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Helping my sister

I help my injured sister in ways her physical theropy couldn't
    I had not heard from my sister in a few days, and I was a little concerned.  She called me and we talked almost every day, and we hung out about three times a week when our work schedules allowed for it.  We would usually hang out Friday nights at a bar, getting stupidly drunk.  This usually ended with her throwing up outside my car, and me holding her as various hues only vomit can have came pouring out of her mouth.  She was twenty-one and just learning about the world, so I, being eight years older, felt a bit overly protective of her.  She was naive, and a bit ditsy, believing the stupid stuff she would read or her friends would tell her.  She was in the organic food craze, which she certainly could not afford, but it made her happy, so who was I to argue.
    I finally broke down and gave her a call, to see if she was okay.  She greeted the phone in a pained voice, "Hello?"
Instantly concerned, i asked "April, are you alright?"
    "What's wrong? What happened?"  The concern in my voice was not hidden.
    "I fell down at work.  I was going down the stairs to fast and my foot slipped on some water, and I went flying, landing on my tailbone.  The doctors said it was cracked."
    "Holy shit ... do you need help?"
    "Actually, I need to go to the therapist.... can you give me a ride?"
    "Yeah, of course..."

    Well, long story short, she would go to the therapist three times a week, but because of the location of the injury, they would not massage where they needed to, so the swelling never went away.  She told me that they would massage above the area, but the injury was located at the start of the crack of her butt.  Even though she told them repeatedly they can massage down where they need to, they never did.  During this time, I would help her every day, as she could barely sleep, let alone do stuff like get dressed.  She could not bend down, sitting was agony for her, and laying down required an intricate arrangement of pillows.  One time I came over to help her to the doctor's office, and she was not yet dressed.  It was a one room apartment, and her living room served as the bedroom.  I stayed in the hallway while she was struggling, and i could hear her stifle her exclamations of pain.
    "April, do you need any help?"
    "I just need to put my pants on ...."  I could tell that she was crying a little bit from the sound of her voice.
    "I can hear you crying April ... let me help you, please?"
    She thought about it, and i heard her stifle another groan, probably trying one last time to bend down enough to put on her pants.  She finally said after a few moments, "alright ...."
    I came around the corner into the room, and saw that she was sitting there in her pajama top, she had managed to take off her bottom, which was lying a little off from her bare feet on the floor, and was standing there in her panties.  She had beautiful legs, in my opinion.  She actually was a beautiful girl, with a cute face, and the most gorgeous long straight black hair.  I walked up to her, and gently wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug, and wiped away the tear that was on her cheek.  She looked me in the eye, then looked down, and said softly "Thanks, Mike ..."
    I took the sweat pants from her hands, and knelt down.  She put her hands on my shoulders to stabilize herself as she put her feet into the pants legs.  I moved the fabric up until her foot was through, and then we did the same for her other foot.  I then pulled the pants up over her legs and gently put it around her waist, making sure the waist band did not put any pressure on her injury.
    "Where are your socks?" I asked her.  She pointed at a laundry basket, and I fetched out two matching socks.  We then repeated the same process, her balancing herself on my shoulders as I put the socks on her feet.
    "Can you help me with my shirt too?"
    "Yeah of course."  I was a bit confused why she would need help with that, but then i realized as all her clothes were in the laundry basket, she could not bend down to pick them up.
    She started to take her shirt off, and I could tell that something about the way she was raising her arms made her back hurt too.  So i took the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head, when i realized she was not wearing a bra.  I looked at her bare breasts for the first time in my life, admiring their beauty as my heart leapt in my chest.  This really was not something I should see.  I bashfully turned away when her shirt was off, and she covered herself with her arms.
    "My bra is over there..." she pointed on the floor near her bed.  I went over and grabbed it, and went to hand it to her, when she stretched out her arms, exposing her breasts to me again, wanting me to put it on her.  I obliged, putting the bra straps on her shoulders, and then she turned around so i could hook it in the back.  I picked up a shirt from the basket, and helped her put it on.  She then turned and looked at me, emotion in her eyes, and she hugged me tight.  I hugged her back and kissed her cheek.
    "its okay sis, you'll get better."
    "Thank you, Mike... you're too good to me. I don't deserve a brother like you."
    "Stop it... C'mon , lets get your shoes on."
    I helped her with her sneakers, thankfully the laces were already ties and i just needed to slip them on.  I never manged to figure out how to tie laces from the front.

    I helped her down the stairs, since she was unfortunate enough to live above a business, and helped ease her into my car.  I had set the car seat back, and set up a blanket like a donut, and she would put her injured tailbone in the hole it made.  I drove her to the doctor's office, and sat waiting for her in the waiting room.  I thought about what had happened earlier, seeing her naked torso, and the beauty of her breasts.  I started to feel my penis stir in my pants.  I could not stop thinking about it, when before i knew she came out.  I stood up and walked over to her, forgetting instantly about the thoughts I should not be having, and asked her what the doctor said.
    "He said that the swelling is still there.  I could have told him that.  Ugh I hate this, why did this have to happen to me."
    "Hey don't worry, you'll get better."  We were walking out of the office back towards the car.
    "Yeah, when? And how?  Those idiots at the clinic don't even massage where they are suppose to."
    I helped her into the car, and got in myself, and we drove to the appointment she had with the afore mentioned clinic.  She went in, i waited in the car listening to music and smoking.  Once again my thoughts turned to the events earlier in the day.  My erection grew and ached in my pants, and for a half hour I struggled with it.  Just as I started to rub myself a little bit my sister came out, looking annoyed.  I got out and helped her once again into my car.  I asked "so what happened?"
    "I told them that the doctor said the swelling is the same, and that I really want them to massage where they should.  That what they are doing is not helping.  They said they are not allowed to massage that far down, because they are afraid of malpractice or some shit like that."
    I got pissed at that.  "Man, that is bullshit.  What kind of place are they that no longer help people because they are afraid someone might claim that shit.  You're injured on your tailbone, not your lower back.  That is what they should be massaging."
    She was angry, but now grew depressed, and said to me "Just ... lets just go back home.  I just wanna take a nap."
    I drove home, being careful not to hit any potholes.  I parked my car in the street in front of her door, and helped out, and making sure my car was locked, helped her upstairs.
    "I have to pee...."  She went into the bathroom and closed the door.  It was adjacent to the hallway, so as I waited for her outside, i heard her cry out a little bit as she must have sat down.  I knew she was going to need help putting her pants back on, or struggle in pain, so I timidly ventured and asked "Lets kill two birds with one stone, and lemme help you take your pants off, that way you don't have to bother with pulling up your pants."
    She thought a moment, and then said okay.  I opened the door slowly, and walked up to her on the toilet.  I knelt down beside her, trying not to pay attention to the fact that her pussy was exposed right now.  Thankfully I was at the side of her, and would not have been able to see her vagina if i tried.  I slipped off her sneakers, and then pulled her sweat pants off.  The way she moved her legs to help me, her panties, originally at her knees, ended up going down to her ankles.  she did not pay them any mind, and lifted her arms to me so i could help her up.  I helped her up, and she turned to me.  I knelt back down, and got a full view of her shaved pussy, the lips soft and puffy, hiding everything inside, just a simple adorable cute slit going down.  I quickly averted my eyes to her feet, and pulled her panties up, catching a glimpse of her flower one last time.
    I led her into the living room, where she started to take her shirt off.  I helped her out, and then she turned around so i could do her bra.  I unfastened it, and she let it drop, and turned around covering her breasts with her arms.  She was standing there in nothing but her socks and panties, and I couldn't help but feel my penis stir and grow.  She put her arms out so i could put the shirt on her, her large breasts hanging fully loose and exposed.  I noticed that her nipples were a bit erect, undoubtedly from the cool air, as I put her shirt on.  I then grabbed her pajama bottom, knelt in front of her, and after she balanced herself on my shoulders helped her into them. 
    I eased her onto the twin sized bed. She lays on her stomach, and turned on the TV.  I took off my own sneakers and laid down next to her. Watching the pointless show she had put on.  After a minute or two i heard her softly start sobbing.  I leaned over and wrapped my arm around my baby sister, and held her close, petting the hair on her head to comfort her.  I said softly in her ear "its okay April, don't cry."  She turned and faced me, and i put one arm under her head and wrapped my other arm around her shoulders, and held her as she sobbed looking at me.  She then said "Thank you so much for helping me today."
    "Its no problem, you don't have to thank me, i just wish i could do more."
    "I just wish those assholes at the clinic would do their job."
    I thought a moment, and then said "if you want, i could try massaging you."  She looked at me, surprised, and then nodded.  I knelt onto the bed, straddling her legs and tried to massage where I thought would be best, but instead I hit the injury directly, and she yelped in pain.
    "Shit I'm sorry!  I ... I really can't see what I'm doing."
    "Its okay.  Here..." she then lowered his pajama bottom and exposed the top part of her butt.  I started to carefully and softly massage near the top of her butt crack, softly at first and then seeing as it was not hurting her, a little more firmly.  I had read a book on massage a few years earlier, and was trying to remember what in the hell I was doing.  Of course, it was a book on sensual massage, but if it worked it worked.  I started to use my finger tips to press hard into the flesh of her butt, poking with all my fingers.
    She turned her head back towards me and said "Oh god that's perfect, just like that."  I did that for about ten minutes, staring at the soft skin of her butt.  I started to grow a little more bold, and started to use my palms to roll away from the middle of her butt out to the side.  She just laid there.  The reason i had in my head if she asked why was to help drain the swelling, which was true, but also because now i was spreading her butt cheeks and looking at more of her ass.  Her asshole was covered still by the pajama bottom, but I figured if I continued to do this on a regular basis for her, I'm sure I could get her to take it almost all off.  I then realized what in the hell I was thinking, that this was my sister and I shouldn't be thinking like this at all.  I stopped massaging her, ashamed of myself, and lifted her pajama top back in place.
    "Why did you stop?"
    I lied to her, "My back is starting to ache a bit and my hands are tired.  Not used to this sorta thing.  How are you feeling?"
    She turned a bit onto her side, and looked at me, "Wonderful, that was wonderful thank you."  I leaned in close to her and gave her a tight hug, and she surprised me by giving me a quick peck on the lips.  I smiled at her, bashful.
    I then said after we let go of each other, "I actually need to get going.  I'll come over tomorrow though if you want me to massage you again."
    "Yeah, that'd be great, Mike, thank you so much!"  I smiled and gave her another hug and kissed her head, and let myself out.  As soon as I was out of her apartment I immediately thought about what exactly had happened today, and could not wait until tomorrow.  My hard on was raging in my pants all the way home, and as soon as I let myself into my own place and closed the door, my pants was off, i was in my bed and my dick in my hand.  It didn't take very long at all to climax, and the load shot clean over my body onto my pillow.

    And this is how it went every day for about a week.  She stopped going to the clinic, and I would come over after work every day and give her a massage.  I had re-read the book, and remembered a few things.  That its best to massage the surrounded muscles and area before working on a problem area.  This would help relax that problem area before hand.  So i told her this, and I'd like to work from her back down, then her legs up.  She agreed, and took off her shirt before laying down on the bed, and I lowered her pajama pants and panties down to her knees.  My dick instantly got erect.  I had made some massage oil with lavender oil and a few other choice natural ingredients (had to be all natural and organic, she made me read off everything i put in it), and putting a generous amount in my hands, started to massage her neck and shoulders first.  I let my hands glide over her skin, feeling the bumps and dips of her muscles and bones underneath her soft flesh.  My hands glided lower, working on either side of the spin, kneading her muscles at first, then doing the poke poke with my fingers that she loved so much, getting between the ribs and muscles.  I worked all the way down to her butt, then started on the butt cheeks, oiling up my hands again, i rubbed them outward, kneading each cheek, together, one at a time, back and forth.  I each time i rubbed them her cheeks spread apart, and I could see not just her asshole, but her vagina as well between her legs clearly.  I then started on her legs, and she actually spread her legs a little bit.  I started to rub them, kneading her legs like dough.  The feel of the soft skin under my hands, gliding over her flesh effortlessly from the oil, and the soft smell of lavender, all put together was intoxicating.  I noticed that April was lying very still, and seemed so relax.  So i started to work my way up her legs, and timidly put my hands on her inner thighs, massaging. 
    I asked her "Is this okay?" since i was so close to her vagina.  She didn't answer, and so I figured she was just zoned out from relaxing. 
    So I continued to rub softly, massaging her inner thighs, when I noticed she twitched.  I stopped and asked again if she was okay.  No answer, so when i slowly started to massage again, i looked to see what exactly i was doing. Turns out my pinkies during this whole time were rubbing on her pussy lips and I didn't know.  So i thought maybe she was enjoying it, that is why she was twitching and was too embarrassed to say anything.  So I continues to gently rub her legs, my hand moving upward ever so softly, gently rubbing more and more of her pussy.  She continued to twitch every once in a while, and in about fifteen minutes, I had my entire hand on her pussy.  I couldn't believe i was doing this, and my heart was in my throat, my penis was stone hard.  I was sitting there rubbing my baby sister's pussy, feeling the soft lips, her soft smooth flesh, the beauty of her folds.  Her flower was the most wonderful I had ever seen or felt.  I gently massaged her, with my other hand rubbed up and down on her back softly.  I grew a little bolder and slipped a finger inside of her.  I still could not believe this was happening, it was like a dream.  After a minute of gently rubbing her inside, she suddenly says out loud surprised "Mike, what the hell are you doing?"
    It then dawned on me what had happened.  "I thought ... oh god, you fell asleep didn't you?  I'm sorry, I saw you twitching and i thought you were enjoying it."  I paused and looked at her... "are you enjoying it?"  I then continued to rub on her pussy a bit.
    "Mike ...." she tried to reach behind her and push my hand away, but she must have felt very naked right now, being topless and my hand on her vagina, she did not get up.  Doing so would have exposed her breasts to me.
    I looked at her and said softly "just relax...let me help you relax..."
    She said back to me "Mike, i am relaxed, but this ... please mike ... stop."
    I continued to massage her between her legs, softly, and she continued to plead with me.  "April, just enjoy it ... it'll help, it'll help relax your body."
    "Mike ... please, please stop.  This isn't ... right ...."  I saw her arm trying to grab for me again, but it seemed half hearted, and she voice was wavering.  She let out a small moan, as my fingers were working in between her lips and tracing her folds.  I could tell she was getting closer, and her voice gave it away.
    "God Mike, please.... no ...." She looked at me with tears in her eyes, and i felt bad, but could not stop myself ... She said one last time "Mike .... no...." and shook her head, and then she started to twitch and grabbed the pillow, burring her head into it, moaning loudly as she orgasmed from her brother.  I slowly stopped massaging her, her body still twitching and went up to her face and wrapped my arms around her.  She looked at me with tears in her eyes.  I started to apologize to her, but she shook her head, and rolled on her side instead.  I looked at her naked form.  I could not help but reach out and cup a breast in my hand, softly massaging it.  She moaned and bit her lower lip.
    "April.... I'm ...." I started to pull my hand away but she grabbed it and put it back on her breast, and I instantly rubbed her nipple and felt her soft white skin.
    "You don't want me to stop, do you?"  She shook her head no.  So, I took off my clothes, and slid in next to her, her head resting on my arm, my hand between her legs softly rubbing, and my face on her breast, sucking on her nipples....

    This was a couple weeks ago.  The pain in her injured tailbone is going away, and she can now sit and bend down without problems.  But, she insists that I continue to massage her.   I have no problem doing this for her.
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Posted 21 Mar 2014 23:30
I hope you have some more!
Posted 31 Oct 2012 23:00
haha cant wait for the next part... so realistic, so natural...
Posted 30 Apr 2011 21:42
Next part next part
Posted 11 May 2009 21:50
Very well done, and the only critic I have is to maybe you should have either put sex in it, or dragged out the whole experience, for example instead of so quickly hand fucking her wait two weeks and describe how close your getting everyday. But overall i'd say a four( which is the highest i'v given)
Posted 28 Sep 2008 06:19
Pretty d#mn good!!
Posted 27 Sep 2008 00:11
Good one
Posted 19 Sep 2008 05:24
Thank you =) I most certainly do welcome comments and advice
Posted 19 Sep 2008 05:21

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