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Help from my sister 14

Well after a wedding you gotta have a reception
"Holy shit, The Ball Room?" Judy asked.

"Yes, we got it for our reception. For my bride," I replied.

Then the chauffeur got out of the front seat and came around to let us all out. I gabbed Judy's hand and we slowly made our way up to the front door as our guests parked as well and followed us all into the The Ball Room. We went in and saw our cake, flowers and a local band that Connie's friend's son is in. They were covering Aerosmith's 'I don't wanna miss a thing' as we came in. When she saw the band and everything else, her eyes just lit up like lights. As if it was just the flip of a switch turned them on.

"Oh my fucking god, I love you Gil and Connie, you both are saints. You two mean so much to me. You seriously arranged all this?" Judy asked.

"Yes. As I've said I want you to remember this day forever. We're gonna force you to love you wedding day," Connie replied.

Then she hugged both Connie and I separately, then a big group hug. Then the all the other guests came in with us.

"Damn lady, you Better hold on to this guy, he loves you," Jane said.

"No shit, he does. This is fucking spectacular. How can you two afford all this?" Judy asked.

"Oh I'm sorry, is this some ordinary day where you didn't just get hitched? This is your wedding day. This is for us and Connie. And everyone else nice enough to hear how much we love each other. Don't worry about it sweetie," I replied.

Then she hugged me again. Then of course kissed me as well. After that Connie and I pointed towards our table we had all to ourselves. It was the table closet to the table with the cake. But of course before we could sit down, Connie and everyone else needed some pictures.

"Get in front of the cake," Connie said.

Then we both got in front of the cake and posed in front of it so Connie could take a picture.

"Say cheese," Connie said.

"Cheese," We both replied.

Then the picture was taken, and Jane and a few others wanted their pictures of us in front of the cake as well. Then about 5 minutes later or 6 pictures later, if you prefer, we sat down at our table.

"Holy shit. You are some kind of man Gil. Wow limousine, this place, the flowers, this beautiful ring. If I didn't know any better I'd say you loved me or something. I mean damn dude. I love you," Judy said.

"I love you too, angel. I'd give you the world if I could. I know you don't need all this. But I want you to have all this. I truly want you to know that I truly love you. You are the angel that I want for the rest of life honestly. But I never truly noticed what an angel you were until a few months ago I guess. Judy, you are the one, I got you, and I don't ever plan on letting you go," I replied.

Then she kissed me on the lips and then the cheek.

"But does this mean a year from on April 18th there's gonna be something bigger?" Judy asked.

"Well, I'll do my best, I can promise you that," I replied.

"I'm just kidding sweetheart. I'm sure you could top this," Judy said.

"And the worst part is, we haven't hit the roof just yet," I replied.

Then Connie came over with a couple pieces of cake.

"Here you go kids. I hope you like it," Connie said.

"Thank you aunt Connie," Judy replied.

Then she left and got a piece for herself, along with everyone else. We also had soda and water there for people to drink. Luckily no one we know of put those pieces together. Then as at just every wedding that's not done at a courthouse, it was time for the toasts. First Tim stood up.

"Hello my name is Tim, the best man. I was a good friend of the groom growing up. I just recently found out he found out he was engaged. But I've been told this relationship hasn't been too long. So obviously they really hit it off. Good for them. I wish I met her at least a couple days before this, but all the greats can just take things out of thin air and made something funny right? Well like his girlfriends in high school, he's taller than this one too. Maybe he's just afraid of a tall commitment," Tim said.

He got some laughs there, but not many.

"Well anyway, Judy it was really nice to meet you. If he did all this for you, either he really loves you or maybe sleep just isn't an option every now and then. And not for lack of trying. So I wish you both all the luck in the world, and Gil, somehow you were right. But I thought you were just talking out of your ass when you said you'd get married first, as if someone could stand you for that long. (small pause) Oh I kid. So Judy, hang on to this guy," Tim said.

Then he came over shook my hand and hugged Judy just before he sat down.

"Well thank you for that 'toast', I suppose you could call that a 'toast' and I did beat you," Jim said.

"Your funny, I'll give you that," Tim replied.

Then Jane got up and made her toast.

"I too, didn't know Judy was engaged until just recently. But you know how life is. Sometimes you drift. But Judy and I were best friends growing up mostly. Tim was right, yeah keep him Judy. I mean wow. All of this for your reception. And that church, it was like we already died and went to heaven. As far as I knew, she didn't have a lot of boyfriends growing up. But she landed this one with flying colors. I saw that rock on her finger too. Wow. I wish a man would give me a rock like that. You could probably break something if you threw at him. So Gil, don't ever piss her off. She could have the murder weapon right on her finger. And who would suspected such a beautiful ring like that? 'Nah that ring wouldn't hurt anyone.'" Jane said.

She got some laughs as well. Not any big laughs, but some.

"Well, I too really wanna wish you both all the luck in the world. In this world, you never know how long marriage could last, but in the short time I've known Gil, he's a saint or something like that. Gil and Jennifer, get out there and kick some ass," Jane said.

Then everyone got up and clapped. Once again hearing all those cheers even though there wasn't a lot of people there. It still felt great. Then we all sat down and some people started to dance as the band started playing again. They covered Poison's 'Every rose has it's thorn'. One of Judy's favorite songs.

"Damn I love you. Now would you like to dance with your bride?" Judy asked.

"I thought you'd never ask," I replied.

Then I got up and put my hand out. She took my hand and we went out to the center of the dance floor. We slowed danced extra slowly for a few minutes.

"I'd say you knocked this one out of the park," Judy said.

"Then why don't you sweetheart?" I asked.

"Well, because it paints a false picture, because you knocked it to like another galaxy honestly. Holy shit you pulled out the huge guns with the extra large bullets. You and Connie did all this for me?" Judy asked.

"Well, to be fair, it was for us too. Just seeing you so happy, makes us feel like saints, seriously. I only wish you could be on the other side and see that huge smile on your face. It was like you were literally loving both of us really more by the minute," I replied.

"I'll let you in on a secret. You did make me feel like that. I'm sure I've ever been more happy in my life than today. You seriously gave me my dream wedding. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you Gil," Judy said.

"I love you too Judy five times over. The greatest pleasure I have is making you happy, mentally and physically of course too," I replied.

"Your right about that," Judy said.

Then the song was over and everyone clapped for the band as they done taking pictures. And Connie came up to us.

"Hey, that was absolutely beautiful. You two looked great up there. Seriously we saw two angels dancing," Connie said.

"Well, it's thanks to both of you. You both made this dream wedding happen," Judy replied.

"Well, can I steal the groom for a dance?" Connie asked as the band started playing Def Leappad's 'Photograph'.

"Sure, can I have your camera?" Judy asked.

Then she handed her the camera and Connie and I began to dance as I took some pictures of them.

"Well, according to her we hit to some other galaxy. So I'd give this a huge 'W'," I said.

"Really that good? That's good, but I think a big part of it was that she marrying you though, call me crazy," Connie replied.

"I think you might be right," I said.

Then we got close and hugged.

"I love you too, aunt Connie. You've been like a miracle or something like that, ever since you came and moved in with us," I said.

"I love you as well, Gil. Well it's been a huge pleasure for me too, honestly. I can't say sorry enough for not coming back over sooner, honestly," Connie replied.

Then we slow danced through the rest of that song. And when it was over everyone clapped again. Then we sat back down and had some more cake.

"So you like the cake too?" I asked.

"Yes. Damn, that's perfect too. Where did you order it?" Judy asked.

"Connie ordered it at some cake shop. I guess they get a lot of wedding cake orders," I replied.

"Cool," Judy said.

Then we finished some more cake and wanted to dance some more.

"You're so not off the hook just yet, dance with your wife some more now," Judy said.

Then we went over to the dance floor again. The band played 'Love don't lie' by Def Leppard.

"Another great choice," Judy said.

Then we slow danced some more. Judy sparked out some more tears again.

"Seriously, you could make someone think I'm ripping your heart out sometime," I said.

"I'm not sorry. This is just amazing. Absolutely killed every single of my wildest expectations. Ever since we started dating, you have made me happier and happier and this was like a whole new layer. Someone is definitely getting laid tonight," Judy replied.

"And Tim and Jane are getting chummy," I said.

"Yeah they are," Judy replied as she looked them.

"Well, they just met. I don't think they'll do anything," I said.

"Well, their both adults, you never know," Judy replied.

Then we kissed. We spent the rest of our reception dancing talking, having some more cake, but still keeping room for dinner. We took the limousine home with the cake after hugging and thanking everyone for coming. We took Jane and Tim with us, along with the rest of our cake and the flowers all back to our house. But when we got back, we weren't done with our evening just yet. We got back in the limousine and went to the final surprise of the night, but we didn't change.

"Holy mother of everything. You can't be serious. The Ritz? Their always booked solid," Judy said.

"Well it happens we called a month ago. I said, no expense was spared sweetheart," I replied.

Then we got out and went inside. I had the reservation made and we immediately got our table. It wasn't quite as fancy as that place Connie took us too, but still really nice and classy. We sat down and was greeted by our waiter right away.

"Hello, welcome to The Ritz. Did someone just get married?" The waiter asked.

"Yes," Connie replied.

"Well it is our honor to serve you here for you wedding dinner. Could I start you with something to drink?" The waiter asked.

"Just some water for us please," Judy replied.

"Very well," The waiter said.

"Wow, this is some place," Jane said.

"This is my wife's wedding dinner. Only the best for her," I replied.

"No kidding," Jane said.

Then waiter came back and we ordered our food. We got some top of the line steaks, like prime rib and others. The ladies got salads as usual. Then he went and put the orders in. Judy kissed me very passionately for a minute.

"No kidding, you love each other," Tim said.

"Sorry, we're not sorry," Judy replied.

"I wouldn't expect you to be," Tim said.

"Well would you mind I stayed a few days with you?" Jane asked.

"You mean with us?" I asked.

"Yes, I know you just got married. But I haven't seen her in years," Jane replied.

"Sure, why not," I said.

"Can I stay with you too?" Tim asked.

"Sure, just for a couple days," I replied.

"Thanks dude," Tim said as our food came.

Most expensive steaks are small but really good. Ours were no exception. We all finished in about 30 minutes or so. Then we left and went back home. We went inside, but we weren't in a talking mood. More like let's rip off our clothes and fuck each other senseless mood.

"Well, there's no other bed, and our aunt has the couch. We'll have to get a couple cots or something tomorrow," I said.

"It's OK dude. Just make sure you give me a ride to get my car tomorrow, my suitcase is there," Tim said.

"I can give you both a ride out there real quick," Connie said.

"OK thanks. Well, I'm sure you two will be busy by time we get back, so give us a hug," Jane replied.

Then we hugged all of them once and they were on their way. Then, we both ran to our room. We began making out and ripping off our clothes almost immediately. We did, we disrobed in about 10 seconds. We were down to our underwear. Then I got on top of her and we made out. But my hands were south and I took off my boxers and her underwear and stuck my dick in there deep. I went in quickly despite we were both kinda tired.

"Oh yes, I've been waiting for this for too long now. Not that everything wasn't great," Judy said.

"I know what you mean," I replied.

For the first time married sex. And we made it count. I made her moan quickly and we both wrapped our arms around each other. I kissed her all over as did she. I took off her bra and I felt her boobs with my hands and squeezed them.

"Yeah your married to those boobs now," Judy said.

We were just so turned on that we were like halfway to orgasm by time the door was shut. I went in really deep and went in so quick that we both cam just about right on the spot.

"Fuck, I'm cumming already," Judy said.

"Me too, sweetheart," I replied.

Then we both came right there. Then I got off her and laid next to her as were both breathing

"I'm sorry that was brief. But still great," Judy said.

"But your ready to go again though?" I asked.

"You bet your sweet married ass I am," Judy replied.
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Posted 21 Sep 2013 08:21
I'm trying to enjoy the story but the grammar gets in the way and who is Jim?
Posted 05 Jan 2012 00:11
wow awesome hot story
Posted 09 Jun 2011 13:21
Absolutely Great. "V=5+5+."
Posted 09 Jun 2011 03:51
Guess I read this too quickly last night! Somehow or another after I voted and tried to comment I got a message that my story had been submitted.... LOL Anyway, another great part to a great story!

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