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Hidden From Society

A brother and sister realize their love for each other

I knew that it was wrong, hell, ask a random bum off the street and he'll agree with you. Society was against it, the church was against it, my parents were against it, but not me.

Hell no, not me.

I stood there, hidden in my sister's closet, smelling her perfume and feeling her soft lingerie on my face and shoulders. Through the tiny crack in the wooden frame of her sliding closet door, I could see her. She had just come in from her tennis practise down at the court. No more than two minute walk, but the work out there was a different story.

I could see her sweat, not heavy, just a thin layer of it, all over her body. It made her gleam like the goddess I swore that she was. I took my seven and a half inch hard-on out from my jeans and began to stroke it gently. I had wanted my sister for as long as I could remember, just imagining her all over me set my nerves ablaze.

Before I go on, let me tell you about myself. My name is Nathan, and I am only sixteen, but am fairly built for my age. My brown hair is medium length, and I consider myself to be 'handsome', not 'hot' or 'cute'. But my sister, oh my god, she is beyond hot.

At nineteen, a steady three years and a month older than me, Jennifer stands as the single most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. She is about as tall as me, if not just a teensy bit taller. Her long dirty-blonde hair goes down to her upper back, and her average frame is one to die for. She has perfect C-cup breasts and slim hips, and I cannot even begin to describe her legs. But if I could sum it up one one word, it would be 'heavenly'.

Now, back to my story...

I stood there, captivating, watching as she slowly took of her shirt, revealing her tight bra, and slid out of her short shorts, showing her panties. My hard-on grew more as I stroked more fiercely, bitting my lip, silently urging her to go on.

Suddenly, as she took the hair band from her long, swaying hair, she began to walk towards the closet. Panic flooded through me. Instinctively, I pushed my near-climaxed cock back into my jeans and zipped them up, catching myself painfully as I did in such a haste. As quickly and quietly as I could, I huddled in the corner of the closet and prayed to not be seen.

The wooden door slid open, and my sister's long arms came through, obviously searching for a shirt. Her head poked in and I held my breath, hearing my heart beat furiously in my chest.

Jen moved some of the hangers aside, then finding nothing, moved on to her hangers just above my head. Still, my breath was held. As a daring red haze crept on the edges of my eyes, I refused to give in.

To bad so sad, said the gator, my time was up.

"What the hell...ew Nathan, what the fuck are you doing in here!" she shrieked. her long nails dug into my scalp as she grabbed me by my hair and threw my out of her closet. It was hear that I gave in and breathed, swallowing cold gasps of air as fast as I could. Jen's yelling became muffled and from my vantage point on the floor I could see my mother's feet, one of them tapping furiously.

"Nathan..." Even in my state, that voice was clear as day. 

"Y-yeah?" I mumbled, making my way to my feet. I looked up at my mother, her face was covered in a mask of green cream, whatever that was really called. Her hair was full of curlers, as it would be this early in the morning, and through her eyes I could see just enough anger to send a chill down my spine.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked in the tell-me-or-else sort of way. I couldn't lie, lest I wanted to sleep inside tonight,

"Spying?" I said, my head down and my voice mumbled.

"On who?" God, I hated her so much right now.

"Jen." My face flushed red. My mother gasped, and I dug deep into my brain, searching for some sort of excuse that I could use. I found one just in time.

"She disappeared early this morning, and I wanted proof that she was sneaking out like you told her not to, so I waited in her closet for her to return." The best one that I could come up with, my mother had in fact caught and warned Jennifer about sneaking out. Whether it was to go to a boy's house or to a tennis practise, Jen had to tell my mother where she was at all times, or there would be severe consequences. Like grounding, or worse.

My mother gasped again. "Is that true!?" she glared at my sister, and my sister took that glare to me. I smiled devilishly, having gotten away scott free.

"N-no it's not!" My sister objected.

"Don't lie to me, you know as well as I do that you're lying." My mother stuck a finger out and pressed it into my sister's collarbone. It took me this long to realize that my sister was still in her underwear, and my hard-on started to grow again.

"Well look at the time, I sure should be going now..." I trailed off, sneaking away from my scene. But nothing escapes my mother's eye, not even this. Before long her hand was on my shoulder, and just from her grip I could tell that she wasn't very happy with me.

"Oh no you don't," she said, "You're in just as much trouble here, young man." She pulled me back and I was forced to look at her.

My mother's face turned from me to my sister and back again. Her eyebrows lowered and her lips became pressed together. Instantly I knew what would happen next.

"You're both grounded," she said, and I hated to be right. "For one month--"

"A month!" My sister objected, balling her hands into fists. "I have a tennis tournament coming up!" But my mother only shook her head.

"You know the rules," she said, pointing her finger at my sister again. My sister backed away like it was a snake. "And grounded means no phone, no TV, so texting, not internet, and..." she turned to me, preparing to drive the nail home. "No video games." As much as I had heard that in the past, that still hurt.

Her job done, my mother marched off in a huff, and I was greeted not by my sister's beautiful figure, but her hard palm slapping against my cheek. I staggered back in surprise, holding my sensitive flesh, a look of pain on my face.

"You filthy bastard." Jen spat at me, I didn't know whether to feel turned on or insulted. I chose the latter, just for this one.

"Speak for yourself, whore," I threw back. "You were probably meeting up with Jason, that's why your nips are so hard." I smiled at my discovery. True enough, My sisters nipples were so hard that I could see them poking out through her bra. She blushed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Screw off." She said, then disappeared into her room and slammed her door, much to the disapproval from my mother.

I smiled, then disappeared into my room, closing my door all the same. I looked at my clock, 7:34, not my average wake up time for a Sunday, but good enough. My dad was at worked by this time, and my mother would be gone by 8:00 by the latest, even with this delay. A miracle worker she was, if nothing else.

I got undressed from my clothes and stepped into the shower. I washed myself quickly, knowing that I had limited time, and a hell of a hard-on that was just begging to be used up. As I rested my hand over my crotch, images of Jennifer sprouted in my mind. her begging me to fuck her harder, her perfect breasts bouncing up and down as she rode my hard cock. Soon I was near climaxing, and apparently, so was she. Her name drifted off my lips as I finished up, leaving me starring at my hand and the white cream that engulfed it. I cleaned up and dried just in time for my sister to come banging on the door. I exited with a smirk on my face, purposely sweeping my hand up Jen's arse, like a brush in the wind.

And I don't know if it was just me imagining it, or an actual thing, but I saw my sister jump a little. I expected another hit across the face, but none came. Before my sister could change her mind, I scurried out of there, images of her naked body over mine dancing in my head 


By 10:00 my mother was gone, and my sister and I were alone. I was playing super mario bros (no, we didn't have Ybox 360's or Ninetendo Wii's in my day, we had a Super Ninetendo, and that was like a god to me) and my sister was on the phone with her boyfriend Jason. Of course, my mother had no way of knowing that we did what she asked us not to do, unless one of us squealed. And on my account, that never happened.

My sister was in a purple blouse and black jeans, both of which hugged her body intensely. I tried not to look at her for fear of getting a hard on now of all times. I was in my clothes from this morning, a green t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

Suddenly, my sister hung up the phone and ran into the living room, walking in front of the TV and screwing me over against a Koumpa and causing me to lose my last life.

"Hey!" I shouted at her. She looked at me and stuck her tongue out. I stuck my right back, and we both laughed. Sure, we had our hard times, but we've always been there for each other, although I'm guessing that Jen would take some time to forgive me about what happened this morning.

"I'm going out," she said. "Jason says he has something urgent to tell me, so I'm going." She explained.

"Lemme guess," I made a thinking pose with my knee and arm, and Jen laughed. "He's horny, isn't he?" At this my sister threw her purse at me, laughing nevertheless.

"You wish." she said, and walking across the room again, disappeared through the door.

Now, a walk to Jason's house is not far, maybe a ten minute walk if you paced yourself, but in the time it took Jen to get back to our place, you'd think that she was a champion runner. In the time that she was gone, I had turned off my video games and stuffed and old porno (I got them from my friend and hid them under my bed) into our VCR. I had just taken my cock out when she burst through the door, and I just managed to stuff it back in when she looked up.

Her face was covered in tears, and her hands were constantly rubbing them away. Instantly I was on my feet, knocking over my newly-opened bottle of coke in my haste, forgetting about the bulge in my pants.

"Jen, what happened?" I asked. Now after the event this morning, you would think that Jen would have just ignored me, but like I said, we were close.

"He broke up with me!" she shouted through tears. "He just called me over, making out with this other bitch, and said its over, just like that!" She threw up her hands, and threw her purse down on the ground. She walked over to the couch and sat down, her hands covering her face and muffling her sobs.

Taking my chance, I wrapped my arms around her and held tight. After a while she hugged back and cried into my shoulder. I brushed her hair, comforting her and telling her what a faggot Jason was, and eventually she stopped.

The remnants of tears still in her eyes, she looked up into my own. Her shining green met my dark brown, and she smiled. I had seen that smile before, just before she went over to Jason's house, when they were sure going to have sex. It was a lust filled smile.

"And I'm so damn horny too..." she said, lowering her gaze for just a minute. Those words knocked the wind out of me, hitting me like a brick wall. It was so sudden and unexpected, I almost didn't respond back.

But I had to, so I saw my chance, not looking back, and took it.

"Well we can fix that." I said, looking over to the TV. It took my and Jen until now to see that I had never turned the porno off. Maybe that was why Jen was so horny, but I didn't care, the only thing that I had cared about these past few years was my sister and me, having sex for the first time.

"But that would be incest." Jen said in a small two-year-old voice. It turned me on instantly, just looking into her green eyes. Slowly she began to rub my crotch. I moaned softly and responded.

"Do I look like I care?" I asked, and Jen smiled, squeezing my crotch now. I moaned again and slowly unbuttoned my sister's purple blouse, revealing the baby blue bra beneath. I grasped her breasts through the fabric, and she bit her tongue, deciding whether to go on or not.

As if to influence her decision, I brought her into a kiss. Our first of many, let me tell you. I forced open her mouth with mine and wrestled her tongue with my own. She closed her eyes and succumbed to her desires, rubbing my cock more intensely now.

I pulled back from our kiss, letting a string of saliva pass between us, and then slid my hands around the inside of her blouse, undoing her bra with surprising precision (I was only sixteen, I remind you, and I was a virgin at that) and watching as it slid off, revealing her plump, perfect breasts. Without hesitation, I grabbed one, squeezing softly, and sucked on the other, as I had seen in numerous pornos.

Her nipples tasted good, to good to describe. And as I sucked and licked them, she pressed my head deeper into her chest, moaning all along.

"Oh god, yes Nathan." she whispered into my hear, and I switched breasts, sucking with more feeling this time. She hugged me and began to hump air.

"I want to lick you sis." I said, moving slowly down to her belly, kissing all along. Jen unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off in one smooth motion, revealing her blue panties. My heart bursting with excitement, I tugged them off and dug my face into her wet snatch. She screamed out in pleasure as I licked her and fingered her with one hand. She pressed my head deeper still as I twirled her clit, smelling the greatest thing I have ever smelled to this very day. I switched my finger from her vagina to her ass, and at this her whole body began to shake.

"Oh my god, oh my god Nate!" she shouted, and felt a hot fluid rushed over my hand and mouth, Knowing what it was, I drank greedily, licking my lips when I had finished.

"Mmmm," I said. "That was delicious." I leaned up and kissed Jen again, twirling my tongue through hers. She grabbed my cock again and squeezed, rubbing as well. I couldn't take it anymore.

As if reading my thoughts, Jen spoke up.

"I want to return the favor, bro," she said. "You've never done it with a woman, have you?" I pulled back and shook my head, embarrassed and excited at the same time. She smiled her lusty smile and I nearly climaxed at that.

Without a word, Jen unzipped my pants and slid them off. I hadn't been wearing boxers that day, so my hard-on sprung up like a panzy when my jeans uncovered it. Jen gasped then smiled, grasping it in her hand and stroking softly.

"Wow, it's bigger than I imagined." she said, and I grew more turned on thinking that she had thought of me before. Silent again, she kissed the stem and moved up to the head. Kissing all the way, she opened her mouth and slid the whole thing in her throat at once. I leaned back and arched my back in pleasure, even though I had yet to climax. It was the greatest thing I had ever felt.

Taking her time, Jen moved up and down on my cock, working her tongue in gentle swirls as she did so. I gripped her head and pushed gently, then pulled gently. Up and down, in and out. My cock was lathered in her saliva when I felt my climax arriving.

"J-Jen," I stuttered. "Slow down, or I-I'll cum!" But she refused to, if anything, she increased the speed. I felt nothing more than pure ecstasy as I forced her head down, swallowing all of my cock. I released jet after jet of cum into her throat, and she swallowed every last drop of it. When she finally pulled off, my cock had remained as hard as stone, and she flashed me that smile again.

I was ready for round two.

"Oh god, Nate, that was so much better than Jason's ever was." she said, stroking my cock again and again. "But I can't take it anymore, I need this long rod inside me before I explode." She looked at me, and all I could so was nod, speechless.

Standing on her knees, Jen slid off her blouse and bra so that she was completely naked, and I did the same with my shirt. This was it, my most desirable fantasy was coming true.

Jen pressed her hands against my chest, forcing me to lie down. As I did, she moved over me, and teased me with her vagina. When I thought that I could take no more, she plunged down on me, sending an arc of pleasure through both of us. If we weren't the way we were, I probably would've realized that she just stole my virginity.

But all that was gone now, and as she moved up and down on my long rod, all I could do was moan in pleasure and ecstasy. I opened my eyes and looked at her, the gorgeous body of hers riding me of all people, her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode.

"Oh, oh fuck Nathan, it's so damn big!" she shouted, and pressed her hands on my muscled chest. I pulled her in for a long kiss, our tongues dancing together, before she climbed back up and resumed fucking me like a champion.

"Fuck sis, your pussy feels so good!" I yelled out, placing my hands on her hips as she drove me home over and over again. I was surprised that I had lasted this long.

"It better feel good, cuz I'm your goddamn sister," a loud moan interrupted her as I found her G-spot. "You fucking bastard, fuck your sister harder!" She ordered, and I obeyed. I began matching her bounces with my own thrusts, and before long I felt a second climax building up in my balls.

"Sis, I'm gonna cum, what do I do?" I asked frantically.

"You cum in me you fucking bastard!" She yelled. "You cum in your fucking sister, and you don't miss a fucking beat--Uurrg!" She moaned again. "Fuck, your gonna make me cum too!"   

Her bounces on my cock increased in speed, and I matched them with more powerful thrusts. As pleasure burst through my whole body, I leaned up and grabbed Jen's breasts, kissing her as an afterthought.

And as our tongues danced and our sexual organs fought, I felt both my cock explode and her pussy contract. The feeling that came from the two was (and is to this day) the greatest thing I had ever felt.

"Ah, fuck!" Jen yelled through her acting mouth as I released a load of sticky, hot cum into her. Again and again as her own pussy juice poured out onto my long, hard cock, I still came. After what seemed like hours, I stopped, my balls drained and my cock aching in pleasure, and looked at my sister.

Her eyes were full on content and happiness, and she spoke.

"Damnit, Nate," she whispered, her energy evaporated. "That was the greatest fuck I've ever had." She smiled her smile again, and I felt my cock twitch, ever so slightly.

"Join the club," I said back. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met, and I'd give both my right and left arm to do that with you again." Her smile turned into a face of pleasure, and she kissed me long and hard. "But what about you, what if you get pregnant?"

"Who cares," she said. "I would have a thousand babies if it meant fucking you." At this I smiled, then grabbed her breasts tightly in my palms, she moaned again and kissed me.

"You ready for round three, boy?" she asked, I smiled, squeezing her breasts even tighter, then nodded.

"Only if you are sis, but you better be ready," My smile turned into a naughty smirk. "Cuz three is my lucky number........."


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Posted 22 Jun 2012 20:39
Beautifully composed and very hot for me. I've always felt the same about my sisters.
Posted 13 Jun 2010 03:56
a bit rushed, but hot none the less
Posted 30 May 2010 00:07
i loved it! you brought back many memories to me,as i was raised in a very loving incest family,,i had almost the same beginnings as nate, except my loving sister made me a man at age 10,, (from lusty rusty 33139) now age 58
Posted 04 Jan 2010 20:43
Awesome story :)
Posted 04 Jan 2010 15:57
i loved it!!! bring up memories of me and my sis.
Posted 28 Dec 2009 06:33
excellent !!!
Posted 25 Dec 2009 06:33
Great story. Please do a second part.
Posted 24 Dec 2009 12:36
Sweet, I'm so glad you guys liked it, since it's my first story and all. But worry not, a sequel is in the works....
Posted 24 Dec 2009 05:53
Another good one!
Posted 24 Dec 2009 05:10
Wonderful story, please... let it continue.....

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