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Help from my sister 13

Well it's time for the wedding that only two people can do together
"No, that's OK. I know I'm pregnant with Gil's baby, but you two are in love with each other. It's really nice of you to invite me in, but really I'm OK out there. I'll sleep on the couch or maybe I can get a cot or something to use. But I'm already in pretty deep with you two. But thanks for the offer," Connie said.

"OK aunt Connie. Thanks for your honesty. See you tomorrow," I replied.

"Goodnight you kids. I love you both," Connie said.

"We love you too, and goodnight," Judy replied.

Then she left and went to the living room to lie down and go to sleep. Well we really were in love and did have sex before she came back into our lives like that. Not that we never heard from her.

"Well maybe we can turn the basement or something into a room. So she'll have a bedroom to sleep in. We can put a bed in there or something. So she'll have a place to put the crib and everything in there too," Judy said.

"Good idea," I replied.

"I love you," Judy said.

"I love you too, see you tomorrow," I replied.

Then we kissed and went to sleep. We were all really excited about the following Saturday. It came quicker than we thought. On that Saturday morning Connie and her friends brought out the wedding cake and everything else that was ready to go out there. Connie was the wedding planner and organizer. She made sure there was enough tables, food and everything else for us. While they were doing that for us, we were getting ready for the wedding. We honestly didn't believe that you shouldn't see each other before the wedding on the day of. Judy was standing in front of the mirror putting the finishing touches on herself with the dress. I came up behind her and wrapped my hands around her.

"OK us seeing each other is one thing, but now I your pushing the envelope now," Judy said.

"Well I'm not sorry. You look absolutely beautiful angel. I mean wow. Your truly a queen in that dress," I replied.

"And I'm not when I'm in like regular clothes," Judy asked.

"No, I didn't mean it like that," I replied.

"I know Gil, I'm just messing with you," Judy said as she turned around.

We hugged each other very tightly. We both started to shed a few tears. We were just both so happy honestly. It was a little unreal that this was really happening. We'd been together for a few months at that point and now we were gonna walk down the aisle?

"Judy, you know how much I love you right?" I asked.

"Yes, we're only getting married. You don't do that if you love someone," Judy replied.

"Your funny. Well, I didn't forget, I knew we'd be in here before the wedding getting ready, and I wanted to do it when it was just us," I said.

Then I pulled out a wedding ring for her. I opened the box and showed it to her as I got down on one knee.

"Judy, when I say you mean everything to me, I truly mean it. I truly want this to last forever. I know 60 years sounds like forever, but I wanna make this last forever. Until we both die, you will be the only woman I love like you. Judy I truly love you. Will you accept this wedding ring as a token of my love for you?" I asked.

"Yes. I will. And I love you too Gil," Judy replied.

Then I put the ring on her finger, stood up and kissed her very passionately as we hugged once again. Then she really started shedding some tears. She just stayed in my arms for a minute, with tears, but happy as ever. Then there a honk coming from outside.

"We're having a great moment, who the hell is honking?" Judy asked.

"I don't know, let's take a look outside," I replied.

Then we both went to the front door and took a look to see who was out there. Right out there in front of the house was a black limousine sitting there.

"Who the hell is that? Why they take a limousine out here?" Judy asked.

"Beats me," I replied.

Then she thought about it for a second and she figured it out after a minute.

"Did you really?" Judy asked.

"I don't know what your talking about," I replied.

Then we both went outside and the chauffeur came out of the front of the limousine. He came around to the back and opened the back right door for us.

"Here you are, bride and groom," The chauffeur said.

"You seriously got us a limousine," Judy asked as we walked towards it.

"Yes, we did," Connie replied as she stuck her head out of the sunroof.

"Holy fucking shit, this is so romantic of both of you," Judy said as we got in the limousine.

"Well it was more his idea honestly," Connie said.

"Really it was? Oh my god I love you so much," Judy replied as she hugged me.

"Well I wanna show you how much I love you," I said.

"Yes look at this ring he just gave me," Judy replied as she put out her hand.

Then Connie took a good look at it for a minute. I think I really had some really good taste honestly. Judy truly got to tears over it. Or maybe it was more because of the message that went with it. Then the driver got back in and we were on our way to the church.

"Wow, shit Gil. You really wanna keep this one Judy. That is absolutely beautiful. Wow. Judy he really loves you," Connie said.

"Well I really wanna show her how much I love her honestly. I know she already knew that, even before I proposed, but I really want her to remember this day. Today I spared no expense for my bride," I replied.

"No shit! But really you don't have to do all this," Judy said.

"I know sweetheart, but you only wanna get married once, right?" I asked.

"Yes," Judy replied.

"Well I wanna make you remember this day, every single day for the rest of your life. I'm beyond passionate about you and us together, and I wanna show you how passionate I'm. You are the most important person to me and you really only get one chance to wow your wife on her wedding day. And I'm not going down without a fight," I said.

Then we kissed for over a minute as Connie was there watching. I don't think minded at all. Especially it being our wedding day. Then we got out some water for us to drink. Of course once again, we would have drank champagne, but they were both pregnant. So we just drank some water. We all felt like royalty going to our wedding. Judy looked like she seriously was having the time of her life then. Exactly how I wanted it. I wanted to seriously make her love me more so to speak. I think she really did then. It was a magical day already. Then she just looked at me for a minute.

"What?" I asked.

"You are just the best guy there is, you are seriously making me feel like a queen. I mean this is so great honestly, I can't thank you enough honestly. I can't even imagine what's next honestly," Judy replied.

"Well only surprises you will love. Making you love me more and more angel," I said.

Then we arrived at the church where were getting married. At that point Judy still had a few tears, but she'd be OK. Then as we pulled up and stopped, the chauffeur got out and opened the door for us again. Then I let her get out first, then I did right before Connie.

"Thank you sir," Judy said.

"Your welcome," The chauffeur replied.

Then we went up the walkway and were greeted by a garden of flowers. They were everywhere. From tulips to daisies and a bunch of others that were set up ahead of time. Of course this was getting expensive, but I loved her more than seriously anything or anyone in the world. I grabbed her hand and we went up the walkway and into the church. Sitting towards the front was yet another surprise for her.

"Jane?" Judy asked.

Then Jane, a girl from high school she hasn't seen since high school, stood up and ran to her.
She never actually met me. She knew I existed, but that was it pretty much.

"Jane what are you doing here?" Judy asked.

"Well I got a call from your fiancé I never met before and he invited me over here to be your maid of honor. He said you didn't have one yet," Jane replied.

"No kidding you are just so great, I love you," Judy said to me.

Then Judy hugged Jane really tightly for a minute. Then they sat down and caught up for a minute. But of course she left out the details that I was her brother and she was pregnant. As they were talking the minister arrived as well as some other friends of ours and Connie a couple minutes later.

"Hello, I'm father Thomas," Father Thomas said.

"Hello I'm Judy, the bride and this Gil, the groom," Judy replied as she got up.

"Very nice to meet both of you, will you be reciting your own vows, or mine today?" Father Thomas asked as she shook both our hands.

"Our own," Judy replied.

"Very well. I'll be here when your ready," Father Thomas said.

"Thank you, we're just waiting on a few more people," I replied.

Then Judy went to talk to Jane some more and Connie and I talked to some people as well waiting for a couple of Connie's friends and my best man I called up. It didn't take too long for all of them to get there. We didn't invite a heck of a lot of people. About 15 minutes later we were looking at a small batch of pictures that Connie had put together with pictures of us taken since we got together. No pictures older than that. We didn't need anyone thinking that one thing.

"You do take a good picture," Judy said.

"You do too sweetie," I replied just before we kissed once.

Then the rest of the guests were here and Connie came up to us.

"OK everyone is here, you ready for this?" Connie asked.

"Never more ready," I replied.

Then everyone got in their places. The priest was up there as was Jane, and her other bridesmaids on her side which included Connie. I stood there with my best man Tim, which was a friend from high school as well and a couple of Connie's male friends from work. Then the wedding music came on and the ceremony began. After a couple seconds, Judy came out and slowly started walking towards the altar. She was so beyond beautiful walking up there in that dress. I actually sparked a tear watching her. Then she had made it up there with us.

"Friends and relatives. We're here today to see these two take each other to be together and love each other as they both shall live. To take care of each other in sickness and in health. Now they have chosen to read their own vows today," Father Thomas said.

They we took each others hands and I went first.

"Judy, I love you with all my heart and soul. When I look at you, I see my loving queen that I never want to let go of. Today I see you as much more than a friend, but as I wife I wish to love, take care of no matter what and respect. You truly mean everything to me. I'm asking this because I will truly never see myself with anyone else. I wish to grow old with you hopefully when there's even our great grandchildren running around. Judy I love you and would wish to spend the rest of my life you," I said.

"And you Judy," Father Thomas replied.

"Gil, you have been more than a saint to me. You want to take care of me, when you already do. You are as well the only person I can think of I'll ever be with. I will also take care of you in sickness and in health and enjoy doing it making you feel as good as you've made me feel. I see you as my soul mate, one person that despite the odds, It'll work no matter what. Even if we weren't, I know we'd make it work no matter what, because we love each other and treat each other like a king and queen. I love you too Gil, and you truly mean everything as well. In it all, I think this is one of the biggest life changing choices we both will ever make and we will spend the rest of our lives together," Judy said.

"Then by the power invested in me by the state of Indiana I now pronounce you as man and wife, you may kiss the bride," Father Thomas replied.

Then we kissed very passionately for the first time as a married couple. It was probably the best kiss we ever had up to that point. We absolutely loved each other more than anything in the world. Then we turned around and raised our arms as everyone cheered very loudly. It felt so good to hear all them cheering like that. Then Judy, Connie and I headed out to the
limousine and headed to the reception, leading everyone else to a another nice place that Judy would absolutely love.

"Wow, I love you so very much Gil," Judy said.

"I knew you would love it, and I love you too," I replied just before we kissed again passionately.

"That was so nice getting Jane out here. I don't where you found time to get all those picture of us. They were all perfect along with all the flowers. So far this has been one magical day Gil. I love you," Judy said.

"I love you too, but the day isn't over yet," I replied.

"Well what else is there," Judy asked.

"Well, the reception of course, You gotta have a reception," I replied.

"Are you gonna dance with me?" Judy asked.

"Maybe I will my queen. You usually dance with your queen with who she asks," I replied just before we kissed again.

"So you better dance with your queen. You got that my king," Judy asked.

I'm pretty sure if she was like 8 months along, she would have had the baby right there. She was so happy. Then of course she sparked out a few more tears and hugged me. Then we showed up at the place where we were gonna have our great reception. She already had the day of her life and then some. How was I gonna top that? We'll see soon.
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Posted 23 Jul 2011 22:06
I dnt care what anyone says these stories are amazing sweetie keep up the good work

Posted 07 Jun 2011 19:41
Another Great Chapter I love the flow of this story and the way you lead up to each event please keep it up its fantastic reading
Posted 07 Jun 2011 19:31
Very Good. "V=5+++."
Posted 07 Jun 2011 17:29
Great! Still need to proof read a bit better!

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