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Group Therapy Ch.2

Sissy makes it a gang bang

Group Therapy Ch.2               Marie makes it a gangbang

My name is Marie. I have long had this fantasy of having 2 or more guys at one time. This story is one where my Sexy Brother, my cousin Jeff and Etic, an intimate friend of mine, all came together one afternoon. I love to be sucked and fucked and I adore sucking cock and to have 2 or more studs servicing me in this manner would be heaven.

My story starts with just one visitor, my horny brother John (another story) and myself sitting enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and watching some XXXX rated movies. John is sitting in the armchair beside me and commenting on various aspects of the movie. I notice that he seems to be getting a little restless and so I decide to go to the bedroom and change into something "more comfortable". I slip into a slinky red teddy with garters and red stockings, and cover it with a robe. I also put on some 3" high heels and return to the Lounge.

By this time, John has removed all his gear except for his satin boxer shorts. John has a very virile body, tall and muscular and evenly tanned because of his outdoor work as a Landscape gardener and his regular nude bathing . Having already been very intimate with this hunk of manhood, I knew what to expect under his shorts. John has a 8" cock and very thick, and it usually takes an effort for me to accommodate the length and girth of his shaft but I loved every centimetre of it. MMMMMMMM

He came over to where I was sitting and knelt before me and parted my robe and gently suckled and nibbled on my now hardening nipples; he knew that this was the way to make me feel mellow, he sucked a little harder and I felt the sensations travel down to my groin and into my pussy.

After sucking and nibbling both my breasts for a few moments, he then proceeded to slowly lick my body until he came to the junction of my thighs. He then went all out sucking and eating my now wet and hot pussy, I could feel his hard cock resting on my leg. He gently teased and nibbled my hot pussy and continually flicked his tongue over my sensitive clit, and gently nipped the little hub between his teeth, until it stood up like a miniature cock.

I had accidentally (on purpose) left the key in the back door earlier and as I was enjoying John lashing my clit with his tongue, Eric, (an intimate friend from another story) walked in. Luckily, he only lived a couple of units down from me so he came up in his bathrobe. He is used to just knocking and walking straight in, especially if the keys are in the door. I was thrilled to see him but it did come as a surprise to John, under the circumstances.

Not for long though, and we invited him to join us, which he did. He dropped his robe and stood there in all his naked glory. Now, Eric is not as solid as John as he works on computers all day, but he does keep himself in shape and loves to sunbathe nude too. He was slighter in build but his cock was a perfect 7" in length and just the right width for sucking.

I didn't have to wait too long, as John had gone back to what he loves best, and Eric came and stood beside my head so that I could take his glorious shaft into my mouth and suck him.

Before we went any further, I suggested that we move to the bedroom where we would be more comfortable. The boys agreed and while I lay on the bed, John stood at the head of the bed so that I could suck his massive cock and Eric took over where John has left off; licking and sucking my hot, wet pussy. I really can't get enough of cunnilingus, especially when you have two 'artists' doing the job. Eric was rubbing his palm over my shaven mound which by this time was swollen and all puffed out but I wanted more of this tender loving care. He inserted two fingers into my cunt and found my G-spot, all the while still sucking my clit.

While thoroughly enjoying this loving, my imagination was running wild and I was already opening up to the possibility of a third person joining us. I had already arranged that this person would join us, Eric was the bonus, but what a bonus.

Both men were so intent on what they were doing that they didn't notice the door open and Jeff (my cousin) slipped in. This guy was the epitome of a great stud and he knew it. Tall (6'3"), muscular, tanned and with a 9" cock which was very, very thick.

Jeff quickly slipped out of his gear and joined us in the bedroom. He moved Eric out of the way and hungrily started to eat my pussy like it was his last meal. Eric moved up beside me and continued licking, sucking and fondling my boobs and taking turns with John at fucking my mouth.

No words were exchanged; it was just Action. I could only enjoy all the pleasures that were being given to me by 3 of the sexiest men that I know - and they all knew that I had fucked each of them at different times.

At last, I had 3 men in my bedroom, from here on there would no inhibitions.

John, Eric and Jeff were all serviced extremely well that afternoon, several times each, as was I. My pussy and mouth were thoroughly serviced and the 3 guys had their cocks sucked dry. At the end of the long session, I had them all stand beside me and wank themselves off over my boobs and belly; at the same time I pleasured myself to a final cum with my fingers.

After this experience, I will definitely be attempting to round up more guys for another good sexxion. That will be the subject of my next tale.






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Posted 30 Jan 2013 23:57
A hot, hot, hot story. If a gal aint reading it she misses something.

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