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Helping My Sister Shave III- Friends and Secrets

Liz has a friend who also needs some assistance.
Carmen lay on the bed, spread-eagled, trembling. I was poised, above her, a pair of scissors in my hands, as I gazed triumphantly over her dark, hairy pussy. My sister Liz sat on the other side of the bed, her hand on her totally bare pussy. "Do it..." she whispered, her voice tinged with seductive aggression, "...this bitch deserves it!"

"Well done sis!" I thought to myself. I had had plenty of opportunities to help maintain Liz's already carefully groomed pussy, but for the first time I would be allowed to conquer a bush, to take a girl and, for the first time, expose her pussy and render it bare, vulnerable and exposed, to strip it of its natural, cowardly covering of hair and make it bald and brazen, ready to take a tongue or a dick, to give and receive ultimate pleasure.

And to think it had all started with a conversation during our morning shave session.

"Have you ever had sex with a girl?"

"Well, that depends. Have I dildoed a girl, or fucked her with a strapon? No. Have I kissed a girl. Of course. Licked her pussy. Yeah. Did she lick mine back? Wouldn't have it any other way."

Liz was down on the floor on all fours, and I was shaving her asshole. Business as usual. It had been three weeks since Liz and I had struck a deal wherein I would shave her and eat her out in exchange for blowjobs and honest answers about her sex life. It took me a while to ask about girls, even though I'd been dying to ask, because Liz had so much to say about boys. She told me that after she broke up with her boyfriend, she was fuck buddies with a boy on the football team. They would meet after games and practices, and he would fuck her up against the locker, then turn her around and do her doggy style in the shower.
Of course, being Liz, she related these stories with the casual, teenage aloofness that fit with a girl of her age. That was what was great about Liz. She talked about sex casually and honestly. She wasn't ashamed of her sex drive, her needs, or anything, she did what she wanted to do, and she owned it.

"Alright, time to get up," I said. "Time for the pussy."

Liz got up, sat on the toilet, and spread her legs, leaving her perfect teen pussy on full display. As usual, there was only a faint hint of stubble on it, but she made me shave it anyway- she never let her hairs poke out in even the slightest, she would only settle for fully bare 24/7.

"How many girls have you done it with?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"There was only one I actually got naked with," she started casually as I began to rub shaving foam into her pussy. "That was Marie Stevens, you remember her, right? Now before you ask, I'm no lesbo," she giggled, as if this was the least awkward story in the world. "But, I appreciate another woman's body just like I appreciate my own. And Marie had a killer body, as a boy, you've got to admit that."

It was true. Marie Stevens had been the envy of most of my class for the few brief months she had went to our school, though she was in Liz's grade. Long legs and a tight, skinny waist, C-cup tits and thin, angelic platinum blonde hair, bright blue eyes and teeth so bright you could see your reflection in them. The whole of her seemed brighter and purer than anything at that school. Every guy was trying desperately to get with her, but her family moved to another state when her father got promoted. It would have killed them to know that while they were all lusting after her, my kid sister had gotten there first.

"Wow sis, that's quite a catch."

"I know," she said cheekily. "I'm very proud of myself."

I finished off the last bits of stubble on her pussy lips, and once again she was so closely shaven that you couldn't even see where the hair had once been, the skin was so smooth that it looked more natural without hair.

I wet my lips with anticipation; her pussy was already soaked from the shaving. Before I dived in, I said to her, "Tell me about Marie."

"I was getting changed with the rest of my class in the locker room after gym," I was between her outer lips, my tongue sliding and probing into her soft pussy. "And I was wearing my usual undies, and, as you well no, they don't leave a whole lot to the imagination. Marie caught a glimpse. She said to me 'it must take some serious shaving to fit into those.' Everyone laughed of course, they probably thought it was super awkward, and they were probably glad that someone finally brought it up. My class can be pretty immature about that stuff, and I bet it makes them really uncomfortable when I let my preferences show like that." Her words came out between deep breaths as I moved her closer to orgasm, my tongue now gravitating around her clit. 

"But of course, I wasn't thrown off at all," she continued, her casual tone now mingling with her deeper moans of ecstasy, "So I just nodded and said 'you betcha' and that got a real smile out of her. I guess she wanted a closer look 'cause she came right up to me and she was staring at my panties. That got me wondering what team she played for, and I realized that it didn't matter, so long as I got to play with her."

I was under Liz's clitty hood now, just how she liked it. I had to tease my tongue under it lightly, not touching her too directly, to keep her just on the edge. She was one of the few girls I had been with who liked direct contact with her clit, and it really thrilled me to be able to get so close to the center of her pleasure.

"Anyways," she continued, after a long gasping moan, "As all the other girls were leaving, she came over to me and she flicked me, just here."

She ran her finger along her plunging bikini line, smooth and delectable. I moved away from her clit, just as she was about to cum, and ran my tongue along the line her fingers had traced. Her skin was so wonderfully soft, so perfectly smooth, and I felt her shiver as my tongue crossed her bare mound. I moved down it, making my way back to her clit.

"And she said, 'are you that smooth all the way down?' and I gave a little nod, like this."

She pouted her head cutely as I parted her pussy lips once more.

"And, that's when I got in Marie Stevens's pants, somewhere no boy in our school ever went, with the oldest line in the book."

"And what's that?" I asked, genuinely curious, as I paused in my licking and circled her clit with my fingers. Liz looked down into my eyes and whispered. "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours."

"You're kidding!" I said, as I again put my head down and continued licking.

"You'd be amazed how fast her clothes came off. And her pussy, man, it was perfect. It's like mine, but even tighter, and just as completely smooth. I couldn't stop staring. I'd seen plenty of pussies in my day, in the showers, while people were changing, but I'd never seen one that was as pretty as mine. Not until Marie. And that's when she taught me a line that you, my big brother, know very well. You're a first hand example of how well it works."

I was applying more pressure to her clit now, with my fingers on top and my tongue below. Liz could barely choke out her words between breaths.

"She caught me staring, so she told me, 'you can taste it if you want.'"

Liz gave a final heave of shuddering pleasure, then slowly let her breath out and relaxed.

"And of course, I tasted it. And I was hooked. But she wanted a try too. We didn't have time to trade off though, since we had class in just a few minutes..."

"...what a shame..."

" we 69'd."

"Damn sis, you sure know your way around."

"Damn straight," she fired back, and she got down on her knees and reached for my zipper. She pulled out my cock, which was already hard and ready for action. However, instead of taking me into her mouth, she took a pump of soap from the container by the sink and started rubbing up and down my shaft.

"Jeff, don't get mad at me now," she said, she knew how I loved her blowjobs. "But, I need to talk to you, and I can't do that with your dick down my throat."

"What's there to talk about, unless you have more details about Marie's pussy?"

"I've got plenty of those, but I'll save those for later. Look, Jeff, I know you want to keep this whole, this whole shaving situation, contained, but I just wanted you to know that my friend Carmen is coming over after school, and she could benefit from your services."


"Carmen Gutierrez, she's a good friend of mine, I don't know if you've met her or not, she doesn't get out much, her parents are tools."

I noticed that Liz was only stroking my shaft, going up to just before the circumcision line and stopping abruptly. She clearly wanted this conversation to last, and didn't want me to cum until she had had her say. 

"She's sort of a prude herself, in her own way. She doesn't put out much, she doesn't show much skin, she doesn't shave," Liz wrinkled up her pretty face, the thought of an unshaved pussy clearly disgusted her, "but she's got a steamy passion underneath it all. She's just ashamed of it, she's ashamed to talk about it, afraid to use it, afraid to show it, and that's where you come in."

"How's that."

"Carmen has confided in me," Liz said with a swagger in her voice, "she's been having sex with her boyfriend, Chad, he's the first she's ever been with, and not surprisingly, she's loving it. She loves getting fingered, she loves sucking his dick, and she loves taking it in her pussy. But, she wants him to eat her out. When they were fucking, they never did, so she asked him why, and he said it was because she doesn't shave."

"Well, of course."

"Yeah, I wouldn't let any boy eat me out if I had gone for so much as a day without shaving, never mind my entire life. But anyways, she's scared to death of putting a razor anywhere near her pussy, she's afraid she'll hurt herself. And that's where you come in. When she comes over, I'm gonna show her my shave job, to sell her on the idea of being completely bare. Then I'm gonna mention, just casually, that I had a little help getting this smooth. I'll work my way up to it, and then I'll bring you in, you do a little shave-shave, and then I help you reap the rewards."

"But she has a boyfriend..."

"Oh, one little detail I left out, they broke up two days ago. She's still on the pill, by the way." She licked her lips and gave a wink.

"She got mad at him when he asked her to shave, and she stormed out. So, I guess you're going to have plenty of stimulation after school."

She took her hand off my shaft. She had not touched my cock head once.

"Save it for Carmen," she smiled, and flicked my head once, sending shivers down the length of my cock. She pulled on her tight panties, notching them into her cameltoe, and dressed in a short black mini-skirt and one of her trademark tight, low-cut tanktops and started walking off.

"See you after school, bro."

After school I rushed straight back home. I had taken a peek at Carmen while we were at school, and I couldn't wait to shave her. She dressed classy, in a button up shirt and a wavy knee-length skirt, but she was gorgeous, with dark brown hair with highlights that went down to her neck, and amazing C-cup tits that she tried hard to conceal in her shirt, but didn't fully succeed in. Her skin was perfect looking, soft and smooth, and I couldn't wait to uncover more of it with my razor.

Liz and Carmen came in, chit-chatting, as I sat at the kitchen table doing my homework. Liz introduced me casually, and I looked up and waved. Then, as soon as they were upstairs in her room, I snuck upstairs to mine, and sat down at my desk.

A couple of years back, I'd had a party. Our house was a popular party house because our dad was always out and he didn't really mind anyways. But one year, one of the football players got really drunk and punched a hole straight through the wall between Liz's room and mine. We didn't have the money to pay to fix it, so I covered my side with a poster and Liz covered hers with a mirror. Liz knew this, so she took great care to sit Carmen down in a chair close to the mirror.

"I can't believe you and Chad broke up," I heard Liz say, sympathetically. 

"I wanted to shave for him, I really did," I heard Carmen now, she had a cute, tasty tang to her voice, "but I just couldn't do it. I was afraid of hurting myself. And, more the point, I was afraid of seeing myself."

"What?" said Liz, incredulous.

"Well, I mean, vaginas are sort of gross, aren't they? I mean, I don't really know, I don't look at mine much, but at least with the hair there, no one has to see it."

"Carmen, I can't believe you. A pussy is a beautiful thing, and you need to show it. Men love to see a pussy, completely bare, they love it when you present it to them..."

"OK, too much" Carmen laughed awkwardly, "Lizzie, I envy you, you're really comfortable with yourself, but you didn't grow up with a mom and dad breathing down your neck."

"I didn't grow up with a mom..."

"Oh, Lizzie, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way. It's just, my parents are really old fashioned. When I was a girl they taught me never to look at myself down there, and only to touch myself to wash it. And only then I was supposed to touch very lightly and never look."

"Oh my God, so you don't-"

"No, not until Chad taught me" she paused awkwardly, "I guess now, I'm gonna need to. I miss Chad. I mean, it really wasn't his fault, I could have said no, I just...didn't like the position he put me in."

"Well, I'm here to help," Liz said, "and even if it doesn't work out with Chad, I still think you should learn how to shave."

"Well, it drives guys crazy, of course. But it's more than that. It feels cleaner too, and sexier. And when you're freshly shaven and you put on a nice tight pair of panties, oooh, it just feels so good."

"Liz!" Carmen was clearly getting uncomfortable, but Liz pressed on.

"To sell you on the product, why don't you take a look at mine?"

"Oh my gosh, Liz, that is not appropriate, I mean, you'd be naked."

"Come on, we're both girls. It's not like I'm some guy who's gonna get a boner."

"Well, I guess I am a little curious."

"OK then."

I heard Liz sliding down her mini skirt, and a tiny squeak of amazement from Carmen as she saw how revealing her panties were. But that was nothing to the full on gasp of astonishment I heard as the panties came off.

"It''s beautiful..."

"Don't you see. You shouldn't be scared of your pussy."
"Oh Lizzie, I want to be like that, so, so much. But I'm really scared I'll hurt myself."

"Well, I must confess that this isn't entirely my work."
"Excuse me?"

"Well, I used to shave all by myself, but when I broke my arm, I just couldn't. So I had to have Jeff help me."

"Your brother?"

"Oh come on, it's not that bad. I mean, who else was gonna shave me, my dad? You?"

"I guess you're right..."

"I bet he'd be willing to help."

"You want me to show my, my you-know-what to a complete stranger?"

"Well, first of all, he's not a complete stranger, he's my brother. I trust him and so should you. Second, he won't just be seeing your pussy, he'll be shaving it."

"Oh, geez, I don't know Liz, that's really wrong..."

"Nothing wrong about it. Besides, don't you want to be nice and smooth like me?"

"I really do."

"Then what are we waiting for. I'll call him in and go get the shaving supplies."

A few seconds later I heard Liz call my name and I walked into her room. Carmen was sitting by the mirror, crossing her legs nervously.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Jeff. I understand you want a shave."

"Yes," she said, uncertain, "I mean, I think."

"Of course you do," I said, jumping in "who doesn't want a nice, smooth, shaved pussy."

Liz came back into the room with a bowl of water, a razor, shaving cream and some scissors.

"Carmen, it'll be OK" Liz said, "Jeff is an expert, he'll take good care of you."

Liz was still bottomless, her shaved pussy exposed. Just the sight of her made me hard. 

"OK Carmen," I said, reassuringly, "we're not going to get this done if you keep your legs crossed and you keep hiding yourself. Uncross 'em."

Carmen did as I commanded. She was committed now, there was no going back.

I had her stand up and pull down her skirt. She stepped out of it like a piece of candy being unwrapped, and stood before me in her modest panties.

"Now the shirt." I said.

She looked at me quizzically, she had not expected this, but it had become instinctual for me. Liz was always completely nude when I shaved her.

"You're about to become completely naked as a woman," Liz explained comfortingly, "and in order to do that, you're gonna have to get fully nude."

Carmen reluctantly slipped her shirt off. I could see her fantastic tits being pressed up by her black bra. She unhooked it, and they came out with a bounce, barely falling. Then, shyly, reluctantly, quaveringly, her hand moved to her panties. Slowly, bit by bit, she inched them down. It didn't take long for me to notice her first few hairs, it seemed as if she was too shy even to shave her bikini line.

As she stepped out of her panties, I beheld the wildest bush I had ever seen. Admittedly, I hadn't seen many bushes, I had never slept with a girl who had hair on her labia, and all the girls who had any hair on their mound kept it neatly trimmed, still, even to a person who preferred pubic hair, Carmen's bush would have appeared huge. She smiled awkwardly. "Alright," I said, and I moved forward, "let's get started."

Carmen flinched away, and Liz had to put her hand on her shoulder to steady her and calm her down. I sat down near her legs and started in, when I noticed he upper thighs weren't shaved.

"You don't shave all the way up?" I said, surprised.

"Well, who's gonna see 'em?"

"I see 'em, and if I'm gonna do this for you, I want them shaved."

Liz eagerly started rubbing shaving cream into Carmen's legs, she couldn't wait. I grabbed the razor and almost had it pressed to her thigh when she jumped and screamed-

"No! Not yet! I'm scared!"

Liz giggled at her silly friend, but I was frustrated. Where was this hidden sexuality that Liz had told me about? She just seemed scared to me. I decided to try something.

"Alright, listen up" I said, sternly, "I am doing you, and your future boyfriends a big favor here. I am going out of my way to make you perfectly bare, and you are resisting me. I will not stand for that. If you want to live the rest of your life with this big, filthy, disgusting mess between your legs, then go ahead, be my guest. But if you want to be smooth, and sleek and sexy, then you're going to have to shut up and do what I say. From this moment on if I hear so much as a peep from you, I will put this razor down and you will never know the pleasures of a shaved pussy. Now, I am going to finish the job you should have done and shave the rest of your legs, and you will not complain, in fact, you will thank me and you will reward me. After I have fixed your legs, you will get down on your knees and suck my cock. After that, I am going to shave your sweet pussy bare. As a reward for that, you are going to let me fuck it. Liz is going to help me, and as thanks to her for being such a good friend to you, you are going to eat her out while I fuck you, so that you can know how sweet a shaved pussy tastes. From this moment on after you leave this room, every day when you shower, you will shave your legs all the way up, and you will shave your pussy completely bare and leave no hair on it anywhere. This is the only correct way to take care of your body. Now do you understand me?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Liz's pussy glistening with moisture. My whole speech had clearly aroused her, and as I looked up to her she mouthed "thank you" to me. 

Carmen's eyes started to well up, her face frozen, and I was afraid that I had miscalculated, that I had scared her off, or worse, hurt her or made her angry, that she would reproach me. But clearly my authoritarian response had awoken some clear and powerful instinct with me, because she stared, trembling, directly at me and whispered "yes sir."

Liz helped me shave up each of her thighs, careful to expose every last inch of her smooth, delectable skin. After I was done, she immediately fell to her knees and reached for my zipper. My cock, already hard, sprung out of my pants and into Carmen's shocked, open mouth. She began to suck dutifully at it, and though she wasn't as skilled as Liz, her full Latina lips looked wonderful wrapped around my cock.

Liz came around behind her, her perfect, round boobs jiggling, and she pressed her shaved pussy into Carmen's back, moaning with pleasure at the touch of Carmen's beautiful Latina skin against her sensitive exposed pussy flesh. Pushing the weight of her body against Carmen's back, Liz pushed my cock deeper into Carmen's mouth. I felt Carmen struggling to suppress a gag as my dick slid to the back of her throat, but Liz wouldn't let her go. She grabbed the back of Carmen's head and pushed her down even further on my cock, while she thrust and gyrated back and forth, rubbing her sopping wet pussy against Carmen's ass.

She finally gave Carmen a chance to breath, and I felt my cock head move back to the front of Carmen's mouth, where it was greeted eagerly by her tongue.

I didn't bother to hold back for her, I wanted to get on to the rest of her shaving, so I let myself go. As Carmen felt my cock tensing up, she started to pull off of my cock, but Liz pushed her head back down and whispered "No, swallow it all. Eat up all of my brother's sweet jizz, it's the least you can do."

I shot a hearty load straight into Carmen's soft mouth, and I felt her struggle to gulp it down as my cock head slid out of her lips. 

Liz and I hoisted her onto the bed and spread her legs. I eagerly snatched up the scissors.

Carmen lay on the bed, spread-eagled, trembling. I was poised, above her, scissors in my hand, as I gazed triumphantly over her dark, hairy pussy. My sister Liz sat on the other side of the bed, her hand on her totally bare pussy. "Do it..." she whispered, her voice tinged with seductive aggression, "...this bitch deserves it!"

"Well done sis!" I thought to myself. I had had plenty of opportunities to help maintain Liz's already carefully groomed pussy, but for the first time I would be allowed to conquer a bush, to take a girl and, for the first time, expose her pussy and render it bare, vulnerable and exposed, to strip it of its natural, cowardly covering of hair and make it bald and brazen, ready to take a tongue or a dick, to give and receive ultimate pleasure.

I dived in with the scissors, clipping away at this dense, hideous jungle. Each snip took me closer and closer to Carmen's pussy and as the hair fell away in clumps I began to see her copper Latina skin. Liz collected all the hair in a bowl which she held under me while I worked. When I was done, Liz walked over to the garbage can and threw all of the hair in it.

"That's the only proper place for pubic hair," Liz said firmly, "the garbage, because that's what it is."

Liz filled my hands with shaving cream, which I rubbed into the closely clipped remnants of Carmen's once thick bush. 

Then, at last, I started to shave, rinsing the hairs into a bowl of water that Liz held in her outstretched hands. I started with Carmen's once thickly forested mound, which fell before my razor as easily as Carmen had fallen before my words. I was able to denude it remarkably quickly, Liz helped me clear the razor with lightning efficiency, allowing me to strike ferociously at Carmen's bush. 

The mound was done, clean, exposed. Carmen already looked so much better, so much more feminine, her smooth mound shining. But her pussy lips were still covered in short hairs. I would soon fix that.

Carefully now, more tenderly, I ran my razor over her sensitive pussy lips. Liz stretched them out for me, and I stripped the hairs off of them. This was easy, I was able to be much more precise with Liz helping me, and I made sure that not a single hair was left from Carmen's once dense bush.

"You're done," I said. "Don't you dare ever let that bush grow back again, not for the rest of your life."

She nodded quickly and said, "thank you so much."

"Now I claim my reward," I replied.

On queue, Liz jumped up onto the bed and squatted over Carmen's face. I watched as Carmen reached her tongue into Liz's tight, shaved pussy, just as I had done so many times. I knew that Carmen was experiencing a place of wonder.

Now it was my turn. I stretched Carmen's legs out and pulled her down so her pussy was right at the edge of the bed. Still standing up, I rammed my cock straight into her and started thrusting rapidly. I didn't bother to be a sensitive lover with her like I was with my girlfriends, or like I was when I ate Liz out. Carmen was my bitch now, and I could do what I wanted with her. 

Unlubed, my circumcised cock must have hit her tight, tight little pussy pretty hard, but she didn't dare complain as I fucked her so hard her ample its bounced around like they were dancing. 

Instinctively, Carmen reached her hand down to rub her clit, but I smacked it away.

"No, you don't get to cum," I said commandingly, "this is my reward for shaving you, and your punishment for being hairy."

As I thrust my dick hard into her pussy, I watched Liz as Carmen ate her out. Her face looked beautiful, like some sort of crazy angel of pleasure, as she gasped and moaned at the touch of Carmen's tongue, and grabbed madly at her cute tits. It was her I was watching, it was her who aroused me, as I used Carmen's newly shaved pussy.

Despite barely being able to handle the size of my cock in her tiny pussy, Carmen did her best and thrust back with me, doubling my pleasure, as I watched Liz enter the plateau. It was almost surreal to watch her from this perspective, as I fucked the woman who pleasured her, but the weirdness over it was overcome by its sheer hotness. 

As Liz moaned and started to come, I felt my cock stiffen too. Although stimulated separately, we came in unison, as if in sync, as she spilled drops of pussy juices into Carmen's mouth as I shot my load into her freshly shaven pussy.

I withdrew, and Liz stepped back. Carmen was still stunned, breathing deeply.

But, as if through some unspoken agreement, Carmen got up and started getting ready to leave. I watched her put on her bra, then her shirt, and then slide her panties up her freshly shaven legs. I heard her give a little gasp of pleasure as she felt the fabric meet her bald pussy for the first time, a sensation that now, thanks to me, she would feel for the rest of her life. Finally, she slid her skirt up, and she looked once again like her normal, innocent self. But Liz and I both knew that she had a new, bare secret under that skirt, and it turned us on.

After Carmen left, Liz and I stood in the room, staring at each other for a while. Liz completely naked now, me with my dick still hanging out.

"Well, that was fun," Liz said, excitedly, "that was a real thrill."
I nodded in agreement.

We drew closer to each other, as if to congratulate each other on a job well done. But as we met in an embrace, I instinctively bent down and kissed her on the lips. As her soft lips met mine for the first time, I felt a new sensation, a new sense of happiness rising up in my chest. Through all the times we had touched each other, we had never once kissed, it was too intimate, too personal, but now we felt like it was time, and it felt special and right. Despite all the pleasure I had received that day, that kiss was the single greatest gift of all.

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