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Her Father's Girlfriend part 2

All my work is fiction. This story contains consenting adults in explicit nature.
“What the hell is going on here?!” a masculine voice interrupted Erica’s orgasmic ambiance. Sarah pulled away from the teen’s mound and gaped at her boyfriend.

“R-richie,” she gasped, pulling her hand from her slickened slit. “I can explain!”

Erica’s middle-aged father stared in shock as he saw his disheveled daughter getting eaten out by his girlfriend, his face blank of emotion. His faux leather jacket covered his work shirt, his jeans dirty from a hard day’s work in the shop.

A silence fell over the three as Rich just stared at the women, wondering how long that he had been cheated on. He was shocked stiff, and he could feel his cock had gone as stiff as the rest of his body. Sarah spotted the bulge in her boyfriend’s pants and smirked, her tongue slipping out to lap away the rest of Erica’s cum from her lips. Without saying a word, Sarah stood up and walked over to him, peeling her clothes off and throwing them to the side of the room.

Sarah pushed his jacket from his shoulders, leaning into him till her cunt-scented breath fanned over his face. “Taste your daughter,” she whispered before her lips crashed against his.

He moaned into her mouth as he tasted Erica’s nectar, his tongue writhing into Sarah’s mouth to get more of his daughter’s taste. Sarah placed his hand on her breast, his fingers almost immediately going to tweak her nipples.

The soft smacking of their lips made Erica stare at the couple, her hand absentmindedly slipping between her thighs to her exposed cunny; Erica stared as her father squeezed and pinches Sarah’s breasts while Sarah unbuckled his belt. Sarah pulled her mouth away from Rich’s and went down to her knees, pulling down his pants with animalistic want. Erica could see her father’s cock was hard and was stretching the thin material of his boxers.

Rich’s cock sprang up and bobbed in front of Sarah’s face when Sarah had pulled his boxers down. Sarah licked her lips and stared up at her lover. “You remember the taste of your daughter?” she asked with lust laying over her words. “Well, it’s going to be on your cock, daddy.”

In her next breath, Sarah sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. Erica let a finger slip into her dripping pussy, a moan escaping her mouth as her hole grew to swallow the digits. Rich looked up to see his daughter working her depths as her other hand massaged the swell of her creamy orbs.

Erica’s gaze met her father’s, but she couldn’t stop herself from working her cunt. Cum began to slick her thighs as she saw Sarah lick her father’s cock from the base to the tip.

“Did you know, that your daughter is a lesbian?” Sarah whispered as her tongue waved over his fleshy pole, her hand cupping his heated balls with care. Her gentle touch brought out a moan from Richard’s throat and he should his head, unable to find his voice. “You know how wet that makes me,” she continued as her fingers gently teased hi, her pink lips gliding along his rising veins.

He gulped and nodded as his eyes kept staring at Erica, wanting her to suck her own tit. “Suck it baby,” he groaned. Much to his delight, Erica lifted her extended nipple to her mouth and licked the bright pink tip, Sarah swallowing his length once more into her throat. Rich’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt his cum stir in his balls, the load beginning to make its way up his spit-covered shaft.

Seeing her father in such pleasure made Erica sink another digit into her sloppy pussy, her hips bucking in time with her moans, some of her juices dripping down to her puckered asshole. “Oh,” Erica moaned around her nipple loud enough for her horny father to hear.

“Make me come,” he rasped, not sure if he was talking to his daughter or his young girlfriend. Sarah slurped his cock deeper into her throat until the thickness of his shaft stretched the confines of her throat. With her neck bulging, her eyes looked up at her boyfriend from beneath her lashes. Rich moaned as he saw the look of complete submission that Sarah had towards him, seeming to beg him for cum as she sucked his cock.

Her warm mouth was wrapped around almost his entire length as her tongue danced under his dick, and she could tell that his load was about to fill her mouth. The thought of his hot seed quenching her thirst made her moan and she felt the first familiar rope of his climax coat the back of her throat. “Oh shit I’m coming!” he yelled as another rope of cum shot from the tip of his cock.

Erica was pounding her fingers in and out of her pussy when her father announced his orgasm, his yell triggering her own gushing peak of pleasure. “Oh God!” she bawled as her body quaked with cosmic pleasure.

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Posted 18 Apr 2011 02:36
how wonderful. Ericka gets to watch as her daddy gets sucked to orgasm and she cums at the same time. Delightful. More to cum, I'm going to read it right now
Posted 15 Apr 2011 22:50
Great idea and scenario. Pity is was so short; too quick; could have had more description in places. Keep writing and hope the next part comes soon.
Posted 14 Apr 2011 20:26
Yes there has to be more to this story. Dad needs to eat at his dtr's lunch box. Fill his mouth with her cum, while she sucks his cock. Can you put that in the next chapter?? "V=5++."
Posted 12 Apr 2011 10:49
Damn need to keep this rolling. He can't be one and done.
Posted 12 Apr 2011 08:00
Short, but sweet. Really hot Aann. More. Soon.
Posted 12 Apr 2011 03:18
great story i think hope you write more on this
Posted 12 Apr 2011 01:50
Real slutty twist you gave. Love the unbroken continuation of eroticism.
Posted 12 Apr 2011 01:02
pretty good, covered all the important points everyone wont like how short it is though

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