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Help from my sister 18

What would a newlywed couple do after their wedding?
“So why is everyone in here now,” Judy asked.

“Well, it sounded like you were playing football or some shit in here. So we came in to check up on you. But I guess you are just having rough sex,” Jane replied.

“Yeah pretty much. Can we have our privacy now,” I asked.

“Sorry guys. But you were the ones making all the damn noise,” Tim replied.

“Well sorry, we'll keep it down now,” I said.

“OK, see you tomorrow,” Connie replied.

Then they all left. We weren't horny anymore, but not because we both had orgasms. Then we both got back up on the bed.

“Well, that was a first. I mean, the moaning got Connie's attention before. But I don't think we ever feel off the bed before,” Judy said trying not to laugh.

“Well, you gotta admit it was though,” I replied.

“No shit Sherlock. I love you,” Judy said.

“I love you too. And you and the baby OK," I asked.

"Yes, we're both fine," Judy replied. 

"Good. Well see you tomorrow,” I replied.

Then we kissed each other and went to sleep. But I still had yet another surprise coming the next day. We had a wedding, and you gotta have a honeymoon as well. So the next day we got up and she had no idea of what was to come. I had gotten up about an hour before we both got up together to pack a little. Our bathing suits and some other clothes for our honeymoon. I took the liberty of taking a couple days off of work for both of us. I thought it be better to go during the week than the weekend.

“Good morning angel,” I said.

“Good morning my sweet angel,” Judy replied as she kissed me.

“You know how much you love me right,” I asked.

“Yes,” Judy replied.

“Well I have another surprise for you,” I said.

Then she was stunned yet again. I had another surprise for her? Yes it was true. I loved her, and I know I didn't have to buy her love, but I wanted to make sure she knew.

“And what is the surprise,” Judy asked.

“Well, we got married the other day,” I replied.

“Yeah, but that's not the surprise is it? I mean I know it would a surprise that I married my brother, but that's not the surprise is it,” Judy asked.

“No. We got married and we need to do something together,” I replied.

“OK. What do we need to do together, it better not just be sex,” Judy said.

Then I laughed a little and put my left arm over her right shoulder as we both leaned up and put our backs on the wall exposing her boobs. I planted a kiss on her lips.

“Well normally, after getting hitched, a newlywed couple goes on something called a honeymoon. And that's what we're gonna do sweetheart,” I said.

“Really no shit, you are not just fucking with me are you,” Judy asked.

“Would I just make something like that up,” I asked.

Then she just hugged me really tightly for a minute and got up. Then she put my hand on her stomach. I almost think she thought she didn't deserve me or something.

“You let me crash here, you told me you loved me, you married me, got me pregnant and now you are taking me out for our honeymoon,” Judy asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

Then she just attacked me as we were both still completely naked. We both made out for several minutes.

“Well I'd love to do what this is leading to, but we gotta go soon. It's about 8:00 now, we gotta get dressed and get out there. Check in is at 1:00 and it takes about an hour and a half to get there. And to top it off, neither one of us have work for a couple days,” I said.

Then she kissed me again and I think was about to get it on with me. But I had to stop her because we wanted to get there on time.

“Where you taking me,” Judy asked.

“Trust me I've said too much already, and I packed us some bags already,” I replied.

Then she looked over by the dresser and noticed the two suitcases I had prepared for both of us. Then she got a little teary eyed and kissed me passionately.

“I love you Gil,” Judy said.

“I love you too Judy,” I replied.

Then we both got up and got dressed. It took us a few minutes, well mostly because she was just so happy. I gave her the dream wedding she had always wanted and now I was taking her out for a honeymoon. So as we done she came up to me again and hugged me.

“What,” I asked.

“Believe it or not, I'm allowed to hug my husband when ever I want. And you know what? You can't do a damn thing about it,” Judy replied trying not to laugh.

Then we hugged and kissed again and we took our suitcases. We headed out to the dining room where everyone else was already awake and just eating breakfast.

“And where's our breakfast,” Judy asked as we came in.

“Well, we could throw it up, but we don't think you'd want it then,” Tim replied.

“Smart asses,” I said.

"I made some for everyone so help yourselves," Connie replied.

Then we ate her pancakes with them for a few minutes.

“Well what's with the suit cases? Going on the run now,” Connie asked.

“Well my husband is taking me out on my honeymoon,” I replied.

“No shit? Cool. Where you taking her,” Connie asked.

“Somewhere I can't tell you. I'm gonna ask you to only call us if it's an emergency please. Connie if something is really wrong with the baby, then you call us OK,” I asked.

“OK. Well what about work,” Connie asked.

“We're taking a couple sick days. We'll have some better luck during the week. And speaking of which, you should start going soon,” Judy replied.

“Yeah we should. Well give us a hug first before you go,” Jane said.

Then everyone hugged and shook hands with everyone right after everyone put their dishes in the sink.

“Well have a good honeymoon. I know it'll be your only honeymoon. And make sure you call me too if there's anything wrong with my great nephew or niece got it,” Connie asked as she hugged me.

“Yes, we promise. OK Judy we should get going now,” I replied.

“OK see you all later. Remember emergencies only,” Judy said.

“We know, see you later,” Tim replied as we left.

Then we went out to my car, put our suitcases in the car and we were on our way. I drove out there. Of course about 2 minutes into the trip she wanted where we were going.

“So where we going,” Judy asked.

“I'm not gonna tell you. You'll just have to wait until we get there. Now don't ask anymore,” I replied.

“And if I do ask again, what's gonna happen then,” Judy asked.

“Then, nothing I guess,” I replied.

“How about I give you a blow job while you are driving? That's gotta be a turn on. You wanna try it,” Judy asked.

“That's dangerous sweetheart. But I'll tell you this: the wait will be worth it. You'll love me more than ever once we get there. We're gonna have the time of our lives there. I promise,” I replied.

Then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She leaned her head on my shoulder as she put her left hand in my lap. She didn't try anything sexual then. A minute later, she started to spark a couple tears of joy. We just sat there in silence for a few more minutes. She kissed me on the cheek quite a few more times and I kissed her hands as well.

“Let's save some for the honeymoon. We'll be there in about an hour now if we're lucky,” I said.

“Well next time, you'll have to not surprise me with a honeymoon and then maybe I won't kiss you so much. But you decided you loved me more than anything and did this for me. So tough shit,” Judy replied.

“Are you OK since the our little fall,” I asked.

“Yes I'm fine. I fell on my back, and it was small fall. And I'm still only like 4 and a half months along. I think the baby is fine. I haven't felt any pain or anything like that either. Why, you worried,” Judy asked.

“Yes a little. That's my first child. I don't want anything bad to happen to you or the baby sweetie,” I replied.

“And just when did you become such a sweetheart,” Judy asked.

“What, you didn't notice until we started dating,” I asked.

“Somewhere around there I think. I mean you were really sweet to me of course before then, but now you are really going out of your way to be sweet,” Judy replied.

“Well I'm so sorry you feel that way. I guess I'll stop being so sweet then, sense you don't like it,” I said.

“Now wait a minute, I didn't say I didn't like it,” Judy replied.

“I know Judy, I'm just messing with you,” I said.

“Now that was not being sweet,” Judy replied.

“You know you love me,” I said.

“Gotta make sure you bring that up though don't you,” Judy asked.

“Yes. What are you gonna do about it,” I asked.

Then she leaned over and kissed me again. Then she leaned back and enjoyed the sights along on the way there. I think she was trying to figure out where we were going. But I gave her no hints other than we'll both love it. It may or may not have been driving her nuts though. But she didn't ask anymore about it for the rest of the trip. It only took us about an hour to get up there at that point, but we made it.

“Holy shit, you fucking love me,” Judy said as we pulled in.

It was a big hotel and spa. She just went nuts. She was just so damn excited even after that big wedding I gave her, maybe some that was still there. She screamed a few times as we got out and got our suitcases.

“Oh my god, I love you, I love you,” Judy said as she kissing me while we walked to the front door holding hands.

"I love you too," I replied holding the doer for her.

Then we went inside and walked to the front counter. There in the lobby were fish tanks, couches, free breakfast for anyone that wants. Magazines, not one but two 32 inch TVs with cable.

“Wow. This is nice. But this has gotta set you back some money though sweetie. I mean can we afford this,” Judy asked.

“Yes of course we can. You just married a guy that loves you and wants nothing more than to make you happy. It's not like I borrowed to do this. If it makes you feel any better, this will be our last big expenditure until the baby is born. Fair enough,” I asked.

“Yes, but still. This is a lot,” Judy replied as the clerk came to the counter.

“Hello, do you have a reservation,” The clerk asked.

Then I gave my name and she showed us to our room. It was on the third floor, so we got a good view from the windows. She gave us the credit card keys and we went inside our room. In there were two massage tables and a very nice queen sized bed in there for us. Then before the door even shut, we both dropped our bags and she jumped into my arms the best she could. We stood there and made out for a minute and I took her to the bed. I got on top of her as we kept making out passionately for a few minutes. Then we were both just so turned on for each other. And the final days before she wouldn't wanna have much sex were winding down rather quickly.

“I've wanted to fuck your brains our ever since we woke up. And now, I'm gonna do it,” Judy said.

“Go ahead, I'm not stopping you,” I replied.

Then she took off my shirt I got right over her and she started licking and sucking on my nipples for a change. It hurt a little, but this was honeymoon sex.

“Ow, be gentle,” I said.

“I'm not sorry,” Judy replied.

Then I put my hands on her head for a minute. And as I was over her she started undoing my pants as well. She did her best to get them off.

“Come get that dick out so you can stick me already,” Judy said.

“I'll do it for you angel,” I replied.

Then I took off pants and boxers while she took off her pants and panties. Then I did stick my very erect dick in her. As she got more and more pregnant, it got more and more difficult to have sex. But we both sure to have some fun. I got it in there though.

“Oh shit, pregnant and honeymoon sex, I love it,” Judy said.

“Me too sweetheart. I love making you feel good,” I replied.

But still only being 4 and a half months along, we were OK. I couldn't kiss her anymore while in missionary without hurting her or the baby. I could still grab onto her nice breasts she had. With more and more milk coming into them, they were getting bigger and bigger. Then of course I licked her nipples as well as they flopped around a little. Then I held them steady and licked them. She really seemed to like it, so I didn't stop. Then she started moaning.

“Oh Gil. That feels so good. Stick in there as deep as possible, it's an unimaginable feeling with that inside me. Deeper, come on deeper,” Judy said.

I made sure to do just that. But every person can only take so much pleasure at one time. Shortly after that I think she was really starting to get uncomfortable.

“Can we switch positions? How about when I sit on you,” Judy asked.

“Yes sweetheart, I like that,” I replied.

Then we switched positions. She sat on me with me dick inside her and she started bouncing up and down. It was an unusual turn on, but I think we both really liked it. I put my hands on her stomach to ensure she wouldn't lose her balance and fall off. And her boobs were really started flopping around as she bounced. She turned her head around and we kissed numerous times.

“Oh yeah, fuck me harder Gil,” Judy said.

“I will Judy,” I replied.

Then I put all my strength into fucking her. The pleasure really intensified then. We both moaned rather loudly. Then shortly after that we both had some big orgasms at the same time. Then we both laid back down and made out for a few minutes.

"So, is it safe to say that you are happy we're here," I asked.

"I think you are safe," Judy replied.

"Good, I was worried for a minute there. I mean you were moaning quite loudly," I said.

"I'm not sorry about that. You were pleasuring me a great deal," Judy replied.

Then we both laughed and kissed passionately for a minute. Both of us just got pleasured a great deal and just wanted to relax for a few minutes. But we weren't sure what we would do after that. We could play in the pool gently, or she could get nails done or something like that if she wanted. But what would we do next? We didn't know just yet. It was our honeymoon, we'd do what ever the hell we wanted.

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nice to see a change of venu,,, still love the series.. more please
Posted 14 Jun 2011 07:00
Posted 13 Jun 2011 19:10
Yep, better and better!

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