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Headlights part 2

A brother and sister explore a spanking relationship
This story is a continuation of HEADLIGHTS part 1. It might make more sense if you read that story first.

In my school they call me "Headlights." It's a childish, juvenile nickname I got from my idiot boyfriend.
I was walking to my next class and he was with his friends from the swimming team and he started yelling "Headlights, Headlights!" As I got closer I realized he was talking about me. "Headlights?" What does that mean? If there's anyone out there as naive as I was, it means your nipples are poking out. Very funny.
The swim team thought it was hilarious and the name stuck. I stormed off red faced and I could have killed him.

Lela calmed me down.

"Don't be silly, Mel, you have great breasts and great nipples. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes it looks like they're going to poke right through your shirt. Didn't you realise that? Why don't you wear a padded bra? They must be so sensitive. I wish I had those nipples."

A padded bra? Why didn't anyone ever tell me? I thought padded bras were for girls with small breasts.

God what an idiot I am...."Did Nicky ever say anything to you?"

Lela smiled and patted my head. "Don't you think he'd notice? Your brother notices everything about you. You're the center of his universe. It's quite charming in a way but it's also perverse. He could have any girl he wants but when it comes to sex he thinks of me. And when he thinks of love he thinks of you.

I've come to learn that when it comes to men, Lela is usually right.

"He'll have to be punished, of course."


"Your boyfriend, silly. He embarrassed you in front of his friends. We can't allow that."

"Should I dump him?

"No sweetie, just the opposite.

Jimmy, my boyfriend, is a jock. He's the captain of the baseball team. He may not be the brightest boy in the class but he is a fox. All the girls were after him but he wanted me. Now I know why.

I waited patiently. Even with a padded bra they poked out. It was just a matter of time. I saw him by the cafeteria with his friends and I slid up and gave him the sweetest little kiss. He barely got the word out of his mouth. "headlights" The slap echoed through the hallway. It was the talk of the school.

For the next few days I avoided Jimmy. It gave me a chance to spend more time with my brother Nick.
 My dad was away at a book sellers conference so we had the house to ourselves. Our relationship was developing into a more adult type relationship, not just big brother and little sister. I wasn't little anymore and women are much more mature than men....obviously.

We played tennis every day. Little bets on each match. He's big and strong and he has a killer serve but I have a a two handed backhand that can't be touched and I started beating him when I was 15. The student becomes the master.

"What are we playing for," he asked.

"A bath."


"You heard me, a bath. If I win, you give me one and if you win I give you one."

"Forget it. I'm not giving you a bath. Where do you get these ideas. You don't have to listen to everything Lela says, do you?"

"Do you think, I'm pretty?"


"It's a simple question. Lela says you think I'm beautiful."

"Lela has a big mouth."

"We're not playing until I hear it."

"'re beautiful. As you get older you look more and more like mom."

"I'll never leave you."

"I know."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

What a cheater! It was a perfect lob, over his head and right on the line. He called it out. Who does that?

"I win."

"No you don't win and I'm not going to play with you if you're going to cheat."

I stormed off towards the house. I could hear him whining, "come on Mel, don't be like that..."

Lela has a philosophy about boys. We tolerate too much bad behavior. It's like they're all the same.
They have to win. They're self centered and egotistical.

"It's because they have a penis. The entire civilization depends on them having an erection. What's the most important thing to them? Sex; they're obsessed with it."

"I'm a virgin," I whispered.

Lela laughed and said, "Good for you. That proves you're smarter than the rest of us. You're first time should be with someone you love."

I was afraid she was going to say that.

 "Come on Mel, don't be like that. I said I was sorry."

"I'm going to take a shower," I said with a mixture of dismissal and disdain...."you can come if you like."

We were both nervous. I let him wash my back. He knelt down to wash my behind and my legs. His fingers explored between my cheeks and between my legs. I washed his precious penis.

"You'll have to be punished, of course, for cheating." I soaped his balls.

"You sound just like Lela."

I laughed and slapped his wet behind. God he was beautiful and magically his penis was getting bigger.

I had never seen one that big. We kissed. I held it tight. Lela was right, it was beautiful. It was also very clean so I knelt down to get a closer look. Very veiny. I licked the tip and felt him shutter. I kissed it and it jumped. I ran my hands over the long sinewy muscles that run along his narrow waist and down towards his groin.
I cupped his hard little cheeks and then I picked up the bathbrush.

"Bend over," I ordered.

"Come on Mel...."

"Do it or get out."

The smacks echoed off his wet backside like gun shots. He braced against the wall and took the spanking without complaint. He knew he deserved it. We towelled each other off and I gave him his reward. I let him lick the headlights which were now about three quarters of an inch long and then lower, I let him lick the little nub that had never been licked before.

"69" I said, "I want to try it."

"What's got into you?"

"You don't want to?"

"I didn't say that."

He laid down on the bed and I got on top. I've seen girls in videos swallow a whole penis but I don't know how they keep from choking. His tongue slid up inside me and he spread my cheeks. I sucked as if my life depended on it . He came without warning and when he did he licked up over my asshole. Now I know why he spent so much time soaping it.

(to be continued)
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Posted 01 Jan 2013 12:18
Very disappointing after 1st chapter thought you would of learned,this was all over the place,nothing really ever explain properly

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