certain it was you. I guess it makes sense that I'd dream about you two, since you mean a lot to me now." The others stare at Caroline as she speaks. Their eyes widen. Ted squeezes her hand a little, testing how real if feels.

"Wait a minute, I'm the one dreaming here," he says, noticing for the first time that this dream seems more real than any other dream he has ever had.

"I thought I was," says Stacey, slowly. The four of them look at one another, each one of them positive that they are the ones dreaming, and that the others are figments of their imagination. But as each of them start to become more awake to the realities of this dream, as they notice more and more details and feelings that they have only experienced in reality, they start to wonder what exactly is happening to them.

As usual, none of them notice the two figures watching them. "Well it's about time," says one of them to the other.

"Yes," says the other. "It would seem that they are just now realizing that this dream is very real. It won't be long now before they realize what is really happening.

Author's Note Continued: Well, thank you everyone for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd like to thank everyone for voting and commenting on these stories so far, it really means a lot to me. And as always, please continue to leave comments and/or suggestions.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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