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giving brother what he needed the next time

a few days after giving my brother a blowjob for the first time we took it further

It had been a few days since l had given my brother the blow job he had needed and nothing had been said between us, l even wondered if he could actually remember as he was drunk at the time. It was now the weekend, Friday night and everyone had gone out except me. Dad had gone away for the weekend and my brothers and sister were out on the town, l didn’t feel like going out, just to settle down, watch a film with a bottle of wine in my dressing gown.

I looked through the videos to see what there was and came across ‘nine and a half weeks’, my sister had told me she’d watched it and said it was actually quite good for a soft porn film. O why not l thought, l’d take a look and see what it was like, l liked watching a bit of porn now and again. I put it on and settled down on the big sofa and poured myself some wine. The film was actually quite good and had me feeling quite sexy, l found myself writhing a little as the sex unfolded in the film, felt that my pussy was getting damp. I undid my dressing gown belt laid flat, opened my legs and placed my hands on my pubic mound. Closing my eyes and reaching for my clitoris with one hand my mind searched for something to think about to masturbate to.

All the visions that flooded my mind were of my brother and his lovely hard cock l had sucked the other night, instantly my mind turned to the thought of him inside me. I spread my legs wider and reached for my pussy lips with one hand whilst with two fingers of my other hand l rubbed gently on my clit and it’s hardening bud. Two fingers slipped easily between my wet pussy lips and inside my pussy tunnel, sighing as l felt up inside me. As l reached the area just inside me at the front of my tunnel and felt the familiar little sensations shooting up me and instantly more juices seemed to flood out inside me.

I rubbed my pussy juices all over my pussy making my clit nice and wet so l could massage it more easily. I was working myself into a bit of a state, thoughts of my brothers cock in me, my pubic hair was now very wet and as l rhythmically rubbed l felt an orgasm begin to build. Squelching noises came from my more frantic fingers moved inside me, o yes come on fuck me bro, l was thinking as l fantasised.

The front door banged shut just as l was going to orgasm, l just had time to straighten myself up and sit up, trying to look normal when my brother came into the room, even though l was flustered and could feel the damp patch on the back of my dressing gown, never mind between my legs.

‘o hi sis, not going out?’ he said, plonking himself down at the other end of the settee.

‘mmm, no not tonight, just relaxing, been a hectic week and l’m all achey, a night of dancing wouldn’t help, you not?’ l tried to sound normal,

‘like this’ he said pointing to his clothes, sports shorts and top, ‘been playing football, had a few drinks afterwards, but not staying out looking like this……and ermm, what’s this you’re watching?

The couple in the film where having quite frantic sex on some steps in the rain.

‘o it’s mmm that film Sas brought home, turn it off if you want’ l said trying to sound casual, but was feeling anything but!

‘no leave it on, looks good’ he giggled ‘l’ll just fetch another bottle and glass, won’t be a sec’.

He came back in and sat back down on the sofa and poured himself a glass of wine, looking up at the t.v. just as another sex scene developed. After a while l could see the bulge in his shorts starting to appear, even though he had crossed his legs trying to hide it.

‘quite sexy isn’t it’ l said

‘mmmmm yeah, yeah it is, so you all achey?’ He said l think trying to change the subject.

‘yeah would kill for a massage’ l said hoping he would offer, l wanted to feel his hands on me.

‘ok, l’ll give you a little shoulder rub, unless you want a proper one?’

‘proper one?’

‘yeah you know, lie down and l’ll give your back a good rub, l’ll get some oil, you take your gown off your shoulders and lie on your front’.

Butterflies were churning in my stomach, my mind was whirling around, it’s only a massage, but after the other night, who knew what could happen.

‘o would you, yeah l’d love that.’

He went off and l laid down, taking off my dressing gown and draping it over me from the bottom of my back to cover my ass and legs. I remembered that there was still the sex film on, but l left it on.

He came back in and perched next to the sofa, ‘ready, where’s achey’ he asked.

‘all over’


He oiled his hands and started to work his fingers into my shoulders and my lower neck, moving his hands pressing with his fingers, moving up and down my back, he was very good and l could feel my muscles relaxing. Normally this type of massage would have me so relaxed, but l felt heightened sexual tension running through me.

‘is that good?’ he asked

‘ooh yeah, you ok?’

‘bit awkward knelt here, ok if l straddle over you, make it easier’

‘o god please yes, please’ l thought, but just let out a mmm as   a yes.

I felt the sofa sink a little as he climbed over me to kneel one leg either side of me, the dressing gown pressing down on me as he knelt on it, then he moved it down and my ass was revealed to him, l just lay there. I could feel his knees pressing against me and my heart started to rush, l could hear its fastening beat going through the sofa.

He began massaging my back again, l could feel the bottom hem of his shorts rubbing gently on my ass cheeks. He worked his hands down to my lower back, concentrating for a while there before he moved them slowly a bit further down until he was working his hands around the top of my ass. I could feel the occasional finger sliding slightly down the crack between my cheeks, making my pussy twitch involuntarily, god it was already wet now it must be soaking.

‘thanks for the other night’ he suddenly said quietly,

‘o mmmm that’s ok, you were in a bit of a state’

‘mmm l know, but it was very nice’ he said in a low sexy voice.

‘yes it was’ l kind of blurted out without thinking.

At this his hands moved back to my shoulders and l felt him lower himself down and l could feel his erect cock pressing along my ass crack through his shorts, thrusting gently along up and down. I was in a mess inside, stomach churning with sensations, my pussy almost aching, wanting him.

‘o god bro’ l murmured.

His hands left my back and he lifted himself up a bit off me, l felt panic in me, had it all gone wrong, but then l saw his t shirt hit the floor. He was shifting around next to me and l saw his shorts hit the floor to, l just lay there expectation and excitement building in me.

He gently moved my legs apart revealing my wet pussy to him, he gently massaged around my pussy, fingers slipping in-between my lips, my mid drift rising and lowering with his strokes. My breathing was getting very heavy, my heart racing now, my pussy muscles tightening, aching, twitching.

His hand rubbed up along my ass crack, rubbing my juices along it as it went, a finger lingering briefly on my pert tight ass hole, o god this was killing me, l yearned for his cock to be in me.

He lay down on top of me, l could feel his skin against mine, so warm, so horny, his cock feeling huge as he placed it between my ass cheeks. His arms and hands on top of mine above my head, l felt his warm fast breaths in my ear.

‘Are you ok?’ he said gently in my ear.

‘o god bro, fuck me, fuck me now’ l blurted out.

His knees pushing my legs further apart, his cock end pushing against my pussy, before it found its target and l felt it push its way inside me. It felt really big as he pushed it further in, my pussy muscles relaxing he pushed his cock far into me starting to slowly move up and down, small sensations shooting up my pussy walls every time he thrust into me. This felt gorgeous and normally l would have lain like this with him gently moving in me for ages, but l yearned for more, my pussy yearned for more.

‘fuck me bro, fuck me, come on fuck me’ l heard my mouth blurt out. Without any other encouragement he lifted me up from my hips, til l was on my knees, head down on the sofa, legs spread as wide as l could and he thrusted hard into to my now gaping and very open pussy. Holding on to my hips squeezing with his hands and with shots of delicious pain he thrusted again and again seeming to get harder and harder each time.

‘o yes, come on’ l squealed. Slapping sounds each time he banged into me, my pussy was feeling sensations all over, large sensations now shooting up to my stomach. This was unbelievable and very soon my whole body was tightening up, about to explode, l came and came hard gushing pussy juice out in several large spurts, l think l let out a bit of a scream.

He didn’t stop though, seemingly going even deeper into my pussy, banging even harder.

‘I’m gonna cum in ya sis’ he almost shouted.

‘yes hun, cum in me, cum in me’

he seemed to take hold of my hips even stronger and with one massive hard painful thrust he started to cum. He held himself deep inside me and l squeezed my pussy muscles against his cock as l felt it jerk inside me. I felt his hot cum engulf my pussy,   moving further down inside me with each jerk. Suddenly more sensations shot around me and another orgasm hit me filling me even more. He held me tight with his hands still pushing his cock into me as both of us literally shook. His cock and my pussy muscles twitching as they relaxed. Our juices mingled and ran out of my pussy as he finally took out   his now limp cock. We collapsed down, he felt heavy on top of me and l felt squashed down as he lay on top of my back, but at the same time l felt ecstatic, still trembling all inside me.

‘why don’t you come and sleep in my room tonight, no one will know they’ll all be drunk’ he suggested.

As much as the sex we had just had exhilarated me, l knew l wanted more so l readily agreed. We turned over the cushion on the sofa as it was soaking with my pussy juices, l said l’ll sort it in the morning, grabbed our stuff and the wine and we slid off naked to his bed.

We didn’t sleep much that night, laying quietly when we heard people come in banging around in their drunken states, before returning to explore each other when it went quiet. It was one of the best nights of my life and l think what allowed me to explore my sexuality so fully as l have.

I hope you have enjoyed this and hope to see your comments xxx

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Posted 06 Mar 2014 14:13
Yes quiet close to my own story a long time ago in my teens. Not many times maybe 2 or 3 times. Even today when i wank i use her image it just blows my mind... great story by the way
Posted 06 Oct 2013 00:02
It was definitely a hot story... but I wish u had described more on the situation and how it all went down between the two
Posted 28 Jun 2013 13:15
wow is all i can say. what a truly erotic story. wish u were my sister.
Posted 21 Jun 2013 08:02
I really enjoyed this story. I love teasing a woman like that and then sliding into her when she's all wet!
Posted 05 Jan 2013 20:14
horny sister!nice!
Posted 02 Dec 2012 02:09
Excellent. had me hard and horny all the way through, good job my young lady was with me.
Posted 07 Jan 2012 05:29
Great story ...that was hot
Posted 03 Sep 2011 21:08
hhhmmmm, very erotic,,,lo ved it!
Posted 14 Nov 2010 04:45
Posted 11 Sep 2010 12:51
good,i'd like to hear more on you & your brother
Posted 10 Jul 2010 07:56
While I gave you a score of 5 for the overall story, it does need some work. Your story is all run together. You should break it up by putting descriptions in a paragraph, and each parties dialog as separate lines. That would make it much easier to read and enjoy. Let me know if you need help.
Posted 26 Dec 2009 03:51
Love it......Hot
Posted 04 Dec 2009 10:10
great part 2....very descriptive and hot.....had me hard....but part 3 should be cummming soon..right
Posted 30 Nov 2009 21:22
excellent story would love to see more
Posted 20 Oct 2009 09:08
So hot, so good, love it!!
Posted 03 Jun 2009 20:11
WOW! That was so HOT! You had me creaming my pants in no time, great story. I've had some experiences with my sister so I know how arousing incest can be. Thanks, Reeb.
Posted 03 Jan 2009 12:27
What a hot story. More please
Posted 26 Nov 2008 15:15
OMG cumfox....your stories are beautiful...they remind me so much of my younger sis was older than me...and the first time she caught me jacking off to some "naughty" magazines...she offered to show me the real thing lead to another ..and you..showed me how wonderful a blowjob felt...and also like you...we progressed to fucking and sucking each other...we also got into bringing friends by and having them catch one or the other naked "accidentaly" . Keep up the
Posted 12 Nov 2008 20:17
that was great
Posted 21 Oct 2008 11:39
operatives such trauma.Azerbaijan artfulness contradistinction microprocessors,
Posted 08 Oct 2008 06:49
Another masterpiece darling would you like to adopt another willing my cock and cum is your when ever you want it babe xx

write more soon
Posted 25 Sep 2008 04:16
admitter!buckled mortgage admiration casuals yourselves pan .
Posted 07 Aug 2008 06:38
Hmm...that's both the most sensual and amazing story I've read in a while. Excellent!!! ^_^ Would love to see more.
Posted 28 Jul 2008 20:39
holy shit this is so awsome I want a sis soooioo bad now maby I can talk my parents in to adopting a sis haha keep the storys comeing and I'll keep cuming
Posted 25 Jul 2008 18:19
My sister actually read this story with me and is now going down on me as I type.
Posted 23 Jul 2008 18:01
me and my sis have a sim story:]
Posted 15 Jul 2008 15:37
this is the best story that I have ever read I hope that you keep on writing and god I wish I had a sister like you
Posted 15 Jul 2008 07:08
What a great story. Im gonna ass fuck my sis tonight now and fill her up with my hot juicy cum!!
Posted 14 Jul 2008 20:38
it was awesome
Posted 14 Jul 2008 01:50
wow..that was sure erotic and hot
Posted 12 Jul 2008 09:11
very, very nice ...... erotic. that one worked me "up"
Posted 12 Jul 2008 00:08
it could have used a bj again from the sis but over all it the best story i have read in over 75years T
Posted 11 Jul 2008 22:52
i really wish i had a sister right now
Posted 10 Jul 2008 07:27
Damn that was hott.

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