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Grace loves her daddy

I'm a fairly average guy who lives just outside the a Midwestern city.  I'm modestly successful with a ranch home in the burbs, lucky enough to have a pool in the backyard and share it with my teenage daughter.  My ex took off a few years ago but I don't want you to think my story is like some Poor'ol me Country Song because it isn't.  I'm glad she took off and we're better
off for it.

When my ex took off I told my daughter Grace that she was now the "Woman Of
The House".   My innocent intentions have taken on a meaning thats beyond the Martha Stewart image. I can't tell you the pleasure it is to come home after a long day, tired and aching and have a hot dinner made for me. 

To describe Grace:  She's petite at 5'2 and is only about 98 lbs with an ass thats firm and defies gravity.  Her light brown hair is fashionably cut and just reaches her shoulders.  Her skin is inherited from her mother, a natural tan even in the Winter and bronzed to a shade of light coffee in the Summer.  She has tan lines that tantalize you with their hidden treasures along with a pussy thats just as soft and bare as the day she was born.   You want to know about her breasts don't you?  I'm not an expert but I think the champagne glass image works well but with aereoleas the size of a half dollar. 

It's summertime now and flip flops with Daisy Dukes are the de rigeur for summertime dress.  She's a girly-girl and loves to primp and make herself pretty.  Her eyes change between dark blue to green depending on her mood.  Her nail polish on her toes and fingertips continually changes but right now its a deep crimson just like her lip gloss.  No doubt she's  blossoming into a beautiful woman and she loves to dress that way. Sometimes I wonder if she dresses for me deliberately or does it happen by accident?

Our life started to change a few months ago.  One day I came home in the mid afternoon which was early by my standards.  I parked my truck in the drive and walked into the kitchen to
make a drink for myself and absentmindedly gazed out the back window.  There
was my little girl on a lounge chaise sunning herself by the pool.  I was simply stunned! She had only a T-back covering her bum.  I don't recall how long did I stare at her? 2 minutes, 5? 14?  That afternoon remains a profound experience as I sensed she knew I was there in the window, allowing my eyes to roam her body and think of the possibilities.  She made no effort to
cover, even after I called to her to see if she wanted a can of soda.

From that date on I noticed small changes that seemed effortless, only now do I realize what
they really were: She was seducing me.

Was it me and my imagination or did boys stop calling on her?

One day we went shopping together in the city.  She told me she just had to buy
a "few small items" which I understood as clothing.  I went on my own to
wander around the stores and at some point she'd call me on my cell when she
was finished...or more likely, when she needed some extra cash.

When she finally called I was more than ready and she told me she was just
around the corner and for me to meet her outside a store with a black awning "La Petite Morte" .  I've had a couple of years of high school French and a lifetime of experience and I don't think that store had anything to do with is a store alive like no other.  But I kept
silent and knowing and just took Grace's hand as we went back to my truck and drove home.

Along the way she had a surprising question:"Daddy, do you think I'm pretty?"

One a fool would say anything much different than "Of, course you are my dear."

Upon arriving home I realized it was my night to make dinner and I was in the mood for Italian.  As I was preparing the marinara when she called out and asked if I wanted to see what she bought that afternoon.  Absentmindedly I said "sure, I'd love to see them"

"Great daddy!"

Grace took three steps into the kitchen and my life as I knew it changed
forever.  My Grace was a woman like no other.  She was wearing a little
Pearl thong and matching bra, the pearls of the thong were amazing. The
spheres of the pearls rolled over and on top of her clit and covered only
half her pussy.  My eyes were transfixed. I had expected to see a new pair
of jeans instead I saw her little bum up closer than I deserved, with those
same luscious tan lines from laying out.

"What do you think Daddy?"

I didn't know what to say, she was my little girl.  I'm stumbling as I write this,  I mean I thought she was my little girl.  But whats happening?  I hadn't a clue.  I went to the back of the kitchen a grabbed a bottle of red wine, I intended to open it for dinner but needed it more now.  Plus, I need a moment to think.

"Grace, can we talk?"

"Yes, Daddy"

"Tell me, what are you thinking? Wearing just that little thong around the
house you know it isn't right!" I wasn't quite angry with her but I was
emotional and felt I had to say something.

"Grace, you know I love you. You're no longer a little girl, you're becoming
a woman, well you're already a woman.  Women can really affect a man you
know?  I'm no different than any other guy, I have my own desires and well,
I can't have you walking around like that in the house."

"You know I love you too Daddy I really do. I just want you to be happy and
happy with me.  You know I watch you all the time and I'm worried about you.
You work so hard, since Mom left you don't date anyone - I see you go into
the gym in the garage and lift all those weights...and you know you're not
like all the other Daddy's I know."

"What do you mean I'm not like the other Dad's?"

"You take care of yourself and I want to take care of you.  You don't have a
creepy gut, you've got muscles like the football players at school. I don't
want to say any more, you'll get mad at me and I don't want that.  I want
you to love me."

"Grace I do love you, I love you very much."

"No you don't."

At that point she turned on her delicate toes and ran to her bedroom and I
think she was crying too.

Dinner was lonely that evening, the bottle of wine and usual.  I
didn't know what to think of Grace.  She was a terrific kid and I'd be lying
severely if I told you that my cock didn't go rock hard when I saw her by
the pool the other day.

After dinner was cleaned up I took the wine and my sorry ass downstairs for
a sauna and a shower.  Damn!  The sauna was being used so I drank to the
bottom of my glass and turned the water, very hot and steamy.  I
decided to clear my head of all my confusion with hot water and soap.

I stood in the shower soaping up my hair when a bit of shampoo ran into my
eyes.  I leaned back into the shower stream and my fingers were in my eyes
trying to get the soap out when I felt an amazing sensation.  At first I
thought it was the wine or that some soap had slid over my cock, but I felt
the sensation of being sucked.  I didn't move, just stood there and allowed
the sensation to continue, damn it was good...all I could imagine was
beautiful lips from a beautiful woman making love to my cock, it was
wonderful to feel like a man again.  I imagined I was in control of a woman
who would submit to my wishes and erotic needs.  My legs spread wider,
imagining a woman between them. A woman who would do anything to see her man
pleased and satisfied.  Where were women like that nowadays?  I imagined
that I could move my hands down and take the back of her head and hold it
steady while my hips fucked her luscious mouth, a woman that was mine. All
mine to fuck and have sucking me, all very primal and male.  Instinctively I
actually started to rock my hips and my hands reached down to the imaginary
woman, but it wasn't my imagination.

My hands found a real body between my legs giving me the pleasure I wanted
and craved for, for so long. Quickly my hands went back to my eyes to wipe
them clear and a gorgeous woman was crouched on her knees sucking my balls,
taking each one into her mouth and savoring their girth.  Those eyes looked
back, eyes that I thought were pleading with me. Eyes pleading to be
accepted.  Those were the unmistakable eyes of Grace.

God help me but I couldn't pull back, I couldn't resist it had been so
long.  Why must I feel bad about such a loving act, and act driven by love
and care?

In time, I knew I was at the edge.  Grace was so eager to please, her eyes
locked on my while her left hand stroked my cock in tandem with her lips.  I
noticed her own right hand was between her legs as well but I couldn't
really see what was going on there. Waves and waves rushed through my brain,
when had pleasure been such a rush for me.  I know it sounds like a cliche
but its true, my cock was bigger and harder than it had been in twenty
years.  I felt strong, I felt powerful and very dominant.

"Daddy cum for me, cum for me" and then she took my balls in her hand and
gave them a gentle squeeze and I slipped over the edge.  Her head angled
forward to take in my sperm which poured after so many days of neglect into
her mouth.  She sucked me further till I was soft, in the end she sat
between my legs and looked up to me as my softening cock stayed in her

Later I pulled her up from under her arms and gave her what she deserved: a
long lingering kiss.

We dried each other off and never bothered to put robes back on.  I took her
by the hand and took her to my bedroom and closed the door. I felt so
wonderful and this was so special.

"Now you know Daddy how I love you.  Its like you told me a long time ago,
I'm to be the Woman of the House and to be the woman of the house means
taking care of the Man of the House."

"I know Grace but this has to be our special secret, our secret can never
leave the house. It belongs to just you and I"

"I know Daddy, someday I'll meet a boy just like you and I still want to be
a virgin for that boy. But you're my Daddy and Daddy's are very special too.
Whenever you want me Daddy I'll be there for you, I want you to fuck and
take my little bum whenever you want."

I didn't know what to say, this woman was so special. She was willing to
give me her body in just the way I wanted.  How did she know about what I

"Daddy, I know you like my bum. I've always known.  You don't know this
Daddy but I used to take Mommys vibrators and slide them in my little
rosebud and think of you fucking me there. Did you know that Daddy?"

"No, not at all"  Women as usual are more than 10 steps ahead of the man,
regardless of age.

When I come home late at night now, things are different.  First, I bought
her a Queen size bed, a woman needs a larger bed than a girl.  Many times
Grace is already in bed as she has to be ready for school in the morning.
She only sleeps with a tank top on now.  You know why now don't you?

Those are the nights I love to slide in bed next to her and pull up her
t-shirt. She keeps a bottle of lube for me on her nightstand, where I pour a
dollop on my fingers and then press it onto her ass.  I love to hear her
murmor, she may be young but her moans are deep.  I can tell when she's
relaxed as she says to me:

"Now Daddy"

Thats when my cock penetrates her little ass.  I love to look down at my
little girl as my hips rock into her while she buries her face in the pillow
and moans in pleasure.  Her tan lines are so tantalizing too, to see my cock
penetrate where the sunlight and other boys do not is special to me.

When she whispers thats she's cumming, I try to cum too.  Sometimes I cum
deep inside her ass, other times I shoot my stream on her cheeks.

Then I lay on top of her, I protect her and allow her to go back to sleep.
She's my little girl and she loves her Daddy who's there to love and protect
her just as she does for me.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 01 Oct 2011 09:38
its a 5 for sure,,,well written eroticaly,,,easy to follow,,like it! not a big fan of anal but each to his/her own kink!
Posted 18 Aug 2010 20:50
Great story, kind of gets you all hot and ready. Well written, easy to read. Thanks for posting.
Posted 13 Apr 2010 09:51
very good. the ending was my favorite. on to part two!
Posted 22 Aug 2008 14:19
Was a good story but there were too many grammatical errors. Kind of pulled me out of the experience so to speak.

A 3 from me. :)
Posted 22 Aug 2008 00:53
A fuller description of grace from head to toe please, great start to what i am sure will be a very good story.....well done P.S Thanks for the
Posted 21 Aug 2008 16:20
very gud got me rock hard till i cam at end make few more
Posted 12 Aug 2008 12:32
great story, have to say the comment of "disturbing" why the fuck are you on the incest page, reading the stories then
Posted 02 Aug 2008 09:14
It's a real turn on sometime to read stories like this
Posted 08 Jul 2008 02:02
mmm i loved it.
Posted 21 May 2008 02:12
i really liked it
Posted 05 May 2008 21:46
I'm glad you all like it. Hey if I don't offend at least one person then the story can't be all that hot, now can it?
Posted 28 Apr 2008 00:07
good story u need to make more lol
Posted 27 Apr 2008 21:05
I came buckets...
Posted 20 Apr 2008 17:14
HOTT!! does need more detail;-)
Posted 19 Apr 2008 05:25
very good indeed.

and to that person who put 'disturbing' dont bluddy read it then.
Posted 19 Apr 2008 01:14
Posted 18 Apr 2008 21:53
that was hot
Posted 18 Apr 2008 19:35
wow....Very nice...just need a little more detail.

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