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Granda's Weakness: Part 3

Mickey's friend Keely comes over for some fun with Grandpa
There they were, my sixteen year old grand-daughter Mickey, she of the brilliant red hair, small but full and pointed breasts, and killer butt that she parades around the house; and her BFF Keely, a chubby brunette, big breasted, broad hipped, green eyes and shaved bare as the day she was born. Needless to say, I was sporting a raging hard-on as I looked at the two young, nubiles, naked in Mickey’s bedroom.

Keely was sporting a large black strap-on, still glistening with Mickey’s juices. “Wanna suck my cock?” she asked.

My answer? “No! But I do want to fuck you, Keely!”

“I thought you’d never ask!” she replied unstrapping the dildo from her ample hips. She laid on the bed, opening her legs, her pussy damp and inviting. “Would you like to taste it first?”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I knelt down between her thighs and moved forward.

Clamping her legs shut, she added, “In your bed, Mr. Foxxx, only if we can do it in your bed.” There was a gleam in her eye that matched the naughty suggestion that I violate her in my marriage bed.

“Follow me girls!” I said, standing up and walking toward the master bedroom. Once there, Keely sat on the edge of the bed, re-opening her legs and running a chubby finger through her slit, only to lick it clean, savoring her own flavor.

Again, I knelt before her, staring at her alter of lust, ready to sacrifice my honor for a chance to cum inside this luscious, lascivious, teenager. Pressing my face to the soft, wet, hairless folds of her womanhood, I breathed in her scent for the first time. She smelled so hot; she made my cock twitch with anticipation. My lips met hers and my tongue gently licked the beads of moisture surrounding her precious cleft. I was in heaven!

I felt her hands on my head, holding me in place while she rotated her hips, smearing her musky essence all over my face. I licked her from her clit to her ass and back again before thrusting my tongue deep into the welcoming canyon of her young, tasty, cunt.

“Oooooh Yeah!” I heard her say, followed by, “I can see why you like this so much, Mickey."

Encouraged by her words, I wrapped my lips around her swollen clit, massaging the tip with my tongue, while my hands drifted up, grabbing her large wobbling breasts, kneading them, pinching her nipples.

“Ohhh fuck! That feels good!” she panted as she became wetter and wetter, the more I played.

Her hips rucked up and down, rubbing her warm juices from my nose to my chin, making the room reek of raw sex. I was so lost in the girl's cooze that I barely heard Mickey urge me to get her friend off and drink her cum. But then, that was my intent all along! Scrunching her breasts, pulling at her swollen nipples, plunging my tongue deep into her tasty folds, I was driving her irrevocably towards an orgasm. I kept at work, barely hearing, but feeling her moans as they got louder, longer, and more urgent.

“Ohhfuck! Don’t stop! Ohhyesss! Make me cummmmm!” she screamed as her thighs clamped my head, her hand pulling me tight to her clammy pussy. I tasted the first vestiges of her orgasm moments before a torrent of warm, tangy juices flooded my face. I lapped and sucked as much as I could, but the bed sheets were soaked with Keely’s musky essence.

Her thighs opened, her hand left the back of my head, and Keely panted, “I’m ready for that fuck, now, Mr. Foxxx.”

“Under the circumstances, I don’t think we need to be so formal, do you?”

“Can I call you Daddy?” she said, patting the bed next to her, indicating that I should lie down next to her.

Following her lead, I lay down across the bed, my cock sticking up like a flagpole. “You can call me anything you want.”

Bending over, her lips surrounded my enflamed cockhead. I moaned as I watched her lips slide all the way down until her nose bumped against my pubic bone. Slowly she let me out of her mouth, my cock swinging free with a smack of her lips. She took each testicle in her mouth, humming as her tongue swirled around each tender orb. “Where did you learn that?” I asked, not wanting to blink and miss a moment.

Picking up her strap-on, she replied, “Practice makes perfect!” Straddling my hips she grabbed my spit soaked member and rubbed it along her slit, teasing me with her pussy. At just the right moment, I jerked my hips upward and slid just inside her warm, wet snatch. She followed by dropping down onto me completing the coupling with a satisfied groan. “Ohhh Fuck! It’s better than I ever imagined!”

I looked up at her angelic face in total surprise. “You mean your…you’ve never been…”

Smiling down at me she interrupted, “You’re my first ever real cock! Now impregnate your baby girl…Daddy!” Grinding her hips against me, holding me deep inside her, she lowered her breasts to my face, jiggling them in invitation.

In spite of the warning bells going on in my head, I found myself unable to stop. Part of me wanted this sweet looking, not so innocent young girl to absorb my essence, while part of me knew I shouldn’t. But the lure of those swaying breasts, the feel of her tight, young cunt on my cock won out and I lifted my hips to plunge deeper into her welcoming wetness. I clamped my lips on her left nipple and began to fuck her in earnest.

“Fuck her gramps! Fuck her good!” Mickey said from her sideline vantage point. She took my hand and led it to her red fringed pussy guiding a finger in.

I slid my other hand down between Keely and I, strumming her clit as our bodies slapped together, making crude music with our intertwined bodies. The sound of my cock slithering in and out of Keely’s wet slit, the girls moaning as their orgasms built, our bodies slapping together, combined with the heady scent of active sex, drove us all to the brink. Keely came first, her cunt clasping and unclasping my invading cock, her moans, steady and loud, her hands clasped to my head, holding me, suckling hard to her heaving breast.

Then it was my turn. My cock, reacting to the cloying heat of Keely’s womanhood exploded deep in the soft, hot recesses of the young teen’s birth canal. Three strong, powerful spurts of my cum washed the walls of her cunt before I collapsed back on the bed, letting go of her mauled nipple.

Finally, Mickey, reacting to the interior scratches of my fingers on her g-spot, flooded my hand with her warm juices.

The girls cuddled together, kissing and fondling each other as I lay there recovering and pondering the consequences of what I had just done.

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Posted 23 Mar 2014 10:51
good story hope to be reading more soon.
Posted 15 Oct 2013 18:14
naughty, naughty grandpa
Posted 25 Sep 2013 13:37
Another excellent story. Thanks for sharing. Lucky grandpa. Keeps getting better. Thanks.

Posted 18 Sep 2013 14:51
Excellent narrative. So descriptive ......and so naughty x
Posted 18 Sep 2013 08:05
Great Job really enjoyed it

Posted 18 Sep 2013 01:11
Very hot story.
Posted 18 Sep 2013 00:40
So glad you added another chapter!
Posted 17 Sep 2013 23:46
As A Grandpa myself ,I loved the story . I wish they were my grandchildren . 5+++

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