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Helping My Cousin

I forgot my charger in my cousin's room.
I was getting ready for bed when I realized that I left my charger for my phone in my cousin’s room. It was late so I quietly walked through the house and into June’s bedroom. Trying not to wake her, I slowly approached where the charger was plugged in. As I was grabbing it, June whispered, “What are you doing up so late?”

“I was just getting the charger and going to bed, sorry to wake you.”

She smiled, “I wasn’t asleep.” June motioned for me to come sit on the edge of her bed. Careful to not trip over anything in the darkness, I went and sat next to where she was lying down. As soon as I sat she softly moved a hand onto my thigh.

“So what’s up?” I asked without hesitation.

“Oh I just can’t sleep, lots of things on my mind” Her hand now slowly rubbing around the area she had set her hand.

“Do you want to talk about whatever it is?”

I caught a naughty smile on her face as her hand slipped over my groin, and grasped my partially erect dick rubbing it slowly over the cloth boxers. “No, but you can help me with it.” She replied in a sexual tone. Motionless I sat deciding whether to tell her to stop or continue what was already feeling good. “But you my family?” I asked in a halfass attempt to see if she would choose for me.

“So?” She gave a little naughty giggle and slipped her hand into my boxers, grabbing my dick even harder and rubbing faster. I gave in without much remorse, slipping my hand up her shirt to play with her breasts and nipples. My other hand I used to pull her into a kiss, long and wet and very passionate.

As soon as our lips broke her head followed her hand. Swirling her tongue around my shaft, her head moved up and down in my lap. Her hand now massaging my sack in motion with everything. I moved my hand down into her soft cotton panties, she let out a moan as I inserted two fingers into her hot pussy flowing with juices enough to soak her cotton panties.

I felt myself getting closer and closer to climaxing the more her mouth swallowed my cock engulfing it in the warmth and wetness not present when her head came back up. I wanted to take this further, and I assumed she did too. I pulled my fingers out of her throbbing pussy and slipped her panties off, she got the message.

She instantly repositioned herself on top on me, forcing me to lay on my back while her juices dripped down over my shaft. Unable to suppress them, she moaned loudly as the tight pussy slowly slid over my dick stretching the entire time. She had me all the way inside of her when she let out one last massive moan, breathing heavily she managed to say “Wow you're so big!”

The warmth of the inside of her pussy was almost burning my dick. She started slowly in a up and down motion, the entire time her pussy still maintaining its iron grip on my shaft. Picking up pace she was moaning and turning red from the pleasures of sex. Her juices flowing everywhere now, soaking the bed beneath me.

I started thrusting in motion with her and soon could feel myself getting close to cumming, constantly the thought of her being my cousin running through my head. “I feel close,” I whispered to her making her decide what cums next. “Cum inside me if you have to! Just don’t stop!” She almost demanded of me. Her moans were turning into screams, “Fuck...Fuck..FUCK!!” She screamed and her waters and juices poured everywhere! Warmth and ecstasy flowed up my shaft, and I poured shot after shot of hot cum into my cousin while she continued convulsing in her own orgasm.

We crashed into her pillows and lay in her bed soaked in sex. For a while we lay and kissed each other softly not saying a word.

“Thanks for the help,” She smiled as I started putting my boxers back on. “Goodnight June.” I grabbed my charger and returned to my room, crashing into my bed and passing out for the night.

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Posted 12 Sep 2012 06:55
Lucky bastard!
Posted 11 Sep 2012 09:09
Great story. Great cousin.

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