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His Dreams Came True-3

His Dreams Came True-3

While I was fucking my horny sister, my mother was spying on us outside the bedroom door.
As I was lying there next to my sleeping mother I enjoyed the aftermath of our great lovemaking session. I felt like the luckiest guy on earth. Not only did I have wild, daring sexual adventures with my horny sister, now I even had it with my own mother-- the mother I thought I had lost forever. I kept staring at her face which had contentment written all over it.

Then I rested my head close to my mom’s and deeply relished those overwhelming feelings. But out of the blue a sense of guilt clouded my heavenly bliss. What about my sis? God, how can I break the news to her? I don’t want to hurt her! She has always been there for me, went with me through thick and thin. What will she say? Will she understand that I want to fuck my mother more than I want to fuck her? Gosh, not even I quite understand it. My sis is young and beautiful and has such a firm voluptuous body. And those huge breasts of hers, I am sure they are every man’s dream. But with her I am nothing more than her little brother. Whereas with my mom I feel so grown up, like a man, and I love it!

I feel so powerful and it’s so bloody wicked fucking my own mom. Gosh, look at this; I have a hard-on just by thinking of her. Oh yes, I want to bury my throbbing cock into my mother’s warm womb again and again and hear her yell in ecstasy.

As much as I wanted to fuck my mother right there and then, I didn't have the time. I needed to get ready for my late shift at Burger King. I quietly slipped out from underneath the covers without awakening my sleeping beauty and was rather saddened having to leave her.

The images of my first fuck with my mom stayed with me during the whole time I worked and I was very anxious for my shift to end.

When I arrived at home, my dear sister was fast asleep as usual. So I sneaked unnoticed into my mom’s bedroom. I was so excited and my cock was on a consistent rise. In a hurry I undressed and slipped into her bed. She was not wearing anything and her soft, warm skin felt so nice against mine. The blood surged through my veins, just by knowing that there was no other man in her life, and that my hands were the only ones caressing her body. Oh yes, she was mine, all mine!

I loved being so close to her and wasted no time. I started rubbing my stiff rod against my sleeping mom, while trailing my hands delicately over her little curves and down to her pussy. Excitedly I ran my cold fingers over her mound, just barely touching her clit. Then I took that little nub between my index and middle finger, squeezed it softly while massaging it back and forth. I could feel it growing bigger and harder by the second.

My mother moaned faintly and her body started fidgeting. She looked so pretty in the dim moon light that softly illuminated her face. Her short dark curls were spilling about her forehead and her lips were slightly parted. I noticed her eyelids flickering and her hand moving up to her breast. She caressed her own tit and played with her nice big nipple.

I was overcome with the burning desire to please my mother in her sleep. I dove right down, but my tongue had a hard time finding her clit in her curly bush.

Gosh, it would be so exciting to trim it for her. I wonder if she would allow me to do it.

This wicked thought of shaving her pussy and making it bare and smooth like a baby’s bum, really turned me on. I pictured her sitting on the edge of the bathtub with her legs wide open and me kneeling in front of her. I saw my hands soaping up her bush and then taking the razor and removing strip after strip of her curly dark pubic hair, until they were all gone. She looked so shy and yet I could tell that she enjoyed what I was doing. Her pussy kept twitching and her lips were glistening with her arousal.

Those exciting images were flashing vividly in my mind and making me extremely horny.

I spread her lips apart with my trembling fingers and then I slithered my tongue up and down her sensitive interior. Her body movement grew more restless and her thighs spread slightly further apart.

Wickedly horny I scooted up on her and pushed my hard prick into her. At first I went really slowly. Her pussy felt sooo nice! So wet and warm, absolutely heavenly. Then I started to go a bit faster. The minute I started to penetrate her deep and profusely my mom’s eyes opened wide.

In a sleepy, slurred speech she asked, “Oh…oh my god… baby, is that you? Are you already hot for me again?”

“Oh fuck yes! Can’t you feel my big, throbbing cock inside of you, Mom?”

“Of course I do! And it feels so good, so damn good! I had completely forgotten how great intercourse could be. Oh god yes baby, do it to me again!” she pleaded excitedly.

Spurred on by her delightful demand I started to ram her deeper and harder and had her squealing in pleasure in no time. It made me feel so great being so wanted by my mother and I started fucking her like a madman. I forgot completely that we weren't alone at home. The bed was squeaking and my mother moaned ecstatically. I felt like a runaway train which couldn't be stopped and hammered her relentlessly.

I could feel her body starting to tremble and I knew she was getting close to cumming. “Oh yes, mother, cum, cum for your boy. Come-on do it!” I cheered her on.

Seeing my mom’s mouth agape and gasping for air as her climax ripped through her, did it for me. Her cunt clamped tightly around my cock and I couldn't hold back any longer. I allowed my urges to take their course. I erupted and my seed came spilling out into my mom’s warm womb.

Oh god, it felt so damn good! So fucking good! I wanted this moment to last forever.

Just as my last jet of cum pulsated into her, I heard my sister’s bedroom door opening. I quickly jumped off my mom and dropped onto the floor on the other site of the bed. My heartbeat was racing like mad and thumping against my chest. I was scared to death that my sis would come into the room and find me. I lay there on the floor stiff like a board.

“Mother, are you okay? What happened, what were those noises?” my sister asked worriedly, standing in the doorway.

“Sorry Lucy, I …I had a bad dream and …I…I woke myself up screaming…and …and when I reached for the lamp I knocked it over…Sorry for waking you up,” my mom stammered.

“Oh…well I understand it must be difficult weaning off the booze. Just hang in there, you are doing great,” sis replied.

A heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders when she turned around and left. I waited for a few more minutes and then I got up. I kissed my mom good night and sneaked very quietly into my bedroom.

My heart was still pounding and in fear I pictured, what would have happened if my sis had caught us right in the action. For a minute I even considered, never to fuck my mom again.

But as I was lying in bed and slowly falling asleep, all I could think of was the mind-blowing sex I just had experienced with my mom. I was overcome with this sleazy desire to do it again as soon as possible.

The next morning, after Lucy had left for school, my mom turned to me and said in a saddened tone, “Oh baby, we have to stop…doing this. I've done so much wrong in my and your sister are all that I have, and I don’t want lose either one of you. As much as I enjoy the fabulous sex with you, we must never do it again. I hope you understand.”

Hmm…yes, I did understand what she meant, but I didn't want it to end. It was too good. I couldn't picture my life without it, not now, since I got a taste of it. I argued and tried to reason with her, but with little success.

When I came home from school, my mom’s bedroom door was locked. I knocked several times, but she didn't answer. She didn't even come out for supper.

Over the next few days my mom really avoided running it to me. And the only time I ever got to see her, was when my sister was around.

I couldn't get her out of my head and found myself in a constant state of arousal. Eventually I slipped a couple of notes under her door, but none of them were answered. I really hoped she would change her mind and come around, but the days went by and nothing happened.

Then one night, I couldn't take it any more. While I was jerking myself off with her images on my mind I couldn't resist my urges any longer. I got up and went to her room. I quietly turned the doorknob, but her door wouldn't open. I was extremely disappointed, went back to my room and even lost the urge to masturbate.

Then Saturday rolled around. I had hoped I would find a chance to see and talk to my mother, but an early morning call I received from Burger King, asked me to do a nine hour shift instead a five hour one. I couldn't say no.

My mom was on my mind the whole day long. When I arrived home around 5:30 pm the house was all quiet. I went to her door and knocked.

No answer.

Then I turned the knob, but found the door locked again. I knocked again and said, “Please mother, open the door. I need to talk to you. Please.”

No answer again.

“Oh come-on mom, stop playing games with me. Open the bloody door!” I hollered rather upset.

But there was still no answer.

I was starting to be pissed off. I grabbed the doorknob, turned and yanked it and pushed my shoulder hard against the door, and it flew open.

Oops! I guess the door was just jammed and was never locked at all? Hmm?

The room was empty, no one there. As my eyes glanced around the room, I saw my notes lying on the bedside table. I headed over there and as I came around the bend of the bed, I stumbled over some clothes on the floor. I reached down and picked them up. It was one of my mom’s panties which were drenched with her juices. And there was one of MY briefs, which were covered in dried-up jizz, along with a dildo and one of my notes. I had written on it: I miss you Mom! And in her writing it read: I miss you too baby!

Oh my god, she misses me too! And what is this, has she been sniffing my dirty underwear while masturbating? Oh… this naughty mom of mine…I do excite her too, don’t I?

Immediately I felt a great relief and an extreme arousal building up inside of me, and my pants were getting tighter by the second. I stood there, kissing the note and sniffing our clothes.

I instantly started fantasizing about how my mom might have been lying here on her bed, masturbating; driving the dildo into her sweet cunt while she was holding our panties to her face. Oh god, I could see her so clearly; her eyes were closed and she was sniffing and deeply inhaling our sexual cum odors. I loved this thought and my cock quickly rose to half mast. I unzipped my pants and started stroking my cock, and I envisioned my mom watching me. She complimented me on my huge, hard rod and wanted to lick it. I closed my eyes and I almost could feel her wet mouth taking in my knob. It felt so wickedly real.

I was so wrapped up in my fantasy. My thoughts and sensations were a thousand miles away, and I jumped when I heard the front door opening and my sister’s and my mom’s voices.

Oh for god’s sake, not now!

My knees were shaking and with my pants bunched around my thighs, I rushed to the doorway to take a peek. They had been out shopping together and were loaded with bags. I assume they were filled with new clothes.

I was so bloody frustrated by getting interrupted during my most fantastic masturbation ever, but I had no other choice than to put a hold on it. I took some deep breaths and allowed my throbbing erection to mellow down.

I took the clothes and my note and threw them on the floor where I had found them.

Then I joined them in the kitchen. They had picked up some take-out Chinese food and we sat down together for a nice supper, something which didn't happen very often in this house.

Then a bit later, like any other Saturday evening, I went to the movies with my sister. I would have preferred to stay at home with mom, but what kind of an excuse could I have given my sis?

Like usual, we sat in the last row. We kissed and necked and my sis stroked my cock through my pants. It felt good; yes you are right, it felt damn good! But I constantly wished it was my mom's hand doing this to me.

My sis was horny like always and the minute we arrived at home she pulled me into her bedroom. She stripped me of my clothes and her hands and mouth were all over me. Hungry like a wolf she feasted on my cock and played with my full sack.

The second my cock was hard, she bent over and demanded to fuck her doggie style. My cock was hard and throbbing and yes, I needed a good fuck. I grabbed her by her hips, closed my eyes and started driving my rod hard and fast into her.

Within seconds she started squirming and squealing loudly like she always did.

In the corner of my eyes, it felt as if I saw the doorknob turning. Hmm, is that my mom out there? Is she listening to us? I wondered.

Envisioning my mom spying on us really drove me wild. I hammered my sister powerfully like a sledgehammer and made her scream in ecstasy.

“Oh yes little brother fuck me, fuck me hard. You almost got me.”

I positioned her a bit sideways to have a better view of the door and kept on ramming her. I could swear the door was slightly open now. Just the mere thought of my mom standing on the other side of it drove me to an ultimate high. I envisioned her reaching under her skirt and finger- fucking her wet pussy, while her other hand was pinching her long hard nipple. These images of my mom out there just drove me over the edge. I exploded into my sis and fantasized it was my mom’s womb that I was filling up with my hot spunk.

As my orgasm slowly subsided, my hip movement slowed down before it came to a final halt. I just stayed like this for a little while and then I pulled me deflating cock out.

My sis instantly protested, “Hey, I am not done yet. You should know better than that, that I need more!”

I turned her around and pushed her onto the bed. She took hold of her legs and eagerly spread them for me to mount her in missionary position. Her pussy was all wet and sticky from our mingled love juices. I circled my nimble fingers over her wet clit for a while and then I slid them into her creamed-up cunt. I started finger-fucking her love-hole and extended my fingers to the max to reach her G-spot. I rubbed it excessively and within a few minutes I made her cum and squirt all over my hand.

As my sis was howling in pleasure, I swear I could hear some other sexual sounds coming from the hallway. Oh fuck, is my mom cumming too? God I wish she would just barge into the room and join us. I wished with all my being.

I was so turned on and my cock was big and hard again. I grabbed my sister’s legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Seeing my gooey spunk leaking out of her folds and running down over her rosebud urged me on to fuck her ass. I took my cock into my hand and slid my knob teasingly over her puckered hole, which was twitching and seemingly waiting for me. I pressed my engorged knob against it and watched as it slowly disappeared, inch by inch.

My sis started to breathe very heavily and ran her hand over her engorged clit. I picked up the pace and drove my rod hilt deep into her. As soon I had found a comfortable rhythm, my sis started smacking her pussy and panted.

”Oh fuck yes little brother, fuck my tight ass. Fuck it and make me cum again!”

Her tight ass felt like a snug haven and drove me quickly closer to another high. It blew my mind seeing her hand frantically slapping her clit, as fountains of her warm cum juices splashed against my tummy and even onto my chest. She carried on yelling in ecstasy as one orgasm after another one riddled her entire body. I couldn't tell were one ended and the next one started. She kept on squirting and squirting and drenched the whole surrounding.

The tightness of her ass and the constant contractions of her anal muscles brought me to the brink of no return. My semen was boiling and shooting up my shaft and right into my sister’s lascivious ass. My body froze and my mind was totally numb. With my eyes shut, I stood there savoring the feeling of emptying my balls into my sis, until they were drained completely. It felt so fucking good!

While my mind was still in a daze, I looked over to the door. And I swear it was open at least 4 inches. With a tingling sensation I watched as it was slowly pulled closed and then I heard soft footsteps going down the hallway…

Oh my God mom, why the hell didn't you come in? I thought to myself.

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Posted 11 Jan 2014 23:52
Just the story to start off my day with great feelings. An amazingly imaginative author.
Posted 08 Jan 2014 11:15
This is great!!!! Keep it going, can't wait to see what happens next!
Posted 08 Jan 2014 08:08
please ... atleast another story in this AWESOME series
Posted 05 Jan 2014 19:18
You really know how to write a great, erotic, cock-hardening story. Can't wait for the next installment of how you get mom, sister and you together!!!
Posted 05 Jan 2014 01:41
Wonderful read ! But I have come to expect that from you. Can you make it a FFM next? Atta girl !!!!!!!

Posted 04 Jan 2014 13:26
Another superbly written, arousing chapter in this hot, erotic series. You do a wonderful job Lily and keep us wanting more. Mum must get into the action with both siblings and a fucking good time will be had by all. I'm sure you are already visualising the next chapter and I, like many others can't wait for it. Thanks for sharing...5++++++
Posted 04 Jan 2014 12:49
So HOT!! 5++++
Posted 04 Jan 2014 12:36
Fantastic story. Can't wait for the threesome. So effing HOTTTT! 5+++
Posted 04 Jan 2014 12:20
Great story you written I hope more of them. I give you a 5+
Posted 04 Jan 2014 12:08
Great stuff and the ending, wow......

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